Home Remedies for Cystitis

Cystitis affects almost two million people every year, and most of them are women. Urinary tract infections are very common and out of all the urinary tract infections, cystitis is the most common one. Cystitis is nothing but inflammation in the bladder. It is simple enough to understand, but ask someone who has been a patient of cystitis. The level of discomfort and the severe pain it causes are sometimes enough to take you to the hospital, especially when you ignore the issues for a long time. The worst part about cystitis is that you take medicine and it will vanish, soon after you start feeling good, you will see the symptoms reappearing. This is the reason home remedies for cystitis are becoming popular among the patients of cystitis.


Although it is a very common condition occurring among women and men which affect the lower urinary tract, many of us are unaware of all the problems caused by cystitis. The most common symptoms of cystitis are:

  • You will have to go the bathroom more frequently. Even if you stop drinking any fluid, you will have to leave your work almost every two hours and rush to the bathroom. In general situation, we can hold the urine for some time, but if you are suffering from cystitis, you would find it difficult to control the strong urge to urinate.
  • Once you reach the bathroom, things there also will not be that easy. The strong urge to urinate will be followed by acute burning sensation while urinating. You may also feel pain and itching. And every time you go to the bathroom, all these problems will make your life hell.
  • You will continuously feel a strange pressure in the lower abdomen. The pressure will be of the type as if someone was pulling the internal organs downwards with a strong force. It may trouble you once or twice during the daytime, or it may also haunt you for an entire day continuously.
  • Your body temperature may rise as a response to so many odds going on inside it. This fever will be quite low
  • Pain in the lower abdomen and will also accompany the other symptoms. The intensity of pain may vary from person to person depending on the severity of the infection.
  • The color of your urine turns cloudy and pale yellow. This also happens when you drink less water or have some other problem, but if it continues for two or more days, then it is surely due to cystitis or other problem in the urinary tract. The smell of urine will also be strong and unbearable at times.
  • You will have frequent trips to the washroom, but in cystitis, the amount of urine you pass will be in very small amounts.
  • Almost 10% of the healthy women who have cystitis are reported to encounter blood in the urine. Blood in the urine (hematuria) is the most dangerous symptom of cystitis and if you figure out the traces of blood in urine, you should immediately consult your doctor. Home remedies for cystitis will help in all the other cases, but in this case, the patient may need immediate medical attention.

cystitis symptoms

In most of the cases the causative organism is E. coli bacteria but in some of the cases, it can also be caused due to some other bacterial infection.

Cystitis once treated with medication often returns soon. This means you would finish one course of medicine and after a few days, it will come again. You will have to rush to the doctor once again and the same procedure will be followed. You will spend your hard earned money on cystitis, which can anytime be treated with home remedies for cystitis. Also, it will not be a one- time act, but a process that will continue for a lifetime. It is hence recommended to take some natural home remedies for cystitis at home that can not only treat the existing infection but may also reduce the chances of being infected in future. We have collected some tested and extensively used natural home remedies for cystitis to treat cystitis at home.

Home Remedies For Cystitis

Drink a lot of water

We need water to survive, but the role of water is not limited to only survival and it has significant importance in determining our health. Water is the most common beverage is every country and every culture. All the environmentalists emphasize on saving water as there would be no life without water. I used to wonder hat is so special about water? I mean it’s just plain water with no taste, the why it is given so much hype? A wise man answered my question quite well, he said don’t drink water for a few hours and you will realize why water is of utmost importance. That day I got to know why any drink cannot replace water.

drink more water

Apart from feeling thirsty, we can also face several other health problems if we do not drink plenty of water. The plain water helps in protection of bones, cells, joints; it also helps in flushing out the toxins from the human body, and at the same time help in digestion as well. There is no other drink that can do all this for the human body, and hence we must not waste water. Whether you have cystitis or not, make sure you take in plenty of fluids.

How to use water in the right way and treat cystitis

  • On an average, you should drink at least eight glasses of water every day, or approximately two to three liters of the fluid.
  • If you have any type of urinary tract infection, just to flush out the bacteria living in you should drink as much water as you can.
  • If you have cystitis causing extreme pain, simply increase your daily water intake and you will start feeling better. This will make your urine less concentrated thereby reducing pain. Hence water also is one of the most important home remedies for cystitis.

Frequent urination

In the first point of home remedies for cystitis, we have told you to drink water, and the more you drink water, the more you will need to use the washroom. This simple act is also helpful in the treatment of cystitis and hence urination is one of the home remedies for cystitis. You know that urinary system is responsible for excretion, and because of this system only, daily we get rid of so many unwanted substances from our body that it would not be wrong to say that we survive because o the urinary system.


Urination also is one of the home remedies for cystitis, that too a must to do home remedy. Urine is made of waste products and acids and hence it flushes out both these from your body.

How frequent urination is helpful against cystitis

  • Concentrated, dark urine is more acidic and is sometimes more painful to pass when you have a bladder infection.
  • Diluted urine is lighter in color and usually doesn’t burn as much.
  • Also if you hold it inside for a long time you will surely experience more discomfort and pain while urinating, and the time you hold it inside. Go to the bathroom whenever you need it, nothing is more urgent than this, right?
  • It is also advised to the cystitis patients to immediately go to the bathroom and urinate after having sex. This reduces the chances of being infected greatly.


If you have ever had any stomach problem and tried home remedies for that, fenugreek seed must be a familiar name for you. It is somewhat a universal remedy for any stomach or digestion issue, and at the same time is one of the best home remedies for cystitis since it also has something to do with the bladder. Fenugreek is a rich source of vitamins, phytonutrients, and minerals like zinc. The uses of fenugreek as a laxative and digestive is already known, but its effectiveness in urinary problems is lesser known to the world. The ability of fenugreek seeds of curing frequent urination and the credit for it being one of the home remedies for frequent urination goes to zinc.


Zinc found in fenugreek seeds is an essential nutrient that helps in keeping the urinary tract healthy and free from infections. Only a few foods and supplements can fulfill the demand for zinc in our body and fenugreek is one of the best natural sources of zinc. Hence fenugreek is one of the best home remedies for cystitis. It also cools down the body temperature and helps in treating post-menopausal hot flashes in women.

How to use fenugreek seeds in cystitis

  • Some people take a few fenugreek seeds with a glass of water, just like you take tablets
  • Another way is to soak the fenugreek seeds overnight and in the morning, strain the seeds and drink the water on an empty stomach.
  • Alternatively, you can add fenugreek seeds to some of the cuisines, but after cooking the medicinal properties will not be the same.

Neem leaves

Indian lilac is the most talked about tree around the globe due to the tremendous medicinal properties it has. Even the bark of the huge tree has something to offer for mankind. The fruits, leaves and stems, everything has its own set of benefits. The only bad thing about the tree is the bitter taste. But remember, not all healthy things come with a taste. Neem leaves (Indian lilac leaves) contain all that you need to prevent your vagina from any type of infection, and cystitis is one of them. It has excellent anti- inflammatory and anti bacterial properties that in no way allows bacteria to survive. Not only bacteria, neem leaves(Indian lilac leaves) can act against several other micro-organisms, and since we don’t know the real cause of cystitis, they are perfect home remedies for cystitis.

neem leaves for cystitis

How to use Indian lilac

  • Neem is used to reduce itching, inflammation and kill the germs that cause this infection, making it one of the best natural remedy for cystitis.
  • Make powder of neem leaves by heating and then grinding. Then make a paste by adding water and apply the paste around your vagina.
  • Do this daily till you get rid of the problem completely.
  • You can also drink the juice of neem leaves, although the taste would be very bitter, the health benefits are much more appealing and hence you can ignore the taste.

Tea tree oil

Think of any type of infection and you would see tea tree oil on the list of cures. Tea tree oil is one of the best essential oils and also the best of all the home remedies for cystitis. This oil has unbelievable anti fungal and anti- bacterial properties which make it a promising alternative to treat cystitis and several other bladder problems. In the case of many types of skin infections, people use tea tree oil because it has a magnificent effect on the skin. And for internal problems like cystitis also everyone trusts tea tree oil because this oil indeed is a magical essential oil.

Apart from killing the micro- organisms that may be causing all the trouble in the form of cystitis, it also takes care of the symptoms that follow cystitis. It will also combat the awful smell that is common with cystitis.

tea tree oil for cystitis

How to use tea tree oil in cystitis

  • Dip a cotton swab in tea tree oil and place it into the vagina for at least 20 minutes to allow it to work.
  • If this is not comfortable to do, you can go for easy option of mixing a few drops of tea tree oil in the water you bath in.
  • In this case sit in the bath tub for 15 minutes and then dry the affected area properly.
  • Whichever way you use this magnificent oil, it will do the work and cystitis will leave you soon.

Keep the sensitive area away from soaps or deodorants 

Starting from head to toe, you might have separate soaps, deodorants, and creams, but what about your vagina? These days, we have many beauty products and cosmetics. We spend a lot of money for looking good and smelling good, but forget that nature has already made us beautiful and with the use of these products, you may end up harming the sophisticated skin. Your skin, especially the skin covering the parts which are not exposed to sunlight and air directly, is too soft to bear all the chemicals you apply. Any type of products containing high pH can irritate the area further where already bacteria have been growing.

no soaps

How to keep the sensitive areas protected

  • Keep your vagina away from any kind of soaps, powders or deodorants.
  • If you want you can use hygienic and alkaline wash available in the market.
  • You can consult your doctor before choosing the right wash for your vagina, or do research on your own before allowing any chemical to touch you.


The last but the most effective of all the home remedies for cystitis is garlic.  Garlic is the king of all the home remedies for cystitis, and also the most famous herb in the field of holistic cures. The small garlic clove can bring magical changes in your health and hence in your life if you allow it to enter your daily diet. I am so much amazed by the health benefits of garlic that even without any problem; I eat at least one garlic clove every day. And my body in the past few months has evolved into a perfectly healthy, sound and perfectly immune against various diseases. Apart from these general benefits of garlic to our body, it has one specific use as home remedies for cystitis.


Garlic has antibiotic properties that can help in treating cystitis, bacterial vaginosis, and other infections in the bladder. In addition to this, it also is anti- fungal in nature.

How to use garlic for cystitis treatment

  • Chop the garlic cloves after peeling and simply add it to the cup of soup.
  • You can sprinkle those small chopped pieces on your salad also.
  • If eating raw garlic is not what you like the most, you can add it while cooking veggies. I am sure you would love the smell, and the taste also will be even better.

As we have discussed these natural home remedies for cystitis, it is most evident that you should not be scared or perplexed with Cystitis anymore. We have formulated so many natural home remedies for cystitis, here itself, and you can be well assured that none of the given natural home remedies for cystitis are going to prove to be allergic to you. Unless you have a sensitive structure, you can always go for a patch test, and confirm any further complications. You can also go for medical supplements too, but it is completely your own decision. Whatever you do, don’t forget to take care of the symptoms and keep track of the problems going on.

As cystitis has much to do with the urinary system, it is necessary to understand the importance of urination and its role in human body. Have you heard of homeostatic function? Almost all the living creatures are alive because of this process only and the urinary system has a prominent role in maintaining the balance. I told you all this because you may know that water is important, and also would start trusting the home remedies for cystitis, but the process of urination is often not considered important. But the reality is that it can also help your body in several other ways.

woman with stomach pain

So it is your responsibility to keep things in order inside your urinary system and also the bladder healthy. You can cure cystitis with home remedies for cystitis, but to maintain a healthy urinary tract you will need something extra. Apart from these home remedies for cystitis, we also have some tips with which you can control the occurrence of such types of urinary infections in future. Have a look:

  • Makes sure you are particular about your clothes, especially the undergarments. Especial care should be taken while choosing your underwear if you are a frequently chosen victim of cystitis. Synthetic clothes do not allow any air to pass through.
  • This enhances the growth of bacteria into the urinary tract. Hence do not wrap yourself in tight and un- breathable dresses all the time.
  • Maintaining hygiene also is one of the most important factors in determining the health of your bladder.
  • You should wash your vagina many times in a day, and specifically after urinating. Whenever you wash the area you can use a hygienic wash that maintains the pH balance inside the vagina.
  • You wipe out in the backward direction, that is from inside to outwards. This is a bit weird but has a tremendous impact in controlling the infection.
  • Always hang your undergarments in sunlight to kill the growth of any bacteria.
  • It is recommended to urinate soon after sex, and wash the area in order to flush bacteria away from your urinary tract as sexual activity can push bacteria deeper into the urethra of both men and women
  • Avoiding caffeinated drinks like coffee, tea or soda when you are infected with cystitis are also home remedies for cystitis as sometimes, avoiding a few things works equal to taking some herbs.

These tips are for both men and women, but as it is already mentioned that women are more prone to this disease because of their organ structure, every woman should take care of these simple facts. So many women every year become the victim of cystitis that many organizations in the United States are working towards spreading awareness about the urinary tract infection among teenagers. Introducing them to cystitis at an early age would help them deal with the problem more effectively and it would decrease the chance of complications as well. As far as home remedies for cystitis are concerned, you have the set of best natural products in hand now, and it is up to you how well you utilize them.