Stye Home Remedies

A Stye also referred to as Sty, is a swelling in the or a red painful mulp on the eyelid. It can very much resemble a pimple or a boil. External styes form on the outside of the lids and can be seen as small red bumps. Internal styes are infections of the meibomian sebaceous glands lining the inside of the eyelids. They also cause a red bump underneath the lid with only generalized redness and swelling visible on the outside.


Styes are classified into two types. One is known as “Hordeolum” and the other type is known as “Chalazion”. Both of them have different causal factors and their treatment is also different.

A hordeolum is the infection in the sebaceous glands of Zeiss at the base of the eyelashes. Glands of Zeiss are located within the eyelids and secrete oily material known as sebum.

A chalazion is the blockage of the meibomian gland  which is another specialized sebaceous gland unique to the eyelids. These glands form a single row in each lid, with the body of the gland located inside the eyelid, and the opening located at the rim of the lid, posterior to the lashes. Meibomian gland is know to prevent rapid evaporation of teardrops from the eyes, hence any problems with this gland leads to dry eyes.


The first symptoms of styles is a small bump on the eyelids. This bump develops a small yellow centre that acts as a container for pus. Other symptoms can follows which include the following:

A lump on the top or bottom eyelid.

Localized swelling of the eyelid.

Localized pain.



Crusting of the eyelid margins.

Burning in the eye.

Droopiness of the eyelid.

Scratchy sensation on the eyeball (itching).

Blurred vision.

Mucous discharge in the eye.

Irritation of the eye.

Light sensitivity.


Discomfort during blinking.

Sensation of a foreign body in the eye.


The most common causal factor for styes is the blocking of the sebaceous glands in the eyelids. Factors like poor nutrition, bad hygiene, lack of sleep and rubbing of eyes with dirty hands can all trigger styes infection. A bacterial infection caused by staphylococcus is also well known for causing styes infection in the eyes.


The doctor can easily distinguish this disease just by looking at the eyelids since the symptoms are it are very apparent.


In most cases, a sty doesn’t require specific treatment. A sty typically goes away on its own. Recurrences are common.

For a sty that persists, your doctor may recommend treatments, such as:

Antibiotics. Your doctor may prescribe antibiotic eye drops or a topical antibiotic cream to apply to your eyelid. If your eyelid infection persists or spreads beyond your eyelid, your doctor may recommend antibiotics in tablet or pill form.

Surgery to relieve pressure. If your sty doesn’t clear up, your doctor may make a small cut in it to drain the pus. This helps speed healing and relieve the pain and swelling.

Natural Home Remedies

Here we have formulated some of the best home remedies for a stye. Use these easily available natural ingredients for instant relief and comfort.

cong-dung-chua-benh-cua-cu-nghe-emdep02-11413227Milk And Turmeric

Turmeric is a root of the plant and it has anti fungal elements in it. Drinking of milk once daily mixed with turmeric can thus help in effective reduction of eye stye. It also speeds up the process of healing, making it the best home remedies for a stye.

download (12)Parsley

Parsley acts as a detoxifier for the eyes and can hasten the process of healing. Take some parsley leaves and brew them in water for 10 minutes. Now use a soft cotton ball and dip it in this water and then apply on the affected area. A simple yet great home remedy for a stye.

downloadApple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is a well know antibacterial and antiseptic agent, and a great home remedies for a stye as well. Before using Apple Cider Vinegar, it should diluted with water so as to not cause any form of irritation to the eye. Apply this diluted solution directly on the surface of the eye.

download (20)Coconut Oil

Coconut has anti-inflammatory properties which can easily soothe the pain and irritation in the eyes. Its healing properties also make the recovery process much faster. Apply the coconut oil directly on to the infected surface. A great home remedy for a stye.

download (11)Tea Bag

Dip an herbal tea bag into boiling water and then slowly press it over your eyes. Keep a tab on the temperature and try to take it down to warm before applying. The herbal tea helps in bringing out the pus. It also helps in reducing the infection.

download (1)Onion

You can use slices of onions over your infected eye to get rid of the pain and also to speed up the healing process. It is obvious that using of onion will burn a little but it is very effective and thus worth giving a shot. One of the best home remedies for a stye.

download (46)Garlic Juice

This is one of the most effective home remedies for styes. Garlic is a rich source of healing and anti bacterial properties. It is even used in many herbal medicines to cure infections.

Use a blender and extract as much garlic juice as is possible from the herb. Now use this juice and dip a cotton ball in it. Gently massage the affected area using this cotton ball.

download (47)Coriander Seeds

Are you looking for a at home stye eye treatment? Then this is the easiest, most affordable and highly effective in treating the eye infection. Coriander seeds contain a high amount of anti inflammatory properties which help in speeding up the healing process of the stye eye infection. This remedy will ease out the pain in the infected eye as well as reduce the swelling around the eye.

Aloe-Vera-Gel-MassageAloe Vera Massage

Aloe vera is one plant which is highly known for its medicinal and healing properties. It is even a rich source of anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties and this remedy will help in healing the inflamed stye eye.

images (2)Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is known as one of the best anti bacterial solution to get rid of infections, skin burns, flu and cold. This is even used as treatment for stye as it helps in reducing the infection as well as heals the eye.

Use these home remedies for a stye for easy and effective instant relief and treatment. Easily available at your local, do use these natural remedies for a healthy lifestyle.