Toothache Home Remedies

A toothache is a pain in or around a tooth that may be caused by:

  • Tooth decay
  • Abscessed tooth
  • Tooth fracture
  • A damaged filling
  • Repetitive motions, such as chewing gum or grinding teeth
  • Infected gums




Symptoms of a toothache may include:

  • Tooth pain that may be sharp, throbbing, or constant. In some people, pain results only when pressure is applied to the tooth.
  • Swelling around the tooth
  • Fever or headache
  • Foul-tasting drainage from the infected tooth


To treat your toothache, your dentist will first obtain your medical history and conduct a physical exam. He or she will ask you questions about the pain, such as when the pain started, how severe it is, where the pain is located, what makes the pain worse, and what makes it better. Your dentist will examine your mouth, teeth, gums, jaws, tongue, throat, sinuses, ears, nose, and neck. X-rays may be taken as well as other tests, depending on what your dentist suspects is causing your toothache.


Home Remedies For Toothache

We have few of the best home remedies for toothache for instant relief from your toothache. Use these home remedies for toothache for natural and effective alleviation of your oral pain and swelling.


Fresh guava leaves can reduce inflammation well. In addition, guava leaves are high in analgesic and antimicrobial properties that can alleviate your toothache. Simply, you wash guava leaves and chew them until they work for painful tooth. Or you can boil guava leaves in water, cool it naturally, add some salt and use it as a mouthwash. Its a great natural home remedy for toothache.




Spinach is not only a healthy vegetable, but it is also a great herb for your toothache. Like guava leaves, you wash off spinach and then chew them until the leaves work for tooth pain. This seems to be simple and you can totally do at home as the spinach leaves are easy found in your kitchen. One of the best home remedies for toothache.



Vanilla Extract-homeremedies9Vanilla Extract

Another home treatment for toothache is vanilla extract. This remedy can calm your tooth very well. Now you need a cotton swab, dip it into vanilla extract and dab it on the affected region. You can do this method several times each day to get the best results.



Green Tea Leaves-homeremedies9 Green Tea Leaves

Green tea is healthy and it is also good in healing tooth pain. Green tea leaves are cool and they contain acid tannic, catechin, floral, and it can strengthen your tooth health. You can wash green tea leaves and chew them for 5 minutes. You can do this treatment for 2-3 times per day. If you want to know other natural home remedies for toothache pain, keep reading the next part of this writing.




Myrrh has anti-bacterial; anti-inflammatory properties that can help you kill bacteria from toothache well. You can rinse with some myrrh. The method is to simmer a teaspoon of myrrh powder in a cup of water for 30 minutes, strain, cool it naturally, and then rinse off your tooth. This method can be applied 5-6 times per day.




Alcohol is good in some cases including toothache. It will be one of the most useful home remedies for toothache if you try it at home. You can swoosh a little of vodka, brandy, scotch, or whiskey, your symptoms of toothache will reduced dramatically. They play as strong mouthwashes and you can trust in this method.




Cucumber is one of the best home remedies for toothache. It is a cool fruit and it can calm your sore areas. You can slice cucumbers into different pieces, chew it and you can add some salt to get better taste. This is an excellent snack and it contributes to heal toothache precisely. If you store cucumbers in refrigerator, you should leave it in room temperature before using.



download (20)Potatoes

Potatoes include lots of nutrients that improve our health well and you can take advantage of nutritious food – potato to cure tooth pain at home. Simply, cut potato into small pieces, chew raw potato with some salt, your toothache will be relieved significantly. Make sure that you wash potato and use fresh fruit to eat.



baking-soda-homeremedies9Baking Soda

Nowadays, people know using baking soda in improving skin, hair, and health. Baking soda is usually used to heal some common diseases including toothache. You can use a cotton swab, add a little water, dip it in baking soda and apply into affected area. Or, you can mix some warm water and baking soda, dissolve soda and wish that mixture to your mouth. One of the best home remedies for toothache.



Rinse With Saline Water-homeremedies9Rinse With Saline Water

One of the benefits that salt can bring to us is to help us ease a toothache. It is not very difficult to prepare for this treatment. It is quite easy: you just need to pull out your salt container and take from two to three teaspoons of salt from that container and put in a drinking glass; after that pour some warm water into the glass. You can now mix the combination of water and salt with a spoon and then take a gulp of it. You should not swallow the salt water; you should only swish it in your mouth like mouthwash.



images (3)Garlic

Garlic is also considered one of home remedies for toothache as it can give immediate relief from toothache. Many of us know that garlic has antibiotic and a lot of other medicinal elements that can be used to slow down bacterial effects. In order to relieve tooth pain, you need to mix garlic powder with some salt to create a mixture, and then apply that mixture directly on the painful tooth to decrease the pain. You can also chew some cloves of garlic to relieve the pain faster.


download (1)Onion

Onions contains antiseptic and antimicrobial components that can effectively control a toothache. It can provide you with relief from pain by attacking the germs that cause infection. If you are suffering from a tooth pain, you can chew a raw onion for some minutes to decrease the pain. If you cannot chew the raw onion, you should place raw onion on the painful tooth to kill bacteria and stop the pain.



So keep these simple and strong natural home remedies for toothache handy, the next time you have a toothache again. These are easy to use and remarkably safe and cost effective. Keep them handy, every time if you get regular toothaches.