Tuberculosis Home Remedies

Tuberculosis is an infectious disease which is caused by a bacteria known as “Mycobacterium tuberculosis“. It most commonly affects the lungs but can be found in other body organs as well. It is a fatal disease that is responsible for causing the most number of deaths world wide.


TB is a highly communicable disease that spreads mostly through air from person to person. The TB bacteria are released into the air when the affected person sneezes, speak or coughs. People who are in close proximity to the diseased person can breath in these air borne bacteria and get sick themselves.

TB however is not spread by the following activities:

1) Shaking someone’s hand

2) Sharing food or drink

3) Touching bed linens or toilet seats

4) Sharing toothbrushes

5) Kissing

Many strains of tuberculosis resist the drugs most used to treat the disease. People with active tuberculosis must take several types of medications for many months to eradicate the infection and prevent development of antibiotic resistance.

Not every strain of TB is infectious in nature. When the person has TB but the bateria is in its dormant state, then it is known as latent TB. In this case the bacteria can linger on in the body. People with latent TB infection do not feel sick and do not have any symptoms. People with latent TB infection are not infectious and cannot spread TB bacteria to others.

TB bacteria become active if the immune system can’t stop them from growing. When TB bacteria are active (multiplying in your body), this is called TB disease. People with TB disease are sick. They may also be able to spread the bacteria to people they spend time with every day.

There are certain risk factors that can put a person at heightened risk of developing TB. They are as follows:

1) Presence of HIV in the body which weakens the immune system.

2) Alcohol abuse.

3) Recent TB infection, most preferably in the last 2 years.

4) Presence of other diseases like diabetes, which can aggravate the TB infection.

Home Remedies For Tuberculosis

We have managed to get you a list of the best home remedies for tuberculosis. Use them regularly for instant results and healthier lifestyle, without any side effects.

download (21)Custard Apple

Custard apple is known to contain rejuvenating properties that are similar to those of drugs used to treat TB. The juice of custard apple is extremely efficient in bringing down the symptoms of TB and treating the condition as well. Remove the pulp of three custard apples and boil it in water along with 25-30 raisins (seedless). Boil the mix in low flame for some time until the solution is reduced to one third of its original quantity. Strain the resultant solution and add some powdered sugar to it for taste. Drink this solution at least twice a day in order to get relief from TB and its persistent symptoms.


Milk is considered as the best natural source of calcium, the best therapeutic agent for treating tuberculosis and its symptoms in individuals. Drinking milk on a regular basis would provide the body with enough calcium to treat Tuberculosis. Some individuals are even recommended to switch to an ‘only milk’ diet in extreme cases. So make it a point to drink at least 2 glasses of hot milk every day (preferably in the morning and night).

download (20)Pineapple

Pineapple is known to be quite effective against TB since it can help in dissolving mucus and clearing nasal blockage. It also hastens the recovery process as well. Drink a glass of pineapple juice everyday. Make sure to drink natural juice with no added artificial sweeteners. It is the best delicious home remediesy for tuberculosis

download (1)Banana

Bananas have been used since ancient times for the treatment of TB and can even cure severe cases of the condition. Individuals experiencing severe symptoms like frequent cough (with blood), high fever and severe expectoration can get quick relief from the symptoms by either drinking banana juice every day or eating raw bananas (at least 2 every day). A great and really effective home remedy for tuberculosis as well.

download (19)Indian Gooseberries

Most individuals associate the Indian Gooseberry with hair fall treatments. However, the fruit has more uses than just that. It can effectively reduce the symptoms of TB to a great extent and restore overall health and vitality in a very short period of time. Extract the juice from 3 washed gooseberries and add 1 tablespoon of honey. Mix well and drink every morning.

download (30)Mint

Mint juice is found to be very advantageous for treating tuberculosis. Simply take two teaspoonfuls of honey, one teaspoonful of mint juice, two teaspoonfuls of pure malt vinegar, and 5-12 ml of carrot juice. All of these things ought to be combined. The dose should be used 3 times each day. This not only dissolves the mucus, but in addition, gives nutrition to lungs, vitality to human anatomy to fight against disease, as well as prevents dangerous effects of the drugs taken for tuberculosis. A refreshing and effective home remediesy for tuberculosis.

images (3)Garlic

Garlic has both antibacterial as well as analgesic properties. It can either be eaten raw or cooked into a food recipe. Capsules or powders will also be accessible and could help prevent these effects. But, for some people this herb might raise the possibility of bleeding and thin the blood. Avoid taking it if you have surgery coming up. One of the best home remedies for tuberculosis indeed.

download (18)Celery

Celery juices are of great aid in treating TB. Take few celery leaves grind them to extract juice from it. The person suffering should take four table spoon of juice in the interval of thirty minutes for two hours; it should be continued till the stool gets clear and regular.

download (17)Basil Leaves And Pomegranate Seeds

Basil leaves and pomegranate seeds help to cure TB. We can make a mixture with pomegranate seeds and basil leaves, and also add some pepper and white cumin seed to it. Mix all the ingredients and grind it to fine powder. Give this mixture to the person suffering and he could be immensely benefited from it.

download (16)Orange

Oranges can effectively clear mucus and blocked airways effectively since it has natural saline functions. Consistent and regular consumption of oranges can help in keeping the body healthy. Extract orange juice and add some honey and pinch of salt to it. Drink every morning on empty stomach. One of the zestiest and refreshing home remedies for tuberculosis.

Keep using these simple home remedies for tuberculosis, for effective handling of tuberculosis, naturally. Use these home remedies for tuberculosis regularly, to in fact, keep TB at bay as well.