Home Remedies For Enema

Amazing home remedies for enema

Do you think enema is a solution for constipation only? Enema, of course, is used by constipation patients quite frequently, but there are many other uses too. Enema is a colon cleansing process, and we all know it very well. But only a few of you might have heard of home remedies for enema that would let you administer enema at home, that too with natural products. So, today we will tell you many conditions in which you might have to use enema and with the conditions, we will also tell you what you might have been doing wrong that is harming your body continuously. Also, some excellent home remedies for enema are given below to simplify your life and keep your gut healthy.

Even the Egyptians had an idea about enema

The Egyptians highly believed that all the health ailments are a result of tainted, unwanted additions to food or too much food that the body is either unable to digest or due to some other reason stays into the large intestine. But they never imagined something like enema would be required to be done in order to clear your colon. It is our modern lifestyle and food habits that are giving birth to too many problems in digestion that the stomach is unable to handle.

egypt treatmentWe do not have time to eat and thus you can work till 2 am, keeping your stomach go on coffee alone. Even when we have plenty of time, we let our taste buds govern and choose the tastiest of all foods on the dining table. Again the stomach has a tough time digesting the preserved, packaged, junk and deep fried food. Whatever is the reason, the stomach has to pay for it. It continues to serve you by doing all the complex tasks of digesting bad food, deriving the least of energy from it and again waiting for some other task. Sometimes it also has to starve for no good reason, but only because you are on a diet. It will somehow manage during those times as well. But over time it also becomes weak, and then the actual problem starts. Either the food will not be digested properly, or you will suffer from acute constipation, or there may be some other issue.

Then it would be your time to take care of your stomach, and you will do it because it is at this time you would realize the importance of the role of your tummy. If you think rationally, you will find your acts being responsible for the condition you are in today. Many take help of enema to relieve the stomach and body from the pain, discomfort, and suffering caused by the illnesses in the stomach. Here also we don’t have pity on the innocent part of our body and fill the colon with chemicals. Do you know what the side effects of these chemicals are?

enema bagThere are many chemicals available in the market that we use every day to make an enema solution, but it again troubles the stomach. You may find your colon empty at once, but ask your stomach for how many side effects it has to bear after every enema you administer using chemicals. There are not one or two but many side effects of enema using harsh chemicals, you will get to know about them in detail in the coming sections. Before that, the main point is- what to do if not enema?

We are not suggesting you drop the idea of administering enema (although we have side effects of that too, and in the coming sections, we will give you so many reasons to avoid enema), but we just want you, people, to make sure whatever goes into your intestine is natural and least harmful. It is a bitter truth that if you had followed the same principle, you would never have to think of enema. It is simple enough- think twice before eating unhealthy food as it is going into your stomach. Anyways, now also if you repeat the same mistake, things will not be in your favor in near future.constipation in enema

What might be creating a need for enema?

So, it is much better to use home remedies for enema as all of them are made up of natural products, the same category of products which if you have eaten earlier, you would not have suffered from any problem that require administration of enema. By the way, do you know how many problems enema is a workable and effective solution? Have a look at the list:

  • Although we all know it very well, it is worth mentioning the name of constipation here. Many of use know enema as a solution to constipation only. Yes, you can get immense relief in constipation, especially in acute constipation.
  • Enema also is a method by which you can get relief in gas and bloating. Gas and bloating might be minor conditions for you, but for some people, the symptoms become unbearable, and hence they have to take help of enema. Constipation, gas and bloating, all three of them are directly related to our diet.
  • Due to the inability to digest the food properly, and also due to the increased amount of toxic elements in our food, we might need enema to flush the toxins out of the gut before they accumulate in huge amount and start creating problems. Reducing toxic load in the body.
  • With the help of regular enema you can get rid of severe backaches, acute constipation, headaches, fatigue, indigestion, flatulence and all the other such day to day health issues.
  • Some doctors recommend using enema when there is some kind of infection in the intestine and the parasites are the reason behind it.

flatulanceFor our body to work in a better manner, the smoothness of the bowel movement is very important. It doesn’t matter what stomach problem you are suffering from, home remedies for enema are the solution to all of them by cleaning the colon. You can get even most clogged up bowels empty within a few minutes wit the use of home remedies for enema.

We cannot do much about the process, but surely we can change the solution that is used in enema. The process of enema involves insertion of a tube through the anus through which a solution is pumped into the rectum and the colon. This is very uncomfortable until you have a habit of doing the process for years now, but still it is preferred by everyone. Enema is nothing new in the field of medicines and has been used since ages. Some home remedies for enema solutions are discussed below.

Home Remedies For Enema

Yogurt enema

As it has been already mentioned that there can be more than one reason for using enema, yogurt enema is one of the home remedies for enema that is used when we want to get relief in irritable bowel syndrome and other such stomach problems. Yogurt as home remedies for enema is very helpful for those suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel diseases, constipationhemorrhoids or colon cancer, and one of the best natural home remedies for enema solutions.


The most important benefit of using this out of all home remedies for enema is that you can save the beneficial bacteria into your body and only harmful things will be discarded. It is often seen that the beneficial bacteria also find it hard to survive when someone is taking enema regularly, but with yogurt enema it is not the case. It will do only what it is intended for. Take around a small cup of probiotic yogurt and stir it in water to reduce the thickness. Administer it for at least 10 minutes to let it do the work. Always use filtered water, that too lukewarm for bets results

Coffee enema

Drinking coffee is sometimes blamed for causing constipation, but still, we can use it as one of the home remedies for enema. This might surprise you, but coffee indeed is one of the home remedies for enema. You may find it a bit weird to do but the coffee enema is famed for its detoxification effects. The palmitates in coffee enhance the action of glutathione S-transferase, a family of enzymes which play an important role in the body’s detoxification process. Coffee administered via enema does not go through the digestive system, and will not affect the body the same way as drinking coffee does.

Coffee-enema-bagWhen coffee is administered rectally the hepatic portal veins carry the caffeine directly to the liver. This is famous due to its effectiveness in the treatment of cancer. To prepare the enema solution with coffee you have to add approximately 3 tablespoons of coffee to around a liter of filtered water. Boil this solution for about five minutes, and then keep it on a medium flame for the next 15 minutes. You can use the solution prepared once it cools down.  You should go for this option only when you have organic coffee in hand as this directly affects the liver. This is one of the best natural home remedies for enema solutions.

Molasses with milk

The milk and molasses are one of the very effective home remedies for enema solution because it is formulated to stimulate peristalsis. For this reason, it may produce cramping. The high sugar content of this enema rapidly feeds the bacteria, makes it one of the best home remedies for enema solutions. The bacteria in the colon create gas as they metabolize the sugars present in the milk and molasses solution. This gas helps the enema to move further up the colon. Also, the high concentration of sugars in this solution creates and osmotic gradient which draws water into the colon, increasing its cleansing potential.

molasses with milk for enema

To use milk with molasses as one of the home remedies for enema, you have to mix equal amounts of the two ingredients to form the enema solution. Take about a cup of milk and heat it to high temperature. Remove before it overheats, and mix molasses till it forms a perfect solution. Allow it to cool and then use it to administer. Also, follow all the instruction regarding the quantities used while preparing the solution, and also the safety precautions while administering the solution for all the home remedies for enema solution.

Lemon juice

We all love drinking lemon juice, but today we have to use it the other way, probably the most awkward way. Lemon juice is a good cleansing treatment which rids the colon of excess feces and helps to balance the pH levels in the colon, making it one of the best home remedies for enema solutions. Relief from the discomfort and pain associated with colitis may be achieved by taking a lemon juice enema once per week.

lemon juice for enema

Although we do not recommend you to use enema regularly, if you do not have any other option, you can go for the home remedies for enema solution like orange juice. Not because it tastes better as your gut unfortunately or fortunately does not have tastes buds, but because of the least side effects of lemon juice. When used on a weekly basis, a lemon juice enema can provide relief from chronic constipation. A lemon juice enema is more effective at cleansing the colon than a plain or salt water enema, but generally not as comfortable to hold due to the nature of the lemon juice. It is very easy to prepare the mixture for performing enema with lemon juice. You have to take 2/3 cups of lemon juice, preferably fresh and mix it in approximately 2 liters of water. You can retain the solution for the tie you comfortably can.

Epsom salt enema

Epsom salt- the real king of home remedies for enema solution, the most preferred and highly recommended of all the home remedies for enema. Epsom salt is used for more than a few treatments of many heath ailments, whether it is related to skin or bones, and even digestion. It is easily available in most pharmacies and can also be found under the name magnesium sulfate if you cannot find it with the common name.


Epsom salt is commonly used in baths for the relief of muscle aches and skin infections, but it is also used as a source of relief from acute constipation and digestive disorders, mainly as one of the best natural home remedies for enema solutions. Epsom salt contains magnesium in a very high percentage, which is responsible for relaxation and smoothening of muscles of the intestinal tract and promotes elimination of the colon’s contents. Using Epsom salts in an enema is a faster and safer way to achieve effects than when taking the salts orally. An Epsom salt solution will increase the amount of water in the intestine because it draws water into the colon. This, in turn, makes things easy into the stomach. This should be avoided if you have nausea, vomiting issues or stomach pain.

To prepare Epsom salt enema solution, take approximately 2 liters of filtered water and mix in it 2 tablespoons of Epsom salt. Mix it well in the water and administer the solution inside till the time you are comfortable.

Salt and soda enema

Acidity, gas and bloating are all a result of increased acid in your stomach. To get relief from these you use enema. Why not use something like baking soda that would not only clear the colon but would also alkalize the gut. Baking soda is highly acidic in nature is useful if you want to bring down the pH of your stomach. This is one of the best home remedies for enema because when you use it, it will act as the colon cleanser and in future, it will delay or even avoid the need of enema.

Salt water for enema

The severe form of acidity is ulcers in the colon, and in this case, salt and soda enema are very beneficial. It promotes the healing of ulcers and at the same time are great home remedies for enema. To prepare the mixture you will need two teaspoons of pure sea salt and one tablespoon of baking soda. Mix the two in approximately two liters of lukewarm water and try to retain the solution for about 10 minutes. Use any of the home remedies for enema, but try to administer in the morning itself. It is best to use enema in the morning. Why? It is so because relatively clean colon helps realize the fullest benefits of an enema.

Other than the above-discussed home remedies for enema solutions, you can also use salt water enema, salt and soda mixture, or glycerin and vegetable oil solutions to clean the colon. There are many other natural alternatives available that we have not discussed, but are a part of home remedies for enema. But here something else is even more important to throw some light on if we are talking about enema. You should know all the home remedies for enema solution, but everyone must also know when we should use enema.

enema bag

Enema before reading this post was confined to readymade enema solutions only. Only a few of you were aware of the home remedies for enema. The manufacturing and selling of the chemical solutions for enema make up market which has the potential of millions of dollars profit for the owners. The theories promoted by the people who sell these products vary enormously and none have a stitch of legitimate science to back their claims. Some even claim that enema is necessary to maintain overall health and well-being, but do you think it is that necessary?

All your body parts operate 24/7, digesting food, supplying energy that you require, and excreting whatever is the waste and harmful for your body. Your body has many parts and each of them are remarkable in their own work. Those who favor enema saying it is needed due to today’s lifestyle, let me tell all of them that with evolution in the eating habits, our system also has evolved over millions of years. And even if it has not evolved, why should we not change our lifestyle rather that finding an alternative in the form of home remedies for enema?

healthy habitsBut we can never forget those who cannot continue without enema due to their severely bad health conditions. There are many and we have presented the home remedies for enema solution keeping this class of people in mind. You can switch to home remedies for enema solution anytime you want to use them. They save your body from many harmful side effects of the enema solution loaded with chemicals. At the same time other than quick excretion of the feces, home remedies for enema help to ward off many diseases which haunt our entire life. You can go for natural enema by accomplishing the task of cleansing the large intestine with the help of natural home made products.