Vertigo Home Remedies

Vertigo is the feeling of dizziness in a person when he/she feels that the whole world around them is moving when in reality they are stationary. This often feels like a swaying and swinging movement. This gets worse as the head is moved in different directions. Vertigo is moreover not a disease but rather an underlying symptom of a disease. The most common diseases that lead to vertigo are ‘benign paroxysmal positional vertigo’, Meniere’s disease and labyrinthitis. Other less likely causes would be stroke, brain tumors, brain injuries and migraines. Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo occurs most often in people age 50 and older, but can occur at any age. Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo is also more common in women than in men. A head injury or any other disorder of the balance organs of your ear may make you more susceptible to BPPV.


Vertigo is generally due to the disturbance in the vestibular labyrinth which is nothing but a tiny organ within the ear. It consists of three loop-shaped structures (semi-circular canal) that contains fluid and fine hair-like sensors that monitor the rotation of your head. Other structures (otolith organs) in your ear monitor movements of your head — up and down, right and left, back and forth — and your head’s position related to gravity. These otolith organs contain crystals that make you sensitive to gravity.

For a variety of reasons, these crystals can become dislodged. When they become dislodged, they can move into one of the semicircular canals — especially while you’re lying down. This causes the semicircular canal to become sensitive to head position changes it would normally not respond to, which is what makes you feel dizzy.

Natural Home Remedies

We have some of the best home remedies for vertigo for you. Use these home remedies for vertigo right here for instant benefits and easiness.

images (3)Almond Milk

In fact, almond is very helpful for curing vertigo attacks. It is very rich in vitamin E and vitamin B that can help to get rid of vertigo effectively at home. To use almond as a home remedy, take some almonds and soak them in water for a night. After that, make a fine paste by grinding them the next morning. Add this paste into a warm glass of milk and drink it. This the healthiest best home remedy for vertigo, delicious and nutritious.

 download (3)Lemon Grass

Lemongrass has been used traditionally since ages to treat many diseases. It helps to treat nausea and dizziness, and is an effective sure for vertigo. You can prepare an herbal tea using a little lemongrass and have it whenever you feel the onset of the symptoms of vertigo. It will help cure the symptoms within a few minutes, making you feel refreshed and energetic, making it one of the best home remedies for vertigo.

download (22)Cayenne

Cayenne is used as a spice in most kitchens, but it also comes with many health benefits. It contains an active agent called capsaicin that helps to increase the blood flow in your brain which in turn can help prevent the condition which lead to the symptoms of vertigo.

downloadValerian Root

You can try valerian whenever vertigo attacks you. It may deal with this problem such as anxiety and insomnia that are the causes of vertigo. Add one teaspoon of dried valerian root in a cup of water and boil it for 5 minutes. Seep it and then allow it to cool down. Drink this thrice per day atleast for 2 weeks.

download (1)Gingiko Biloba

When it comes to talking about home remedies for vertigo attacks, you cannot forget ginkgo biloba. It is a great Chinese medicine increasing the blood flow to the brain, which may decrease the dizziness effectively.

To treat vertigo effectively and fast, you should take 120 to 160 milligrams of ginkgo biloba extract for two or three times a day for at least 3 months.

download (19)Indian Gooseberry

Indian gooseberries are helpful in treating nausea and dizziness. Take gooseberry powder and mix it in a glass of water. Drink this mixture daily to get rid of vertigo.


Ginger is one wonder herb which can be used for multiple types of diseases. It has tons of health benefits and just by consuming it on a regular basis many diseases and other health problems can be kept at bay. Eat raw ginger cloves or brew them into a tea. The second option is more plausible for most people since ginger can have a weird taste. It is a great home remedy for vertigo as well.

download (2)Coriander Seeds

It is another fool proof remedy for treating vertigo. Soak coriander seeds (1 tbsp) and Indian gooseberry powder (1 tbsp) overnight in one glass of water. Strain out the solution and drink it by mixing a tablespoon of sugar in it.

download (4)Water Therapy

Water therapy is the simplest cure for vertigo related symptoms, and the first thing you should do when you feel dizzy. Firstly, you must drink a glass of ice cold water. After that, you should pour cold water on your head and the back of your neck. Water therapy provides instant relief from the symptoms of vertigo, and should be used as soon as the symptoms occur.

download (5)Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep minimum 6 hours a day since that is the minimum required rest that the human body needs. Anything less than that can have seious repercussions for someone’s health. Getting a sound night sleep is the perfect cure for vertigo, and you should ensure this by following a proper routine and retiring to bed at the same time every night. This habit will allow you to sleep well and help cure vertigo.

download (6)Celery Juice

Blend celery in a blender or a mixer to extract the juice, and refrigerate it. When you are experiencing giddiness or feel weak, drink about half a glass of celery juice to relieve the sensation. Celery juice helps to relieve the symptoms of giddiness brought on by low blood pressure in the body.

Use these home remedies for vertigo for instant and complete cure of your vertigo condition. These remedies are very beneficial and effective, being safe and powerful as well.