Home Remedies for Conjunctivitis

Around five million people in the United States get conjunctivitis every year; this indeed is a huge number. Categorized as extremely contagious, conjunctivitis is also known as pink eye is an infection in the eye due to bacterial or viral contact. Despite a great deal of discomfort, it causes we tend to ignore conjunctivitis. No matter how severe the symptoms are, we do not take action until it becomes necessary to do so. We have heard of diabetes making people blind, and also cataract after certain age making the world blurred and we pay much attention to all of them. But do we really care about a causal eye infection like conjunctivitis? Sometimes minor problems may convert into a big ordeal, and when it is about our eye, nothing is small. So, you must take utmost care of your eye when it is going through a tough phase.

intro of conjunctivitis

We are not emphasizing on unnecessary visits to the doctor, but neither we are in favor of ignoring the matter completely. We know it is conjunctivitis, and with the help of the symptoms discussed below, it will be easier to diagnose the accurate problem, then why call a doctor. Once you are sure that you have conjunctivitis, you can use home remedies for conjunctivitis. Yes, you won’t even have to go the medicine store to buy an eye drop if you have home remedies for conjunctivitis with you. But first you have to make sure that it is conjunctivitis and nothing else, and that is possible only when you have thorough knowledge about the symptoms of the problem.

Symptoms of eye infection

Conjunctivitis is one of the most commonly occurring infections in our eyes. Conjunctivitis causes inflammation in the outermost part of the eye due to which the eye becomes red or pink and persistent irritation keeps bothering.  Pain, burning, scratchiness, or itchiness is some of the symptoms of conjunctivitis. Let us see the symptoms of conjunctivitis in detail to get a deep insight of the eye trouble.

  • Pain in part of your body is bearable but even minor trouble in your eye creates so much of trouble that you feel sick all the time because the eye is a very sophisticated part. You will suffer from pain since the beginning of the eye infection. The pain can start from moderate and end up increasing to the extreme. This pain will not let you open up your eyes to work and you may have to take a break from the office. The pain is even acuter if your eyes are not allowing you to do so, but still, you gaze the bright screen of your laptop or television.
  • You have to bear the pain anyhow but what about symptoms like itching? Itching is the most annoying part of conjunctivitis. Continuous itching is another characteristic symptom of eye infection. This infect is the very first signal of the infection. Washing your eyes with cold water helps to get temporary relief, but itching will come back soon. All the times you are told to control your hands but when itching is strong, how can one expect to resist? Itching makes the infection spread faster and it will propagate to the other eye also if you move your hand again and again to the itching eye.
  • The color of your eyelid and the inner part of your eye will start changing. Either an unusual redness will be seen in your eye right from the starting of the eye infection, or the color will turn pale yellow. This redness will go away with the pain as the infection leaves your eye. Either only one eye will be red due to infection, or the redness may also propagate to the other eye just like pain and other symptoms.
  • Conjunctivitis is going to be really tough as your eye may swell up so badly that the upper and lower eyelids would meet each other and you would hardly be able to open your eye by pulling them apart. Have you seen some people with so much of swelling in their eyes that they can barely open the eye? This is because of conjunctivitis.

symptoms of conjunctivitis

  • And the last but most terrible symptom of conjunctivitis is hampering of the vision. Your vision too may be temporarily affected by an eye infection. In some cases, if it is a prolonged and severe eye infection that may also lead to permanent scars. Your eyes will become more sensitive to light and the light coming from different sources will bother you very much during an eye infection. with all these problems, you most important sense organ is going pass through a bad phase for the next few days if you have conjunctivitis. This is going to be a tough time, and even tougher if you are not aware of the home remedies for conjunctivitis.
  • There may be some kind of discharge coming out of the eye, usually greenish or yellow in color.

There are some factors that are known to cause this much trouble to your eye, and always keep in mind that the cure to any disease depends on the reason behind it. Same is the case with conjunctivitis, the home remedies for conjunctivitis will vary depending on the cause of infection.

  • Sometimes it is a bacterial or viral infection. Common bacteria found in human skin and the inside of mouth and nose can sometimes cause infection in the eye.
  • Some other fungal and viral infections may also either affect the eye directly or travel from other parts of the eye to create trouble in your eye.
  • Many other times, the cause of conjunctivitis is something as strange as sexually transmitted diseases like Chlamydia, herpes and gonorrhea. Yes, sexually transmitted diseases also are a leading cause of conjunctivitis, especially herpes. If you don’t believe it, simply have a look at herpes keratitis.
  • You may develop conjunctivitis due to some irritants like chlorine. Chlorine is present in swimming pools, but when it is in excess, and then it can create a problem. Some shampoos also contain chlorine and other substances that can cause conjunctivitis in those who are allergic to it.
  • And the least common and most surprising cause of conjunctivitis is liver infection. Can you imagine a liver infection can travel up to the retina? Sounds impossible but many cases of ocular histoplasmosis syndrome are seen in the United States recently.

Now you are familiar with the causes of conjunctivitis and also are aware of the symptoms of conjunctivitis, so it is time to disclose the most effective and easiest home remedies for conjunctivitis. Have a look at the amazing natural home remedies for conjunctivitis which will take away all the pain and sufferings you have to deal with quite often due to conjunctivitis.

Home Remedies For Conjunctivitis

Cold compress

This is the very first of all the home remedies as it is not an option for you, but a compulsion if you have conjunctivitis. Nothing can beat cold compress and its effectiveness as home remedies for conjunctivitis. Your eyes may become red or pink due to conjunctivitis. Applying cold compress to your eyes will give you soothing effect and will also decrease the swelling, making it the best soothing natural home remedy for pink eye. Let us now have a look at how to use cold compress

towel on eyes

Cold compress in conjunctivitis

  • Giving cold compress to your red eyes is very easy. Take a soft and clean cloth dip it in cold water and then wring.
  • After drying it partially gently apply it on your eye and keep it there for a few minutes.
  • Repeat the same process on closed eyelid on both your eyes several times. You will definitely feel relaxed and pain will also decrease.
  • Generally, a cool water compress will feel the most soothing. If you like to use hot water instead ofcold one you can go for that too. Make sure the cloth you use is clean and disinfected.
  • If only one eye is affected by the infection, then do not touch the uninfected eye with the same cloth. Even touching both the eyes with the same hand will transmit the virus or bacteria and the other eye will soon catch
  • Make sure you take proper precautions not to let it spread to the other eye.

Maintain hygiene

Maintaining hygiene is of utmost importance, and washing what you wear is also a part of hygienic practices, and hence it is also one of the home remedies for conjunctivitis. You will see some of the tips following home remedies for conjunctivitis and carrying a hand it your handkerchief is one of them, but maintaining cleanliness of that clothe is also one of the home remedies for conjunctivitis.

hygiene in pink eye

Anything that touches your eye should be perfectly clean and infection free. Be it your handkerchief or the cloths you wear, make sure you wash them frequently. It would be best to wash them up in hot water till your infection completely disappears. Adding some sort of disinfectant would also help in killing the germs and will prevent further action from the virus or bacteria. Also once your eye is perfectly fine, wash everything you used all this while in hot water to make sure you stay away from infection in near future.

Bathe or shower before bedtime

I don’t mind bathing until it is too cold, but whenever I suffer from an eye infection, I make sure I have bath twice everyday. Apart from washing the eyes again and again in plain water as well as saline water, bathing also is one of the home remedies for conjunctivitis. It helps in many ways. The idea of home remedies for conjunctivitis is to keep yourself, your surroundings and your cloths as clean as possible, and bathing also is a part of this. This will prevent the infection from spreading further to your own eyes and to everybody else around you.

bath before bedtime

Bath in order to get conjunctivitis cured

  • Take a shower before going to bed and even inday time if possible.
  • Wash your face with cold water a few times in a day to remove any dust from the eyes as dust in infected eyes can cause real pain.
  • This simple constraint is the simplest of all the home remedies for Even after your infection is cured completely, you can use this to avoid future eye infections.

Take herbal help

Herbs are often though to be those bitter substances that are not only tasteless, but are also very difficult to use. But are they really that bad? Have you ever used any herb for treating your health problems? You use many herbs in your day to day life without realizing the medicinal benefits of the natural healers. I am glad they are the part of home remedies for conjunctivitis because they are side effect free and at the same time save money. Herbs have a unique property of raising the immunity. Apart from dealing with the symptoms of eye infection, herbs are excellent at enhancing the overall health of human beings.

herbs for conjunctivitis

Which herbs are the best in conjunctivitis?

  • Herbs are as effective here as they are for any other health ailments. Among calendula, chamomile, fennel or eyebright teas, you can use any one of them easily available to you to get some relief in the burning eye sensation and pain.
  • These can be used to make hot compresses instead of using plain water for it. You can use these teas to rinse your eyes, and eyebright can also be taken orally in capsule availableon any health store.
  • All of these herbs are equally good for any eye irritation or inflammation, making them easy home remedies for

Saline water

If you know the side effects of the eye drops that are full of harsh chemicals, you would never let them enter into your eyes even by chance. Yes, salt water is also not that mild, and it pains when you put saline water into your eyes, but it has many long term and temporary benefits. Saline water treatment has already been mentioned as the first product in the list of home remedies for conjunctivitis, but this also is one of the ways you can use saline water.

saline eye drops

How to make and use saline eye drops for conjunctivitis

  • Instead of buying the eye drops fromhealth store, one can use saline water as a replacement.
  • Saline eye drops are often recommended for eyeinfections, because they are considered potent home remedies for
  • Some store bought brands contain lubricants and other medications for various conditions, but you can make a simple solution at home.
  • Distilled water is recommended since tap water can contain chemicals and impurities, but many people use plain tap water.
  • Boil one cup of water with aboutone half of a teaspoon of salt and let the liquid cool completely before using.
  • Use an eye cup or an eye dropper to rinse the eye with the cooled salt solution. The solution can be used as an eye rinse and also as a nasal solution for sinus andallergy issues.

Raw potatoes

We all love the French fries and other potato chips, but this time we are going to use potato in a different way. Even if you don’t like the taste of potato, you can use potatoes as the home remedies for conjunctivitis because you do not have to eat it. Raw potatoes are a great source of relief in eye infections. You might have already tried potato for treating dark circles if you have any. I am not sure about the effectiveness of potato in dark circles, but they are surely on of the effective home remedies for conjunctivitis.

Potato-Slice-for conjunctivitis

How to use potatoes as home remedies for conjunctivitis

  • Using potato in conjunctivitis is pretty simple. All you need to do is take a medium sized potato and cut two thin slices after peeling it.
  • Keep these slices on your eyes and let them do their work for a few minutes.
  • After waiting forsometime simply remove them after rubbing gently if it is not painful for you. In case you have swelling and extreme pain just remove them without rubbing.
  • After thatwash your eyes with cold water and your pain will surely reduce.
  • Applying potato paste is also one of the home remedies for conjunctivitis, but this one requires a lot of hard work.

Go for over the counter eye drop

Over the counter eye drops called artificial tears may relieve symptoms, but as they are the last on the list of home remedies for conjunctivitis, you should also consider them when you find no relief in any of the above stated home remedies. Some eye drops contain antihistamines or other medications that can be helpful for people with allergic conjunctivitis. Go to the medicine store and ask for the eye drop which can relieve the symptoms and make the infection disappear soon. Stay away from the eye drops for red eye because they tend to work for a while then cause rebound redness. If the symptoms are not so severe, you can also use rosewater instead of drops, as they are really effective natural home remedies for conjunctivitis.

eye drop in conjunctivitis

How to use over the counter eye drops

  • Put a few drops of rosewater in your eyes and you will see them cleaning instantly.
  • In case you do not get any relief and the symptoms are really severe, get a nice eye drop.
  • Follow the instructions given in the leaflet or use two drops of the eye drop in every eye twice to get some relief.
  • If the symptoms are still troubling your eyes, fix an appointment with the doctor.

These were home remedies for conjunctivitis that give you a list of what to use, but there are so many things you should not use in conjunctivitis, and contact lens is one of them. You should avoid a few things for at least a week after you start encountering the symptoms of conjunctivitis. These are as important as home remedies for conjunctivitis. Home remedies for conjunctivitis help you by telling you what you should do, what you should do and how you should do, but it is equally useful to know what should be avoided during conjunctivitis. Here is the list:

  • Whatever your number is, if you don’t have a pair of spectacles, buy one immediately. Contact lenses do not fit well during an eye infection because of the swelling.
  • If you still wear contact lenses, be ready to have a prolonged stay of virus in your eye and it is even possible that you get it immediately after you got rid of it through the lenses.
  • So, it is better you get a pair of disposable contact lenses if possible and replace them as soon as you see the symptoms going away.  These are small acts that have a huge impact in saving your eye from future infection.
  • If your eyes are sensitive to sunlight, wear sunglasses whenever you go out. But with sunglasses also take the same precautions you are instructed to do with contact lenses.
  • This tip may be helpful if you haveallergic eye infection. If you are living closes to a person suffering from conjunctivitis, then there are chances that you will also catch the  infection easily as it spreads from one person to another quite easily. In this case you can just avoid sharing items that directly and indirectly come in contact with the eye of the infected person.

conjunctivitis hygiene

Apart from the list, we can also generalize that older people and children with weak immunity are more prone to conjunctivitis and hence will receive a great help from the home remedies for conjunctivitis. Children are more likely to be in close contact with other children suffering from eye infections at school or playing, and the aged people, of course, have compromised immunity and eye problems like cataract. These people have high chances of suffering from conjunctivitis, but in general no one is completely safe and anybody can have conjunctivitis any time. Hence it is better to be aware of some of the universal home remedies for conjunctivitis. With the home remedies for conjunctivitis discussed above, you will not have face trouble dealing with conjunctivitis.

We have told you everything in general, but you can read your body and its symptoms. First try to figure out what is causing the infection, and fix a meeting with the doctor if you sense something serious.  Apart from this, work on your own self and get things fixed before they turn out to be complicated.