Ringworm Home Remedies

Dermatophytosis, more commonly known as as ringworm, is a fungal infection of the skin. Ringworm is a misnomer. The infection isn’t caused by a worm. It’s caused by a fungus.

Ringworm infection can affect both humans and animals. The infection initially presents itself with red patches on affected areas of the skin and later spreads to other parts of the body. The infection may affect the skin of the scalp, feet, groin, beard, or other areas.




This disease is present in currently 20% of the population. This is particularly common in people who play sports involving skin-contact like wrestling.


Ringworm typically begins as a flat scaly area on the skin, which may be red and itchy. This patch develops a slightly raised border that expands outward, forming a roughly circular ring. The contours of the ring may be quite irregular, resembling the wavy outline of a snake or a worm.

The interior of the ring may be clear, scaly or marked with a scattering of red bumps. In some people, several rings develop at the same time and may overlap.  Involvement of the nails is termed onychomycosis, and they may thicken, discolour, and finally crumble and fall off.

Red, scaly, itchy or raised patches.

Patches may be redder on outside edges or resembles a ring.

Patches that begins to ooze or develop blister.

Bald patches may develop, when the scalp is affected.

On nail it may be thicker discolored or begin to crack.



Ringworm can be spread or caused by the following ways:


1) Direct Human Contact

Direct skin to skin contact with an infected person will definitely spread ringworm if its not taken care of.


2) Animal Contact

Coming in contact with an animal, for example, a pet can also lead to this condition. Ringworm can spread while you are cuddling your pet.


3) Contact With Objects

They can also spread by physical contact with an object which was touched by an infected person or an animal.


4) Soil

In rare cases, ringworm can be spread to humans by contact with infected soil. Infection would most likely occur only from prolonged contact with highly infected soil.




Your doctor will diagnose ringworm by examining your skin and possibly using a black light to view your skin in the affected area. The fungus will fluoresce (glow) under black light. If you’re infected, the areas of the skin where fungus is located will glow.

Your doctor may confirm a suspected diagnosis of ringworm by requesting certain tests:

If you’re getting a skin biopsy, your doctor will take a sample of your skin or discharge from a blister and will send it to a lab to test it for the presence of fungus.

If you’re getting a KOH exam, your doctor will scrape off a small area of infected skin and place it in potassium hydroxide (KOH). The KOH destroys normal cells and leaves the fungal cells untouched, so they are easy to see under a microscope.



Many anti-fungal medications are used to treat this disease like miconazole, terbinafine etc. In more severe cases or scalp ringworm, systemic treatment with oral medications may be given. To prevent spreading the infection, lesions should not be touched, and good hygiene maintained with washing of hands and the body.


Home Remedies For Ringworm

We have some of the best home remedies for ringworm for you, collected here in a simple list.

download (5)Tea Tree Oil

This oil can help treat ringworm which affect the feet. It consists of both anti-fungal and anti-septic properties. This makes is especially effective against skin diseases. Soak a cotton ball and soak it in tree oil. Now apply this tree oil and repeat thrice a day. A simple and effective home remedy for ringworm.


images (3)Garlic Extract

Garlic consist of something called ajoena. This is a natural anti-fungal agent. It is used to cure many kinds of fungal infections, including ring worm. The uses of garlic for hair loss are also quite popular. This agent shows promise in treating ringworm if used regularly. Many studies suggest that ajoene is great to heal this fungal infection. This is one of the best home remedies for ringworm.


images (14)Apple Cider Vinegar

The ingredient mainly used for salad dressing is considered one of the best home remedies for weight loss. Apple cider vinegar also has natural anti fungal properties that can treat the ringworm infection. By using apple cider vinegar in your food, you can also get rid of blood pressure problems. To use this home remedy for ringworm effectively, apply undiluted apple vinegar to the patchy area with a clean cotton ball several times every day. You need to do this until the patches are gone.


raw-papaya-optRaw Papaya

Raw papaya has very good exfoliating properties. It can destroy old dead cells from the outer layers of the skin. That is place where fungi dwell and develop. Special enzymes especially papain and chymopapain in papaya are responsible for this action. These enzymes destroy the defense shields of viruses, yeasts, and various types of fungus. Both papain and chymopapain enzymes also cure inflammation and heal burns. Thus papaya may prove to be a soothing remedy for your ringworm infection. Use of these home remedies for ringworm is simple and easy to use.



This simple spice we use in our daily life actually has some great natural antibiotic qualities. Turmeric, popularly known as the holy powder has several potent benefits. This remedy will help you get rid of all kinds of bacterial and fungal infections. Use fresh turmeric juice to apply on the affected areas with the help of a cotton ball. You need to apply it 3 times every day until your infection disappears. Use this simple home remedy for ringworm as a great cure.


vinegar-saltVinegar and Salt

We already know that vinegar has been fruitful in treating ring worms. Make a thick paste from vinegar and salt. Apply it directly onto the ringworm and leave it on for 5 minutes. People who have used this remedy to treat ring worms say that it takes about 7 days to help the infection vanish.


 images (36)Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is an all natural remedy for a healthy and glowing skin. Use the gel from the bulbous leaves of an Aloe Vera plant and apply it directly on to the ringworm outburst. Leave on before going to bed and wash it off in the morning. It is a simple yet very effective home remedy for ringworm.


Use these simple and easily available home remedies for ringworm to cure your ringworms naturally and safely.