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If you have pets, you know very well how much frustrating it is to deal with fleas. Fleas are wingless, creepy insects which can give you sleepless nights. They love to survive on warm vertebrates and thus your dogs, rabbits, cats and even you can become their hosts.

You might have tried many times to kill them but they are difficult to kill as they decrease their body length multiple times. The most common reason for their overwhelming presence in your house is that eggs of fleas can get dropped anywhere in your house. The eggs then turn into larvae and finally into fleas. They cannot be seen by normal eyes because they live under the hair or fur of your pets.

get rid of fleas

How can you find that your pets are suffering from fleas attack? Some of the common symptoms which indicate that your pet is being molested with fleas are scratching, terrible itching, reds scalp, restlessness, muscle loss, hair loss mostly down the back, behind the ears, tail and back leg, inflammation due to biting and brown insects crawling on your pet’s fur.

You can prevent the fleas with the help of some chemicals and sprays but I am sure you don’t want your little ones to tolerate the harmful side effects of these chemicals. Instead of constantly applying the synthetic repellents, there are many natural substitutes which can significant help to your pets to get rid of fleas quickly and effectively.

Flea collar

Flea collar

Flea collar is one of the best ways to get rid of fleas. It keeps the fleas control constant and steady. You need to dilute 2-3 drops of your chosen oil in 1-3 tablespoons of water. Diluted oil is recommended for this process. Next, pick out a bandana to be the flea collar. Add 5-10 drops of the mixture to the bandana and rub the sides of the fabric together and then tie it in your pet’s neck. The odor of the mixture makes it difficult for fleas to survive.

Apple Cider Vinegar for heartburnApple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one of the best remedies for fleas. To get temporary relief, you can mix apple cider vinegar and water in the ratio of 2:1. Mix it well and fill it in a spray. Spray the mixture on your pets when you notice any fleas or before they go outside to discourage fleas at the outset. You can use this mixture in your house too when you notice fleas in your carpets or bedding.

Essential oilsEssential oils for flea

One of the best natural treatments for fleas are essential oils. Ticks carry dangerous bacteria so repelling them should be the first priority. One of the best natural repellents that a lot of people have reported as effective is rose geranium oil, which can be applied to your dog’s collar. Do not use rose geranium oil on your cats as they have a bad reaction to essential oils because they spend a lot of time in grooming, which means that anything on their skin goes into their mouth.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) for fleaDiatomaceous Earth (DE)

DE is a natural rock made up of remains of ancient tough shelled algae. It is one of the most effectual ways to get rid of fleas. It causes dehydration due to which fleas die. Before using it, put on gloves and dust your hands with DE. Sprinkle it into your pet’s coat or fur and rub it thoroughly. Make sure that it does not come in contact with your and your pet’s eyes and nose. Use it once in a day on the bedding of your pet. It will soon kill all the fleas.

Salt waterSalt water for flea

Salt is the most common ingredient which we use in cooking but this is also used to get rid of tough fleas, especially from your carpets. How does it happen? Actually salt becomes a dehydration agent for fleas and dry out their bodies. You need to add some salt in water and use the resultant solution for cleaning. You can sprinkle salt directly on the carpets to kill larvae and eggs of these nasty pests.

Lemon sprayLemon spray

Lemon is highly acidic which helps in killing fleas. To prepare a repellant with the help of lemon, simply cut lemons into quarters and put them in boiling water. Let it submerge completely and steep it overnight. Pour this resultant water into a spray bottle. Spray this solution on the flea affected areas of your pets such as behind the ears, head and at base of tail. Additionally, you can soak a piece of cloth in the solution and rub it gently on the infected regions.

Boric acidBoric acid for flea

Boric acid works very effectively when it comes to treating fleas. It acts as a desiccant or a dehydrating agent which causes severe dehydration in fleas due to which they are killed. You need to sprinkle boric acid wherever you doubt there may be fleas, their eggs or larvae. You can make your homemade shaker filled with boric acid which is easy to use.

Pennyroyal Herb

There are many varieties of pennyroyal herb which are used to deter fleas. However, pennyroyal herb which belongs to mint family is dangerous for both human and animals. So, when you do not want to kill fleas and just want to repel them, you may use pennyroyal herb. You need to use it with all precautions.

Pennyroyal Herb for flea

Whatever home remedy you decide to apply for flea control, it is better to begin using it with the arrival of flea season or before the season starts. Once your home get infested with fleas, it becomes harder to get rid of them. Preventing the fleas at the first stage will help you a lot in your efforts for flea control. It is really painful to see your little pets struggling with fleas. They are also a part of your family and they cannot tell you their problems. It is your duty to take care of them and with the help of these effective remedies you can protect your pets from fleas attack.

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