Colic Home Remedies

Dreams about a quite, cute and angel baby fades away when your baby turns a month old and he has time for nothing but only busy with crying and yelling. Initially you must think that it is common and babies do cry. It is obvious that babies cry but not without any reason. It is important to understand whether your baby is crying for his needs or he has developed symptoms of colic.

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In short we can say your child is colic if he cries for more than two hours everyday then you should definitely see it as a signal for the disease. But other than this there are a few other symptoms you should verify before coming to the conclusion.  There is a thin line separating these two. Your baby can cry any time during day and night hours, but if it is colic, he / she will usually yell at a specific time of the day. Usually the noise will be high in your house in the evening hours. Crying may be due to hunger, fatigue, or pain due to any reason, but if it is not about all these, it is definitely colic condition. In 90% of the cases it goes away after 4 months, but these four months are actually not so easy when you only see your child crying day and night. So, here we bring you a collection of some natural, easy to use home remedies for colic, to help you and your baby with relief and happiness from colic naturally and carefully.

Home Remedies For Colic

To resolve the issue soon and see your child playing happily rather than crying, there are certain home remedies for colic which solve the problem by addressing the cause behind it.


Make sure it is not gas that is creating all the trouble.

This is the very first problem you need to check with your baby. This is a real problem with infants. They swallow a lot of air while feeding and these air bubbles trap inside the stomach sometimes causing pain and your child yells like anything when these air bubbles trouble him / her. To minimize the gas issue, just try to feed him before he starts crying of hunger. This will make him take the feed patiently and he will take in more milk and less air. The next thing to be careful about is the posture in which your baby take his feed. Try to keep him upright. Once you are done keep his/her head above your shoulder and hold him there for a minute or two till he gets out excess of gas entered through burps. This is the best natural home remedies for colic.


Try to distract him



With some pleasant and loud enough noises you can take his mind out of crying and all his attention will shift towards the loud noise. He might start observing something, or can try to find out from where it is actually coming. But this is sure that he will stop crying, at least for a few minutes. You can try this natural home remedy for colic by switching on the vacuum cleaner all of a sudden, or can make him distract with washing machine. Any loud ad noisy machine will solve the purpose.


Keep check on the position your baby take feed

Pause often during feedings to burp your baby. Sometimes smaller, more-frequent feedings are helpful. It is a better natural home remedy for colic. If you are breast-feeding, it may help to allow your baby to feed at one breast until it’s nearly empty before switching sides. This provides your baby with rich, fatty hind milk, potentially more satisfying than the lighter, thirst-quenching foremilk present at the start of a feeding.


Treat him with running water

Water is the only thing that can calm up a literally screaming baby. It is one of the simplest techniques, but the most effective one to place a bowl in the sink and turn on the faucet. Hold your baby next to the sink so he can hear the water cascading into the bowl. If the kitchen sink doesn’t produce enough volume, perhaps try the bathroom sink. An enclosed space, like a bathroom, may accentuate the soothing sounds of water. Take lukewarm water instead of hot one in a hot-water bottle and place it against your baby’s stomach. It is a better soothing natural home remedy for colic.


Soothe his abdomen


You can place a soft towel soaked in lukewarm water in order to ease him with gas and any other abdominal discomfort which may be a hidden reason behind his crying. Massage with any baby oil in circular motion around the abdomen is also very relaxing. Massaging will also help him get rid of gas trapped inside the abdomen. You can use coconut oil or any other oil you are using for your baby for massaging. Just take care while doing this, take it with light hand and do not apply too much pressure on the abdomen. It is a more gentler and relaxing natural home remedy for colic.


Try to give skin to skin contact

Pediatricians often recommend carrying and cuddling a colicky baby as much as possible. However, studies have failed to show that carrying actually causes a reduction in crying. On the other hand, carrying the baby frequently before colic ever sets in may prevent the condition from developing in the first place. Cuddling your baby more frequently also help him gain weight faster. The best natural home remedy for colic, which brings you closer to your baby, and makes your baby happier too.


Change your diet

When you are breastfeeding your infant, you must remember that what you eat will somehow affect the baby as well. Avoid too much spicy food and packaged contents as they contain preservatives which also are a cause of gas problems in infants. Try to eat fresh fruits and vegetables to keep your child calm and easy. This is the healthiest natural home remedy for colic, for you and your baby.


Experiment with bottles

If you are feeding with a bottle, there are a variety of bottles and nipples from which to choose. This will act as a more careful natural home remedy for colic. Trying a different type of bottle or nipple which could help ease some of your baby’s symptoms. Bottles that have disposable, collapsible bags may lessen the amount of air your baby swallows. The target is to reduce somehow the air your baby take in while feeding.

With all these natural home remedies for colic you can have an easy day with your baby, but only when you keep yourself calm and stable. It is actually irritating and tiring, but being a mother is another name for being patient. Handle things with care, love and patience and you will have control over your child’s crying.