Nasal Congestion Home Remedies

Is Using Home Remedies for Nasal Congestion Feasible as well as Effective ?

nasal congestion

We are all living a life every time with a risk of getting one or the other disease inserted in our body by this or that reason or medium. Our body, if carrying a weak immune system, is always prone to the diseases, no matter what is the weather or situation. I am not saying that the disease is always a chronic one or will have deadly effects on you, but, has always the capability to at least influence you. This is what nasal congestion does to you. Not deadly, but, will surely create discomfort for you till the last date of its existence.

Nasal congestion, as the name suggests is the blocking of the nasal cavity due to a myriad of reasons. The inner walls of nasal cavity get swollen usually due to inflamed blood vessels which in turn create problems in breathing. There are other common names for this problem as well like “nasal blockage”, “nasal obstruction”, “blocked nose”, “stuffy nose” and “plugged nose”. It is generally characterized by stuffy nose, sinus pain and mucus build-up, swollen nasal tissues. Nasal congestion can also interfere with hearing, speech and sleep. It can also lead to extremely irritating snores. These modes of discomfort and irritation tend to influence your daily routine as well as your overall lifestyle. Just a small problem in any part of the body breaks us completely and makes us stay in the complete off mode. Also, this stops us from performing at our best level and achieving the targets.

In children, nasal congestion from enlarged adenoids can cause “sleep apnea”, hypoxia and in extreme cases, right sided heart failure. Nasal congestion can in some cases be an individual disease, but in other cases, it can be a just a symptom of any other hidden disease. Let’s go through some details regarding the factors leading to nasal congestion in order to be able to recognize in case we become a victim of some.

Causes of Nasal Congestion

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Nasal congestion can be caused by a variety of mild infections like common cold, flu and sinus infections. All can lead to swelling of inner lining of nasal cavity. But, there are some more, either known or unknown, factors that may lead to nasal congestion. These are mainly responsible for the long term nasal congestion. Let’s go through the list of such factors:

1) Allergies

2) Hay Fever

3) Nasal Polyphs

4) Chronic Sinusitis

5) Influenza

6) Deviated Septum

7) Concha Bulbosa

8) Chemical Exposure

9) Environmental Irritants

10) Gastro-esophageal Reflux Disease

Nasal congestion can also happen during pregnancy, most commonly commencing during the first trimester. This happens due to the hormonal changes that take place in the body of a woman due to pregnancy.

nasal congestion causes

According to National Institute of Health, illness related congestion usually improves within one week. But, some factors, like mentioned above, may stretch the symptoms for a month or even long. In this case, complete diagnosis is required so as to get familiar with the ongoing health problem.

The step after diagnosis is the treatment method. Since nasal congestion is caused by different number of reasons, hence treatment depends upon the underlying cause of it.

Alpha-adrenergic agonists are the first treatment of choice. They relieve congestion by constricting the blood vessels in the nasal cavity, thus resulting in relieved symptoms. Examples include oxymetazoline and phenylephrine.

In case of influenza and common cold, both these conditions go away on their own after their general duration. Hence no further medication is necessary in these cases. But certain medications can be used to help relive discomfort. Like paracetamol, ibuprofen and aspirin.

When the congestion happens due to an allergic reaction like hay fever, then “antihistamines” and decongestants can be used as a potential remedy although care should be taken in case of topical decongestants since rebound congestion may occur.

Now, the most common treatment would be to directly apply nasal decongestants like Naphazoline, oxymetazone, oral pills like Sedafed and Bronkaid to the affected area. Although care must be observed since nasal sprays can cause “rebound” (Rhinitis Medicamentosa) and worsen the already discomforting congestion if taken for more than a few days.

nasal aspirator for kids

If an infant is unable to breathe because of a plugged nose, a nasal aspirator may be useful to remove the mucus. The mucus might be thick and sticky, making it difficult to expel from the nostril.

Till here, you got to know about the medicines or topical treatment methods that can work for you in order to help you get rid of nasal congestion. But, are these really helpful? By the word “helpful”, I want to ask if these medicines are assuring you not to give any side-effect as a return-gift while treating the nasal congestion. But, expecting this from an artificial man-made medicine is just like impossible. The elements used in making these medicines will always, in one or the other way, affect your health.

In this case, what you actually need to use as a treatment method is the way that will never put you in more trouble. Guys, you consume medicines to get rid of the present problem and not to invite the other health problems. And if you are getting new health problems by using medicines for nasal congestion, I don’t think there is any benefit using them anymore.

If you are happy with the solution included with the number of side-effects, you can follow your present route, but, for those who are desperately waiting for a change in the treatment method, we are here with the home remedies for nasal congestion (the perfect side-effects free mode of treatment). Provided below is the list including some of the home remedies for nasal congestion that can be really helpful to you in the long run.

Natural Home Remedies for Nasal Congestion

We have a collection of some of the best home remedies for nasal congestion for you. Use these simple home remedies for nasal congestion to clean your congestion naturally.

Nasal Congestion Home Remedies #1 Using A Vaporizer or Humidifier

humidifiers for nasal congestion

In case of inhaling too dry air, the mucus and sinus don’t flow properly and hence cause congestion. Research says that adding humidity to the air can solve the problem easily. This is where vaporizers like vicks vaporub or humidifiers can work for you. Whatever is the reason for nasal congestion, say winter season or forced heating systems at home, these two modes can work in every cause for nasal congestion, providing moisture to the air you breathe in.

Vaporizers or humidifiers are good for sinus congestion since the extra humidity via the humidifiers can provide a lot of relief and de-congest the nasal cavity by adding moisture to the air which goes into your nose and breaks up the mucus leading to relaxation. There are several types of humidifiers like ultrasonic humidifiers that send a cool mist in the air through the ultrasonic vibrations, impeller humidifiers disperse a cool mist through a rapidly rotating disc. Both of the humidifiers mentioned are the categories of cold mist humidifiers. The other one is warm mist humidifier which is a type of vaporizer that is responsible to cool down the hot steam before it goes into the room air. These are both the easiest ways to get relief from the nasal congestion.

Although, they are good for your nasal congestion issues, but using warm mist humidifier is not a good option for the kids, as they can be dangerous for them. Moreover, take care of the limit for your using the same because extra moisture can add dust particles in your surrounding leading to several other allergies. So, it’s better to use the humidifiers only when it’s really necessary.

Nasal Congestion Home Remedies #2 Grab Some Spicy Food

spicy food for nasal congestion

Well, that’s good news for the spicy food lovers. All the people who always search a reason to grab some spicy food can use this home remedy in case of treating their nasal congestion. Of course, excess of everything is bad, but you’ll be glad to listen that the spicy food, considered “poison” by many people, works to gift you some health benefits. That’s amazing! Yes, the spicy food items like chilies contain the compound called capsaicin which possesses the thermo-genic effect in order to help you burn calories and lose some extra weight from your body. The same compound fights against inflammation and hence allows to the chili peppers to reduce the bad cholesterols (LDL) taking care of the heart health. You’ll be amazed as well as shocked to know that you can even reduce the risk of cancer with the help of “capsaicin”. True! It has the capability to prevent cancer and fight against the leukemic cells. It’s not over yet. The spicy food can help preventing the other health problems like low blood pressure, breast and cervical cancer, increasing metabolism etc. Moreover, they work as a perfect immunity enhancer, hence making your immune system strong enough to fight against the further health problems.

Spicy food for nasal congestion is something that one can happily consume in order to both satisfy the taste buds as well as get rid of the problem. Increasing the intake of spicy foods in case of stuffy nose actually increases the proper flow of mucus and hence relieves the problem of blocked nose. Well, this is going to be the tastiest as well as one of the most effective home remedies for nasal congestion.

Nasal Congestion Home Remedies #3 Garlic Can Be A Great Assistance

garlic for nasal congestion

Garlic, or Allium Sativum, a well-known home remedy since thousands of years and even ages, has many properties and compounds making it a perfect solution for many health problems. Garlic is known to possess organo-sulfur components like alliin, y-glutamylcysteine and their derivatives. Apart from these, there are many other elements like zinc, magnesium, copper, selenium and iodine (all know as trace elements), protein content, dietary fiber, tocopherols, ascorbic acid, polyphenols etc. The different properties indulged in garlic are anti-carcinogenic, apoptosis, anti-proliferative, anti-metastasis, anti-oxidant, astringent, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal etc. All of these components and properties are responsible for making garlic a strong home remedy for the problems like diarrhea, leprosy, cancer, constipation, tumor, cardiovascular problems, common cold, herpes etc.

Garlic is the wonder herb for nasal congestion. It has tremendous anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that make it useful in treating a host of problems, including “congestion related to colds”. A study performed in the United kingdom found that people who were given garlic supplements for 12 weeks during the cold season had significantly fewer colds than those who didn’t consume it. People who have an aversion to the smell or taste of garlic and cannot eat garlic directly can use garlic as an ingredient while preparing vegetables. What other thing you can do is to eat fresh garlic cloves early morning on an empty stomach. Otherwise, you can also prepare a garlic soup adding 2-3 crushed garlic cloves to a cup of boiling water. Consuming garlic via any mode 2-3 times a day for a few consecutive days will solve the problem. Being one of the best home remedies for nasal congestion will surely treat nasal congestion in a real effective manner.

Nasal Congestion Home Remedies #4 Fenugreek Seeds – Not Bad

fenugreek seeds for nasal congestion

After reading a number of times about fenugreek seeds for their benefits in various health problems, you must already be familiar with the name of fenugreek seeds. The different health supporting nutrients of fenugreek seeds are carbohydrates, calories, fats (small amounts), fiber, iron, manganese, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin B6 etc. It is these nutrients that are responsible for making fenugreek seeds a perfect solution for the health problems like digestive and cholesterol problems, mouth ulcers, boils, bronchitis, tuberculosis, chronic cough, cancer, kidney problems, lack of milk flow while breastfeeding, eating disorders, pain and swelling, gouts, leg ulcers, dandruff, eczema etc. So, now you can see that fenugreek is beneficial in dealing with numerous health issues that you had not even imagined yet.

If talking about nasal congestion, fenugreek seeds are a perfect way to treat the nasal congestion. The anti-inflammatory property of fenugreek works to alleviate the inflammation and the irritation in the nasal passage. Using this home remedy may force your taste buds to compromise over this point, but, this is one of the best home remedies for nasal congestion. Here, compromise of taste buds means that it doesn’t have a good taste. What you need to do in order to use fenugreek seeds for nasal congestion is to add a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in 1 cup boiling water and let it steep for 10 minutes. Now, remove it from flame and strain it. Drinking this tea hot will allow heat to dissolve in the mucus, hence assisting its easy passing. Doing this twice or thrice a day for a few days will help you getting rid of your existing problem of nasal congestion.

Nasal Congestion Home Remedies #5 The Ultimate Answer – Natural Herbs

natural herbs for nasal congestion

Nature has given us herbs for every health problem. These herbs as well as the natural home remedies are a form of treatment we had always been searching since years, because they provide the side-effects free treatment for all the health ailments. These all manage a vital place in Ayurveda, the oldest form of treatment on earth. There is no single health issue, say it cough, respiratory problems, digestive troubles, or viral infections like herpes, natural herbs have solution for everything and are available in more than one form. For nasal congestion also, there are some really effective herbs available that can be very effective in combating stuffy nose, especially menthol and eucalyptus oil.

Menthol is found in inhaler balms and rubs for congestion. Menthol however does not decrease the congestion. It only makes the nasal cavity more sensitive, hence giving the feeling of more air (cold air) being passed through it. It’s a good solution for instant short term relief seekers. On the other hand, Eucalyptus oil is shown to have properties that loosen mucus. Eucalyptus oil steam is the most popular choice to go for. It’s very soothing way to relieve congestion. Take a steaming bowl of water and add a few drops eucalyptus oil. Drape a towel over your head and around the bowl. The steam should be inhaled for about 10 minutes. It is however also available in rubs and balms, so, you can go for that option too.

Both of these natural herbs can help you in a really effective manner in treating your trouble. Even, I’ll say that herbs are the best natural and home remedies for nasal congestion and even all the other health issues. Apart from these two, you can also go for the herbal tea made up of any one of ginger, peppermint, chamomile, sage or blackberry. Drinking a cup of tea made up of any of these natural ingredients will surely solve the answer. To achieve the best results, try consuming the herbal tea 2-3 times a day for a few consecutive days. Apart from nasal congestion, these varieties of herbal teas can help you solve the hidden health issues also as well as work to make your immune system strong. And I believe that you already know the benefits of a strong immune system.

strong immune system

Nasal congestion is not a disease for which you need to make a tour to the emergency room in a hospital. Instead, it can be easily taken care of using the home remedies for nasal congestion. Using these home remedies for nasal congestion even for a long time period will not inject even a single side-effect into your body. And above all, you need not loosen your pockets so as to get treated, as these home remedies for nasal congestion are either cost effective or don’t take even a single penny of yours. Moreover, you need not wander from shop to shop so as to get the problem solved as all these remedies are easily available either in your kitchen or nearby shops.

You might be using the home remedies for nasal congestion so as to get rid of the present health problem, but, these will always work to help you take care of your overall health. This list is not over yet. There are many more home remedies for nasal congestion and even all the other health problems that you can easily use and keep the diseases at a bay, but, mentioning all at the same time in the single article is quite impossible. That is the only reason that we, after lots of researches and experiments on a variety of patients, bring the top home remedies for you. I know these privileges are not provided to you in case of antivirals. You can never imagine a single tablet you intake for cough, treating stomach cramps too. But, this is always possible in case of natural home remedies. You can always treat the skin, hair and health problems with a small amount aloe vera gel or coconut oil.

These are all the benefits that convince all the researchers and people around the world to prefer the natural remedies over the artificial treatment methods. Once, you stop relying on the antivirals and start using the natural treatment options, you’ll not require asking anyone about the difference between the way of treatment of natural remedies and other treatment methods. Here, these simple home remedies for nasal congestion will help you clear your congestion effectively as well as take care of other hidden home remedies also. I’ll not try to convince or persuade you to stop taking your regular pills and follow the way I am talking about, but, only natural remedies can help you achieve a healthier lifestyle and not any other mode of treatment.

happy and healthy life

You already know that only survival is not our motto; instead we all wish to live our life and enjoy every moment out of it. Now, you are wise enough to calculate your profit and loss and take the right decision for your own health because only a healthy body can live the life, otherwise only survival is no big deal. A disease free life is not actually possible in today’s polluted environment and running lifestyle. But, we can at least take care that the treatment method should not inject any new health problem. So, I’ll just suggest you to think twice and understand what you are gaining with whatever mode of treatment you are using and then only make a decision. Your whole future is dependent on the decision you are going to make today.