Home Remedies for Glaucoma

Glaucoma is also famous as silent thief. Strange name, isn’t it? It is also known as silent thief because the patient of glaucoma lives with the disease for years without encountering any of the symptoms. The symptoms are typically missing until the patient one unfortunate day notices a loss in peripheral vision. This is the most devastating day in the life of glaucoma’s patient. If you also don’t want to face such a bad situation, you can follow some simple home remedies for glaucoma. We will today talk about the dreadful disease, the reasons behind glaucoma, and then of course, the home remedies for glaucoma that can save your life.


Glaucoma is a complication in the optic nerve, due to which one can lose his / her vision. Some factors contribute to increase in pressure on the optic nerve, and this may lead to blindness. The reason behind this loss is believed to be the imbalance between the production and flow of the fluid in the eye. But there are several other causes of glaucoma. Researchers are increasingly clear that damage to the trabecular meshwork which causes glaucoma is triggered by oxidative stress. Apart from this, any physical damage to your eye can also act as a call for glaucoma. And for those who excessively rely on medicines and don’t see any problem in self medication also, some medicines also increase your likelihood of developing glaucoma. If you are more than 65, or you have mild or severe diabetic history, then you should be alarmed as you have high chances of developing glaucoma. Diabetes is already a condition that makes you suffer for lifetime, over and above that, glaucoma comes to add to the sufferings. If you are taking too much stress in life, high blood pressure and poor diet are also some contributing factors that can lead to this deadly condition. Last but not the least, some unhealthy acts like smoking also contribute in increasing the chances of you suffering from glaucoma.

eye with glaucoma

As you can also see, some of the causes can be controlled and others are out of our reach. Some studies also reveal that genetic mutation is also a leading cause of glaucoma. In case of glaucoma, it is important to act as soon as you get to know that you have this problem. But as you already know that this silent thief snatches your eyesight all of a sudden, how can you diagnose it? Regular eye check up from an eye specialist is often recommended after a certain age and this is the reason behind it. If you regularly get your eyes checked from a doctor, he might help you in figuring out the beginning of glaucoma. Sensing it at the initial stage is extremely helpful and immediately stopping its progression is mandatory if you do not want to permanently lose some as crucial as your ability to see the world. You get to know the real value of your eye sight once you start losing it. The world would never be clear to you if you don’t take care of the most crucial part of your body. Yes, eye may be a small part, but it has a very prominent role to play in your life, and hence you should give it the attention it deserves. We will talk about how you can take good care of your eye, but now let us first see some home remedies for glaucoma.

You can take help of the following home remedies for glaucoma that can reduce the chances of this condition to develop, and if you already have it by your bad luck, these will help you in managing the symptoms and stop the problem from increasing further. After these home remedies for glaucoma, we will also tell you some amazing tips by following which you will see tremendous changes in your life.

Home Remedies For Glaucoma

Avoid caffeinated drinks

All the coffee lovers will hate me for this, but you should know what jolt caffeine is doing to your body. Do you know hoe a cup of strong coffee can wake you up from dead sleep? Actually caffeine is considered as a drug that is categorized as a stimulant. A stimulant wakes up your mind and gives you the much required energy boost. Sounds amazing, right? Don’t you think this something like those harmful drugs that give you an illusion that you are alright immediately after taking them, and then leave many side effects? Yes, it is something similar to this. Some of you might argue now and say that caffeine is natural and hence it doesn’t have any side effects. If you think it is safe to consume caffeine because it is natural, trust me I can name hundreds of poisonous substances and all of them will be natural. So, this argument in favor of drinking coffee is not sufficient to support your act. If your eye sight is more important that your addiction, home remedies for glaucoma recommend you not to drink any caffeinated drink.

no caffeinated drinks

Tea, coffee and other caffeinated drinks are not in favor of healthy eye sight, and also have a direct relation with the progression of glaucoma. For our overall health as well these food products are not at all a wise choice. Avoid these drinks totally, if you are addicted then try replacing them with some healthy alternatives like juice, herbal tea etc. It is not that easy to get rid of the addiction of caffeine, especially when you can’t really open your eyes without caffeinated drinks but with strong determination, I am sure you will be able to do it soon.

 Adjust the light of your study room

An estimated 40% to 50% of all blindness can be avoided or treated if you take some simple precautionary measures. And one of those measures is keeping appropriate lighting in the room. This is the most crucial point to keep in mind. Whenever you study, just make sure that the light of your room is appropriate. Too dim light give our eye muscles too much of stress, and if it is extensively bright then also it is harmful.

study room light adjustment

Studying is important but you should know where to study and where not to. Never study in a moving car in which the book shakes often. Keep all these things in mind if you want to prevent any defect from occurring in your vision. This is a good natural remedy for glaucoma. Also, in the digital era, everything is going digital and so is learning. An average person spends almost 5 to 6 hours staring at the screen of laptop or any other electronic device. The same is the situation with students because of the inclusion of e learning in schools, colleges and even in offices. So, one must either use glasses to protect their eye sight. And the other option is to buy electronic devices which have human eye friendly screen. Considering too much use of digital technologies and its impact on eyes, many electronic companies have introduced anti glare displays and other such features. So, if you also have to spend most of the time with laptop, do this favor to your eyes.

Do some workout for your body and eye both

You might have heard about working out for a better health and a strong body. But do you know exercising is also one of the home remedies for glaucoma? Yes, exercise keeps your eye sight healthy and fit, but not the hard and sweating work out. There is some evidence suggesting that regular exercise can reduce eye pressure on its own, and can also have a positive impact on other glaucoma risk factors including diabetes and high blood pressure. So, by doing the normal work out and keeping your body fit, you are reducing your chances of suffering from eye problems like glaucoma, hence this way, exercising acts as one of the home remedies for glaucoma that acts indirectly for the favor of your eyes. Also, there are some eyes exercises that help you maintain a perfect eye sight and also help in reduction of the stress on your eyes.

eye exercise

You know what work out suits your body the best and which exercise your body can afford to do according to your age and health, but today we will tell you an exercise that is specifically done in order to avoid and treat glaucoma. Those who want to improve their vision should sit on a bench in front of the rising sun. Face the rising sun with your eyes closed, and gently sways sideways several times for about ten minutes. Then open your eyes slowly and blink about ten times at the sun and look at some greenery. This natural remedy for glaucoma has shown improvement in many patients struggling from glaucoma. There are many other such exercises and we also have scientific evidences supporting the effectiveness of these eye work outs in glaucoma. So, you just have to add workout for your eyes in the list of exercises you daily do.

 Vitamin A and vitamin C

Vitamin A and vitamin C are both excellent home remedies for glaucoma. If you want your eyes healthy enough, make sure you have a lot of vitamin A rich food. It is one of the major component determining your eye sight and overall health of your eyes. Vitamin A rich food items like liver, spinach, sweet potatoes, carrots, cabbage, milk, egg yolk, lettuce etc. can be included lavishly in the daily diet of the person having a defective vision. Even if you don’t have a major problem with your eye sight, you should consume these foods as they are not only good for your eyes but also for your overall health. So, it is a win- win situation.

vitamin c for galucoma

Apart from vitamin A, we have also included vitamin C as one of the home remedies for glaucoma. All of us are very well aware of the role of vitamin C in our eye sight, and citrus fruits are the most tasty source of vitamin C. Citrus fruits include oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruits, in addition to tangerines and pomelos. All of us find citrus fruits juicy, zesty, refreshing and delicious but they are much more than that. All the citrus fruits are highly loaded with health advantages. They are a tool to fight weight gain, preventing cancer, maintain a good eye sight, and lessen the amount of medication you need. A study published in 2012 in the American Heart Association’s journal showed that women who ate the most flavanone, mainly via oranges, grapefruits and their juices had a 19 percent lower risk of blood ­clot related stroke than those who ate the least amount. These also help in reducing stress levels. Hence vitamin A and vitamin C are best home remedies for glaucoma. So, go ahead and treat glaucoma while improving your overall health.

Gingko biloba

Some herbs are as effective as medicines and gingko biloba is one of them. Gingko biloba is a well known herb in Chinese medication, and nowadays its name is everywhere in the world due to its amazing healing and medicinal properties. It is famous because of its capability to improve the blood flow and preventing blood clot formation. Because of this the herb is also used as a cure for brain hemorrhage. Gingko biloba is also helpful in fighting with anxiety, depression and all other mind related problems. Some chronic diseases like alzheimer’s, ADHD, and migraine can also be treated with this amazing herbal remedy. It is safe to use this herb and hence your can go ahead with the same.

gingko biloba for glaucoma

Ginkgo is very beneficial for all the aspects of eye health, such as increasing blood flow and protecting against visual field damage. You can get a capsule available at health store containing extract of the same and taking them as a supplement would definitely improve you vision and your eye condition. If you can’t get it near your place, you can also order it online.

Take proper nutrition

Researchers evaluating the diets of over 100,000 health professionals over a long 26 to 28 years of period have found that the people who included the highest levels of green leafy vegetables as a regular part of their diets had about 30% low risk of primary open angle glaucoma than those with lowest levels of leafy greens in their diets. This speaks of the entire scenario and role of diet in your eye’s health. You should be specific about what you eat and how is it affecting our eyes. Carrots will improve your sight by day and night. Whether it is about getting a glowing skin, or it is the complex task of avoiding cancer, this crunchy super food can do it all for you. So, if you want to look young and feel energetic even at the age of 60, make carrot a compulsory component of your diet. Eat spinach and take Lutein or spinach extract because they contain carotenoid needed for retina and eye tissue and sometimes reverse many eye conditions.

nutritious diet

Bright, vibrant-looking spinach leaves are not only more appealing to the eye but more beneficial for our eyes. Papaya can refresh your eye sight, avoid cataract, lower down the cholesterol, improve digestion, aid in diabetes, and boosts your bodies overall immunity. Eating nutritious diet is very beneficial in preventing eyes from damaging with aging. Other than this, instead of having cooked and boiled vegetables, you should have raw vegetables. These are the best home remedies for glaucoma.


Cayenne is a healthy spice that is used to deal with clotting of blood, fighting with indigestion, migraine and is a natural pain reliever. But the role of cayenne for your eyes is unmatchable. Cayenne is extremely useful for maintaining a good eye sight for lifetime. Cayenne is beneficial for mucus membranes as it is a store house of anti- fungal and anti irritant properties. Cayenne can improve your eye sight and refine your vision naturally.

cayennne pepper for glaucoma

Never ever let the cayenne pepper touch your eyes in natural form as it is going to hurt you badly. To treat glaucoma, you can use an herbal wash made up of cayenne pepper, or can eat it orally. Adding it to veggies is also a nice way to avail its benefits. You can even try it adding to hot soup in winters if you like to spice up your soup. It will only do well to your eyes and eye sight in all the cases. Cayenne can also work as a cleansing agent as when you clean the waste materials out of the eye muscles they will become stronger and better able to focus. Hence all the ways of using cayenne pepper are home remedies for glaucoma.

All these home remedies for glaucoma will definitely kill your problem and will help you look at the world crystal clearly. Refined food habits, healthy lifestyle and these natural home remedies for glaucoma altogether will make your eyes live healthy and see the world in a perfect way. Apart from following all this, there are some golden rules for glaucoma patients that can help you accelerate the healing process. If several researches are to be believed, glaucoma patients who take a brisk, 40-minute walk five days a week for three months can reduce the pressure in their eyes by approximately 2.5 millimeters. Isn’t it a great achievement? I never thought that a simple morning walk can be this much beneficial for my eyes. So, this is the first step to take proper care of your eyes. Start the day with a morning walk in the fresh air and bright sun.

morning exercise

Apart from this, another universal remedy that you have to follow no matter which home remedies for glaucoma you are using is a healthy diet. We have talked about taking nutritious food in the list of home remedies for glaucoma, but this point is worth mentioning again because this is the only factor without which no other home remedy will work. So, next time you plan your diet, make sure you come out with a diet that is eye oriented. After you have settled with your diet and morning walk, next step is to leave the addiction of caffeine and cigarette. These two are not at all healthy habits and have several bad impacts on your body. The major victim of these habits is you eye sight. So, have some pity on your innocent eyes and start saying no to both of these. I know it is difficult to leave that morning coffee, but the sacrifice is worth doing.

You can also try to sleep with your head elevated at approximately 20 degree. It will decrease the pressure on the optic nerves. So, try to sleep with a pillow under the head all the time. This is not as difficult as giving up smoking and coffee, isn’t it? Yet another easy and helpful treat for those who want to protect their eyes is to drink less fluid at a particular time. Keeping yourself hydrated is a good and healthy habit, but drinking too much of fluid at one go might increase the pressure on your eyes, and hence you should sip the fluid in chunks if possible. Never ever in your wildest dream you could imagine that drinking water can also have a negative impact on your eyes. One more surprise comes in the form of yoga poses. Yoga is also considered as a healthy habit, in fact, it gives immense benefits to your body and peace to your mind. Have your heard about some of the side effects of yoga? There is nothing bad about yoga, but some yoga poses are not suitable for some people. For instance, some yoga poses increase pressure on eyes, and hence are not to be done by glaucoma patients and those who have any other such problem. Yoga is a great science, no doubt, but make sure you do it correctly and only according to your present health issues.

With all these, I don’t think your eyes need anything else to stay healthy and to show you the world as it is. Now, the only thing that is required is implementing the home remedies for glaucoma and these tips religiously.