Urticaria Home Remedies

Urticaria is known as hives which is a kind of skin rash which appears as pale red, itchy bumps. They can also cause a mild form of burning and stinging sensation. They vary in size as well as fade repeatedly as the infection runs its course.


They are caused by the release of blood plasma out of the small blood vessels in the skin which are triggered in response to a chemical known as “histamine”. Allergic reactions, chemicals in foods, insect stings, sunlight exposure, or medicines can all cause histamine release. Sometimes, it’s impossible to find out exactly why hives have formed.

There are different types of Urticaria which are mentioned as follows:

1) Acute Urticaria

This is when the hives last for less than 6 weeks, then it is known as acute urticaria. The most common causes in this case would be certain types of foods, medications and infections. The most common foods that cause hives are nuts, chocolate, fish, tomatoes, eggs, fresh berries, and milk. Fresh foods cause hives more often than cooked foods. Certain food additives and preservatives may also be to blame. Drugs that can cause hives and angioedema include aspirin and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen, high blood pressure drugs (ACE inhibitors), or painkillers such as codeine.

2) Chronic Urticaria

Hives lasting more than six weeks. The cause of this type of hives is usually more difficult to identify than those causing acute urticaria. For most people with chronic urticaria, the cause is impossible to determine. In some cases, though, the cause may be thyroid disease, hepatitis, infection, or cancer.

3) Physical Urticaria

This happens when the hives are caused by the direct stimulation of the skin due to physical factors like cold, heat, exposure to sun, vibrations, pressure, sweating and exercise. The hives appear right where the physical stimulation had happened.

4) Dermatographism

Hives that form after firmly stroking or scratching the skin. These hives can also occur along with other forms of urticaria.

Natural Home Remedies For Urticaria 

We have some of the best accounted for home remedies for urticaria for you right here. Use these natural home remedies for urticaria for effective results.

download (33)Oatmeal

Oatmeal has soothing, anti-irritating abilities that make it a great home remedy for dermatographic urticaria. Topical application instantly relieves itching and wheals.

To use this home remedy for urticaria, mix two cups ground oatmeal with one cup baking soda. Sprinkle the mixture in a tub filled with warm water. Be sure to give it a stir before you soak in the water. You can repeat the process on a daily basis and soak for fifteen minutes.

download (9)Nettles

Although this might seem counterintuitive, nettles are a highly recommended alternative treatment for dermatographic urticaria. The unique properties that qualify it as a great remedy are the anti-inflammatory and antihistamine abilities. Nettles have the power to relieve itching and swelling.

Nettle tea can be made by using a tablespoon of dry nettles leaves to one cup of water. Steep the herbs up to fifteen minutes and sweeten the tea with a teaspoon of honey. You can also take nettle supplements, but you should consult a doctor beforehand. One of the best home remedies for urticaria.

download (30)Mint

Mint has strong anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which can help in stopping the burning and itching sensation. On top of that, it also has a soothing and cooling effect which provides immense relief.

Take fresh mint leaves and heat them in a cup of water for about 5 minutes. Coll it before applying on the affected skin. It can also be used as flavouring agent in tea. One of the best soothing and cool natural home remedies for urticaria.

images (36)Aloe Vera

Pure aloe Vera gel can be quite soothing on the skin. It not only reduces the inflammation caused by hives but also provides a protective coating on the surface of the skin. Cut open an Aloe Vera leaf and apply the gel within it directly onto the affected surface. It will provide relief from the itch and burn. It is one of the best home remedies for urticaria.

download (12)Ginger

Ginger in any form is said to reduce the sudden rush of blood to the capillaries, which eventually causes the hives to occur. It also acts as a natural anti-histamine. You can have the ginger in the form of soothing ginger pops or crush some ginger in your tea and sip on this tea throughout the day. One of the best home remedies for urticaria indeed.

images (14)Apple Cider Vinegar

For a topical use, apple cider vinegar is the ideal candidate for soothing dermatographic urticaria. It has a cooling, soothing effect and it has unique antihistamine properties that relieve inflammation on the spot. Additionally, apple cider vinegar has the ability to regulate the immune system’s response.

Add two cups of vinegar to a tub filled with warm water. Use this technique and soak in the water and apple cider vinegar bath on a daily basis for fifteen to twenty minutes. One of the best home remedies for urticaria, it works instantly.

download (8)Red Alder Bark

Most people are not that familiar with the Red Alder Bark but it is known to be very effective in getting rid of hives. You have two options on how you can take it. You may choose to brew it as tea and consume it or you may grind it and place it directly on the skin.

download (7)Licorice Root Tea

One of the main problems that you might encounter when you have hives is the inflammation. Taking in Licorice Root tea can help get rid of the inflammation brought about by hives. Do remember that this tea is not recommended to be consumed if you are also taking in medications for diabetes because there may be some components that will not mix well with the Licorice Root tea.

images (1)Witch Hazel

It shrinks the blood vessels of the skin. When the blood vessels are smaller, it will be harder for the body to release histamine that might be causing the hives to appear greatly on the skin.

Vitamin C

It is very good for the skin and is known to give a lot of good effects, Vitamin C is also known to reduce thdownload (6)e possible effects of histamine and can help relieve the discomfort that you are feeling when you have the condition.

Take some Vitamin C and Zinc (available in drug stores) and mix them together. Apply the mixture topically on the skin and allow it to be absorbed by it.

Use these miraculous natural home remedies for urticaria for remarkable results. These home remedies for urticaria are safe, effective and really easy to use as well.