Home Remedies for Colitis

A whooping amount of almost $2.7 billion is spent every year directly and indirectly on the treatment of colitis, and infection that can be avoided by taking some simple precautionary measures and that can also be treated with some effective home remedies for colitis. You might not believe this at first if you have never ever tried any natural treatment, but if you know the power of nature and natural treatments, then you also know that not only colitis, but we can deal with any disease at home. Of course, if the disease is chronic and life threatening like cancer, you should take doctors help, but for something like colitis detected at the very first stage, we have effective home remedies for colitis that will take you out of the situation really soon. By the way, do you know how much harmful is colitis?


We all know that colitis is a type of inflammation in the large intestine. Large intestine is the last part of the gastrointestinal tract and is also called colon or the large bowel many times. This is the definition of colitis and those who are diagnosed with colitis recently might recall their doctor declaring the same. But what is causing your colon to get disturbed and what are the results of this inflammation? Some of the results might be visible to you in the form of symptoms by now, but there are many others that will come out on the right time. Symptoms of colitis are painful but they are an indication that something is not right with your body and if you take every minor signal by your body seriously, you can get the infection diagnosed at a stage where it has not done much damage. And diagnosing the infection at this stage makes it easy to cure with home remedies for colitis. We will talk about the home remedies for colitis in detail but before that let us see what can be the results of colitis and we will also talk about all the possible treatments of colitis. This will help you have a fair idea of what are the possible treatments and which one you should choose.

Colitis is a well known name in the medicine field and more than half of the stomach troubles arise due to this only. Many of the colitis patients might be wondering what the reason behind this is. Most of the times, colitis is caused due to an infection in the colon. This infection can be due to the presence of some virus in the large intestine, bacteria or some other parasite. Many other times we end up blaming food poisoning for creating all this trouble. Ischemic colitis is another form of colitis the reason behind which is the lack of blood flow to some parts of the intestine. Some other causes of colitis are Crohn disease, Pseudomembranous colitis or ulcerative colitis. Thankfully, whatever is the cause, home remedies for colitis is there to help you out with the treatment of the symptoms and elimination of the cause too. The symptoms of colitis are not life threatening, but if you don’t act on time, they can make you weaker and weaker day by day.

diarrhea and vomiting

Diarrhea, fever, abdominal pain, cramping, dehydrations, chills are some of the symptoms signaling towards colitis and these are the signs through which body announces that it needs attention. Sensing this if you choose to act promptly, home remedies for colitis will be enough to treat your colon. And if you choose to ignore any of these, then probably you will have to undergo a course of medicines. of course, home remedies for colitis will help you in recovering fast, but you will have to take medicinal help. This will be an extra burden not only on your pocket, but also on your health due to the long list of side effects the medicines give. If you are highly unlucky, your colitis may turn into a sever infection over time and you might need a surgery too.

Hence, the disease is not to be taken lightly at any cost, there are certain measures you can take at home in order to minimize the harm your body receives and ease up the symptoms and pain. These measures are some extremely powerful, effective and healthy home remedies for colitis.  Not only they can ease the symptoms of colitis, they will not allow the colitis to reach the next stage if you use them regularly and in the right manner. Have a look at some home remedies for ulcerative colitis that can make things better for you at your home without any substantial cost.

Home Remedies For Colitis

Cut down the amount of refined carbs you take in

You will see many home remedies for colitis in which we will tell you what has to be done, but to start with, we will tell you what you should avoid. The first step to start with once we look forward for treating colitis is simply marking on everything in your diet containing refined carbs with a danger sign. If you are a colitis patient, the refined carbs are not for you. And you won’t be disappointed with this when you know what other problems the food containing refined carbs can create.

refined carbs food

Eating refined carbohydrates leads to any health ailments like obesity, heart diseases, and even ulcerative colitis. It raises the pH of the abdomen and makes it acidic, thereby disturbing the level of useful bacteria in the colon. Sugar also helps feed certain types of bacteria and yeast-like fungi like candida, which can get out of control and cause systemic infections. Hence it always advised to colitis patients to leave eating white bread, pasta, snacks and sugary beverage. We will talk about the role of a good diet in detail once we are done with the home remedies for colitis, but this is the first thing you have to keep in mind if you want to get your infection treated.

Identify what makes your symptoms worse

After deleting refined carbs from your list, you might have to make some other changes too. Cleverly observe and try to figure out what worsens the symptoms in your body. Sometimes certain foods can make the condition worse and if you note them down, it will make you re think when you are about to eat them once again. Corn, wheat, and milk products seem to be the most common culprits, but they may vary from person to person. One patient of colitis may have severe allergy from milk and other may not experience anything like that. You choose what harms you and try to avoid all those foods, a preventive natural remedy for ulcerative colitis.


It is your body and you can understand it better, even better than any doctor. So, keeping watch on the symptoms is a wise method by which you can avoid the inconvenience in future. Take a note of every time you suffer from any of the symptoms of colitis if required and then recall what you ate. This exercise may give you the name of real enemy of your stomach.

Take diet rich in fiber

Foods containing fiber can provide you with many health benefits such as helping to maintain a healthy weight and lowering your risk of diabetes, heart disease and of course colitis. White beans, kidney beans, chickpeas, avocado, brown rice are some of the fibrous foods that you have to eat to deal with colitis effectively, one of the best home remedies for colitis.

fiber rich diet

Fiber comes in two forms- soluble fiber and insoluble dietary fiber. Both of the types are great for maintaining a healthy stomach, but you will be surprised to know that none of the fibers is absorbed by the body. Still, it has plenty of benefits for your stomach and also it is one of the tastiest home remedies for colitis. Yes, you can easily find foods that are high in fiber and taste great. So, add fibrous diet to your meal plan, but take only of one thing. Corn and white grain are also rich in fiber but if you are a colitis patient, you must stay away from these strictly.

Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek is a rich source of vitamins, phytonutrients and minerals like zinc. The use of fenugreek as a laxative and digestive is already known, but its effectiveness in infections like colitis is lesser known to the world. The ability of fenugreek seeds of curing all the digestion related problems, and the credit for it being one of the home remedies for colitis as well goes to zinc. Zinc found in fenugreek seeds is an essential nutrient that helps in keeping the large intestine and free from infections. Only a few foods and supplements can fulfill the demand for zinc in our body and fenugreek is one of the best natural sources of zinc. Hence fenugreek is one of the best home remedies for colitis.

fenugreek seeds for colitis

To get rid of severe diarrhea due to colitis, fenugreek seeds can be used as home remedies for colitis. The high mucilage content in fenugreek seeds will bulk up your stool, and thus help reduce the severity of diarrhea. Take teaspoon of fenugreek seeds and soak them in a glass of water overnight. Drink this water right after waking up in the morning. Alternatively, you can also chew some fenugreek seeds after taking meals during daytime.

Vitamin C with lemon

Lemon is a citrus fruit which not only makes a delicious drink, but also has excellent anti- bacterial properties and hence it is also one of the best natural home remedies for colitis. It has the unique ability to kill the bacteria in the small intestines and digestive system that cause colitis. In addition to this lemon is a good source of vitamin C, the vitamin known to boost our immune system and thereby speeding up the recovery.

lemon for colitis

Hence lemon is directly effective in curing the infection in the large intestine, and also it is indirectly effective by making your disease fighting capability stronger. To use lemon as one of the home remedies for colitis and get rid of all the problems due to colitis, you just have to drink lemon water. You can simply add a lemon to your salad or mix it in a glass of water with salt and sugar. Drink this mixture ever 2- 3 hours. One can also add honey to the glass of water to avail additional health benefits.


The yellow colored herbal powder is nowadays the much talked about herb in the entire world because of its unbelievable and magnificent medicinal properties. Turmeric is the ultimate healer when it comes to curing diseases, and also it is amazing protector when it comes to protecting humans from life threatening diseases. Turmeric has its name in the medicinal science since ages, but after years of research, we today are sure about its safety as well as effectiveness.

Turmeric for colitis

It is one of the most preferred products used by humans for healing purposes since ancient times and also one of the best home remedies for colitis. You should use it regardless of what medical condition you are in. it is beneficial for a colitis patient, and also equally good when taken by a perfectly healthy person. Several reports recently have also proved its effectiveness in prevent cancer and diabetes. So, this must be on the top of the list of you home remedies for colitis, and all other health ailments. If you want even speedy recovery, mix half tablespoon of turmeric powder in a glass of milk and drink it daily. It may not taste good but will heal your body really fast from the damage caused by the bacteria.

Regular workout makes things easy

As it has been mentioned earlier as well, we need to incorporate major changes into our lifestyle. The one who is suffering from this colitis problem has to take much more care of a few things than other normal beings. For instance only exercise can heal the damage caused to our body due to prolonged infection leading to ulcerative colitis and act as one of the best home remedies for colitis. In addition, exercise keeps the body healthy, reduces stress, improves mood, fights depression and reduces cravings. All of us are very busy in today’s fast moving world.

gym and workout

Nobody has time to relax, but those who cannot manage to find time for exercise will have to find time for illness. This is the main cause behind many serious health ailments. Keeping this in mind start with light workout and gradually increase the difficulty levels. Sometimes you will find it impossible to sleep because of the severe symptoms, and hence waking up next day might be a challenging task. In such cases, try to relax and take complete sleep. You can also try yoga and meditation. These two help a person to have more control over his mind and desires. And mental determination is what you need to cure colitis and the patience to bear the pain.  It can also be helpful when dealing with significant stress and emotional struggles. In addition, meditation helps relax your mind and soul.

Drink plenty of water

The main reason of colitis sometimes becoming fatal in most of the patients is loss of fluid. It can happen all of a sudden with unstoppable vomiting, diarrhea, or may take a few days. You have to be sure that you drink more water than you loose out due to the infection daily. This is the best way to beat the disease and a very effective natural remedy for colitis. Nothing can be easier than drinking a lot of water, and it has considerable impact on healing your wounds. And of course, you already are aware of many health benefits of drinking water.

drink more water

All you have to do is to drink a lot and lot of water. But not just any water, you need to drink bottled water or water purified with iodine or chlorine.  Make sure you boil the water before drinking. Not only water, you can also take other liquids like coconut water, buttermilk, herbal tea or orange juice throughout the day. Watermelon is a great source of fluid and you may find other such fruits as well. Make it a habit to give your body plenty of fluid and you will notice the differences yourself.

Take herbal help

Herbs have a lot of medicinal properties which we extract from them and take in the form of medicines. Instead of doing this, we can directly take benefit of these natural plants, as they are the best natural remedies for ulcerative colitis. In ulcerative colitis one can use herbs for managing inflammation and easing ulcerative colitis symptoms that are very painful. Boswellia serrata, Curcumin and Withania are used for treating ulcerative colitis due to their strong anti-inflammatory properties as well as their ability to support the body against stress. You may also find relief with chamomile and psyllium seeds.

herbs in colitis

Chamomile is in news these days and all the tea drinkers are gradually shifting towards tie herbal tea. Adding chamomile tea to your daily schedule reduces stomach aches, improves digestion, and also relieves you from colitis symptoms making them one of the best home remedies for colitis. This magnificent tea soothes your stomach as well as large intestine, helps you digest your food better so that the food you eat will be less likely to produce gas. Using it as one of the home remedies for colitis is not only effective, but also extremely easy. Dip the chamomile tea bag in a cup of water. Drink it two times in a day to get rid of the all the problems and discomfort that are caused by colitis. You can add cardamom or ginger to improve the taste and health quotient of chamomile tea.

You may need these home remedies for colitis in combination with medicines if your symptoms are prolonged or severe. And many times, home remedies for colitis will be all you need to get rid of the inflammation as well as infection in the large intestine. Sometimes you also might need these home remedies for colitis even when you don’t experience any symptoms at all. Yes, if you get to know about the disease by chance, or while getting treatment for some other stomach issue and you haven’t yet experienced any symptom, then home remedies fro colitis are the best solution to your problem. You will be able to get rid of the problem soon.


Sitting and waiting for the symptom to appear is not at all a wise idea and unnecessarily torturing your body with heavy medicines also is not a healthy decision. So, with home remedies for colitis, you can resolve your purpose while gifting your body health and immunity.  Yes, all these home remedies for colitis improves your overall health and protects you from several diseases by strengthening the immune system. If symptoms are not there, just rely on home remedies for colitis, but if you have mild to acute symptoms, these natural remedies might not be enough.

You will have to bring some major changes in your diet and also in your lifestyle. Dietary changes are simple- stop eating for your tongue and start eating for a healthy stomach. Include more of fresh fruits and veggies in your diet and avoid alcoholic and carbonated beverages. Apart from this, have plenty of rest if you are suffering from severe symptoms. You need to sleep more and make yourself stress free to let the natural products do their work. If the symptoms are disturbing you daily routine and are not letting you sleep during night, then you must consult your doctor. He will either give you medicines to ease the symptoms temporarily or will recommend some tests. And in case you can sleep comfortably and the symptoms are not creating obstruction in your daily life, go ahead with the home remedies for colitis. Take proper care of your health and improve your eating and living habits in order to manage the symptoms while following the above home remedies for colitis.