Home Remedies for Laryngitis

Laryngitis is a condition when the vocal cords are inflamed due to infection or strain on vocal cords. People with laryngitis usually experience symptoms similar to sore throat during cold or cough. But this is severe than common cold symptoms because it may lead to loss of voice or hoarseness due to the inflammation of the larynx or voice box. Yes, the symptoms of laryngitis may last only for a few days, or they may haunt you persistently. Whether it is for sometime, or it is for a long time, ignorance is not at all the way to deal with such a critical issue. Laryngitis is critical because people often look at it only as a throat infection, but it is not. Laryngitis results from a common viral infection, but if given time and neglected for some time, it can also convert into something serious. You can even lose your voice as a result of negligence. But this is also a fact that you can manage even chronic cases of laryngitis with the below stated home remedies for laryngitis.


Some recommend to see the doctor as soon as you see something going on wrong in your throat, while others believe that self care is enough to tackle such problems. But there is a middle way in which you don’t have to spend too much money on medicines, also don’t have to trouble your body with the undesirable side effects, and at the same time don’t have to sit idle and bear the infection. This is nothing but a set of tremendously effective home remedies for laryngitis that we will be discussing in the coming section. Although most of the cases of laryngitis can be handled with the following home remedies for laryngitis, sometimes, it is also mandatory to take doctors’ advice. We will tell you when you should get your problem diagnosed and get medicines for it, but before that, you must be aware of the common symptoms of laryngitis. With the help of these symptoms only you will be able to differentiate between the normal laryngitis infection and chronic condition with your throat.

Symptoms of laryngitis

Laryngitis persists up to two weeks due to the infection caused by virus. If it extends more than this period, it should be immediately diagnosed and treated because it may turn out to be more severe. Following are some of the common symptoms of laryngitis.

  • Dry cough and dry throat are the first signs you will see if you are suffering from laryngitis. But the problem is that we cannot call them as distinctive symptoms because cough and dry throat can be there due to a dozen of other reasons. To clearly understand that it is laryngitis, you can check yourself for the other symptoms.

laryngitis symptoms

  • There will be minor or acute swelling in the lymph nodes. Swollen lymph nodes sometimes are as source of unbearable pain, especially when the swelling is very severe.
  • Your body temperature will suddenly increase. It will either take the form of fever with measurable increase, or it will be negligible increase, but temperature will rise.
  • If you are suffering from laryngitis, your throat is going to have really tough time. Soreness will not leave your innocent throat easily. In case you have a meeting, speaking continuously for a long time is going to be a challenge. Tickling sensation in the throat, and rawness both will make your life miserable. This is when you can use some of our home remedies for laryngitis that are instantly effective.
  • Hoarseness and weakness in the voice will also be seen. Sometimes you will speak a word and the pain will not let you speak another, and many times your voice would start trembling.
  • Eating also is not going to be fun for the next few days of catching the infection. You will have trouble in swallowing food, and even breathing will be difficult.

In all, we can say that our throat, mouth, and sometimes respiratory systems are not going to be the same for the next few days. But the good news is that these few days can be decreased with the use of home remedies for laryngitis. Now, the trouble laryngitis is going to create will depend on your decision.

Types of Laryngitis

Yes, it is going to choke our throat for the next few days, but you should know some crucial information about the infection. Laryngitis can be classified into two types – acute and chronic depending on the type of infection and the symptoms.

Acute Laryngitis – This type of laryngitis is caused by a viral infection, strain on the vocal chords and sometimes bacterial infections like diphtheria. You can manage this with the right use of home remedies for laryngitis.

Chronic Laryngitis –Laryngitis that persists more than 2 weeks is called chronic laryngitis. It is caused due to inhaling irritants like allergens, chemical fumes or smoke. Sometimes your stomach is also found to be the culprit and you get to know that gastroesophageal reflux (GERD) was the reason behind laryngitis. Chronic sinusitis, excess of speaking or overuse of vocal chords in singing or teaching are few other causes of chronic laryngitis. Some bad habits like alcohol abuse and smoking can also lead to laryngitis. Now you know the causes as well as symptoms of laryngitis.


It must be easy for you identify that it is nothing but laryngitis. Still, if you have doubt, you can get it diagnosed from a health center. Either laryngoscopy will be done or the doctor will advise you to go for biopsy. Laryngoscopy is done by the doctor by directly examining the throat condition with a mirror and torch. It is also done by an endoscopy to examine the movement of the vocal chords while talking. In rare cases, biopsy is prescribed. This is done in cases where a culture of tissue is taken and examined to determine the type of infection.

Once you are sure that the source of trouble is laryngitis only, the next step is to treat the problem. After the diagnosis, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics or corticosteroids to heal the vocal cord inflammation. But there are several natural home remedies for laryngitis available which helps in reducing the inflammation and hoarseness. For this, until you have really bad symptoms and feel chronically ill, you can count on home remedies for laryngitis. It is good to get it diagnosed by the doctor at an early stage itself as home remedies for laryngitis as well as the medicines prescribed by the doctor will work effectively at the early stages of the infection.

Home Remedies For Laryngitis


Ginger is very good for any type of infections in the body. Ginger also is known for its immunity enhancing action and anti- inflammatory properties. It is very commonly used to treat mild cold, and the same way it can also be taken by laryngitis patients. It is considered as the best home remedy to cure sore throat, in most parts of the world and hence by default is also one of the home remedies for laryngitis. Its anti-biotic properties soothe the mucous membrane of the larynx. And this is just one example of the strong medicinal properties of the herb. It is known as a health enhancer and much more in the history.

ginger for laryngitis

To use ginger as one of the home remedies for laryngitis, you can either directly drink the juice of ginger or go with a tastier version- ginger tea. To make ginger tea, you can add grated ginger in your cup of evening tea. This is not only going to cure laryngitis, but you will be able to avail so many other benefits of the herbal root. If you don’t really drink tea regularly and want to cure laryngitis with ginger, boil sliced ginger with a cup of water and boil it for 10 minutes. Allow this to cool and then consume it along with lemon and honey. Alternatively you can also extract the juice of ginger and drink that regularly until you feel relieved of the pain. Grate a medium sized ginger and extract the juice from it. Add honey to it. Take 2 spoons of this mixture several times a day for faster relief. Also take ginger candies several times a day if you find them at any store. Ginger supplements are also available in market, but they are meant to raise the immunity so that in future your body can defeat all the infections like laryngitis.

Salt Water Gargle

Even for minor cough problem we use salt water. It is equally beneficial for the throat affected by laryngitis as well and this is why it is considered as one of the best home remedies for laryngitis. Water treated with salt can cut through the mucous which is causing irritation in the sensitive bronchial membranes. It also gives soothing effect to the throat which must be burning due to frequent coughing. Salt reduces the inflammation and by gargling salt and water mixture, it is easy to get rid of the symptoms of laryngitis.

water gargle

To use salt as one of the home remedies for laryngitis, you have to prepare a saline solution. Add half spoon of salt to a glass of lukewarm water. Gargle with this mixture 4-5 times a day. In case you are not happy with the salty taste, salt can also be replaced with turmeric or Listerine.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) has a anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that helps in curing the infections easily. This natural product is also helpful in dealing with nasal and throat congestion due to laryngitis. This natural product is nowadays talked about in every corner of the world because of the magnificent medicinal properties it has. Whether you drink it, inhale it, gargle it or squirt it up your nose, you can use it in whichever form you like and it will help in relieving you from the nasty symptoms of laryngitis and hence it is one of the most popular home remedies for laryngitis.

apple cider vinegar for laryngitis

One way is to directly drink apple cider vinegar after diluting it in equal amount of water. It would be better if the water is lukewarm. Alternatively, you can also some add lemon juice and dilute the solution with lukewarm water. This will help you in getting rid of sore throat really soon. The third method is mixing the apple cider vinegar solution with honey. Add two spoons of raw and unfiltered ACV in a glass of water and add one spoon of honey to the mixture. Drink this twice a day until the symptoms of laryngitis persist.


Onion has several useful enzymes that heal various ailments in the body, and also one of the best effective home remedies for laryngitis. The antibacterial and antiviral properties of onion soothe inflammation and soreness of throat and also hence it is one of the most effective home remedies for laryngitis. Onion has more than a few medicinal properties. In some countries it is served as an ingredient of salad while in others it is eaten in cooked form, but you can find onion almost everywhere. Onion slices look appealing and also taste good, but the same is not true for onion juice. Raw onion juice might be a little harsh to taste, but if taken in the morning, it can help to instantly boost up your immunity against several health problems including bronchitis.

onion for laryngitis

If you regularly drink onion juice, then you don’t have to worry. Raw onion juice is one of the harsher home remedies for laryngitis, but still it is very effective. The person suffering with laryngitis simply has to intake one teaspoon of raw onion juice on an empty stomach every morning. You can also have raw onion in salad or use onion while cooking. Not only in laryngitis, but this will help you fight with many other diseases and your overall immunity will rise up gradually. To use onion as one of the home remedies for laryngitis, you can prepare a unique mixture that will have all the goodness of onion. Slow cook 4-5 onions in water until it turns into thick syrup. Add two spoons of this syrup in a glass of water and drink the mixture. You may also add honey for added effects on the sore throat.


Garlic is one of the super foods that is rich in digestive and immunity boosting enzymes, and one of the greatest home remedies for laryngitis. Garlic has been long known for its amazing healing and medicinal properties. This small herb has in it the ability to prevent deadly disease like cancer and hence treating laryngitis is small thing for garlic. Yes, it might be small problem when we think of treating it with something as powerful as garlic, but for that you must know the right method of using garlic as one of the home remedies for laryngitis. First of all you can try chewing raw garlic on empty stomach every morning. This will not only treat laryngitis, but will also prevent its recurrences.

garlic for laryngitis

Alternatively, you can also prepare garlic syrup using ACV and finely chopped garlic cloves by putting them together in a bottle and leaving it for at least 4 hours. It can be mixed with honey while consumption. Take this garlic syrup 4-5 times a day and repeat until symptoms persist

Herbal Teas and hot soups

Drinking hot soup of any vegetable you like helps in making it easy to breathe in laryngitis. It also gives a few more health benefits. Especially in winters you should have a cup of soup daily. Apart from soup, the most famous drink of the year is herbal teas. Herbal teas are totally different from the normal caffeinated tea of coffee as they are made up of the goodness of herbs. There are make herbal tea available in market like dandelion’s root tea, licorice tea and yellow dock tea. All of these are not only excellent home remedies for laryngitis, but they are also immunity enhancers.

herbal-tea in laryngitis

Drinking a cup of soup or any of the herbal teas discussed above will help in clearing up your respiratory track, which will make it easier for you to breathe and will also relax your mind or head. So, use either of them to get rid of sore throat and difficulty in breathing and get back to work soon. You can also use both at a time. Start your morning with a cup of herbal tea and get refreshed in the evening with a cup of hot soup. These two will act perfectly against laryngitis and hence are the best home remedies for laryngitis one can have. Having herbal teas like green tea, peppermint tea, chamomile tea, etc helps in soothing the throat and shows great results in laryngitis. So, steep any teas leaves of your choice in hot water for 5-10 minutes and drink these herbal teas several times a day for quicker healing.

Licorice Roots

Licorice roots are less heard home remedies for laryngitis, but they have been used in almost every medicinal filed in all the parts of the world for quite a long time now. Licorice is a perennial herb native to the Mediterranean that’s been prized for its medicinal properties for centuries. Licorice roots are widely used in India for cough and sore throat. It has soothing effect on the inflammation and pain in the larynx. It is available in the form of roots as well as made into syrup or chewable tablets.

licorice powder for laryngitis

Using licorice root as one of the home remedies for laryngitis is extremely easy. You just have to suck a licorice root to relieve symptoms of laryngitis. This process can be repeated several times a day until you get relief. Absolutely free from side effects, this method saves your throat from the unnecessary chemicals that are included in cough syrups. Alternatively, you can also include licorice root tea as an evening delight. Drink licorice tea 2-3 times a day for faster relief from the inflammation in the throat. To prepare licorice root tea, you have to get the dried powder of licorice or the root of licorice. Take two cups of water and boil it. Once it starts boiling, add a teaspoon of the powder and let the solution boil. Once the volume of the solution is reduce to half, i.e. one cup, strain and drink. This will not only be good for your throat, but it is extremely beneficial for dealing with other health issues.

man with throat pain

These were the home remedies for laryngitis, but from your end too, you have to take care of certain aspects. Some people start taking everything hot and think that this will soothe the throat, but it is not true. The fact is that if you have laryngitis, you should not consume anything too hot/cold. Even if you are drinking water, try to take it when it is lukewarm. Apart from taking precautions about the temperature while drinking water, you should be also cautious about the food you are eating. Try to avoid oily and fried food as it will directly stick to the already suffering throat. Not eating chocolates and ice creams also does some favor for your throat. Your tongue might love their taste, but you have to understand that your throat is not in a position to bear such foods. Also try to breath in fresh and pure air staying away from dust and pollution. Avoiding smoking and alcohol completely also contributes to fast healing. In fact, if you follow these tips, the home remedies for laryngitis will work as magical as a wonder.

We have told you a few foods that you shouldn’t eat at all. Now, there are few health alternatives that will contribute to the treatment of infection and also are quite healthy. Drinking lot of fluids like vegetable juices, fruit juices, herbal teas and soups is very good if you want your throat to be back at work without any delay. Use these simple home remedies for laryngitis as well as the above stated tips to get desired results and that too in a short span of time. Both of these are definitely going to cure your laryngitis problem.