Every one of us would love to a tone fairer skin if asked about the complexion. It becomes even more important to see you skin glowing when your complexion is dark due to the pollution, dust and sunlight acting on your fair skin and making it dull. These are common culprits that are responsible for making your skin dull and unattractive. There are a lot of beauty products available in the market with variation in the price, but some of them are useless. If at all any one of them works, it contains so many chemicals that will end up harming you delicate skin at last. You can take help of the following home remedies in order to get rid of tan and improve your skin texture.

Tan Removal Home Remedies

Turmeric and gram flour mixture

Gram-flour-and-Turmeric Home Remedies9
This is one of the best remedies. It will not only lighten your complexion, but also keep blackheads away from your face. It will also remove excess oils yet maintains the moisture of your skin. Make a fine paste out of two tablespoons of gram flour and a pinch of turmeric. Add in rose water until thick paste of the two is formed. Later rub this all over your face and let it sit for 30 minutes before rinsing off. It is advisable for you to repeat this at least thrice in a week.

Yogurt and tomato juice

Yogurt and tomato juice Home Remedies9
Tomato is not only appealingly red in color and refreshing in taste, but is advantageous for overall health and taking care of your skin also. To make your skin soft and shining, and to get rid of dark complexion, you can eat tomatoes and use them as application as well. Eat raw tomato, or add it to the food if wish to eat it. But if you want to apply them on skin you need to make a paste by mixing it in yogurt which is equally beneficial to remove tanning. It also contains the lactic acid, which can naturally bleach. For the paste mix a tablespoon of tomato juice wit equal amount of yogurt and apply this paste on your face with the help of cotton. Let it stay there to do its work and then wash off with cold water. You can use the paste two times in a day to make your complexion fairer.

Honey and papaya

Honey-and-Papaya Homeremedies9
Honey’s sweetness and rich flavor itself makes it hard to resist. But here is more, it actually whitens your skin. Papaya has enzymes that have bleaching properties and honey helps in treating sunburns and damaged skin. Eating papaya daily can give you a lighter complexion and add some glow to your skin. You can also make a mask out of it. Crush two slices of papaya and add in some honey to it. Spread evenly onto your face and wait for 20 minutes before washing it off.

Buttermilk and oatmeal

Buttermilk and oatmeal Home Remedies

Both buttermilk and oatmeal are known to have exfoliating properties. Mixing the two makes you avail the benefits of both. You simply have to take a tablespoon of oatmeal, one tablespoon of buttermilk and small amount of yogurt just to make the paste thick. Mix all of these and form a thick past of medium consistency. Apply this like a face pack all over your face and around the neck and let it stay there for about half an hour. Wash the paste with lukewarm water and if your skin becomes dry you can use a good moisturizing cream.

Lemon juice and potato

lemon juice Home Remedies9
You can lighten up your skin complexion with the use of lemon juice and potato that are easily available at home. Take a tablespoon of fresh lime juice and mix it with equal amount of potato paste. Apply this on your face and wait for 30 minutes before rinsing with water. Lemon introduces dryness to your skin, but to its contrary potato juice that acts as moisturizing agent, leaving your skin neutral. Do not forget to wash your face before applying the mixture.

The best thing about these home remedies is their side effect freeness which is actually impossible with the readymade products. And one more crucial advantage of using such remedies in addition to removing tan from your skin is the effectiveness and long lasting improvement in complexion which only these home remedies can give you.

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