Pimples Home Remedies

Pimples, also known as zits or spot is a type of comedo ( a clogged hair follicle ). It is caused by excess of oil being trapped in the pores of the skin. It can be understood as a mild case of acne and can treated with acne medication available in the market.

When the sebaceous glands located underneath the skin become overactive, then it leads to pimples. The sebaceous glands are tiny skin glands which secrete sebum which is a waxy/oil lubrication for the skin and hair of both humans and other mammals. When we talk about pimples, we are usually referring to any bumps or lesions that appear on our otherwise clear skin during an acne outbreak.

The most common type of acne that teenagers suffer from is called “acne vulgaris” which just means “common type’. It usually shows up on the face, neck, shoulders, upper back, and chest.

If a pore gets clogged up and closes but bulges out from the skin, you’re left with a whitehead. If a pore gets clogged up but stays open, the top surface can darken and you’re left with a blackhead. Sometimes the wall of the pore opens, allowing sebum, bacteria, and dead skin cells to make their way under the skin — and you’re left with a small, red bump called a pimple (sometimes pimples have a pus-filled top from the body’s reaction to the bacterial infection).

Clogged pores that open up very deep in the skin can cause nodules, which are infected lumps or cysts that are bigger than pimples and can be painful. Occasionally, large cysts that seem like acne may be boils caused by a staph infection.

Its always are bad idea to burst a pimple even when it itches and you get an urge to do so. What we call the pustule is actually keeping the bacteria nice and contained. When you puncture the pimple’s outer skin, the gunk oozes out. If the bacteria contained in that gunk splatters and lands inside other pores, it can lead to more pimples. There’s another risk. Poke, pick, prick, and prod a pimple, and you can force the debris and bacteria even deeper into your skin. You may also introduce new kinds of bacteria from your finger into the zit. That can cause the pimple to become more red, inflamed, swollen and infected, and may even lead to permanent scarring.


The sebaceous glands in the skin produce a gluey substance called sebum. As part of our day to day repair process, dead skin cells keep falling off and new skin cells are made. Sometimes this does not happen as intended. The dead skin cells get glued to the skin due to sebum. This leads to blockage at the pores especially during puberty due to skin producing tons of skin oil. The sebaceous glands produce more sebum which builds up behind the blockage, and this sebum harbours various bacteria including the species Propionibacterium acnes, causing infection and inflammation.

There are certain factors that worsen an acne attack. They are as follows:


1) Hormones

Androgens are hormones that increase in boys and girls during puberty and cause the sebaceous glands to enlarge and make more sebum. Hormonal changes related to pregnancy and the use of oral contraceptives also can affect sebum production. And low amounts of androgens circulate in the blood of women and can worsen acne.


2) Medications

There are certain medication that can worsen pimples on the skin. Medications like corticosteroids, androgens or lithiums come can do that as a potential side effect.


3) Diet

Certain diets like dairy products or foods rich in carbohydrates like breads can trigger an acute acne attack. Chocolate is also said to worsen acne even though proper studies are needed for this field.


4) Stress

Stress can also make acne worse. The body can be producing more skin oil under stressful condition which can further worsen the acne attack.


Home Remedies For Pimples

Pimples can be nasty to get rid off and nastier to remove the after pimple spots. Use these simple and strong natural home remedies for pimples for the best results and a glowing, radiant and blemish free face.

images (14)Apple Cider Vinegar

This is super effective against acne because it can easily kill of the bacteria on the skin thereby making the conditions subside more easily. It is alkaline in nature which in turn can help balance the pH value of the skin and make it harder for bacteria to thrive.  It also acts as an astringent ( a substance that shrinks body tissues ) thereby helping to dry off the excess oil. It is the best home remedy for pimples.

Use a mixture of 1 part vinegar and 3 parts water and apply directly on the blemish using a piece of cotton.


Honey-Cinnamon_Emollient_Night_MaskCinnamomn And Honey Mask

Honey is sticky, and cinnamon is spicy, and it seems like they’re both things you’d want to avoid getting near your skin. Surprisingly, while it may sound strange, honey and cinnamon make a (literally) killer combo when it comes to acne. Cinnamon has antimicrobial properties, so it can help stop bacteria from getting out of hand. If it does, the honey is a natural anti-biotic, ready and waiting to wipe the little buggers out. One of the best home remedies for pimples.


Egg-white-protein-backed-to-fight-blood-pressure-Study_strict_xxlEgg White

Egg whites are an easy and affordable way to help reduce acne and fade scars left by unfortunate blemishes. The reason people have found egg whites to be helpful for their skin is because they’re chock full of proteins and vitamins that both combat acne, and help to rebuild your skin cells. They also soak up excess oil, which means excess sebum, (exactly what you were thinking right?) which means less stuff for bacteria to feed on. Hooray! Just make sure to use a good moisturizer afterwards, as they can dry your skin out a bit.



Papaya is an essential ingredient in a lot of beauty products on the market today, but there’s no need to go out of your way to gain its benefits? Plain raw papaya is an all-natural acne cure and home remedy for pimples that removes dead skin cells and excess lipids from the surface of the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. Lipids are a general term for fats, of which oil is a form of. Papaya also contains an enzyme called papain, which reduces inflammation and helps prevent the pus from forming.


images (36)Aloe Vera For Acne

Aloe Vera gel can be used with other things to fight acne, but it’s a good thing on its own as well. If it’s going to be used on its own, the best home remedy for pimples is to have a little aloe plant floating around in your house, otherwise a good gel that’s sold in stores may work as well-just do some research on which ones have the least amount of additives. Not only is the aloe soothing, it works as an anti-inflammatory, decreasing redness and swelling. It also has antibacterial properties.

So we have already given you the best advice for using these simple home remedies for pimples. Use these in your regular and daily life for the best results and a radiant, perfect face. Stay naturally beautiful and healthy.