The total population of United States spends over $300 every year on medication alone, and the expenditure on other medical surgeries etc are yet to be included into this. This figure is nothing but a result of our habit to rush to the medicine store every now and then. And if you think this is nothing in front of your health, money comes second and health first, then you must read the subsequent paragraphs that will tell you what the relation between health and drugs is. There definitely exists a strong relationship between both, but the relation is surely not the perception with which we were living.


Have you ever taken into account the possible hazards that your body can face before making any drugs a regular part of your diet routine? And I am not talking about blindly believing the leaflet provided with the medication, how many of you have done some homework to find out whether it is safe to take that medicine for a long time? I am sure no one of us bothers so much, or I should say none of has that much time. For all those who are super busy, if you find it hard to take out time for all these things, you will be forced one day to take out time from your busy schedule for an emergency visit to the hospital sooner or later. And the chances of staying there are high if you have a habit of taking pills everyday for anything and everything. Jokes apart, the aim is to make you realize that if you love your body, and value your health, then before blindly following the doctor who is trained for years to give you the longest possible prescription for even a minor ailment, you should make sure it do not harm your body more than it will provide the intended functionality. We will surely talk about the prominent role of doctors is prescribing drugs and making money as the discussion would be incomplete and you would still live in dilemma about why any doctor do not prescribe natural and home remedies to treat disease if at all these are such an effective method of treatment. For the time being let us make it crystal clear what the traditional medications are supposed to do and what they actually deliver.

One question you may ask is why we should think about the ill effects of medicines when the most trustworthy agencies like FDA is doing it for us. We live with an assurance that all the medicines before coming to the market are verified by FDA so that we do not have to bear any potential health risks. This assumption is also as wrong as the pretext under which we categorize traditional medications as 100% safe. In reality FDA does not have a direct role in determining whether the drugs are safe or not, but it only does a mere formality of asking the drugs’ owner company to check the safety before launching the medicines on its own level. Now when you know the working of FDA, imagine how much difficult it is to assess the safety based on research done by the producer itself? And not only this, how much easy it is for the pharmaceutical company to influence the procedure of quality assurance, and modify the results slightly. This would earn the company loads of money but at the cost of our health. If somewhere in future FDA wakes up and tries to catch such fraud, it will take years for the medicines to get off the shelf and till then the manufacturers will enjoy the ever increasing figures in bank account, and millions of us might have already taken the medicine many times because the rate at which we consume drugs and medicines is alarmingly high. According to a study half of all adults have taken at least one prescription drug in the last month. And this is the minimum figure; maximum is something even more shocking.

One more common mistake all of us do, even I have done in past when I was unaware of certain cases and a fact is- trust the doctor blindly. Doctor is life saver, no doubt on this but have you ever looked deeply on the earnings of your doctor. A large part of it comes from the pharmaceutical companies as commission for prescribing the medications of their company. Do you think your doctor will do justice to you leaving a large amount every month? I don’t think any doctor I know have done this sacrifice for me. It is now clear that trusting any third party, especially when it is about our health is really not a wise thing to do, even when the concerned approving agency is FDA.


One thing I can bet is if you research yourself the side effects of the medicines you are prescribed, trust me you would definitely not feel like taking pills until its an emergency, a real emergency. We spend hundreds of dollars every year and buy in the form of drugs, a packet contain medicine which comes tightly packed with a bundle of side effects. Try to check out any drugs in this world, it will have only one or two positive effects but will have a long list of possible complications it can create in your body. The only thing in which each drug differs slightly is the rate at which the side effects delivered will become active fro a dormant stage.


Other than medicines we have alternative therapies. According to my opinion and experience the names are wrongly given to natural treatment methods and medications. What we refer to as alternative treatment, traditional natural remedies, is actually much more effective if we look at curing any disease, and least harmful in terms of side effects. Don’t you think the naming convention is reversed? Home remedies are these days more sought after than traditional medications because they contradict the traditional medicines in terms of cost, effectiveness, and most crucial- side effects. The only thing which makes the home remedies lag behind is the extensive advertisements and research. While pharmaceutical companies spent more than $51.3 billion in 2005 on drug discovery and development, herbs and other supplements often don’t get big money for research since they can’t be patented for a financial payoff the way pharmaceuticals can. And this is the real reason behind the under growth of home remedies and least popularity of these methods. If you sincerely look at the home remedies available for each and every prescription given by the doctors, you can clearly conclude that

Home Remedies9

Home remedies are more effective than medications

Do you know herbs contain medicinal properties, and it is these properties which are commonly synthesized in the form of pills by using certain chemicals? You can say that the original source of healing is natural herbs and products; medicines are just a way of producing the same effect artificially. During this process many essential benefits that we can get by directly taking herbal help are lost in medicines. Home remedies are hence considered to be much more effective in treating all the diseases than the medicines which in most of the cases are found to be a derivation of these herbs.


Home remedies are becoming popular because they are safe

Home remedies are restricted to the use of natural products only. This makes them absolutely side effects free option for treating various health ailments. Here home remedies clearly beat the traditional medications which are loaded with a log list of side effects. There is no drug on this earth which do only what it is taken for, be it any medicine, it will introduce some sort of side effects for sure. While in case of home remedies we can relax as they are totally side effect free and only would do benefits to our body or health. The side effects become a more serious issue if we need to take the pills for a longer duration that too regularly. In cases like herpes infection or diabetes we are bound to take medications regularly and during this period the ill effects starts accumulating in our body, with time develop into some other serious disease.


It is the era of home remedies as they save a lot of dollars we were spending buying harmful medicines.

Natural and home remedies costs almost negligible while the traditional medicines costs sufficiently high to burden our pockets. The high cost of medicines is a result of the money pharmaceuticals have to spend advertising the product, giving commission to many mediators including doctors, and also spending a wholesome on research before launching the product in market. All these unnecessary costs are eliminated in case of home remedies and hence you can get a better effect at considerably low cost. Natural remedies are a great, cheap and effective replacement of expensive medicines, and the only option we can use without harming ourselves.


Bu looking at the comparison, all your beliefs regarding medicinal cures might have shattered by now. These are the facts that are contributing to the home remedies coming back in trend in the field of medicines. Let them go away, trust me it is important to know what actually is going on into your body when you eat something. It gives your mind clarity, and also a choice for you whether to go in that direction or not. Today the declining health is an alarm for all of us, and hence everybody wants to look for some other methods that traditional medication that can address their problem in a better way.


It is now the time we need to look beyond the traditional medicines that are being sold in the market from the time of our forefathers and are doing nothing more than making the pharmaceutical companies rich by transferring money from our pockets directly to their bank accounts. My supporting argument to completely give up the medicines is the fact that the there are many drugs that actually cannot do anything against the disease but are just suppressing the symptoms of diseases, which is not the right way to cure a disease, is it? The only thing growing exponentially is the number of pharmaceutical firms, and also the variety of drugs they launch everyday. Other than this we can clearly see the health of an average person deteriorating, and if the drugs ever had anything to do with the health, the number of drugs is enough to gift a persona perfectly healthy life. So, if you are also one of those who happily spend dollars on bunch of medications, then you need to stop doing so immediately. Because it is not only true that medicine does not have the capability to fight with the virus, but they also introduce a bundle of side effects which at some point of time surely bother us. If not a serious prominent ailment, every piece of medicine you take definitely introduces a minor dormant side effect.


Home remedies were the only option years back, and to our surprise there were less surgeries and our forefathers managed to live quite healthy life when compared to ours. The key to their health lied in the famous herbs and home methods of dealing with the diseases. This fact is actually responsible for a tilt of today’s generation towards the simple, cheap and highly effective treatment methods that we unfortunately have named today as alternative treatments methods.

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