Home Remedies For Defective Vision

Defective Vision – Can We Cure it With Eye Defects Home Remedies ?

Defective vision is the usual health problem almost all the people now-a-days are suffering from. Our elderly people say that during their time, there was a rare chance of a kid or teenager getting eye defect, but today, we can easily see a child nearby us wearing glasses just at the tender age of 8-10 years. According to the stats, other than the cases which are not reported, over 1,50,000 people in the United States suffer from some ailment related to vision.

defective vision

Along with other important body parts, our eyes also play a vital role in describing our personality and confidence. Suffering from eye defect may also sometimes lead to lack of self-confidence. Of course, who loves wearing glasses at a growing age? None, and to hide the defect, people prefer using lenses instead of spectacles. But, have you ever thought deeply about your eye defect? Do you know about the factors leading to defective eye? Do you know that your defective eye, to some considerable extent, can also get treated? Have you even imagined about eye defects home remedies treating your trouble? Some of you might already be aware of the same, but, for the rest, we are going to explain everything in detail.

Defective vision is the physical problem appeared to your eyes due to several factors and you, somewhere directly or indirectly, are solely responsible for it. There are three fundamental types of eye problems.

Myopia It is also known as “nearsightedness”. In this defect, you can easily and clearly see the nearby objects, but, you’ll find trouble seeing the objects far from you. The far objects start looking blurred to you.

Hyperopia The other name of this defect is “farsightedness”. In this type, you will be able to see the objects far from you clearly, but, seeing the nearby objects will be a trouble for you.

Astigmatism – In this case, all the light rays don’t come on the single focus point of retina. Some rays fall on retina while the others fall in front of retina or behind it. In this type of eye defect, you will not be able to see anything clearly.

vision problems

The problem of defective vision starts with itching and heaviness in the eye sometimes causing mild headaches and then gradually progresses and affects your ability to see. You may not be able to see the blackboard or television screen clearly and things will start appearing as faded and unclear. There are several factors responsible for your sensitive eyes getting this problem. Some of the basic reasons for the same are reading in bad light, reading in moving trains, buses and cars, watching too much television, eating lots of junk food etc. Apart from these, there are a few unavoidable causes of defective vision. They are:


Causes for Defective Vision

Mental Strain

Some of you may be surprised to read this fact, but, mental stress also plays an important role in gifting you a mild symptom of the problem named defective vision. When you take strain like overwork, anxiety, fear or any other negative emotion, it affects the nerves and muscles of your eyes too leading to this eye problem. That is why, it is always advised to take rest from work on regular intervals and remain calm and happy.

Wrong Feeding

unhealthy diet

Whatever you consume has the direct impact on your eyes too like the other organs of the body. The muscles and blood vessels surrounding the eyes get clogged due to the improper metabolism caused by the imbalance and too concentrated diet. The food having excessive starch, carbohydrates, sugar etc. mainly lead to this problem.

Improper Blood and Nerve Supply

Like other body parts, our eyes also need proper supply of blood and nerve force for proper functioning. Any other factor, nerve or muscles interfering the same may lead to the problem of defective eye.

Some more factors leading to the problem of defective vision may include age factor, accident etc. But, what do we do to treat our eyes? We use spectacles, which of course, never treat the problem. We use lenses to hide from the world that we are suffering from defective vision, right? But, what about our own soul? It knows everything. Do you know that lenses can even worsen the eye problem by infecting your eyes? Moreover, there are many terms and conditions you need to take care of if you are going to use lens. And, at last, eyes-drops, which can surely improve the situation to some extent, but, can never treat your problem. So, what next? Is there any way to cure the problem? Can a person wearing specs ever be able to see the world without specs? Can one get his/her self-confidence and self-esteem back after becoming the victim of defective vision once?

home remedies for eye defect

Well guys, everything is possible if you have not turned your problem from mild to chronic one. You must have heard about the home remedies for defective vision. Many of you might have already started the treatment via these natural options. Aren’t you? And many are still thinking of it like a joke or crap, right? Well, that’s not your fault at all. It’s actually pharmaceuticals who always tend to promote the medicines of their brands and remind you again and again of it. On internet also, you might always have got some new brand name. So, according to you, you have no reason to believe the natural remedies.

No problem, but, you must be believing your ancestors. Am I wrong? Absolutely not. Have you ever thought about how they used to remain so healthy and strong even after having so lesser number of pharmaceutical medicines available at that time? No reason other than nature. They used to utilize natural remedies to get rid of whatever health issue. Do, you know that nature is far powerful than these artificial options? Nature can give you the best solution which pharmaceuticals have not even imagined yet.

If you still don’t believe the power of nature, we’ll just suggest you to go through the mentioned home remedies for defective vision and apply any one of them for a specific time of duration. You’ll surely get the answer yourself.


Home Remedies for Defective Vision


Spinach for Defective Vision

This green leafy vegetable may or may not be in your favorite list. Possibly, some of you have not yet even added it to your daily diet. But, do you know that just a cup of spinach can give you almost all the essential nutrients for your body. According to researches, spinach has been considered as the healthiest food on earth. It has not just one or two things to give us; instead it can solve many of our health problems starting from asthma and low blood pressure to diabetes and cancer.

Spinach for Defective Vision

Considering spinach as one of the best eye defects home remedies will not look as a bad decision to you if you know the benefits of spinach for eyes. Spinach contains vitamin A in the form of carotenoids, which benefit the eye sight by preserving the health of retina, cornea and macula. The lutein and zeaxanthin present in the spinach are the primary antioxidants which are required for prolong eye health.

For improving your eye sight, you just need to add spinach into your regular diet. You can have a glass of spinach juice daily morning. This will keep you fit and healthy and help you get rid of your defective vision too. Otherwise, you can add it in the list of your vegetables, soups, salads etc. Although, you may not find it tasty enough to try once again; it will be really beneficial for your eyes as well as overall health.


Licorice for Defective Vision

The licorice plant is a herb mainly found in the southern Europe and parts of Asia. Licorice roots are a remedy for many of the health problems we daily deal with. The licorice roots are known to contain glycyrrhizic acid that helps fighting against the infections caused by the microbes. Some of you may be unfamiliar with this remedy, but, it can also solve our health problems like sore throat, asthma, toothache very effectively. Its sweet taste makes it a flavoring agent in tobacco and candies etc.

Licorice Roots for Defective Vision

In case of defective vision also, licorice roots are able to perform an amazing job. Licorice roots are very well-known to treat myopia. Its capability to treat the eye problems and its sweet taste place it among the best home remedies for defective vision.

What you require doing is to take ½ teaspoon of licorice root powder and mix it with equal amount of honey and half amount of clarified butter. Now, consume the mixture twice a day on empty stomach with a cup of milk. Performing the same repeatedly for a few weeks will give you the positive results. But, to achieve the desired result, consistency has to be maintained.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A for Defective vision

All of you are already aware of all the vitamins and might have even studied about the benefits of different vitamins in your school days. Vitamin A is one out of all the vital nutrients that our body needs to have proper growth and functioning. Vitamin A is the fat soluble which is known as a powerful antioxidant too. It is responsible for building the strong bones, maintaining healthy clear skin, facilitating cell differentiation and enhancing the immune system. When all these are taken care of, no diseases can affect you for long.

Vitamin A for defective vision

Vitamin A is a vital nutrient for improving the vision also as it helps protecting the cornea. It plays a vital role on in decreasing the risk of vision loss from macular degeneration. The beta-carotene is converted into vitamin A into our body. So, consuming food rich in carotenoids can fulfill the demand of your eyes.

There is no specific way of getting vitamin A. You can consume it via various sources like turnip tops, raw spinach, milk cream, cheese, butter, tomatoes, oranges, dates, soya beans etc. The recommended limit of per day vitamin consumption in our body is 25,000 IU. By adding the different varieties of food rich in vitamin A, you can yourself solve the problem of defective vision.


Chicory for Defective Vision

This may be a new name for some people, but, it is not a new face in the market. Instead, it has been used since years for treating various health problems.

Chicory for Defective Vision

It is highly beneficial mainly for the defective vision caused due to myopia. Chicory juice is rich in Vitamin A, even it is considered the richest in vitamin A among all the home remedies for defective vision. This remedy is known to contain the food elements which are constantly demanded by the optic nerve. If you add up some of the carrot juice, parsley juice and celery juice to the chicory juice, it becomes more beneficial for you, nourishing your optic nerve and muscular system. It may further result in achieving desired results in the treatment of defective vision.

What you require doing is to add approx. 150 ml of celery juice, 200 ml carrot juice and 75 ml parsley juice. Drinking the juice once daily on regular basis for some days will surely give you really effective response. The benefits provided by the chicory juice makes it one of the best home remedies for defective vision.

There is one more way to use chicory as a home remedy for defective vision. It is by preparing a paste with chicory powder and ghee. Consuming it on daily basis will give desired results.


carrots for defective vision

Our health problems are somewhere down the line the results of what we do and what we eat. Our diet plays a vital role in describing our overall health whether it is related to our eyes or any other body organ. Adding just a small amount of some more nutritious elements in our diet can make a drastic change in our health.

Carrot for Defective Vision

In case of eyes, an ordinary food ingredient like carrot can also make a huge difference. Have you ever noticed about why our parents use to add carrots in their salads or prefer drinking carrot juice or consume it in any other form? This is all because it is highly rich in vitamin A which is necessary for our eyes. All the orange colored fruits are highly rich in beta-carotene which gets converted into vitamin A after entering our body.

Although, it doesn’t taste that bad, but, still if you don’t like consuming it, we’ll suggest you to add just one carrot per day in your diet. You’ll feel the difference by yourself.

You can consume it in any form like in salads or juice or vegetable. Whatever way you like, you can follow it. But, this will work only if you are dedicated enough to be a constant practitioner.


honey for defective vision

See, honey is again ready to solve your problems. If we start explaining the benefits of honey, it’ll end up with the last page of the article with half of the benefits left in the pending list. We believe you can now imaging yourself how powerful honey is. You can search your on internet about home remedies for whatever disease or infection you want to know about, honey will be available as an effective remedy in most of the cases.

Honey for Defective Vision

Honey, as one of the home remedies for defective vision, will also act with the same potential that it shows in all other diseases. It is not a new remedy for eyesight problems; instead, it has been used since ages for treating the different problems related to eyes.

For consuming honey, you need to add about 2.5 ml honey to the same amount of lettuce powder and ¼ of a teaspoon of saturated ghee. Consuming the paste once a day daily for a few days with 200 ml warm milk can give you really effective results. But, you need to consume it early morning as the first thing. You can use the remedy even after getting the problem solved also because it is not going to gift you any side-effect like the artificial ways to treat defective vision. This places honey in the list of most effective home remedies for defective vision.


Almonds for defective vision

We believe, no one must be there to deny consuming almonds, right? Yeah, we all love to chew some of these dry fruits whenever get a chance. Almonds are not only tasty, but they are equally healthy also. They are able to provide us proper nutrients that are vital for our body.

Almonds for Defective Vision

Our daily routine gets weirdly affected and changed due to any health problem, whether it is headache or defective vision. Almonds are a great help here in case of defective vision. They are considered to be one of the best home remedies for defective vision. This is because they are highly rich in vitamin E, which is known to protect the eyes from free radical damage. Hence, it protects the cells in the body from oxidation which will further slowdown the progression of cataract caused harmful UV rays.

You can see yourself how beneficial is almond for you and your eyes. If your case is not that extreme, you can still start using this remedy for your innocent eyes. What you need to do is to soak 4-5 almonds in water all night. Then early morning, peel off the outer skin and consume these almonds. It will be very helpful to improve your eyesight as well as your health.

If you want, you can also chop off the almonds and sprinkle it in the bowl of cereals and enjoy the tasty and healthy snack.

Adjust the light of your study room

study room light adjustment

The children usually take it as fun challenging each other to study or write in dim light. But, have you ever thought about the results of this weird fun? This is one of the major reasons for small children getting specs on their eyes in such a tender age.

The room light we use to read can have a huge impact on our eyes. It plays a crucial role in keeping our eyes fit or defective. It should never be too dim or too high to cause strain to your eyes. We can easily achieve the adequate amount of illumination by keeping the reading lamp in a way that the light falls directly on the open page of your book. In case you are using a ceiling bulb or tube, you need to use the light of adequate luminance.

Of course, kids don’t know what are they doing, but, we know the importance of healthy eyesight. So, if you know about the factors leading to defective vision, you can surely help them using the right amount of light while studying. This practice will help their eyes stay healthy for longer time period. Although, this is not one of the home remedies for defective vision, but, it can definitely help you in the long run.

Tea bags

tea bags for defective vision

All the tea lovers can become happier because they now have one more reason to enjoy the sips of their favorite herbal tea. Yes, the privilege is only for the herbal tea lovers. You all must be enjoying the early morning fresh sips of your herbal tea, but, what about the tea bags? What do you do to them? Simply throw it in the dustbin, right?

Tea Bags for Defective Vision

Well, this is a simple process most of the people follow, being unaware of the benefits of tea bags. Have you ever imagined tea bag treating your defective vision or any other health problem? Some of you might be aware of the same, but for the rest, let me tell you that the tea bags you normally throw can be one of the best home remedies for defective vision.

What you require doing is to boil the tea bag and then keep it in refrigerator to let it cool down. Now, apply this tea bag on your closed eyes. Its soothing effect will help you improve the condition of your eyes and get relief from the associated pain.

Home remedies are the best way to treat any health problem mild or chronic. You can follow any home remedy for any of the problems. Say, in case of eyes, we have mentioned a number of home remedies for defective vision that you can pursue to cure your eye problems.

ignoring the symptoms

The very first activity of ours that add up to the trouble is ignorance. At first, we ignore the healthy diet and all the activities that can keep us healthy. Next is to ignore the health problem until it becomes either chronic or a reason of huge trouble. Is there any benefit doing that? No, simply no. What we achieve is the negative impact on our body that we see in the form of various diseases.

The next thing affecting our daily life and health is the excessive use of artificial things. Antibiotics, lenses etc. are an unavoidable part of this modern era. But, excessive use of these can cause drastic changes in your overall body; this is known to all of you. Still, whatever happens, the priority is to visit a doctor, right? Why? Guys, home remedies are capable of treating every health problem.

The artificial supplements you always use are hardly 500-1000 years old, but nature has been utilized to fulfill all needs since millions of years and even ages. Still our elder people believe the same, why? It shows that natural remedies are far more beneficial and effective than what we are thinking of.

Visiting to one or the other doctor for every health problem is not the right decision. Eyes are the most sensitive part of our body and loosing eyes means losing an important part of our body and life. Your single decision will decide the destiny of your eyes. I am not denying that doctors prescribe wrong medicines, but, the problem is that they prescribe medicines….. Yes, this is the main problem because in long term you are surely going to get a number of side-effects. Guys, no medicine is available in the whole universe without side-effects.

natural remedies

The better way to stay safe and healthy is to rely on the natural home remedies for everything. Whether you believe it or not, nature has the potential to solve every problem. The early you start using the home remedies for defective vision or any other disease, the safer you’ll be. Delay of even a single minute can lead to unavoidable consequences.