Home Remedies for GERD

Can someone feel great when he or she don’t have to eat? I am asking all the foodies like me for whom eating delicious food was ultimate pleasure. I would go miles just to get a tasty dish satisfy my taste buds. “Tasty” actually is not the appropriate word, it must be mouth-watering, amazing, out of the world and what not. Some people eat to live while others live to eat. I was from the later category, but before this year, every meal was just a piece of work that had to be done in order to be alive. I was very happy when I didn’t have to eat anything and with every bite I eat, a threat of getting the same GERD attack surrounds me emotionally while swallowing. For many of you GERD might be a normal digestive issue, but for me, it took my favorite task away from me- eating food. Life was nothing less than a torture a few months back. Thankfully, today the situation is not the same as it was about a year ago (I thank God every day, but also thank home remedies for GERD every time I have a peaceful and tasty meal).

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By the way, those who think of GERD as a normal problem in digestion let me tell you, people, that by the year 2005, if we compare the number of people hospitalized in that year and the number back in 1998, in the duration of only 7 years; the figure has increased by 216%. Can you guess what it would be today when we have such a bad lifestyle and every meal of ours is full of preservatives?

Approximately 7 million people in the United States were suffering from GERD in 2012. I am sure the statistics of the year 2017 are going to be par imagination. It is the correct time to start taking GERD seriously and know every detail of the threat that can land you in the hospital anytime.

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Many of us have a habit of using antacid for dealing with minor heartburn. It is perfectly fine to self-medicate if you occasionally suffer from digestive disorders and acid reflux. But if you go through frequent episodes of these minor health ailments, and the frequency is as high as twice weekly, the antibiotics you take may convert your minor issue into GERD in case you are not suffering from it till now.

There are chances that what you are thinking of as a minor digestive issue may turn out to be GERD. But to know that before it is too late, you have to dig deeper into the causes and symptoms of GERD.  We will start with some eye-opening facts for those who can’t differentiate between GERD and acidity by defining what GERD is. Then there will be the distinguishing factors- the alarms that can save you from surgical treatment of GERD, the symptoms. Do you think there is a role of symptoms in the treatment of GERD? If we are not treating only symptoms (which most of the drugs do for every disease), then there is the least role of symptoms, right? If this is your belief, open your eyes folks.


If you know the symptoms of GERD correctly and clearly, you can detect the problem at a very early stage. And detecting anything wrong going on in your body is a tremendous help. The first benefit of sensing the problem is that you do not give it much time to destruct your health. The other advantage is that the treatment becomes easier and you will recover fast. In fact, if you know that you are suffering from GERD, the home remedies for GERD will be more than sufficient for the holistic treatment of the damage done by the disease. Taking all these factors into consideration, we will also throw some light on the causes and symptoms of GERD, and then, the best ever home remedies for GERD will come to rescue you.

What is GERD?

According to NIDDT (National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease), almost twenty percent of the population of the United States had GERD a few years ago. Considering this, it is necessary for you to know about the disease. GERD stands for Gastro- Esophageal Reflux Disease. Complex and dreadful name, isn’t it? Let us remove the threat from the name by defining it. GERD is a digestive disorder which occurs because of the weakness in the lower esophageal sphincter. In simple words, when the content of your stomach travels back to the esophagus, we call it and the other problems that the bounced up food create as GERD. This also sounds awkward, but friends, it is a disease, and being such an uncomfortable health issue, we cannot define it in a better way.

Causes of GERD

By now we know that GERD is a result of the weakened esophageal sphincter, but what makes the body part go that weak? Here are some of the root causes of GERD that affect the esophageal sphincter, which in turn creates a problem in our bodies.

Burn-Extra-Fat for gerd

  • If you suffer from acid reflux, that too quite frequently, there may be chances that it will affect esophageal sphincter.
  • Carrying extra kilos as body fat may also lead to GERD.
  • Hiatal hernia, a serious complication in which a part of stomach extends out and enters into the diaphragm is one of the complex causes of GERD.
  • Pregnancy sometimes is believed to cause GERD. But the good thing about this reason is that it is temporary and once you have your child in hand, this too will disappear like other pregnancy problems.
  • Wearing excess of tight clothing around your middle part can also cause GERD.eating more causes gerd
  • Eating more than what can be accommodated in your tummy also is often blamed for causing GERD.

Symptoms of GERD

The common symptoms of this disease are heartburn, chest pain, acute cough, and sometimes pain in the abdomen. Acid reflux and heartburn are two universal symptoms of GERD, but there are many others which will help you in differentiating between normal acidity and GERD. Followed by the symptoms you will see some amazingly beneficial home remedies for GERD.

  • All of you might have suffered from bad breath. But is it a common problem for you? Do you have bad breathe even when you don’t eat outside and take acre of dental hygiene? If that is the case, you might need the home remedies for GERD.
  • Nausea and vomiting are also the two symptoms of GERD. This is why you should not ignore nausea and vomiting that follows almost every other meal of yours.
  • If you do not find swallowing that easy anymore, this is a clear signal that something like GERD is bothering you internally. To make sure it is GERD, look at all the symptoms that you are encountering in the past few days.gerd symptom
  • Some respiratory problems like bad breath and unusual abdominal pain is the other two symptoms of GERD. And you will suffer from these problems quite often.

If any of the above-stated symptoms is bothering you repeatedly, then the alarm for GERD has clearly been set and any day you may land up in the hospital. What to do then? One option is to wait for the problem to become more and more severe and then use the painful, expensive and harmful treatment method to get rid of GERD. I also ignored the symptoms for almost 7 months and until I could afford to ignore it. But after reading this, I am sure you will not dare to repeat the mistake I did. In the United States, 1,150 deaths in 2004 were directly related to a primary diagnosis of GERD.

The other one and a beneficial method is to rely on the home remedies for GERD before the problem harms you much. You would not only save your body from a state of great trouble waiting ahead but in case you are already that late, you can recover fast and also ensure a perfect health for your future with home remedies for GERD.

Difference between GERD and acidity/heartburn

We often call GERD by the name acid reflux or heartburn, but now you can feel the difference between the two. Every other digestive issue might get resolved if you work on your food habits, but GERD is not the same. Yes, this is what GERD is, a burning sensation due to digestive problems and acidity, but it is not heartburn. When the acid reflux and heartburn turn into something serious, we call it as GERD. Suppose you have the problem of severe acidity, and no matter what you eat you have these episodes at least twice a week. This condition is gastro- esophageal reflux.gerd and acidity

By now, you have all the awareness about GERD and it is the perfect time to tell you all the home remedies for GERD. Have a look at the full plan on how to reduce GERD back to minor problems like acid reflux and heartburn, and gradually make your digestive system the perfect one with the use of home remedies for GERD.

Home Remedies for GERD


Banana is one of my favorites, but in order to get rid of GERD, it has to be your favorite too. Banana has a great taste, but it has even better health advantages that make it an excellent of all home remedies for GERD. It is a good source of fiber, and is helpful in reducing the chances of GERD by minimizing bloating and gas often followed by constipation. Bananas are rich in potassium, a mineral that helps regulate fluid levels in your body and gives relief from acid reflux.


You will not love this home remedy if you are already overweight, but for those who are seeking help in gaining weight, go grab a banana today. Eating banana regularly is not only good for GERD patients but it also has benefits for others who have minor problems with their digestion. This makes them home remedies for GERD. So, include it in your daily diet today.

Eat healthy to stay healthy

Can you name a few healthy dishes you ate in the past 24 hours? Not tasty, but I am asking about the healthy ones. If you observe silently, the taste and spices in your food are replacing the health quotient of the foods. We rarely eat healthy food, and those we eat are cooked in such a manner that only the ingredients loose their health advantages when fried or cooked. You must feel good while eating the spicy deep fried food, but your stomach will definitely not love it. Sometimes it is very hard to digest as there are so many preservatives added to it. Do you know what prevents the food from spoiling that comes packed and ready to eat? The preservatives added to it saves it from being spoiled, the most common one is carbon dioxide.alkaline-diet for gerd

Most of the canned food items contain carbon dioxide to preserve it. Avoid these foods to avoid acidity and heartburn. You should also add all the soft drinks to the list of “food to stay away from” as all of them are carbonated. Diet, of course, has a vital role to play in determining your overall health, digestion, and GERD eventually. Diet is one of the home remedies for GERD, both directly and indirectly. Directly if you have a proper nutritious and healthy diet, you will not suffer from GERD. This way it acts as one of the direct home remedies for GERD. The other way round if you see the benefit of a diet, it will be reflected as fast recovery from GERD.

food in gerdIn addition to diet, antacids also contribute a lot to the formation of gas inside the stomach. It is important to understand that GERD often is a result of your bad eating habits or eating the food that your body finds hard to digest. Have green leafy vegetables and colorful fruits, and try to avoid a fat and cholesterol-rich diet. Stale, packed and spicy food also is a great reason behind GERD. Hence if you want to get rid of acidity and GERD, get rid of the food that causes it first. This is one of the simplest natural home remedies for GERD.


We were cultivating mustard in the North American region till the last decade as a multi-specialty crop. Do you know what is so special about mustard? All the parts of the plant have been used for various purposes since ages now and it is a home remedy not only for minor health ailments but for diseases like cancer and diabetes. Coming back to home remedies for GERD, be it the initial symptoms of GERD or the GERD at the advanced stage, you can rely on mustard. Mustard is an alkalizing food that is full of minerals and contains a weak acid in the form of vinegar.

mustard for chest congestion

Consuming mustard straight, while it may make you grimace at first, may ultimately end up making you smile. And not only your face will have a smile, but your stomach will also relax with this one and other home remedies for GERD. Because of its alkaline properties, it will help neutralize the acid that may come creeping up your throat, and therefore may neutralize the pain of acid reflux. It seems to be the most helpful if you’re feeling a bout of heartburn creeping up, or if you’re in the midst of one.

Chamomile tea or cardamom tea

Tea may not be that good for your stomach if you have problems like acidity and GERD. But still, home remedies for GERD are suggesting you have tea. Why? Because we are talking about a tea, but not exactly what you are drinking. We are telling you to have herbal tea. Have you heard of herbal tea? See, they don’t taste as good ad your normal tea, but the health advantages are much more than the usual cup of tea. This is why herbal teas are also home remedies for GERD.

chamomile tea for celiac disease

Adding chamomile tea or cardamom tea to your daily schedule reduces stomachaches, improves digestion, and also relieves you from GERD. Cardamom tea helps you digest your food better so that the food you eat will be less likely to produce gas. Boil two pieces of cardamom in a cup of water and drink it two times in a day to get rid of the problem of GERD. These two herbs specifically are good home remedies for GERD.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is common, and you might have heard about it from your grandparents. They would describe the problem they were suffering from with all the elements of surprise and pain, and at last, would tell you how apple cider vinegar helped them. Well, I am lucky enough to have a good story teller grandma (although sometimes I feel she makes her own stories, but it is real fun listening to them). Apple cider vinegar came from grandma’s stories and today it has a place in almost every food and health store.

apple-cider-vinegar-for-get-rid-of-gasI don’t trust my grandma’s stories at all, but yes, I trust apple cider vinegar. This also is one of the best home remedies for GERD. The alkalizing effect that apple cider vinegar leaves into your body gives the real soothing effect in abdominal pain, heartburn, and also bloating caused by improper digestion and GERD. You cannot actually drink it in a concentrated form, and hence should take it after diluting. Take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and mix it in a glass of lukewarm water. Drink it twice a day to get relief in all the symptoms of GERD. ACV is considered as one of the best home remedies for GERD by many.

Keep a check on your weight

If you are preserving your extra kilos for years now, you will certainly have to make space for some diseases also. None of the above-stated home remedies will work in a way you expect them to work until and unless you shed that fat accumulated on your body. Maintaining a healthy weight is the key to a healthy and fit body. If you are overweight, not only GERD will be a more common problem for you, but you are at a potential risk of serious health issues. If you have a lot of fat accumulated surrounding your abdomen and area around the hips, this fat will cause many health complications for your body.

doctor-secrets-weight-homeremedies9So, before using any of the home remedies for GERD, make sure you keep a check on your weight. Choose a right weight loose method in order to shed those extra pounds. Modify your diet and get some workout time daily.

Aloe vera

How can we forget about the real gem of all the home remedies for GERD? Aloe vera is the herb which can be used in almost every health ailment. It is known to soothe minor cuts and burns, but it can also soothe your stomach. You can have aloe juice daily as first thing in the morning. Or if you can manage, just take the gel out of the aloe plant.

aloe vera for celiac diseaseThe gel straight from the plant is more concentrated than commercial aloe juice so don’t use more than 2 tablespoons. But if you cannot get a fresh leaf every day, go grab a bottle of aloe juice from any health cum food store. Mix two spoons of the juice in half cup of lukewarm water and drink it daily in the morning. This is one of the best natural home remedies for GERD.


Ginger adds taste to your tea, and health to your body. Ginger is useful for treating many health ailments and GERD is one of them. Due to its inherent antibiotic properties, ginger can help us in fighting the infection and cure all the symptoms of GERD. This is easily available and also not difficult to use like other home remedies for GERD that involve you finding herbs.

ginger for frostbiteIn short, we can say that drinking ginger tea not only makes your evening delight but also gives a lot of health benefits. It can also help get rid of gastritis, stomach cramps, and abdominal pain. You can have it in grated or crushed form mixed with equal amount of honey if you do not prefer to use the tea idea. This is one of the healthiest and tastiest natural home remedies for GERD.

All the above-discussed home remedies for GERD make use of natural products and hence are totally harmless in the context of side effects. Just choose one of the home remedies for GERD that suits your body the best and get rid of GERD and other digestion related problems as well.

It is not that no treatment is available for GERD other that home remedies for GERD, but it is more about staying healthy and fit. It can be treated with the help of over the counter drugs, but they do not address the root cause. In addition to this inability, all the drugs carry with them a separate bundle of side effects. Some of the side effects are temporary, but many hamper your health permanently as well. This is why home remedies for GERD stand out. They are effective, holistic, permanent and side-effect free cure for GERD.

Apart from using home remedies for GERD, you also are required to bring some minor and major changes in your life today. If you want to completely cure yourself, the first step is to kill the cause of any disease. If smoking is the reason, why not quit smoking today? This requires your lifestyle to be changed, you food habits to be refined and some simple home natural remedies for GERD which make the use of natural products that try to ease the symptoms of GERD.