Home Remedies for Interstitial Cystitis

If constant trips to the bathroom are not letting you concentrate on your work, and your colleagues make fun of you because of this habit, over and above that, things are not that easy in the bathroom, you need to be more alert than getting embarrassed. Interstitial cystitis affects approximately 3 to 8 million women, which accounts for about 3% to 6% of the total women in the United States. Although the number of men suffering from interstitial cystitis is almost half of the women, 4 million men is also not a small group. Interstitial cystitis can be downright unbearable for some women, preventing them from going to school, work, or participating in any of their normal day-to-day activities, not to mention making their sex lives very painful. For men too it creates equal trouble. Interstitial cystitis is going to grow as a common bladder infection in near future and reports suggest that it is going to affect more people than it was estimated earlier.

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The worst part of interstitial cystitis is that the diagnosis will take a lot of time and so many visits to every other doctor. If you have interstitial cystitis and are not out of the really lucky people, you might recall how many months it took for a dozen of doctors to figure out the real problem. You might have also been kept on the hit and trial method. By the way, have you heard of the hit and trial method? Due to no concrete method of diagnosis, and symptoms similar to those of urinary tract infection, doctors keep on changing medicines. They try every other drug to give you relief, but the change in drugs won’t change your condition much. In fact, the doctor changes the prescription every other week, and you might have changed the doctor every month before being diagnosed with what you know can’t be treated.

This holds true for the majority of interstitial patients, and only those who reach to experts of this problem at initial stage do not have to go through this process. It is not the doctor who is at fault, but the disease itself is of such nature. Any doctor would start the treatment by looking at the symptoms, but there is a great variation in the symptoms of interstitial cystitis from one patient to another. Here are some of the very common symptoms of interstitial cystitis that you also might have suffered from. And without the use of home remedies for interstitial cystitis, you will have to face some of these in future as well.

Symptoms of interstitial cystitis

Common symptoms of interstitial cystitis are- unexplained pain in the bladder and low pelvic pain, the urgency to urinate frequently, acute burning sensation while urinating; the color of your urine turns cloudy with a strong smell. You would have to visit the bathroom more frequently if you are suffering from interstitial cystitis. You would not be able to control the urine even for a few minutes and in the case of emergency, if you wait for some time, the pain in the bladder will be acute. You will also have to deal with unexplained pain while urinating. This pain would become severe

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We have listed some symptoms, but these will differ in intensity from person to person. The exact cause of interstitial cystitis is not known till now. This also adds up to the sufferings of the interstitial cystitis patients. You suffer from pain, discomfort, and embarrassment, but you cannot even guess what caused it. In general, home remedies for interstitial cystitis has found out the following triggers of the disease.

  • Allergies
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Endometriosis
  • Vulvodynia
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Migraine headaches
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Pelvic floor dysfunction

Starting from cause to treatment, nothing is well known in case of interstitial cystitis. But as a ray of hope emerges home remedies for interstitial cystitis from the roots of medicines. They are the ultimate solution to the problems caused by the bladder infection, and also prevent the occurrence of the infection up to certain extent. With the help of following home remedies for interstitial cystitis, you can manage the painful bladder issue and get back to your normal schedule and that too without spending too much of money.

Home Remedies For Interstitial Cystitis

Choose your cloths appropriately

Be specific when you are choosing clothes for yourself, especially when it is about undergarments. Interstitial cystitis growing to become a very common disease and this is the universal home remedy for anything that relates to your body parts like urinary tract and pelvic region. Appropriate clothing can make a huge difference in the treatment, healing and even the symptoms of interstitial cystitis. By choosing the right fitted and good quality clothes, you ensure that the symptoms of interstitial cystitis do not bother you much.

loose clothingSynthetic clothes that do not allow any air to pass through are the real enhancers of the growth of bacteria into the urinary tract. And when the bacteria reproduce at a high rate, the symptoms of interstitial cystitis become even more intense and bothersome. Make sure you do not wrap yourself in tight and un- breathable dresses. Especial care should be taken while choosing your underwear if you are a frequently chosen victim of interstitial cystitis. Go for not so tight cotton underwear. It is very simple but one of the compulsory home remedies for interstitial cystitis.

Do not use cranberry juice

Your grandma may have told you that cranberry juice can fix all the problems in your bladder, but when it comes to interstitial cystitis, this fact is not true at all. Although home remedies for interstitial cystitis are not harmful, but in rare cases, like in this one, the cranberry juice may irritate the bladder. Cranberry juice is actually frequently recommended for the treatment of urinary tract infections, and people drink it thinking that the symptoms of both are the same, but an IC bladder is extremely irritated from the level of acidity in cranberry juice.

no cranberry juiceSo, try to avoid food and juices that have high acid content and go for other healthier options. If you really want to have juice, go for other fruit juices that are least acidic. You can try pear juice, apple juice, and blueberry juice. Blueberry juices are also acidic, but they are less acidic that cranberry juice. Apart from this, blueberries are also one of the home remedies for interstitial cystitis. Cranberry juice is the best example of home remedies for interstitial cystitis that work for urinary tract infection which has almost all the symptoms of interstitial cystitis, but not for interstitial cystitis itself.


How can the list of home remedies for interstitial cystitis wind up without the name “garlic”? Garlic is the king of all the home remedies for interstitial cystitis. It ca do what no other herb can do for humans. I ma so much amazed by the health benefits of garlic that even without any problem, I eat at least one garlic clove everyday. Garlic is used to treat many health related problems and it is also one of the home remedies for interstitial cystitis. But how can garlic cure interstitial cystitis?

garlic for interstitial cystitisThose who are aware of the medicinal properties of garlic will not ask this question, but those who are new to the home remedies for interstitial cystitis may have this doubt. Garlic has antibiotic properties that can help in treating interstitial cystitis, bacterial vaginosis, and other infections in the bladder. In addition to this it also is anti- fungal in nature. Even today we are not sure about the causative organism behind interstitial cystitis; hence garlic is the best to use as it can act against variety of micro organisms. Crush three to four garlic cloves. Smear the mashed garlic on the affected area. You can apply it after wrapping in gauze. Do not leave it inside for more than half an hour as it will cause soreness. Similar to yogurt and milk, in taking garlic is helpful in its own way.

Maintain proper hygiene

Home remedies for interstitial cystitis wants to make sure that we help the interstitial cystitis patients by protecting them in every dimension and hence we include home remedies for interstitial cystitis that involve every minor and major help. Hygiene is also one of the home remedies for interstitial cystitis. Most of the time, women are generally the victims of interstitial cystitis. You should employ some healthy practices like washing your vagina. Wash your vagina many times in a day, and specifically after urinating. Loose cloths also contribute to hygiene of the inner parts by facilitating air passage.

maintain hygiene

Whenever you wash the area you can use a hygienic wash that maintains the pH balance inside the vagina. Also make sure you wipe out in backward direction, that is from inside to outwards. Always hang your under garments in sunlight to kill the growth of any bacteria. Sexual activity can push bacteria deeper into the urethra of both men and women, it is hence recommended to urinate soon after sex, and wash the area in order to flushes bacteria away from your urinary tract, so it can’t settle and cause an infection. Isn’t it one of the really simple and effective home remedies for interstitial cystitis that not only cures this problem but also saves you from other such issues?


Fenugreek is also used by patients suffering from interstitial cystitis for overcoming the problem. By the way, have you ever heard of fenugreek seeds? Don’t worry; you are also one of the millions living in United States who are reading this word for the first time. This is one of the general home remedies for interstitial cystitis, and not only interstitial cystitis, you can take the help of this natural product to cure other stomach related problems too. You can get great relief in bladder infections, digestive problems, gas and bloating too with the use of fenugreek seeds. One of my favorite of all the home remedies for interstitial cystitis, fenugreek seeds is excellent at treating various other diseases.

fenugreek-for-interstitial cystitis

The seeds help in improving the pH level in the vagina and boost the immune system to speed up the healing process. You can drink the water in which a tablespoon of fenugreek seeds were soaked overnight. Alternatively one can also eat the seeds after mixing in yogurt to include both of them as a healer. It is a simple natural remedy for interstitial cystitis.

Keep yourself hydrated; this will cool down the body and bladder

We need water to survive, and it is a natural resource that is being most talked about recently. All the environmentalists emphasize on saving water as there would be no life without water. But have you ever thought of what water does that nothing else can do for human body. Why any drink cannot replace water? The plain water helps in protection of bones, cells, joints; it also helps in flushing out the toxins from human body, and at the same time help in digestion as well. I don’t know any other drink that can do all this for human body, and hence we must not waste water. Whether you have cystitis or not, make sure you take in plenty of fluids.

water for interstitial cystitis

On an average you should drink at least eight glasses of water everyday. If you have any type of urinary tract infection, just to flush out the bacteria living in you should drink as much water as you can. If you have cystitis causing extreme pain, simply increase your daily water intake and you will start feeling better. This will make your urine less concentrated thereby reducing pain.

Frequent urination

You know that urinary system is responsible for excretion, and because of this system only daily we get rid of so many unwanted substances from our body that it would not be wrong to say that we survive because of urinary system. Have you heard of homeostatic function? Almost all the living creatures are alive because of this process only and urinary system has a prominent role in maintaining the balance. I told you all this because you may know that water is important, and also would start trusting the home remedies for interstitial cystitis, but the process of urination is often not considered important. But the reality is that, it can also help your body in several other ways.

frequent urination

Urination also is one of the home remedies for interstitial cystitis. Urine is made of waste products and acids from your body. Concentrated, dark urine is more acidic and is sometimes more painful to pass when you have a bladder infection. Diluted urine is lighter in color and usually doesn’t burn as much. Also if you hold it inside for a long time you will surely experience more discomfort and pain while urinating, and the time you hold it inside. Go to the bathroom whenever you need it, nothing is more urgent than this, right? It is also advised to the cystitis patients to immediately go to the bathroom and urinate after having sex. This reduces the chances of being infected greatly.

Indian lilac (Neem leaves)

Indian lilac is famous for the tremendous medicinal properties it has. Even the bark of the huge tree has something to offer for mankind. The fruits, leaves and stems, everything has its own set of benefits. The only bad thing about the tree is the bitter taste. But remember, not all healthy things come with a taste. Neem leaves (Indian lilac leaves) contain all that you need to prevent your vagina from any type of infection, and interstitial cystitis is one of them. It has excellent anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties that in no way allows bacteria to survive.

neem leaves for interstitial cystitis

Not only bacteria, neem leaves(Indian lilac leaves) can act against several other micro-organisms, and since we don’t know the real cause of interstitial cystitis, they are perfect home remedies for interstitial cystitis. Neem is used to reduce itching, inflammation and kill the germs that cause this infection, making it one of the best natural remedy for interstitial cystitis. Make powder of neem leaves by heating and then grinding. Then make a paste by adding water and apply the paste around your vagina. Do this daily till you get rid of the problem completely.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is one of the best essential oils and also the best of all the home remedies for interstitial cystitis. This oil has unbelievable anti fungal and anti- bacterial properties which make it a promising alternative to treat interstitial cystitis and several other infections. In case of many types of skin infections, people use tea tree oil because it has a magnificent effect on the skin.

tea-tree-oil-for interstitial cystitis

It contains compounds that help in killing the germs that are believed to cause interstitial cystitis. Apart from killing the micro- organism causing all the trouble, it also takes care of the symptoms of interstitial cystitis. It will also combat the awful smell that is common with interstitial cystitis. Dip a cotton swab in tea tree oil and place it into the vagina for at least 20 minutes to allow it to work. If this is not comfortable to do, you can go for easy option of mixing a few drops of tea tree oil in the water you bath in. In this case sit in the bath tub for 15 minutes and then dry the affected area properly.

Keep the sensitive area away from soaps or deodorants 

These days, we have many beauty products and cosmetics. We spend a lot of money for looking good and smelling good, but forget that nature has already made us beautiful and with the use of these products, you may end up harming the sophisticated skin. Your skin, especially the skin covering the parts which are not exposed to sunlight and air directly, is too soft to bear all the chemicals you apply. Any type of products containing high pH can irritate the area further where already bacteria have been growing.

no soaps

Hence keep your vagina away from any kind of soaps, powders or deodorants. If you want you can use hygienic and alkaline wash available in the market. You can consult your doctor before choosing the right wash for your vagina, or do research on your own before allowing any chemical to touch you.

Control you diet as well as mind

You have to control your diet as well as you brain. By controlling the diet, I am not telling you to starve, but make sure whatever you eat should not only be loved by your taste buds, but also by your stomach. Be very choosy and opt for health food, fresh fruits and veggies and Caffeine can irritate your bladder even more when you have an infection. Avoid caffeinated drinks like coffee, tea or soda when you are infected. And usually also, use these drinks only once in a while. Go for green tea and other herbal teas in case you really want to drink something.nutritious diet

Try everything you can to calm down your mind, because in today’s world, it is quite difficult to find peace of mind. Find a nice peaceful place where you can concentrate your mind without any disturbance. Start sitting there for a few minutes thinking about your day, goals etc. then start emptying your mind and try to sit down without any thoughts coming inside your brain. This will enable you to have a greater control over you body, mind and soul. You will be able to control your mood and find a way to happiness.

Although the real reason behind interstitial cystitis is still to be discovered, we can use these home remedies for interstitial cystitis in order to get relief in the pain and other symptoms related to the disease. Apart from all these home remedies for interstitial cystitis, there is one more tool you can utilize to fight with the disease. This also is available at your home, and it is nothing else but you. Yes, you can bring a great difference in your condition. When you are using home remedies for interstitial cystitis, you become the indirect tool. But the interstitial cystitis patients can be a direct tool against the disease.


With some minor a changes in your lifestyle and major amendments in you diet; you can drastically improve your condition. And if you are willing to treat the disease with home remedies for interstitial cystitis and with yourself, you will easily find some tricks like bladder retraining, pelvic exercises, choosing cloths appropriately and many other tricks. Do you know you can also control the interstitial cystitis infection by simply quitting smoking? See, this is just one such change, and with awareness to all such changes, also with willingness to implement those in your life, you can surely win over interstitial cystitis.