Common Digestive Disorders Home Remedies

Human and Health – Is Anyone Perfectly Fit and Healthy ?

If we talk about humans and their health, there might be rarely anyone who is completely fit and healthy. Everyone is upset due to one or the other health issue. Isn’t it? Can you say that you are perfectly healthy and have no health problems? No. I am not saying that we never remain fit and happy. We remain, whenever our all the body parts function properly and perform what they are supposed to. But, whenever there is an imbalance in doing so, we feel sick, inactive and unhappy.

common digestive disordersOf course, our body too, like machines, performs a lot of activities and hence, requires proper maintenance at regular intervals. Human body is even more complicated and difficult to handle than any other machine one can imagine about. Smiles, tears, fun, tiredness, health issues etc. are a part of our life as well as physic. Even stats can’t tell us exactly the number of healthy people in the world. But, are all health issues that chronic or fatal? No, not necessarily every health problem is such chronic disease to worry about. Some issues can be in the form of temporary or permanent disorders of some particular body organ also. Common digestive disorder is one such health issue we are going to discuss here today.

Common digestive disorder, as the name suggests, is a name given to various digestive disorders that may occur due to your improper regular diet, lifestyle, any kind of junk food that didn’t suit you, consumption of over spicy food or some other resembling activity or situation. We can easily find people around us living with one or the other digestive disorder. We can say that this has become a part of their daily routine and they too have become habitual to it. But, what types of digestive disorders are included in it? Well, here are the details regarding the same.

The common digestive disorders may include GERD (gastro-esophageal reflux disease), PUD (peptic ulcer disease), gastritis, celiac disease, IBD (inflammatory bowel disease), IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and constipation. They are not a matter to worry about until they reach a severe stage. Being mild, they will never trouble you much. But, that doesn’t mean that you’ll leave them untreated at mild stage.

Treating the disease at the mild or initial stage is the best as well as the easiest way to get rid of the disease. But, what procedure or treatment method we follow to treat the disease is also a matter of huge concern. Most of you must have preferred visiting to your doctor for every health issue. Haven’t you? You go to doctor’s clinic, tell him whatever you experience and feel, get a long prescription and start with the doses in a hope to get the problem treated, right? Do you really think it is going to help you in the long run? If you say yes it is, I must say you are mistaken.

No medicine can help you stay fit and win the survival. There is always a hidden side-effect of every medicine that no doctor or pharmaceutical is going to tell you. Friends, either you are going to believe my words or you are going to believe your experience, but, only natural remedies are capable of helping you in the long run by letting you live your life without inserting any extra side-effect into your body. There is not just or two ways by which natural or home remedies can help you stay healthy, but those are numerous. But, to treat any disease, it is always a necessary and unavoidable step to understand your disease.

Understanding a disease means being aware of the symptoms. The rule is same in case of common digestive disorders also.

The Common Symptoms of Common Digestive Disorders Are:

  • Bloating
  • Bleeding
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Heartburn
  • Incontinence
  • Vomiting and Nausea
  • Belly pain
  • Swallowing problems
  • Weight gain or loss

symptoms of common digestive disorderIf you are experiencing these symptoms, this is an indication that you have or are going to get affected by any of the common digestive disorders. There may be several reasons behind your getting affected with the same. Of course, there might be some carelessness in your diet, or lifestyle or any other activity that the disease has caught you. Let’s go into some details regarding the causes of you getting this trouble into your body.

There are several causes that are responsible for the occurrence of any form of common digestive disorder:

Causes of Common Digestive Disorders:

Poor Nutrition:

If you are consuming lots of sugar and simple carbohydrates, alcoholic drinks, artificial sweeteners and caffeine and are ignoring the diet included with fiber, proteins, vitamins and minerals, you are yourself inviting all the digestive disorders to your body.

Unhealthy Lifestyle:

Laziness, lack of sleep or over sleep, lack of exercise or no exercise and mental and emotional stress are the triggers of any digestive disorder.

Allergy or food sensitivity:

Food AllergiesLack of lactose in the body cause food sensitivity and hence, the immune system identifies it as a dangerous food and hence starts working against it.

Viral Infections:

There are many viral infections that affect the digestive system and lead to many diseases like under-active thyroid gland, diabetes etc.


Synthetic hormones and laxatives, antibiotics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs etc. are responsible for destroying the friendly bacteria in the gut and start affecting your digestive system.

Now, as you already know that there are not one or two but many reasons that can affect your digestive system badly and medicines are one of them, it time to think again in this regard. Yeah, most of you must be surprised to see the name of medicines in the list of causes, because you were yet thinking that medicines are your friends. Anyways, as you now know the reality, no need to panic. Instead go for the option which is the safest and easiest one, i.e. natural and home remedies for common digestive disorders.

medicationsThere are plenty of home remedies for common digestive disorders and you can go for any of them. The best thing about them is that they are neither expensive like antibiotics nor they are too difficult to find. You can easily get any of the below mentioned home remedies for common digestive disorders in your kitchen or garden or at least nearby grocery shop. You may be surprised to see the names we are going to tell you about, because most probably you might be using that ingredient daily in any of your activities. Anyways, we’ll not check your patience anymore and keeping it cut-short we are directly coming to the point i.e. the home remedies for common digestive disorders.

Home Remedies for Common Digestive Disorders:

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is also known as “ground apple”. This is a type of herb you may or may not be aware of. Chamomile tea is basically used as a calming drink to lower down the stress. It is made up of the flower heads of the chamomile plant. Hence, if a person is stuck with lots of stressful task of anxiety, a cup of hot chamomile tea can easily freshen up and relax his/her mind. Not only this, being rich in flavonoids and chrysin, it is known to provide many health benefits.

chamomile tea for common digestive disordersChamomile Tea for Common Digestive Disorders

Chamomile tea is also capable of dealing with your digestive problems. This becomes possible due to the anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties of this amazing herb. Hence, you can blindly trust this remedy for any of your digestive troubles. All the properties and compounds of chamomile tea place it in the list of best home remedies for common digestive disorders. Even if you are not suffering from any kind of digestive disorder, you can still enjoy the sip of it daily considering it as a mind freshening agent.

Direction of use:

  • You can easily get some chamomile tea mixture in the market.
  • Boil a cup of water and add a teaspoon of chamomile mixture to it and prepare tea.
  • Take the sips one after another when it is hot.
  • Consuming a cup of chamomile tea daily for a few days is surely going to help you out with the trouble.

Although this one out of all the home remedies for common digestive disorders is safe to use, still high concentration of chamomile in the tea can cause nausea and vomiting. You must already be aware of the fact that excess of everything is bad, no matter how much good it is.

Caraway Seeds

Caraway seed or “jeera” is something we all use on our kitchens to prepare chutneys, curry and other dishes. In earlier times, it had been used by the Europeans, romans etc. to keep the wandering lovers in check and many more resembling purposes. It was also believed to protect anything containing seed from theft. But, these are all the things of years back. Today it is used in kitchen as well as in healing purposes. The oil, fruits and seeds of caraway are now-a-days used for many medicinal purposes.

caraway seeds for common digestive disordersCaraway Seeds for Common Digestive Disorders

Out of all the home remedies for common digestive disorders, caraway seeds are considered to be the best solution for the digestion related problems. They are known to relieve the problms like constipation, stomach ulcers, heartburn, bloating, acidity and many more stomach related problems. Along with that, women also use caraway seeds to start the menstruation and prevent menstrual cramps.

Direction of use:

  • Take a cup of water and add 2 teaspoons of caraway seeds to it.
  • Now, keep it in a kettle and boil it for some time to prepare tea.
  • Steep the tea for next 15-20 minutes.
  • Now, cover it to keep it warm.
  • Drink the tea thrice a day after meals to get relieved from the problem.
  • Repeat the process for a few days until you get better results.

Although, caraway seeds are purely side-effects free, but only if used for short period of time or in small amount. Excess amount of consumption for long time duration can cause kidney or liver damage.


You may or may not be fond of this vegetable, especially, the youngsters, who prefer the fast food and skipping vegetables is there favorite hobby, right? But, if you too are in the category of people ignoring the beneficial vegetables like pumpkin, we’ll suggest you to stop doing that for your own sake. May be you are not aware of the fact that pumpkin is an amazing food to consume because it is very easy to digest due to its low value of starch and sugar.

pumpkin for common digestive disordersPumpkin for Common Digestive Disorders

The high fiber presence in pumpkin helps proper bowel movement and also helps in taking care of other digestion activities. Apart from that, pumpkin is rich in vitamin A and C that help improving the immune system so that it can fight with further health problems. The high availability of vitamins and fiber make pumpkin one of the best home remedies for common digestive disorders.

Direction of use:

  • Adding this amazing vegetable to your diet chart will be the best solution to any digestive problem.
  • Apart from that, you can also prepare a bowl of pumpkin soup and consume it.
  • You may also like a sweet dish with low amount of sugar made up of pumpkin. But, this point should not be followed excessively.

Although pumpkin is completely side-effects free, but again, excess of everything is bad. Hue consumption of pumpkin may upset your stomach and cause cramps and pain.


If you are really taste conscious and can’t ignore it for the sake of anything, this solution may work for you. Sweet and delicious yogurt can work amazing without forcing your taste buds to compromise in taste.

yogurt for common digestive disordersYogurt for Common Digestive Disorders

If used as a digestive aid, yogurt is again one of the best home remedies for common digestive disorders. It is actually the tastiest and easiest remedy to aid your digestion. But remember, not all the brands and packages of yogurt will assist you in healing your digestive problems. While searching for your favorite flavors, you must take care of the brand fulfilling the requirement of high probiotics too. If digestive aid is the main motive, the high presence of lactic acid known as acidophilus is a vital required probiotic.

Apart from that, yogurt can act as a complete aid to your immune system performance and prevent the health problems like high blood pressure.

Direction of use:

  • You don’t require preparing yogurt, so there is no need of any particular preparation procedure.
  • As mentioned above, while purchasing yogurt, take care of the probiotics and vitamins etc. which are vital in giving you good health.
  • You can consume a cup of yogurt daily without any trouble.

Yogurt is completely safe for any kind of person except those with extremely weakened immune system like people suffering from HIV/AIDS or having any recent organ transplant.


Anise is a herb, most of you might not be aware of, but, this is again a really beneficial remedy for many health problems like asthma, lice, cataract, insomnia, microbial infections and disease, skin problems etc. The more fascinating point is that it is not a plant to be particularly taken care of; instead, it is a wild herb growing in the warm regions of the Mediterranean. See, nature has given us the cure itself and we are still searching for it in antibiotics.

anise for common digestive disordersAnise for Common Digestive Disorders

The list of its benefits doesn’t end over here. It is equally beneficial in dealing with digestion related troubles too. Yes, this is an amazing point to note and understand. Anise is one of the most effective home remedies for common digestive disorders. The parts of this plant used for the medicinal purpose are fruit (oil) and seeds. Anise is rich in antispasmodic effect which helps it dealing with the digestive problems. It has the capability to ease the upset stomach, nausea, acidity problems, bloating, flatulence etc.

Direction of use:

You can prepare a cup of tea made up of anise tea seeds. For that what you require doing is to:

  • Boil a cup of water using a kettle.
  • Add one tablespoon of crushed anise seeds to it.
  • Simmer it gently for next 5-10 minutes.
  • Take a sip of it.
  • Repeat the process daily until you get relief from your problem.
  • You can also add some warm milk to the solution for the better taste.

The anise oil can also be used for the topical purpose. Although it is completely safe to use, the topical application may cause some mild, allergic skin reactions to certain people.  If you are indulged in any kind of hormonal therapy, this remedy is not the right choice for you.


Peppermint oil or peppermint tea, both derivatives of the peppermint plant can be used to relieve many health issues like skin irritation, headache, nausea, diarrhea, anxiety, depression, common cold etc. It has also been used as a flavoring agent in foods and beverages and as a fragrance in soaps and cosmetics. Peppermint oil can be taken orally or applied topically for dealing with many health issues.

peppermint for common digestive disordersPeppermint for Common Digestive Disorders

If said about common digestive disorders, peppermint oil or tea can surely provide you great relief from the digestive problems. Peppermint is known to calm the muscles of the stomach and improves the flow of bile. It is also known to reduce bloating, pain, gastric problems and diarrhea. The capability of solving all these digestive issues makes peppermint one of the most effective home remedies for common digestive disorders.

Direction of use:

If you are planning to use peppermint oil, you can simple drop some drop on your abdomen and gently massage with loose hands. It will ease your pain and other associated problems.

  • The other option is to go for peppermint tea. For that, you require the following steps:
  • Take around 7-10 well rinsed and crushed peppermint leaves and put them in a mug.
  • Now boil some water in a kettle and leave it for 2 minutes to cool down.
  • Pour the water in the mug containing the peppermint leaves.
  • Let it steep for 7-12 minutes and then remove the peppermint leaves from the tea prepared.
  • You can take its sips one after another. You can also add lemon or honey as per your wish.

If you are suffering from low sugar level or any allergic reaction, peppermint is not a good option for you.


A single piece of turmeric can fulfill all your purposes starting from the normal kitchen tasks to the use as a medicine. Whatever disease you can imagine, turmeric has the capability to treat most of them. The other purposes of turmeric include being used as a coloring agent for the yellow dresses of the Hindu saints as well as in the Hindu rituals. Use of it as a flavoring agent in the vegetables and cury is again a common thing. That means, you can’t even imagine your kitchen and even life without turmeric.

If it comes to health, turmeric can easily solve your health problems starting from the mild ones like cough and cold to the chronic ones like diabetes and heart problems.

turmeric for common digestive disordersTurmeric for Common Digestive Disorders

Talking about the digestive problems, the curcumin present in turmeric is the compound responsible for providing you relief from the abdominal pain and the other associated factors. It can even work more effectively than the medication because of the reason that medications cn gift you side-effects, but curcumin will never. Hence, you can easily trust turmeric and placing it in the list of most effective home remedies for common digestive disorders will not be a bad decision.

Along with treating the diseases, turmeric also acts as an immunity booster. Of course, the improved immunity will fight against the microbes causing diseases in a better way and help you live healthy.

Direction of use:

There is no particular way to use turmeric. You can always use it in any way you want to.

  • Taking bites of the slices of raw turmeric is the first option one can go for.
  • Next is to add turmeric to your regular diet.
  • You can use turmeric paste for topical application too.

There is no side-effect of turmeric, but, as you already know that excess of everything is bad, just take care of your consumption limit.

There are many more home remedies for common digestive disorders apart from the above mentioned. The home remedies for common digestive disorders can effectively treat you in the best way and you’ll not require any visit to your doctor until and unless you have already made your situation a critical one. It’s actually a nature of most of us that we always ignore the disease until it becomes severe and starts influencing our daily schedule and activities. This is actually wrong. A disease or infection in its initial stage doesn’t usually affect you much, but, if you are aware of the fact that you have been caught by some of the disease, the treatment must be started at that very moment.

home remedies for common digestive disordersIt is always said that “his disease got identified at last stage and now there is no other option than getting operated…..” Have you ever thought about the reason? There is no rocket science behind it. You can easily understand that it is just because of the reason that the person had ignored the initial discomforts. If any disease or infection doesn’t show any initial symptoms, that is some other case, but if they are visible, taking them lightly is not a wise decision.

Yeah, undoubtedly we all are really busy fulfilling our daily demands and have no time visiting clinics every time we feel something wrong going on, but, who said to visit clinics? There are plenty of other options on front of you, and the most feasible is home remedies. One can easily grab a remedy himself/herself and follow it for next few days.

Most of the home remedies for common digestive disorders or any other disease can be used even after getting completely treated. Yeah, this is possible because, they not only treat you, but, work to improve your immune system too. Daily consumption of them will benefit you only and this is what makes them different from other methods of treatment. One can blindly trust the home remedies and even add them to his/her regular diet too, which is never possible in case of antibiotics. If you add an antibiotic to your daily diet, you can never even imagine what will happen to you. One more thing that we thought must be shared with you people is the importance of yoga and healthy and balanced diet.

diet and yogaYeah, we know that today’s life is full of back to back schedules and nobody has time for himself/herself, but, just these two things – 30 minutes daily exercise and a balanced diet can keep half of your diseases at a bay. The reason is that they will always take care of your immune system and will never let it get in bad shape. That you must be aware of that immune system plays a vital role in keeping you fit and healthy.

We believe now you have understood the power of natural home remedies, yoga and balanced diet in managing your disease as well as your life. We don’t know about other sites or portals and we are not going to claim anything, but, here we have served you the best possible home remedies for common digestive disorders. Now, it’s completely your decision because you are the only master of your body and souls.