Gall Bladder Disorders Home Remedies

Gall bladder disorders are certain conditions that arise due to some type of problem in the gall bladder. Gall bladder is a sac like structure beneath the liver where bile is stored after secretion of the liver. The commonly occurring problems with this vital organ are gallstone, cholecytitis, cancer in gall bladder, and gallbladder pancreatitis. Severe abdominal pain, inflammation, indigestion, gas problem and blockage are the symptoms common to all the disorders arising in the gall bladder. Chest pain, heartburn, shaking with chills, jaundice, vomiting, fever, and nausea are some other problems experienced by the patients who have something wrong with there gall bladder. One important thing to take a note of is that gallstone is known for not developing any symptoms at all for years.

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Pregnancy, obesity, diabetes, liver disease, a sedentary lifestyle, a high fat diet, and certain forms of anemia can all increase the risk of the development of issues related to gall bladder mentioned above. People who are overweight and lose and gain weight repeatedly are more susceptible to gall bladder problems, as are women who have had two or more children. Lack of exercise is a significant contributor to the development of problems in gall bladder. There are some home remedies which can help you in order to get rid of all the problems arising due to gall bladder disorders. The best thing about these gallbladder attack remedies is that you can use them regularly without worrying about the cost and side effects which are the main problem with traditional medication.


Home Remedies For Gall Bladder Disorders 


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Generally we are advised to cut down on our caffeine intake, but this tie we will talk about the benefits of drinking a hot cup of coffee everyday. According to reports, those who regularly drink coffee are at very low risk of developing gallstone or other blockages in the gall bladder. The reason behind this effect is surely not caffeine as tea, chocolates etc are not providing the same effect. If you have issues with your gall bladder and suffer form acute abdominal pain, grab a cup of the tasty beverage. But make sure you do not overdo it, only 2 to 3 cups a day are more than enough, a delightful gallbladder attack remedy.


High fiber cereals

People who eat a sugary, high-fat diet probably will have more problems with their gallstones. But adding in some fiber-rich foods and avoiding the sugary snacks and fatty foods can help you keep your gallbladder healthy, making it one of the best gallbladder attack remedies. Grabbing some cereal in the morning will also get something in your tummy. Studies have shown that going for long periods without eating, such as skipping breakfast, can make you more prone to getting a gallstone.


download (14)Dandelion juice

For all the above mentioned gall bladder disorders dandelion herb is really effective, it can treat almost all the symptoms arising due to any problem in the gall bladder, proving its potency as one of the best gallbladder attack remedies. All you need to do is get a dandelion plant stem, squeeze it to extract the juice from it. You have to take out approximately 125 ml of this juice, which is not so easy. Also it is not possible for everybody to get a fresh stem everyday. What you can do alternatively is manage to get a bottle of dandelion stem juice. Mix this juice with equal amount of watercress juice and drink once daily. This will be enough to get thing back in order in you gall bladder.


download (16)Flaxseeds

Flaxseed is helpful in dealing with acute pain due in the abdomen due to gall bladder disorders and reducing swelling if any, as it contains alpha-linolenic acid, a type of omega- 3 fatty acids. You can use flaxseed oil to deal with all the gall bladder disorders and other such conditions, making it one of the best gallbladder attack remedies. Take a cup of flaxseeds and soak them in a glass of water overnight. Strain the seeds in the morning and drink the water twice to get relief from the symptoms of gall bladder problems.


download (15)Vegetable juices

These should be your best friend if you have some issues with you gall bladder.  You can go for drinking carrot juice, beet juice or cucumber juice, some tried and tested gallbladder attack remedies. The best option is to mix all the three together in equal quantities and drink daily to address the problems related to gall bladder. Raw and unrefined olive oil mixed with sunflower oil would also fulfill the purpose, but with this mixture, you have to take only 30 ml and that too before eating anything in the morning.


how-to-change-your-eating-habits-in-30-daysDietary changes

If you have some problem in your gall bladder, first thing you should do is to time your meals in such a way that you take small meals at regular and more frequent intervals. This is because heavy meals are hard to handle by the digestive system and sometimes worsen the condition of gall bladder patients.


download (17)Anise

Anise contains anti-spasmodic properties that can help relax your digestive tract and gall bladder as well. Also, it has carminative properties to help expel gas buildup in your digestive tract and reduce bloating, making it an effective gallbladder attack remedies. The best way to obtain the beneficial effects of this herb is by drinking anise tea.


download (59)Lemon juice

Lemon is the most easily available ingredient and also the most effective one when we talk about treating gall bladder disorders, considered one of the best gallbladder attack remedies. Lemon juice is an excellent digestion enhancing agent as well. It is not only beneficial for digestion related issues, but also in skin disorders. Whether it is acne scars, blemishes, or dark circles, lemon juice finds its use everywhere. Go to your kitchen, take out two lemons and squeeze them to get fresh lemon juice. Drink this juice alone or after mixing with lukewarm water as first thing in the morning.


images (14)Apple cider vinegar

Drinking a glass of apple juice mixed with one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar helps reduce the intense pain caused by Gallstone attacks. These two are the most effective gallbladder attack remedies for any disorder in the gall bladder. Other than these both of these juices are extremely beneficial for maintaining a healthy body and avoiding some deadly diseases. Apple cider vinegar has a major role to play in balancing the digestion and curing abdominal pain.

We have culminated a variety of gallbladder attack remedies for you in our post today. If you have any more questions, do write to us for personalized suggestions.