Home Remedies for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Home Remedies for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – An Effective Way to Cure CTS

Do you know that our lifestyle and everything related to our daily activities affect our health? Our lifestyle, profession and diet have all lots of combined effects on our overall health. Active and well-disciplined lifestyle with a balanced diet can give you a well maintained health and an elegant body structure, whereas lazy lifestyle with lots of fast food and no time for yourself can leave you nowhere. The diseases like obesity, heart problems, diabetes, kidney stones etc. are all the results of our lifestyle and diet.

We humans run after all the materialistic things and try to find pleasure in them and forget about ourselves and our health. Health is the zone where we always lack. That is how one invites a number of diseases. Here we are going to discuss about one such disease, i.e. carpal tunnel syndrome. But, before that, one must be aware about carpal tunnel. This is vital because if you really want to understand about some disease and its cure, you must at first understand the body part becoming a victim of it. So, let’s at first talk about what is carpal tunnel.

carpal tunnel syndromeThe carpal tunnel is a structure formed by bones in the wrist and the overlying connective tissue through which nerves and tendons that control thumb and finger movement pass. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful condition which causes episodes of numbness, tingling, burning, and aching in the thumb, index and middle fingers, and thumb-side of the ring finger. In worst cases, carpal tunnel syndrome may affect the wrist up, forearm and even into the shoulder. The numbness which is generally occasional, may persist for longer time and even become constant, that will lead to loss of grip strength and coordination.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is not that much harmful until and unless it becomes severe, but, if gone to its peak, it can leaves you with useless hands. You are at a very high risk of this disease if job is related to computer on which you have to type starting from morning to evening. If you do something that needs you to spend maximum time punching cash register keys, gripping strings or holes on a musical instrument, twisting a screwdriver. Not only this, all other repetitive, forceful movement with your hands for a lot of time may end up giving you carpal tunnel syndrome. The adulthood is the more prone age when a person can get the disease into hu=im or her. But, are you aware of the factors that are responsible for causing this disease?

Well, if you are aware, that’s good, but if you are not, consider it as a vital information to keep the disease at a bay. So, the causes for carpal tunnel syndrome are:

Causes for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • The illnesses such as hyperthyroidism, rheumatoid, arthritis and diabetes may cause the disease to you.
  • Pregnancy is another reason for the same.
  • A wrist fracture or dislocation may also cause the same to you.
  • Nerve damaging conditions like some chronic disease may play a vital role in gifting you carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Obesity can be considered as a significant risk factor causing this disease.
  • If you are working with some vibrant tool or on an assembly line where repetitive flexing of wrist is required, you are prone to get harmful pressure on the median nerve and hence the disease.

Women or people with smaller carpal tunnels are at higher risk of getting carpal tunnel syndrome.

causes and symptoms of CTSHere, we have discussed about almost all the factors leading to carpal tunnel syndrome, but, knowing and recognizing the symptoms of the disease is again an important topic to be considered. Of course, I know that you are very excited to about the cure but, before understanding the treatment, it is always very necessary to understand everything about the disease.

Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • People with CTS generally feel numbness, weakness, tingling or pain the associated finger or hand. However, some people also feel pain in the arm between their elbow and hand.
  • One may feel pain in the all the fingers other than the little finger.
  • The discomfort may mainly affect you in the night or early morning. Rest of the time, it may not be that painful.

Provided above are the causes and symptoms told to you so as to help you keep your disease at a bay. But, what if you have already caught it? Suffering from any disease gives pain and discomfort, say it is mild or chronic, but, these two terms are always available along with. What do we always do to reduce our discomfort? Well, this is what you all are very well aware of. Medicines, right?

We, the people of 21st century, especially youth, are dependent on machines for each and every small or big purpose. This has generated lots of laziness and hence, none wants to make any effort. Taking medicines for any mild or chronic disease is the easiest way to get treated. Isn’t it? May be, this is the reason why some of you don’t follow home remedies. Isn’t it? Well, it is very simple, natural remedies demand efforts to get prepared, so, we ignore them even after knowing that they can treat us in the best way.

But, guys, we all know that shortcut leaves us nowhere. The easiest way is everyday inserting a new disease in your body in the form of side-effects. That is why researchers are also turning towards nature keeping a safe future in mind. We’ll suggest you too to open your eyes and see the reality. Nothing can treat you the way natural remedies and exercises can. And, once you see it by yourself, you too will become a fan of nature. That is why, here too, we are introducing you with the different home remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome.

I can assure you that by using these remedies, you’ll see the positive impacts yourself and you’ll not require visiting your doctor again and again with the same issue. Of course, everytime you visit a doctor, you get a new prescription full of new medicines. These medicines will either not treat you and only suppress the symptoms or even if cure the disease, will surely gift you new diseases or infections in the form of side-effects.

Okay, let’s not go with the flow of argument and talk about our own topic, i.e. home remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome. To deal with the painful condition, we have summarized some excellent home remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome that will work as an aid in lowering the pain and curing the disease. You’ll be amazed to know that you are not the first to get treated with these home remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome. Many patients of CTS have already been benefited by the following home remedies for carpal tunnel.

Home Remedies For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


acupunctureAcupuncture has been used by Chinese since 2500 years in medication needs. It is based on the fact that there are certain patterns of energy flow within our body and the disruption of which is responsible for diseases. Acupuncture is known to alleviate the carpal tunnel syndrome and heal the injured peripheral nerves. According to electromyography, nerve conduction studies and ultrasonic imaging, acupuncture combined with moxibustion improves the electrophysiological peripheral nerve responses and repairs the peripheral nerve tissues of the patients. It is known to give great relief from pain and other symptoms associated with it. This technique is used for treating many serious health problems, and carpal tunnel syndrome is one of them. You need to follow the process for approx. two weeks for five days a week following it once in a day. The way acupuncture treats the disease, you can consider it in the list of most effective home remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome.


You must have seen that a person waking up early morning and doing regular exercises is physically and mentally more fit and stable than the person waking up late. Our lifestyle shows huge impact on our health and body.

“Early to bed and early to rise,

makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

This is not just a poem for the small kids; instead it is a well said fact. Our body shows significant response to whatever we do in our day to day life. Almost all the minor or major health issues somewhere arise from our bad lifestyle, and controlling it is the best natural home remedy for any disease. So, to kill this cause, make sure you keep a check on your daily activities and diet.  This will make your internal repair system work quite well for you thereby reducing the needs of medication. Stay in shape. Give your body a healthy retreat by eating nutritious food. No matter how hard it is for you to find time for it, but do get adequate sleep and proper rest. Also, be sure to quit or avoid smoking, drinking or other bad habits which inhibit blood circulation to all areas of the body, including the wrists and hands.

Watch those pressure points

pressure pointsToo often, typists rest their wrists on the sharp edge of a desk or table as they work, which can cause excess pressure on the wrists. Adjust your workstation, if necessary, to keep your wrists straight and off the edge. Same with all the people working the same way. Apart from that, there are some acupressure points available in our body and by pressing them firmly we can get instant relief from the pain and discomfort. This is the easiest way out of all the home remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome. But, what is the process to perform the same?

Well, here is the activity to get relief from carpal tunnel syndrome:

  • At first, you require extending your forearm, wrist and palm muscles to stimulate the blood flow through them and reduce the muscle contraction, pain and tightness.
  • Press the specific acu-points to remove the energetic stagnant and allow the free flow of energy.
  • It’ll reduce the inflammation, pain and stagnation in the carpal tunnel, hand, wrist and forearm.

Acupressure will not only help you get relief from your pain; instead it’ll help you get relaxed and calm too.

Maintain healthy weight according to your height

foods for proper weightMost of you must be fond of having fast and fatty foods. Undoubtedly, they are made taking care of our taste buds and we always love to consume them whatever is the time and place. But, are they prepared taking care of our health too? No, they never care for our health. Sometimes people eat a lot of them and on putting up weight, they think that they are becoming healthier. Give a break and think. Is it really that way? Are they really helping you become healthier? No, they are just helping you getting heavy weight, sometimes become obese too. You must be aware of the side-effects of being fatty. Aren’t you?

Being fatty has many more side effects than just looking odd. Excess weight can compress the median nerve in the wrist, causing carpal tunnel syndrome. So, to stay away from such disease, you need to take proper care of your diet and limit the fast and fatty foods you consume. Moreover, exercise regularly if your body has a tendency to gain weight really fast. If not exactly, maintain your weight within the range of plus / minus 10 pounds at maximum than your ideal weight. This is the healthiest and most natural home remedy for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Take small breaks in between regular working hours

take some break from workIf you have a job that requires your fingers of hands to be on from 9 to 5, manage your working pain such that you keep mini breaks after every hour or so. It is necessary for your hands too. Other than taking breaks, you can also try to give relaxation to your hands by altering the position. Fatigue or tiredness in the joints or muscles is a warning sign to change your posture or pattern of movement. When your wrist, hand, or fingers feel fatigued or achy, take a break. Shake out your hands, and if possible, get up and walk around or at least stretch out your arms and adjust your position. It is again one of the best healthy home remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome. Your work will surely not suffer if you take a 2 minute break after every hour; instead it will give a relax to your mind and body. You may be shocked to read this, but by this, you can improve you performance too. This is because, our brain feels fresh after just a few minutes relaxed break and thinks faster than before.

Rotate jobs

One of the main factors to get affected by carpal tunnel syndrome is doing the same task with your hands and fingers for long time duration. Long term processing of the same task, at first, leads to mild pain in the arm between the elbow and the hand and further, leads to this disease. The key is to avoid doing the same task for a longer period of time continuously. This you can do by two ways.

  • Either you can avoid by taking breaks in between of your job, OR,
  • You can alternate between jobs that involve different parts of our body.

If your job doesn’t allow rotation, talk with your supervisor or union about a change. Rotation of work load not only reduces job stress and minimizes production losses, but also increases productivity, so it can benefit both employer and employee, making it one of the really productive home remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Watch your wrist position while working

wrist positionProper body structure is always mandatory for you no matter whatever you are doing. This not only seems elegant, but gives a proper manner of working as well as confidence to you. Moreover, you’ll not feel extremely tired with your work, if you are sitting in a right texture.

As you work, keep your body and your wrists in a comfortable, neutral position: straight, not bent or hunched over. Check the height of your computer screen and sit straight. Rearrange the level of your keyboard or workstation so that you don’t have to strain, reach, or bend your wrists again and again; it should be at elbow height or just slightly below. Your wrists should always be in a straight line with your forearms. And be sure that you are not too close to or far away from your work. This practice will develop a good sitting habit in you and keep the diseases like carpal tunnel syndrome at a bay.

Grip it right

All of us have a tendency to hold objects with thumb and index finger alone. It not only puts all the stress on these two only but also can increase pressure on the wrist and cause irritation of the corresponding tendons. We often do it to show our strength and for fun, but, sometimes this fun can create some trouble for you and you require to pay for it. God has given all of us two complete hands to hold anything. If you have to catch hold of some object or rotate a particular joint such as the lid of a jar, use your palm or your whole hand. It will distribute the load among all the five fingers and the palm. Moreover, it will help you stay safe from the diseases like carpal tunnel syndrome. A perfect posture is always mandatory to perform any task you want.

Sleep carefully

proper sleepSleeping habits also play a vital role in giving you a good or bad health. Carpal tunnel syndrome has a surprising time at which the symptoms come and then vanish on its own. The problems often come on at night and could be of the intensity that may wake you up. Some doctors believe this is because the fluid in the body is redistributed when you lie down, so, more of it accumulates in the wrist. One major factor that leads to this cause can be your sleeping posture. You might be sleeping with excess of pressure on your wrist or arm leading to compression of the median nerve. If you do this, make sure you keep your hands free from any pressure while sleeping. Pressure on hands or evn arm can also lead to a fatal. Avoid taking your hand under the pillow, and let it lie flat on the mattress. This is not actually anyone of the home remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome; instead it is a prevention to help you keep the disease at a bay. This way helps you get a relaxed and sound sleep too which will surely lead to a fresh next morning.

Share load between the two hands

Most of us try to hold something heavy single handedly without any support. This we generally do t show how strong we are, but, beware of the activity from now onwards. The reason is that this activity can lead to lifetime carpal tunnel syndrome. Why being so passionate to show our strength that we even forget about our health and body?

Do not forget that god has given you two hands to complete your work. Why give all the stress to only one of them? This is unfair, isn’t it? You should give your dominant hand a break whenever possible. If you cannot manage to do all the work with the other hand, then try to find out what you can do comfortably. Find out some tasks you can assign to the other hand as well. This is how both of your hands can take proper rest as well as share their responsibilities.

Act before its too late. All the above discussed natural home remedies for carpal tunnel are very easy to practice and totally side effect free. But, they can affect you only if you want to get treated. We often start a practice and leave it in between thinking it to be boring. But, is it really the way to treat anything? Aren’t medicines more bitter and boring? Each of the home remedies provided is really effective. You can feel the difference yourself. Even some can help you grow good living and eating habits in yourself too. The best thing in most of them is that they will never harm you even if you continue practicing them after getting completely cured. We all know that this privilege is not there with antivirals.

Do you know why natural home remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome are more effective than the best antiviral medicine? The answer is very simple and you already know it. Still, let us tell you if you are confused regarding the same.You must be aware of the fact that our immune system prevents us from every mild or chronic disease. A strong immune system can fight against every infection or disease, but, if it comes to a weaker immune system, you all know what’ll happen.

The natural remedies make our immune system stronger with every dose and on the other hand, the antivirals weaken it. This is the reason that natural remedies take time to treat any disease but treat it permanently. But, in case of antivirals medications, the disease gets suppressed and arises the very day again you stop taking your pills. Whatever the disease is, natural remedies, make the journey of treatment easier and less painful.

Here also, in case of carpal tunnel syndrome, I’ll suggest you to try the home remedies at once, because after that I’ll not require to tell you the difference between natural remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome and antivirals for the same. You’ll get the difference by yourself.