How to Cure Black Eye Fast

Black eye is mainly caused due to a blow on the face. This leads to severe pain and swelling around the eyes making it appear black. The tissues around the eyes are damaged due to the bruising. It may also cause blurry vision, swelling and headache.

Other Reasons for Black Eyes

The following are the other possibilities for black eye.
• Nasal injury
• Facelifts
• Jaw surgery
• Allergic reaction



The following are the major and minor symptoms associated with black eye,
• Dizziness
• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Vision problems
• Headache
• Inflammation around the eyes
In case the skin is cut near the eyes during the injury, it is advisable to see the doctor immediately.

Home Remedies for Black Eye

The following remedies will explain how to cure black eye faster.

Ice Pack

The first and foremost thing that is suggested in case of black eye, is a cold compress or ice pack. Cold temperatures will help in reducing the swelling and constrict the blood vessels. This will reduce internal bleeding and further bruising thereby speeding up the process of healing.

• Wrap ice cubes in a clean muslin cloth
• Hold it over the affected area for about 10 minutes
• Repeat this process several times a day until swelling reduces in the first 48 hours

Warm Compress

After 48 hours of getting a black eye, it is suggested to use warm compress. Heat will accelerate the healing process by improving blood circulation to that area. The black eye area can also be massaged gently in case there is no pain. This will improve blood circulation and dried blood accumulated under the skin.

• Dip a clean in warm water
• Squeeze out the excess water
• Place the warm cloth on the black eye
• Repeat the process by dipping it again in warm water when the cloth cools down
• Do this several times a day

Vitamin C


Food rich in vitamin C is very helpful for those suffering from black eye. Food items like Indian gooseberry, guava, peppers, limes, lemons, broccoli, mangoes and oranges are rich in Vitamin C. This vitamin helps in thickening the walls of blood vessels thereby aiding the healing process. Vitamin C supplements must be taken only after doctor’s prescription.


Calendula or marigold has anti-inflammatory properties. It not only reduces the swelling but also promotes faster healing of the black eye.

• Take a handful of calendula flower petals
• Steep it in a cup of hot water for 10 minutes
• Place it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes
• Soak a clean wash cloth in the cool solution and place it on the black eye area for about 5 minutes
• Repeat the process few times a day


Arnica is a useful herb that can reduce swelling associated with black eye. It helps in healing the eye tissues and the damaged muscles. It is available in the form of oil and topical creams and ointments.

• Use arnica as soon as bruised in order to prevent the bruise from getting worse.
• It should be applied on the affected area twice or thrice a day depending on the severity.


Papaya is rich in anti-oxidants that can help in treating the black eye. It speeds up the healing process caused by any type of injury that leads to the discoloration of the skin. The enzymes present in papaya helps in softening the skin and thereby healing it. You may also use another tropical fruit like pineapple for the same.

• Apply papaya pulp around the blackened area of the eye
• Leave it for 10-15 minutes and then rinse it off
• Repeat the process twice a day until there is improvement in the skin color
• Drinking papaya juice and eating the fruit also promotes interna;l healing

Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is considered as a healing agent and has numerous benefits for the skin. It treats discolored skin such as black eyes. The gentle soothing effect of this ingredient helps in faster healing.

• Soak a cotton ball in witch hazel and place it on the affected area near the eye
• Alternatively, you can also prepare a solution of chamomile oil, witch hazel and water
• Dip a clean cloth in it and place it on the blackened eye and the surrounding area
• Repeat this process two to three times a day

Natural Oil

Natural oils such as olive oil, coconut oil and castor oil are multi-purpose oils that have healing properties. These oils have anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing the inflammation around the black eye.

• Take any of the above natural oil
• Gentle massage around the eye for few minutes
• Repeat the process twice or thrice a day until the black area diminishes


Potatoes have excellent healing properties that can repair the damaged tissues around the eye. The enzymes present in potatoes have anti-inflammatory properties and also effectively removes pigmentation.

• Peel and cut a medium sized potato into slices and store it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes
• Place the cold slice of potato on the eye for half an hour
• You may also grate a medium sized potato to extract the juice and apply it to the blackened eye
• Alternatively, you may use cucumber slices instead of potato slices for the same

Comfrey Roots

Comfrey roots are an excellent cure to reduce the pain and swelling due to bruising from a black eye.

• Make a paste by grinding one teaspoon of comfrey roots with just enough amount of water
• Apple this paste on the affected area near the eye
• Alternatively, you may also prepare comfrey roots tea by boiling it in water
• Dip a clean cotton cloth in the warm comfrey roots tea and apply to the bruised area
• Repeat the process once or twice a day

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