Home Remedies for Hiccups

We start getting hiccups at the time when we are not even born. Yes, fetuses take hiccups that can be felt by the other, and also can be seen in the ultrasounds. This is unbelievable but true. From horses to cutie pie cats and dogs, every mammal gets hiccups. Hiccups are intolerable, but looking at you little cat making the “hic” sound, again and again, is indeed an adorable sight. Apart from this, there is nothing good about hiccups. They are annoying, unbearable and at many times embarrassing as well. Hiccups are indeed funny until they happen right in the middle of your presentation, or when you have an important stage performance where hundreds of people would laugh at your helplessness of not controlling the involuntary act. They are minor hurdles in breathing until you lose a million dollar deal just because you could not present your views in the front of viewers. When you see the other face of it, you would see hiccups becoming a national crisis, as it became in the year 1944. Well, this was history and today we have so many doctors, home remedies for hiccups, and medical assistances of all kinds that your hiccups won’t turn that big issue.

Describing in scientific terms, hiccups are sudden involuntary contractions of the diaphragm muscles. We all have gone through the phase of hiccups at least one in our lifetime, and we happily ignore them if they are a matter of a few minutes or even hours. But there are times when you cannot afford to ignore them. There are times when you can’t really bear the hiccups. Either they start on the day and are not ready to leave you even on the second or third day, or you might be suffering from reoccurring bouts of hiccups all day long. The worst part about hiccups is that they do not make any prior announcement.


You don’t know when they can hit you and despite so many medicines and tricks, you don’t even know when they will leave. Well, if you knew about home remedies for hiccups, you probably had known the answer to the later question at least. Anyways, the medicinal field needs much more advancement to understand the cause of hiccups at the very first place, and hence we should not expect the instant cure for hiccups really soon. But that doesn’t mean they will continue affecting your work, your food or your night’s sleep for as long as they wish.

You cannot control the occurrence of hiccups, either with medicines, or with home remedies for hiccups, but you can completely control their reoccurrence, and can also decide when you want them to go.  Hiccups sneak through our gullet anytime, anywhere, but once you know all the home remedies for hiccups, they will not be able to create hindrance in your life for too long. Home remedies for hiccups are not based on the cause of hiccups, but they move towards treatment by using the triggers for hiccups. Do you have an idea about triggers of hiccups? You may think that the peculiar hiccups can hit you all of a sudden, but in reality, even hiccups have some triggers.

Triggers for hiccups

Medicines and researchers of the date try to move forward by inventing new concepts and learning new techniques. But all of them are far away from finding the exact cause of hiccups. If you look back in the history, you will see so many small triggers that initialize the uncomfortable process of hiccups. The root cause was not known even by the ancient people, but they were aware of every trigger. You also would relate to some of them if you recently had hiccups and still have its fresh memories.what-causes-hiccups

  • Generally, infants have hiccups when they laugh continuously. Have you ever thought why? Because of the sudden expansion of the stomach by swallowing air while laughing. Even when you eat, if you swallow excess of air all of a sudden, you may get hiccups. It is also said that even when you drink a lot of liquid, or eat more of solid food, leading to sudden expansion of the stomach, then also you may have to bear the hiccups
  • Some foods that if you eat when they are too hot or too cold and also fizzy drinks can cause hiccups. Also if you eat food that is acidic, or anything else causes acid reflux, then also you can get these peculiar hiccups.
  • It is said that to treat hiccups, you try to expose the person suffering from it with a sudden shock or excitement, the hiccups will disappear, but the over excitement or emotional stress are believed to be one of the triggers too.

Apart from these triggers, we have much more like eating too fast and swallowing air, chewing gum, smoking, eating or drinking too much, strokes, brain tumors, damage to the vagus or Phoenix nerve, some medications, noxious fumes, anxiety, and stress.

 Complications in hiccups

How can something like hiccups be complicated? If you also think so, then you probably don’t know Charles Osbourne. Charles Osbournean was an American who hiccuped for 69 years and 9 months, from 1922 until his death in 1991. Sounds weird, but I cannot imagine how much the person had to suffer. We can’t bear this unusualness in the breath even for a few hours, and he was cursed to live with them life long. Although this was a very rare case, and we have seen that all the cases of hiccups have been treated with home remedies for hiccups, but you may need medical help when the home remedies for hiccups are not doing what they are used for.

hiccups in babyYou might not breathe normally for the next few hours if you have hiccups and the same can continue for days if you are not aware of the home remedies for hiccups. If hiccups hit you right in the middle of the night, you may have to wake up from sleep. Disturbed sleep is quite normal, but your body can bear it only if it is for a night or two. If you can’t sleep for more than two nights because of hiccups, and have already used home remedies for hiccups too, then consider taking medical help as there may be some serious issue underlying.

Eating food will also be problematic while hiccupping; you may land up in trouble due to reflux of food or vomiting. Sometimes the hiccups are so intense that the effect is not only confined to the throat but you also suffer from severe abdominal pain or fever. In the case of fever or spitting up blood, or feeling as if the throat is going to close up, please consult a doctor. For all the other mild discomforts that the hiccups cause, we have the perfect treatment as home remedies for hiccups.

 Treatment of hiccups


Although it is not a matter of concern health wise it surely is inconvenient and trouble creating. Especially if you have them often, trust me they can drive you nuts if you do not do anything to stop the bothering sound. There are a number of home remedies for hiccups that you can use to get rid of hiccups, including holding your breath, drinking a glass of water quickly, having someone frighten or surprise you, using smelling salts, pulling hard on your tongue, and others. Just have a look at all the home remedies for hiccups that you can use to make you are breathing normal once again.

Home Remedies For Hiccups

Apply pressure on certain muscles and see the result

First of all the home remedies for hiccups is applying pressure on various muscles. All the other home remedies for hiccups would require some tool, but this one is very simple and needs no extra entity. Imagine you have worked day and night to prepare the presentation and are sitting in the hall waiting for the time to come. Suddenly you hear the sound and before you try to find out what it was you realize that it is nothing but hiccups. What would you do then? For this kind of scenario, there are some tips which can help you get rid of hiccups instantly. Press the palm of your hand with the thumb of your other hand. The harder you can press, the better it would be.

applying pressure on palm for hiccups

If this is not working for you, try squeezing the ball of your left thumb between the thumb and forefinger of the right. The discomfort is a distraction that affects your nervous system and may put an end to the hiccups. And finally, you can feel confident to present your work in an impressive manner. Out of all the home remedies for hiccups, this one would help in the times you need it the most.

Play with your breath

Another simple home remedy is to experiment with your breath. This not simple like the other home remedies for hiccups are. But it is seen that in many cases it works quite well. Sometimes breathing deeply can also help your hiccups go away. Yes, as simple as taking a deeper breath is a really effective home remedy for hiccups. When there’s a buildup of carbon dioxide in your lungs, your diaphragm relaxes.

breathing unusually for hiccupsWherever you are sitting, just take air inside as much as you can, and then hold it inside for some time. Then release the air slowly relaxing your diaphragms, it will definitely give you some relief. Repeat the process several times until your hiccups vanish. If you can manage, just go out in fresh air while doing this, as it will also change the environment. The first one and the second on the list of home remedies for hiccups are instantly effective, but for this one, you need to be either alone or outside your house or office.


Who is not aware of the health benefits of honey? Yes, we all have used it once to deal with cold, immunity issues, fight allergies, or without any reason. But still, looking at it in the list of home remedies for hiccups is quite surprising, isn’t it? This is the sweetest of all the home remedies for hiccups, and if hiccups are hindering your breath due to some allergy, honey will take care of it.


Put one teaspoon of sugar or honey, stirred in warm water, on the back of your tongue, and swallow it. This way you can say goodbye to hiccups once the solution enters your throat. If you cannot take it alone, mix it with vinegar, or more appropriately apple cider vinegar. This is the most effective of all the home remedies for hiccups.

Avoid foods containing carbon dioxide

Avoid beer or carbonated soda, especially if they’re cold. Excessively cold drinks and food are on the list of triggers for hiccups and hence it is obvious to find this point on the list of home remedies for hiccups. The low temperature, combined with the bubbles, creates a medley of irritations that could set off your diaphragm. This would lead to hiccups, and also some other problems like acid reflux or abdominal pain due to bloating.

no to caffeinated drinks

Apart from this, the ways you adopt to eat food are also a part of the home remedies for hiccups. When you eat, slow down. All of us are so very busy that we don’t even have time to eat our meal patiently. Others eat fast just out of their habit. From the first standard, we are told by our teacher to chew our food while eating. This was not just a line of good manners but has medical benefits as well. Eating quickly, you swallow more air, and that can cause hiccups as well as burping.

Try this if your kids have this problem

Hiccups are very common in children, the reason is still unknown. We cannot do much about the fetus hiccupping, but yes once the baby is out of the womb, we can surely use home remedies for hiccups like this one. Offer one big teaspoon of peanut butter. In the process of chewing and getting it off the tongue and teeth, swallowing and breathing patterns are interrupted. With a scoop of ice cream, the cure becomes a treat.

ice cream for hiccups

The chill of the ice cream, steady swallowing, and a pleasurable distraction all add up to calming the diaphragm. In case you infant is having trouble; make sure you make him burp by holding upright for a few minutes right after feeding. This will make excess of air to pass out as burp and hiccups will not disturb his/ her play anymore. Use these delicious cures as sure shot home remedies for hiccups.

Just relax

This sometimes works good for some people, and the other times’ people are seen taking help from other home remedies for hiccups because they could not get relief from this one. But yes, it is simple, and also sometimes effective, hence it is necessary you know all the possible home remedies for hiccups that can help you in any way. Sometimes relaxation is the key. Lie on a bed, stomach down, with head turned and arms hanging over the side. Take a deep breath, hold it for 10 to 15 seconds, and exhale slowly.

relaxing for hiccups

After a few repeats, rest for several minutes before you get up. If you can elicit the help of your partner, stand against the wall and ask your partner to place a fist lightly in the soft area just under your breastbone. Take a few deep breaths, and on the last one, exhale completely. Your partner should then press gently but firmly to help expel air from your lungs.

Something tangy like oranges or Apple cider vinegar

How come we forgot the universal remedy- apple cider vinegar? Apple cider vinegar is everywhere. If you don’t have this at your home and prefer to treat your day to day health issues with natural remedies, home remedies for hiccups recommend you to get a bottle immediately as the list of home remedies for hiccups, as well as other diseases is incomplete without the bottle of apple cider vinegar. No, you won’t need the entire bottle of the vinegar, but only a small quantity will bee enough.

fresh fruits for hiccups

Just take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and you are done. This is a challenge, but if you cope with the assault on the taste buds, it’s a quick cure. I know it will taste really bad, but if you can somehow take it in, vinegar will take care of your hiccups. Apart from vinegar, oranges are also one of the best home remedies for hiccups. Simply eat some slices of oranges and you would start breathing normally once again. Yes, you can eat oranges, pineapple or even lemon. Some prefer drinking lemon water, but that should not be too cold.

Grab a glass of water

Take a glass of water, preferably cold and drink sip by sip until you are dome with the glass. When you are gulping a drink, rhythmic contractions of the esophagus override spasms of the diaphragm. If you are not in public place and can manage to block your ears when you drink it would be the best. Stick your fingers in your ears and sip through a straw. You are pressing on the vagus nerve while also getting the benefits of steady swallowing.

These two things in combination with each other make good home remedies for hiccups and will not leave any intensity of hiccups with you. Alternatively, you can use a straw to drink water as this will demand pulling water from the glass and your hiccups will be interrupted by this. You’ll have to pull harder with your diaphragm to suck up the water, and concentrated gulping counteracts spasmodic muscle movements. Keep a teaspoonful sugar on the back of your tongue. Let it melt and the use the above- discussed home remedies involving water for better and instant results.


Use these simple home remedies for hiccups to get rid of hiccups naturally and in a safe way. Yes, they are safe, at least much safer than the gun technique. Have you heard of the gun curing hiccups? No, it is not one of the home remedies for hiccups, but people in America have this belief. They seriously point a gun on the sufferer just to relieve him or her. Well, the home remedies for hiccups are very much safer than this one. And, kindly do not try it. Many others believe in treating them with shock therapy. Frightening someone all of a sudden, making them watch a horror movie, and there is much more unusual trick to cure hiccups besides home remedies for hiccups. And if you get to know what is believed to cause hiccups, you will be even more surprised.

Our ancestors lived under water and they had to use hiccups to push the water out of their diaphragms. This is considered to be the origin of hiccups, but it doesn’t provide an answer to why do we get hiccups even today. In the past few decades, the diaphragm was blamed for causing hiccups, but later on, the nerves that controlled the diaphragm were also combined with it.

Whatever is the reason, now we have the home remedies for hiccups and there is not need for shock therapy, or gun treatment, or any other weird treatment method. These home remedies for hiccups are more than sufficient for curing your problem. Yes, you may have to experiment with some of these just to find the one working for you. These effective home remedies for hiccups are easy to find and simple to use. Once you settle with what works for you and what won’t, you would just pick up your tool and kick the hiccups out instantly. You can also use the home remedies for hiccups in combination in case you are not satisfied by one of the home remedies for hiccups