Hypothyroidism Home Remedies

Thyroid turns into the name of a disease once there is an imbalance in the levels of thyroid hormones. If it is more than the amount required and consumed by the body, you will be suffering from something called as hyperthyroid- the state in which you will keep on loosing weight all of a sudden. Hypothyroidism is exactly the opposite of hyperthyroidism, a state in which the thyroid gland in unable to meet the required levels of hormonal production due to some reasons. In hypothyroidism you have an under- active thyroid gland that is your metabolism is not functioning properly and hence you keep on putting weight.

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Whether you have the problem of hyperthyroidism or it is hypothyroidism that I bothering you, there are some home remedies for hypothyroidism that you can use as a rescue tool. Have a look at the natural products with the help of which you can treat the disease called hypothyroidism at home only.

Home Remedies For Hypothyroidism

coconutoil-homeremedies9Coconut oil

Coconut oil is commonly used to treat skin ailments, using it in thyroid is less known, but extremely effective. Coconut oil is made up of medium-chain fatty acid that helps improving the functioning of thyroid gland. It will also stimulate metabolism and boost energy. In addition to this, it will help raise the basal body temperature which is important for those dealing with low thyroid function. You can replace the cooking oil with coconut oil immediately if your thyroid gland is suppressed. If you can manage to drink coconut oil after mixing in a glass of milk, it will be best. It is the best natural home remedy for hypothyroidism.

images (4)Kelp

Kelp is brown colored herb or seaweed that is rich in iodine and other minerals. Deficiency of iodine is a very common cause of hypothyroidism. Kelp can be used in all such cases to fill the requirement of iodine. However, this remedy is not recommended for those suffering from autoimmune thyroid problems or else it may worsen the condition. If you are very sure about the reason behind improper functioning of thyroid gland then only take the help of Kelp.

Apple cider vinegar-homeremedies9Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar may also help deal with this thyroid disorder. It is believed that it aids detoxification, restores acid alkaline balance, facilitates weight loss, and helps regulate hormones and improve their energy metabolism. Apple cider vinegar is also beneficial for other health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and others. You cannot actually drink it in a concentrated form, and hence should take it after diluting. Take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and mix it in a glass of lukewarm water. Drink it twice a day to get relief in all the symptoms of acidity and heartburn. It is one of the best home remedies for hypothyroidism.

download (33)Fish Oils

Fish oils are considered good for increasing thyroid hormone uptake and maintaining healthy thyroid function. If you are a non- vegetarian, then you should include fishes in your regular diet as they rich in omega 3 fatty acids and also contribute towards avoiding the growth of lumps. This is yet another way to control any hormonal disturbance and take good care of your thyroid gland’s proper functioning. These essential fatty acids are the building blocks for hormones that control immune function and cell growth, and also help improve the ability to respond to thyroid hormones. Fatty acids, like omega- 3 fatty acid have a great benefit in relevance to your breast. The best fish high in the omega-3 fatty acids are salmon, trout, and mackerel. Use these natural home remedies for hypothyroidism to cure it forever.

download (72)Ginger

Ginger is useful for treating many health ailments including tackling hypothyroidism. Drinking ginger tea not only makes your evening delight, but also gives a lot of health benefits. For immunity boosting and hypothyroidism treatment taking it in tea will be mild, hence take out the juice by crushing it and mix it with equal amount of pomegranate then drink it daily. It is literally a powerhouse of health benefits and contains compounds that show anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and analgesic properties to ease the symptoms of hernia. You can even choose to take dry ginger if you cannot manage to get a fresh one. You will get it in powdered form or can even make powder yourself by grinding for a few minutes in the grinder. Use this simple home remedies for hypothyroidism treatment to cure hypothyroidism naturally.

iodine_rich_foods homeremedies9Get iodine

To maintain proper health and working of thyroid gland, you should ensure that enough of iodine is supplied to your body as iodine is an important mineral for thyroid health and a really effective home remedy for hypothyroidism. Eating sea vegetables helps in hyperthyroidism because these vegetables are rich in iodine. This natural iodine present in almost every sea vegetable can stabilize all the thyroid related disorders like obesity and lymph system congestion. Sea vegetables are a great source of not only iodine, but these vegetables also contain a good amount of vitamin K, B-vitamin folate, magnesium, iron and calcium. Some of the sea vegetables that you can use in the treatment of hyperthyroidism are kelp, kombu, hijiki, nori, arame, sea palm etc. They are usually available in dried form at groceries.


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Yoga and workout

It is important to know that you will not be able to get rid of thyroid if you continue to live a sedentary lifestyle. Engage in gentle exercises which target all the muscles of your body. Regular practice of such exercises helps to shed excess body weight and thus lowers the pressure on the heart muscles. However avoid any strenuous exercise or heavy lifting. It is best to have a discussion with your doctor before starting any exercise program. Avoid exercising immediately after eating and wait for about two to three hours.

vitaminD-homeremedies9Vitamin D

Kelp was meant for all those suffering from iodine deficiency, in the same way vitamin D deficiency can result in various auto immune disorders, and thyroid is one of them. Exposure to early morning sunshine is a good way to generate the vitamin D required by the body. So, expose your body to early morning sunrays for about 15 minutes daily. This will also help maintain healthy immune function and calcium metabolism. If you are determined enough to do workout daily, choose a place where your body can get direct sunlight. it is the simplest home remedy for hypothyroidism.

Changing your lifestyle is the first thing hypothyroid cure demands. Other than that take help of these home remedies for hypothyroidism discussed above to kick away the extra pounds accumulated due to improper functioning of thyroid gland.