Headaches Home Remedies

Generally categorized into three types- migraine headache, tension headache, and cluster headache; it is a very common problem that bothers us every other time. There can be many causes of a headache such as physiological changes in the head, constriction of blood vessels, abnormal neuron activity, genetic causes, excessive smoking, excessive drinking, and lack of water in the body, oversleeping, overuse of pain killers, eye strain, neck strain, and others.

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If you take help of medicines every now and then to cure headaches, the day is not too far when you will need two tablets in place of just one. And in some more days even those two will not be enough to treat the problem. In addition to this your body not only say good bye to headaches with these instant pain relievers but also accumulates a number of side effects inside that may lead to some other problems in future. it is hence always a nice idea to take the help of some natural home remedies for headaches that will not only cure your headache, but also reduces its re-occurrence slowly.

Home Remedies For Headaches

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Ginger is useful for treating many health ailments including tackling headaches. Drinking ginger tea not only makes your evening delight, but also gives a lot of health benefits, making it a powerful home remedy for headaches. For immunity boosting taking it in tea will be mild, hence take out the juice by crushing it and mix it with equal amount of pomegranate then drink it daily. It is literally a powerhouse of health benefits and contains compounds that show anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and analgesic properties to ease the symptoms of headache. Hence, people suffering from viral fever are recommended to consume ginger with some honey to help relieve the discomfort associated with headaches. You can even choose to take dry ginger if you cannot manage to get a fresh one. You will get it in powdered form or can even make powder yourself by grinding for a few minutes in the grinder.

Ice cubes-homeremedies9Ice cubes

Giving a cold compress to your head makes the pain disappear faster and also reduces the intensity of headache. You can take some ice cubes and wrap them in a cloth, as applying ice directly on skin is not a good idea. Rub that cloth gently on your forehead for a few minutes, and your will surely get relief from pain. You can do the same twice in a day till you find the headache completely disappearing. It is one of the simplest home remedies for headaches.

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It is a form of ancient Chinese medication, which many migraine patients have found helpful for them in relieving from headache, that too of severe intensity. Experts don’t know for sure why acupuncture helps, but suspect that it curbs inflammatory immune-system substances involved in pain related to head. But it is scientifically proven as well that acupuncture done correctly, by pressing on the right points reduces the frequency of headaches.

download (26)Peppermint oil

Peppermint is an herb that contains a lot of menthol, which helps in opening up the clogged blood vessels that are sometimes the real cause behind headaches. This oil also has calming and soothing effects in your body and nerves that reach the head. Mix three drops of peppermint essential oil in one tablespoon of almond oil, olive oil or just water. Massage your forehead and temples with it. Or, you can put crushed fresh peppermint leaves on your forehead. Alternatively, you can prepare a steam treatment by adding a few drops of peppermint essential oil to a small pot of boiling water. Inhale the steam for a few minutes. A simple and refreshing home remedy for headaches.

Mint juice-homeremedies9Mint juice

Menthol and menthone are the primary components of mint which are very effective in alleviating headaches. Extract mint juice from a handful of mint leaves and apply it on forehead and temples to treat headache. You can also place mint tea compresses on the forehead to relieve discomfort. Along with mint juice, coriander juice is also effective in treating headaches. All these are refreshing juices that have direct impact on your headache, making it a really effective home remedy for headaches.


Cloves contain pain relieving characteristic properties and also act as a cooling agent, it can hence be used to ease tension headaches. Crush a few cloves gently and put them in a sachet or a clean handkerchief. Inhale the smell of the crushed cloves whenever you have a headache until you get some relief from the pain. Another option is to put two drops of clove oil in a tablespoon of carrier oil and massage your forehead and temples with it. Simple and effective, this home remedy for headaches heals your headache very quickly.


Basil works as a muscle relaxant, making it a helpful treatment for mild headaches caused by tense muscles. Plus, it has calming and analgesic effects. Put three or four fresh basil leaves in a cup of boiling water and let it simmer for a few minutes. Optionally, add a little honey and then sip the tea slowly. You can also boil one tablespoon of basil leaves or a few drops of basil oil to a pot of boiling water and carefully lean over the pot to take in the steam. It is considered one of the best home remedies for headaches.

download (4)Apple

Apple is an attractive fruit that is not tasty alone, but also is the most beneficial one in terms of health. The saying you might have come across- An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apple and apple cider vinegar both have the ability to maintain the right acidic and alkaline levels in our body. This will definitely give relief in headaches. You can do this be just taking a delicious apple everyday. You can even take the help of apple cider vinegar. Take a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and add it to a glass of lukewarm water to say good bye to headache and other such health ailments. Nothing tastier than this natural home remedy for headaches.

These were a few home remedies for headaches that can effectively reduce pain and make you feel light headed in an easy and natural manner. You can follow one or choose two or three in combination after settling on what suits you body the best as one remedy may work for one patient and not for other. So try out all of them as they don’t have any side effect, you will only be benefited and there would not be any problem at all.