Sexual Impotence Home Remedies

Sexual impotence, also known as erectile dysfunction is the inability of a man to achieve or maintain his erection. There are several contributing factors for sexual impotence. It’s estimated that around 50% of men within the age of 40-70 suffer from impotence. This risk of impotence increases with age.

Impotence can drastically affect sex life by destroying the desire or will to indulge in sexual intercourse at all and if there is any desire, the physical condition makes it impossible to maintain an erection to enjoy coitus.

Having erection trouble from time to time isn’t necessarily a cause for concern. If erectile dysfunction is an ongoing issue, however, it can cause stress, affect your self-confidence and contribute to relationship problems. Problems getting or keeping an erection also can be a sign of an underlying health condition that needs treatment and a risk factor for heart disease down the road


The symptoms for this disease are fairly straight forward. Due to impotence there will be diminished libido in man. This means that his desire or willingness to indulge in sexual intercourse will be greatly reduced. There will also be trouble getting an erection. This is the main cause that leads to impotence. Even if by chance the man gets an erection, it would be very difficult for him to maintain an erection and will soon loose his manpower. If this condition is persistent for a long time then its the best idea to go see a doctor.


There can be many factors that can lead to impotency. Some of them are discussed below:

1) Endocrine Diseases

The body’s endocrine system is responsible for producing hormones that regulate various functions like metabolic rate, sexual function, reproduction, mood and much more.

One especially bothersome endocrine disease that affects the general libido and can lead to impotency is diabetes. Chronic diabetes can lead to nerve damage which can lead to erectile dysfunction and can reduce penile sensation. Other complications can accompany diabetes are impeded flow of blood which is the most important factor when trying to achieve an erection. All these can lead to impotency.

2) Neurological Disorders

This is pretty apparent since erection is totally dependent on nerve functions. Nerve functions affects the ability of the brain to work properly. This means for the brain to properly communicate with the reproductive system, proper nerve functioning is required.

Neurological disorders associated with impotence include:

1) Alzheimer’s disease

2) Parkinson’s disease

3) Brain or spinal tumors

4) Multiple sclerosis

5) Stroke

6) Temporal Lobe Epilepsy

In extremely rare cases long distance cyclers can also experience impotency due to extreme pressure on the genitals and buttocks which can eventually lead to damage in the nerves around the genitalia leading to impotency.

3) Medications

Certain medications can have negative side effects with regards to blood flow in the body. This can be a potential cause of impotency. Examples of medications known to cause impotence include:

1) Alpha-adrenergic blockers, including tamsulosin (Flomax)

2) Beta-blockers, such as carvedilol (Coreg) and metoprolol (Lopressor)

3) Cancer chemotherapy medications, such as cimetidine (Tagamet)

4) Central nervous system depressants, such as alprazolam (Xanax), diazepam (Valium), and codeine (found in various brand name drugs)

5) Central nervous system stimulants, such as cocaine or amphetamines

6) Diuretics, such as furosemide (Lasix) and spironolactone (Aldactone)

4) Cardiac Conditions

Conditions which affect the regular functioning of the heart can also lead to condition of impotency. Without regular blood flow to the penis, a proper erection cannot be achieved. Atherosclerosis, a condition that causes the blood vessels to become clogged, can cause impotence. High cholesterol and high blood pressure (hypertension) are also associated with increased risks for impotence.

5) Psychological Causes

The brain plays a key role in triggering the series of physical events that cause an erection, starting with feelings of sexual excitement. A number of things can interfere with sexual feelings and cause or worsen erectile dysfunction. These include:

  1. i) Depression, anxiety or other mental health conditions.
  2. ii)

iii) Relationship problems due to stress, poor communication or other concerns.


Diagnosis is done on the basis of a physical exam and questions pertaining to medical history and family history of the patient. This works in maximum number of cases. But if the conditions are chronic then the doctor can go further check ups to make a diagnosis which are as follows:

1) Blood Test

A blood sample will be sent to labs to check for signs of heart diseases, low hormones, diabetes and other such health related issues.

2) Urine Test

This is similar to the blood test but if for reasons the blood tests cannot be performed then the doctor can also go urine tests to check for various underlying factors to make a diagnosis.

3) Ultrasound

In this process, a technician points a transducer towards the blood vessels responsible for supplying blood to the penis. This creates an image of all those vessels. The doctor can use this to make a diagnosis by looking for any obstruction to the blood flow.

4) Psychological Exam

 Your doctor might ask questions to screen for depression and other possible psychological causes of erectile dysfunction.


Various prescription drugs are used for treating impotency. Some of the prescription medicines are as follows:

1) Sidenafil (Viagra)

2) Tadalafil (Cialis)

3) Vardenafil (Staxyn, Levitra)

4) Testosterone replacement

5) Blood vessel surgery

6) Psychological counseling

Natural Home Remedies

Use these simple sexual herbal remedies for increased sexual health and a happier personal life.

41aNqGbN0nL._AC_UL320_SR184,320_Panax Ginseng and Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola and ginseng function as antioxidants. They’re both associated with improved physical endurance, increased mental alertness and reduced fatigue. Rhodiola and ginseng are also used for cardiovascular benefits. Ginseng may decrease cholesterol, while rhodiola improves levels of substances called monoamines that keep blood pressure under control. rhodiola and ginseng are adaptogens, meaning that they help the body deal with stress.

download (17)White Onion

The aphrodisiac nature of onions makes them one of the best erectile dysfunction cures. Take 1-2 large white onions and slice them into pieces. In clarified butter, fry these slices on low heat until they turn light brown. Before having your dinner, consume them along with 1 tablespoon of honey on a daily basis. These are great sexual herbal remedies for you.

Or else, chop two onions and steep them in 2 cups of warm water for about ten minutes. Consume ½ a cup of this prepared solution three times a day for a month.

fresh carrots isolated on white background


Due to their aphrodisiac properties, carrots have been considered as one of the easiest home remedies for erectile dysfunction. Take a juicer and blend 3 celery stalks, 3 medium-sized carrots, 1-2 cloves of garlic, and ½ medium-sized beetroot. Consume a glass of this juice 1 or 2 times every day. Or else, drink a glass of lukewarm milk with 2 tbsp of grated carrot. A great sexual herbal remedy for you.

download (7)
Olive Oil

Massage your reproductive organ with olive oil to improve the circulation of blood. This essential oil for erectile dysfunction is highly effective.


Saffron has a reladownload (16)xing effect on the body. It enhances the fertility in men by improving the quality of sperm. You can add some saffron to the massage oil and apply it all over your body.Or else, add it to your daily food to stir up the sexual desire. A great sexual herbal remedy.

Use these simple home remedies for sexual health for a pleasurable and happier life. These sexual herbal remedies are effective and easy to use, as well as powerful enough to heal you naturally.