Home Remedies for Lice Treatment

Egyptian priests used to shave their entire body so that the head lice would get no place to hide. They forced them to leave their head by removing their shelter- hair from their bodies. This was a simple treatment, but today, we can’t even imagine treating lice this way. Can you shave your head and body just to get rid of the diminutive parasite? I know you can’t. You love your hair and more than that you hate the way you would look after going bald. Well, this was the way of treating lice thousands of years ago, and thankfully, we have so many other methods to save you hair and also kill the lice. Do you also think we should be thanking God for the poisons we use today? Are they really beneficial? Do you know what can the most common lice treatment method do to you or your child? Christopher was only 8 when her mother used some poison to kill the parasite, and she blames this simple act for sudden seizures and finally death of his son. She used the same treatment a week before she lost her child and later on read about not using such products in the house or near children. This was bad, in fact, very bad, but there are many other common side effects that make us find a ray of hope in home remedies for lice treatment.

head lice

Christopher had a very bad luck, but if you use strong poisons to kill lice on your head or your child’s head, the poison is surely going to have some adverse effect on the user too. Having lice is given so much hype these days that even the schools don’t allow the child to attend classes until his or head is clear. All of us, even the sufferers themselves, think that it is very bad, unhygienic and unclean to get lice on head and scalp. Many end up blaming the environment for improper cleanliness, but to your surprise, I would like to tell you that lice are not that unclean. Yes, lice too like clean scalp. The parasites which are directly associated with improper hygiene all the time prefer to live in the clean environment.

Next time if you hide lice thinking that people will mark you as dirty or unhygienic, tell them this fact before you tell you to have lice. All this while we have been looking at lice wrongly, let us see the facts associated with lice treatment.

Lice are small parasites that live in our scalp and hair shafts. One can get lice by coming into contact with another infected person. Most children get lice from other children who are infected by this parasite while playing, sleepovers or sharing personal items like combs and brushes.  It is an estimate that approximately 6 million to 12 million infestations of lice occur each year in the United States among children 3 to 11 years of age. Another study tells the total number of people who get lice each year irrespective of their age, and the number will shock you. Almost 21 million cases of lice are seen annually nationwide.

lice as parasiteWith so many people having this minute parasite living on their head, it is surprising that lice still is considered as filthy due to more myths surrounding us. No matter how much you explain to the school authorities, they won’t allow your innocent child to sit with his or her friends until and unless you clear up his head. There is no way to make them understand that your child is the victim of head lice and not the perpetrator. He or she also got it, and probably from some other child only. In this case, you are left with only one option, and that are the chemicals and expensive poisons.

You become so much desperate and frustrated that you start looking at the stubby lice as if they were monsters. So many sprays and shampoos and what not, and all this on the innocent scalp. From the scalp, it is washed out to the eyes and skin of your face. There it causes the real trouble. If you also have used the conventional lice treatment in recent past, or have brought a new bottle to kill the parasite, please have a look at the following section before opening it up.

It is quite embarrassing as well as annoying to get head lice due to the constant itching on the scalp. We all spend so many dollars on chemical treatments of lice thinking the treatment will work instantly and only in one ash we will get hair free of lice.  The pharmacies sell some really powerful poisons for the minute bug. The more money you can spend, the stronger the poison you will get. You buy it because you don’t want to do miss weeks and even months from work. Since lice are not considered to be harmful, your company will also not entertain the reason you will give for leaving. This forces you to choose the treatment that sting, hurts and make eyes water, give you tangled hair and what not. Wait. Do you really choose a treatment for head lice or follow the bandwagon?

tangled hair due to head lice

You bear the foul smell that won’t leave the house even when all the doors and windows are open, but what are the benefits you are getting in return? Don’t you think we should have a treatment that eliminates lice but, without causing all the problems related to lice treatment? Of course, you would love to have such a lice treatment and are very much eager to know the name of the pharmacy where you can get it. Some of you also must be overjoyed thinking about it, but you will not get it at any of the pharmacies. Yes, such treatments do exist and there is not one or two but many home remedies for lice treatment. You should feel sorry about your scalp. Think about it, how much you have hurt the scalp while trying to hurt the lice?

And after spending all the money, time and bearing the high levels of discomfort, you wake up to find head lice again, as big and bold as ever. Still, you try to find the hope at the pharmacy and get a new packet, this time giving more money than you gave earlier. It is the hysteria that drives sales of harsh head lice treatments, the treatment that is more harmful than lice itself. One thing must be clear in your mind- you might have lice on your head and you are still hygienic. This will kill all the myths, shame, and embarrassment associated with lice. Let us now try to move on to the perfect lice treatment method- home remedies for lice treatment.

treating lice with solution

Usually, home remedies for lice treatment use natural products and natural products “suffocate” or “smother” the lice. This makes them easier to be caught on the comb. The following are the various home remedies for lice treatment using simple ingredients that work as effectively as the OTC medicines.

Home Remedies For Lice Treatment

Comb and Oil Treatment

The simplest of all the home remedies for lice treatment, yet the most effective of all the home remedies for lice treatment is comb and oil. Comb and oil treatment is very effective in smothering the lice out of the head. This is like digging the intruder out by force. Many people use Vaseline and mayonnaise instead of oil for the same purpose, but home remedies for lice treatment have given a list of some very beneficial essential oils that would be great for your hair and worst for lice. One more thing, Vaseline and mayonnaise make your hair tangled and messy. No one would want to follow such messy and complex treatment when oil and comb home remedies for lice treatment do the job perfectly.combing hair

How to use

  • Coat the hair with olive oil or coconut oil
  • It is also suggested to coat the comb with oil every time before combing
  • Separate the hair into smaller sections using a clip
  • Comb from the scalp till the end of the hair shafts
  • Wash the comb often in a stream of hot water repeatedly after combing few sections of hair.
  • After combing all sections, shampoo, rinse and repeat
  • Soak the comb in 10% bleach solution or 2% Lysol solution for 30 minutes every day

It is kind of universal treatment and the very first of all the home remedies for lice treatment. Even if you use chemicals, you will have to perform this step. This process is very effective in getting rid of the lice from every part of the scalp. The oil doesn’t let the lice stick to the shaft and can be pulled out easily.

Essential Oil Treatment

Various essential oils have anti-bacterial properties that help in getting rid of these little parasites from our head completely. Essential oils given below are proven to be effective for getting rid of lice and overall scalp health.

  • Tea Tree Oil: Tea tree oil is indeed one of the best essential oils for the scalp, and hence the best of the entire home remedies for lice treatment. You will see so many changes in your hair too once you start using this oil for lice treatment.
  • Basil Oil: Lice are ancient pests, and this ancient herbal oil is the perfect treatment that not only helps you in killing lice, but also soothes your itchy scalp.essential oils for lice treatment
  • Rosemary Oil: This oil can save the entire family from scratching their heads and changing one shampoo after another. Adding shine and lust to your hair is another benefit of rosemary oil.
  • Neem Oil: Although we have given a place to Indian lilac in the list of home remedies for lice treatment, this is also a completely different way to use Indian lilac. All the insecticidal properties of Indian lilac can be obtained in the small bottle of neem oil.
  • Clove Oil: Clove oil has a unique smell, but this smell is enough to suffocate the lice. The vapors of this oil are known to blacken the gray hair, and the oil itself is one of the home remedies for lice treatment.

Apart from all these oils, you can also use peppermint oil, lavender oil if you love its fragrance, cinnamon oil or aniseed oil. All these oils have almost the same procedure of killing lice.

The following are the steps involved in this treatment

  • Mix 10-15 drops of any essential oil of your choice in 100ml of olive oil.
  • Using a cotton ball, dab it all over the scalp
  • Leave this to soak overnight or at least 12 hours
  • In the morning, use a closely placed tooth comb on the oiled hair
  • Alternatively, you can prepare the mixture using 10-15 drops of essential oil in 200 ml of rubbing alcohol and store it in a spray bottle.
  • Saturate the hair with this mixture and leave it overnight
  • Comb through the sections of hair starting from the scalp
  • Shampoo, rinse and repeat

However, it should be tested for allergic reactions before proceeding with the treatment.

Vinegar Treatment

Using vinegar is another safe and inexpensive treatment for getting rid of lice. Not only this, it is the best of all the home remedies for lice treatment. You can easily get white vinegar from the grocery or food store, and it is the best option for suffocating the lice in the head and taking them out dead. White vinegar also contains acetic acid and this helps in giving shine and bounce to you hair. Isn’t it amazing? One thing is sure that home remedies for lice treatment like vinegar can make any of the chemical treatment get ashamed of them. More than those chemical sprays, we should regret of our act. We should be ashamed of not using home remedies for lice treatment like vinegar.

vinegar for head liceBut, it is never too late, and you can give a good treat to your scalp with home remedies for lice treatment. Let us see how to use this one.

  • Dilute white vinegar by adding one part of vinegar to three parts of water
  • Saturate the hair and scalp with the solution
  • Wrap a towel around the hair for two hours
  • Dip the comb in the white vinegar solution and comb through the sections of hair
  • Focus on one section at a time
  • You can also rinse your hair with white vinegar solution after shampooing the hair.

Garlic and Lemon Juice Treatment

Garlic has a strong smell, but none of the home remedies for lice treatment can smell as bad as the sprays and chemical washes. You would also agree with the same once you try any of the home remedies for lice treatment. Garlic has a very pungent smell, but we eat it in salad and foods, don’t we? This smell of garlic is responsible for suffocating the lice. Then why do home remedies for lice treatment is recommending to add lemon to it? Because garlic and lemon are the best home remedies for lice treatment if you use the two in combination. Lemon helps in killing the lice due to its acidic nature, while garlic has a suffocating effect. Both these ingredients can be used separately or combined as one to treat lice.

Lemon-Juice and garlic for head lice

How to use the two ingredients

  • Crush 8-10 garlic cloves and make a fine paste
  • Add juice of one full lemon in the paste
  • Apply this paste on the scalp well
  • Cover it with a shower cap and let the paste sit for an hour
  • Wash it with mild shampoo
  • This remedy can be done once a week because the garlic odor is very strong and it is difficult to use it daily.

Do you know the benefits of these two for your hair? If you use it, the lice free head would make you fall in love with you, but once you know all the benefits of these home remedies for lice treatment for hair, you would not be able to stop yourself from using them. Garlic and lemon too are home remedies for lice treatment, and hence they also have some extra benefits to offer, just like other home remedies for lice treatment. Garlic helps in hair growth, kills any bacterial or fungal growth on the head. Lemon is also believed to fight dandruff.

Indian lilac

Indian lilac, also known as neem tree, has amazingly unbelievable medicinal benefits. But killing lice is my favorite. For any kind of infection, you can rely on Indian lilac. Yes, be it bacteria, fungus or even virus, Indian lilac has the capabilities to kill any micro- organism that is harmful to humans. Hence Indian lilac leaves are also excellent home remedies for lice treatment. You can get the powder of dried leaves of Indian lilac or if you can arrange fresh leaves, they will be the most effective way to use Indian lilac leaves as home remedies for lice treatment.

neem leaves for lice treatment

How to use

  • Take a handful of Indian lilac leaves, or a tablespoon of Indian lilac leaves’ powder
  • Boil any of the in approximately a glass of water for about 15 minutes.
  • Wash your hair after the extract cools down to appropriate temperature.
  • You can also apply the paste of Indian lilac leaves all over you scalp.
  • Doing this will suffocate all the lice on your head.
  • But washing the paste out of your hair might not be that easy.

Apart from the home remedies for lice treatment, there are some important tips that you must follow while using home remedies for lice treatment or any other treatment method. These will be like tools that would enhance the effectiveness of home remedies for lice treatment.

Tips to follow at home when someone has lice

  • Lice don’t go away with the usual comb and you might have to buy a nit comb
  • Use separate combs for all family members if any one of the members have lice. This is the strongest medium through which lice travels from one head to another.
  • Wash the combs and brushes every day in hot water
  • Do not share pillows with persons affected by lice, and if possible also don’t sleep on the same bed.
  • Change pillow covers and sheets of children every day, and wash them in hot water once you are sure that the parasite has gone.
  • Avoid using stuffed toys for few weeks until the lice are gone completely
  • Clean everything starting from the car seats and covers to bed sheets, carpets and everything else where the head touches constantly.

children playing together

Tell me one thing, what would you do to a fly that is irritating you every now and then? The buzzing sound must be irritating enough but would you bring a spray to kill it? Even if you use a spray, would you spray the poison on the fly without thinking about the eye on which it is currently sitting? Of course not, that would hurt the eye and skin surrounding the skin. The same is the case with head lice. Then why don’t you think about your scalp while using harsh chemicals? You would point a bottle of poison at the bug and then spray the tiny critter only when it is away from your body. This too is the only rare case, and most of the time you would shoot it because who would waste money on a fly?

Why don’t you follow the same with head lice treatment and use home remedies for head lice? Getting affected by this parasite is very common and so it should not be considered as a deadly disease. Take it easy. Act, treat and heal your body, but with the right way. And the right ways definitely is none other than home remedies for lice treatment.

The only problem with this parasite is that it reproduces at a faster rate. By the way, do you know how old the head lice are? Even the ancient Egyptians were tortured by lice, and the louse found in the archeological process is believed to be at least 10,000 years old. Today we have combs and combing regularly can prevent the lice from reproducing further. Now you know lice have been with us for many thousands of years, but you won’t have to live with it for a long time if you rely on home remedies for lice treatment. Because the key to getting rid of lice is to comb and to keep the scalp clean by avoiding contact with any infected person or objects.