Chest Congestion Home Remedies

Chest Congestion – Are You A Victim of It ?

Do you often feel it troublesome to breathe properly? You may also be feeling a strange heaviness and tightness around your chest, right? You may have ignored it at some point of time, but, later on, realized that the condition is getting severe. Many more visible factors may also be present. Have you got it diagnosed? If not, it’s time to hurry up as there may be a new health issue accumulating in your body. This may be chest congestion. This disease, in its worst form is more that capable of destroying you completely you completely. But, what is this disease? What are its symptoms? How does it occur? Is there any way to treat it? Well, don’t get lost midst the cross-roads of questions and take a U-turn. Here we are going to discuss everything today starting from the disease to its symptoms and treatment methods, especially home remedies for chest congestion. You must be aware of the fact that home remedies can give you better response as compared to other treatment methods. But folks, before getting into cure & solution, we got to spend some time and effort into understanding the ailment.

chest congestionIf we talk about chest congestion, it is an unpleasant & painful feeling in the form of tightness and heaviness around the chest area due to accumulation of some type of fluid and mucus in the lungs. Guys, if anyone of you is suffering from chest congestion, it is a matter of concern, but, not to the extent that you start panicking, because it can be treated easily. Although, it should never be ignored or avoided as it is a condition indicating severe heart or lung disease. Hence, it too, like other chronic diseases, requires urgent medical attention. The medical attention can only begin with consulting your doctor who will further send you for the diagnosis to identify the disease which is done by the collaborated results that come after various tests and medical procedures.

Chest congestion also shows some indications or you can also say symptoms by which you can identify that you have become a victim of it or not. These symptoms play a handy role in diagnosis. The symptoms of chest congestion are not that difficult to identity. Heavy, tightened chest associated with mild or extreme chest pain are the very common symptoms of chest congestion. But, the list doesn’t end over here. There are many more symptoms one should know about.

Symptoms of Chest Congestion

  • Coughing
  • Labored Breathing
  • Short Breath
  • Chest Pain
  • Runny Nose
  • Wheezing
  • Dizziness
  • Blood in Cough
  • Loud noises while breathing etc.

symptom of chest congestion

These symptoms seem to be very common, but, if they reach the severe level, it can be very painful and difficult for the victim to face them. It is undoubtedly, itself an infectious disease, but, sometimes, chest congestion can also be a symptom of some other chronic disease. For example, if you are facing huge trouble in breathing, there may be some other serious health issue taking place. So, one must always be careful while identifying the symptoms of chest congestion.

As, you are already aware of the symptoms of chest congestion, it’s time to move further towards the causes of the same. Guys, if you are suffering from some disease or infection, there is always a cause behind it that you must be aware of.


The Different Causes of Chest Congestion Are:

1. Common Cold- Common cold seems really mild, but, it can also cause severe problems. There may be many reasons behind it, but, it normally occurs due to the cold things or in winter season. The infection may further lead to runny and stuffy nose, cough, sore throat, sneezing, watery eyes etc. If left untreated, it may further lead to chest congestion, pain and severe cough too.

2. Asthma- Asthma occurs when there is an inflammation in lower airways inside your lungs. If an asthma patient gets caught by cold, the condition can become severe and unbearable. The further symptoms of asthma are – difficulty breathing, wheezing, coughing, sometimes chest congestion, pain etc.chest congestion
3. Bronchitis- It is an inflammation caused by bacterial or viral infection of bronchial tubes or primary airways within the lungs. The people who do lots of smoking are more prone to bronchitis.

4. Flu- Most of the times flu is claimed to be really mild and an infection one can easily get rid of, but, in some cases one can see severe consequences. It generally shows the symptoms like cough, sore throat, high fever, headache, body aches etc., but, if it becomes severe, it can even lead to difficulty in breathing, severe cough, pain and chest congestion too.

5. Airborne Allergies- These are never that severe to be considered until they are related to lungs or nasal activities. Of course, they also need proper treatment before they start affecting you more and causing the severe troubles like lungs pain, breathing difficulty and chest congestion.

6. Gastro-esophageal reflux- It is a health condition in which the esophagus becomes irritated and inflamed because of the acid backing up from the stomach. This may be caused by your lifestyle, diet, excessive use of medications etc. This my further lead to sore throat, heartburn, chest congestion, abdominal pain etc.

7. Croup- It is a viral infection that leads to the respiratory illness in children. It is usually seen in the children between the ages of six months to three years. The symptoms of the disease include barking cough, hoarseness, difficulty in breathing and chest congestion.

8. Heart Failure- When the heart can’t pump blood properly and effectively through the body, it may result in heart failure. Lung congestion is a primary symptom of this disease because of the accumulation of fluid in the lungs.

9. Pneumonia- There is no particular microorganism responsible for it. Any bacterial, fungal, viral or parasitic infection can lead to pneumonia. Further, pneumonia leads to fever, fatigue, nasal congestion, difficulty in breathing and chest congestion.pneumonia
10. Tuberculosis- This infectious disease is caused in lungs by the bacteria mycobacterium tuberculosis. Not only lungs, but this infection can also affect spine, kidneys and brain. Being in lungs, it can cause severe coughing, pain, breathing difficulty and chest congestion.

11. Cystic Fibrosis- This disease is mostly diagnosed in the early ages of any person. Almost all the CF patients begin to experience respiratory symptoms within the first couple of years of life. This usually leads to advanced lung disease and may also affect the reproductive tract and the sweat glands.

Although, among all these common cold is the most common cause of chest congestion, but, foreign invaders like virus, fungus and bacteria can also lead to the same. Over here, we have seen all the symptoms and causes of the chest congestion. But, who are at higher risk of it? Who are the people that can get the symptoms of the disease in them very easily? Well, this is also something one should know about. The answer is here.

There are certain groups who are at higher risk of getting affected with chest congestion:

  • Babies and younger children
  • Children with developmental problems
  • People who are overweight
  • Pregnant women
  • Elderly people
  • People who do lots of smoking
  • People with long term health conditions like asthma, heart disease, kidney disease etc.
  • People with weakened immune system

childrenAll the people who are more prone to chest congestion need to take extra care of themselves, as, at initial stage, it may or may not harm you much, but once left untreated, it can be fatal for you. Taking doctor’s advice is not a bad decision, but getting dependent on the antivirals will not be beneficial in long run. Antibiotics can undoubtedly give you the satisfactory results, but, on the other side, they’ll inject one or the other side-effect with every dose.

It’s always better to be safe since the very initial stage so as not to lose the battle. Like every other war with the mild or chronic health issues, natural or you can say home remedies are here again to help you win with your terms and conditions. What should I worry about if Mother Nature herself is with me, right? Yes, you can feel relaxed and glad that in this case also, because you can treat yourself along with keeping the side-effects at a bay.

There are a variety of home remedies for chest congestion that you can easily find and use to get rid of the symptoms of the disease. Let’s go through some of them. After reading and following the further remedies, you say yourself that these are the best home remedies for chest congestion.

Home Remedies For Chest Congestion


Everyone must be aware of this kitchen ingredient and some of you must also be familiar with its effectiveness as a remedy for many diseases. But, for those who don’t know much about this, let’s us give some brief details.

turmeric for chest congestionTurmeric has hugely been used in Asian countries since ages for many purposes. It has been used as a coloring agent to give you color to the dishes and coloring the holy dresses of Hindus. If we talk about diseases, it is known to treat many mild and chronic diseases starting from cough and cold to heart disease and diabetes. For all the health ailments, the compound making turmeric effective is curcumin.

Turmeric for Chest Congestion

It is curcumin only in case of chest congestion also that helps turmeric cure any disease. This compound is believed to expel the mucus and provide complete relief from the chest congestion. That’s why we can say that turmeric is one of the best home remedies for chest congestion.

Direction of Use:

  • At first, you need to take a teaspoon of turmeric and add it to one cup of warm water.
  • Add some two teaspoons of honey and a pinch of black pepper to it.
  • Now, drink it warm.
  • Repeat the process 2-3 times in a day to get better results.

Although, it doesn’t taste that good, but you can have some bites of raw turmeric too.


This citrus fruit tastes good to all those who love sour taste. Summer season and a glass full of chilled lemon water or “shikanji” – what else does one require? Do you know that this sour and citrus fruit can be a solution to many of your health ailments too?

lemon for chest congestionWell, yes. Lemon can solve your health problems to a considerable extent. The acidic nature of lemon helps balance the body ph level. Further, the vitamin C and flavonoids available in lemon prevent you from a variety of flu and cold and increase the body immunity. It can also be used to detoxify the liver and maintain the proper bowel movements.

Lemon for Chest Congestion

In case of chest congestion, the citric acid present in lemon thins down the mucus and hence it is easily discarded out of the body. The assistance of vitamin C in increasing the body immunity helps getting rid of the root cause of the problem. This proves that no medicine or any other treatment method can beat the home remedies for chest congestion.

Direction of Use:

  • At first, squeeze a fresh lemon and take a teaspoon of lemon juice
  • Add it with a glass full of warm water and honey
  • Drink the solution as it is.
  • Repeat the process twice a day for better results.


This is not only a well-known kitchen ingredient used in our cuisine, but can also be used to achieve many medicinal purposes. And of course, none of the roles are new; instead they have been the uses of garlic since thousands of years.

garlicGarlic contains various constituents, but, its primary compound is allicin and this only compound is responsible for carrying all the medicinal properties of garlic to our body. In order to make our body absorb allicin, garlic must be fermented to break down the components of this beneficial compound. The powerful healing capabilities of garlic are due to the numerous water-soluble sulfur compounds, making garlic a really effective remedy for healing the ailments.

Garlic for Chest Congestion

In case of chest congestion, the medicinal properties and active components of garlic help the immune system perform better and relieve the symptoms of the disease. These properties of garlic place it in the list of top 10 home remedies for chest congestion.

Direction of use:

  • Add 2-3 crushed garlic cloves and honey to a cup of water.
  • Boil and strain the solution.
  • Allow it to cool and drink the solution 2 times a day
  • Repeat it for next few days until you get relief from chest congestion.

If you can bear the taste and smell of garlic, consuming it raw is the best solution to treat any disease.


Who can forget this added up edible ingredient of every vegetable? This kitchen ingredient is not limited to kitchen only; instead it can treat many of your health ailments. Our moms are very well aware of the benefits of onion, right? Jokes apart, onion can really do great to our health and mind. You can easily use this remedy in any way you want, i.e. either by rubbing it on the affected area or by consuming it.

onion for chest congestionOnion for Chest Congestion

Out of all the home remedies for chest congestion, I must say that this one is the historic one. Onions contain the sulfur and quercetin that help to break down the mucus and hence help discarding it easily. The role doesn’t end up here. Onion prevents the further build-up of mucus too hence keeping chest congestion at a bay.

Direction of use:

  • At first, grind an onion and prepare a thin paste out of it.
  • Now, press the paste to get the juice out of it and add 2 teaspoons of water, 1 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of honey to it.
  • Stir and prepare a lukewarm solution by heating it.
  • Consume the solution thrice a day.
  • Repeat the process to keep the problem at a bay.


Who will not want to get cured with this sweet and delicious remedy? Honey as you already know is a way to treat many health issues starting from cough to herpes. Not only for health issues, but honey is also considered as a very effective treatment for skin and hair problems. Honey is very well known to nourish the skin and hair.

honey for chest congestionThis tasty ingredient contains many antiseptic and antimicrobial properties that make it an effective home remedy for most of the health ailments. You can use this remedy either by consuming it or as a topical treatment.

Honey for Chest Congestion

In case of chest congestion, the way honey treats you places it in the list of most powerful home remedies for chest congestion. Honey is known as a natural cough suppressant (cough is one of the common causes of chest congestion).

Honey is claimed to thin down the mucus and making its discard easy. The antimicrobial properties help our immune system fight against the microbes causing chest congestion.

Direction of use:

  • Mix ½ teaspoon of black pepper to the same quantity of honey and prepare a paste with it.
  • Consume that paste 2-3 times a day.
  • Repeat the process daily to get better results.

You can also consume it directly or mix it with warm water and drink the solution.

Bay Leaf

You must have heard about bay leaf, right? Not on regular basis, but it is also a member of our kitchen ingredients. Bay leaf is a kitchen ingredient which is mainly considered to be the seasoning agent in different vegetables and soups. Some of you may be aware of it as a remedy for some of the health ailments too, but, most of the people haven’t even thought of it in this direction. But guys; now it’s time to think again and understand its medicinal properties too.

bay leaf for chest congestionBay leaf contains the natural antibiotics that fight against the bacteria and don’t allow it to spread.

Bay Leaf for Chest Congestion

This property of bay leaf can help you in chest congestion too by reducing the bacteria in your lungs. Now, if you consider placing it among the effective home remedies for chest congestion, that won’t be a bad decision. Its amazing natural properties are surely going to help you get rid of your trouble.

Direction of use:

  • Take some fresh bay leaves and put them in a cup of boiling water.
  • Allow it to soak and then strain the solution.
  • Drink the solution.
  • Repeat the process daily until you get rid of chest congestion.

Salt Water Gargle

Gargling is something that can be used whenever you feel even a mild sore throat. It is the easiest way to keep the throat problems at a bay. This method is also used to keep the throat clear. Gargling is simply done using warm salt water. But, to follow this way, you need to forget your laziness for next 5-10 minutes, because gargling demands that time duration.

gargling for chest congestionSalt Water Gargle for Chest Congestion

But, what is the relation between salt water gargle and chest congestion? This is also one of the easiest and most effective home remedies for chest congestion because of its process and ingredients used. It is actually a common method to get rid of chest congestion. Salt has the capability to remove mucus from the respiratory tract and hot water provides relief from the irritation and inflammation in the throat.

Direction of use:

  • Add 1 teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm (bearable) water.
  • Stir the solution to allow salt get dissolved thoroughly.
  • Gargle with the solution (Don’t ingest it as it can cause vomiting).
  • Repeat the process 3-4 times a day daily until you get rid of chest congestion.

You can also add a pinch of turmeric to the solution as it will add to the benefit only.


A cup of ginger tea is the favorite of many people no matter whatever the weather is. A simple little bit of ginger is capable of doing wonders to us. This is an amazing root that can treat many of our health ailments.

ginger for chest congestionGinger for Chest Congestion

Ginger can be a real help in case of chest congestion too. It possesses the anti-inflammatory properties which reduce the inflammation in the respiratory tract. The natural compound found in ginger, polyphenol, is known to remove mucus from the lungs and prevent its further secretion. It also assists the immune system to fight against the root cause of chest congestion and helps you get rid of the trouble. The amazing benefits of ginger place it among the most effective home remedies for chest congestion.

Direction of use:

  • Add 1 teaspoon of fresh chopped ginger to a cup of hot water and cover the solution.
  • Let it steep for next 5 minutes and then stir the solution.
  • Add some honey to it and drink it hot.
  • Repeat the process thrice daily for a few days for better results.

You can also chew the small bits of ginger throughout the day if you can bear and ignore its taste.

Although, there is no side-effect and it is completely safe, people will gall bladder and stone issues are recommended not to consume ginger.


You must be familiar with this kitchen ingredient. We normally prefer cooking food with coconut oil or mustard oil. Mustard also plays a vital in Hindu rituals. Along with that, mustard consists of the anti-inflammatory and other medicinal properties that are beneficial in treating many health issues.

mustard for chest congestionMustard for Chest Congestion

If we talk about chest congestion, the anti-inflammatory properties of mustard help fight against the infection and hence help get rid of the inflammation in the respiratory tract. Mustard plaster on the chest helps to heal the chest congestion and other respiratory infections like bronchitis, sinus etc.  Applying it on regular basis can help remove the mucus from the lungs also. The healing effects and properties of mustard place it among the most preferred home remedies for chest congestion.

Direction of use:

  • Mix 3-5 teaspoons of mustard in a cup of flour.
  • Add some water to prepare a thin paste.
  • Apply olive oil on your chest.
  • Now apply the mustard floor paste on it and cover it with a clean muslin cloth.
  • Remove the cloth after 1 hour.

Mustard is very hot, so, it may cause dome irritation initially. If you feel any kind of inflammation or discomfort, remove it immediately.

This remedy is not for the people with very sensitive skin.


Having a cup of hot soup is something one likes the most, especially, if it is winter season. It’s not only a tasty and mind blowing consumption, but is equally nutritious also. Consuming a bowl full of soup on regular basis will solve many of your health problems as well as will improve your immunity to fight against many other problems.

soup for chest congestionSoup for Chest Congestion

Chest congestion can also be treated with this remedy very effectively. The hot soup is known to reduce the inflammation in the throat and the respiratory tract. Further, the black pepper added to the soup can easily remove the mucus from the lungs and prevent its future build-up.

If you don’t hate consuming chicken, the chicken soup will serve you the best. But, if you are a pure vegetarian, you can prepare soup including ginger, tomato or corn or some other resembling ingredient. After seeing the effective response of soup towards the chest congestion, you will place it yourself in the list of most preferred home remedies for chest congestion.

Whatever is the disease or infection, precautions play a vital role in healing the trouble and making you fit again. Not only serving your infection with these remedies will solve your problem. You will require taking care of some precautions too. Some of the precautions that you need to follow over here along with the home remedies for chest congestion are:


Precautions for Chest Congestion

Say No to Sugar

Refined sugar can add up to the problem by increasing the mucus production. Try avoiding excess sugar or complex carbohydrates until you get completely out of the trouble with the help of home remedies for chest congestion.

Leave Smoking

smoking“Smoking is injurious to health”- this statement has been written even on the cigarette wrappers, but, none follow. People still enjoy puffing out the smoke just to feel stress free. Guys, this is not a way to ease your stress; instead smoking is killing you inside every day. Not only in case of chest congestion, but you should leave smoking for now and for forever if you really want to stay safe and healthy. No home remedies for chest congestion or any other treatment method can work if you continue with your smoking habits.

Uncover Your Nose

If you are having a habit of covering your nose while sleeping, forget this habit for next few days until the home remedies for chest congestion end up with their work.

These are some common habits that you need to leave in order to remain safe and healthy and yeah, chest congestion free. While treating any disease, you need to take care of each and every parameter so as to get rid of the health problem fast and easy.

All the home remedies for chest congestion and precautions provided above are for your sake only. Sickness not only affects you physically, but, it also affects you mentally, emotionally and socially i.e. every aspect you can imagine. A sick person can never perform to his/her best in any aspect of life or career. And fitness demands some small sacrifices.

These home remedies for chest congestion or for any other disease can never do anything alone. You need to be extra careful about your diet, lifestyle and hygiene. There are two things that have the capability to solve more than half of your health agonies.

The first one is yoga and exercises. Yoga and exercise are not only to keep the diseases at a bay, but they also can help you feel relaxed from mind and soul too. A regular practitioner of these activities can get affected by the foreign invaders like the microbes, pollution etc. lesser than the people not practicing the same.

nutritious dietThe second is not any extraordinary thing, but, it can always do wonders to you. It is “water”. Your elders must always be suggesting you to drink plenty of water. One is always suggested to drink minimum 4-5 liters water per day. If you are a regular practitioner to the exercises and plenty of water, believe me, you’ll rarely require any kind of treatment method for any disease. The ordinary looking water and yoga practices can gift you the life one dreams about with lots of courage and confidence. If you follow the same in case of chest congestion also, you’ll never require any treatment method, whether it is home remedies for chest congestion or any other artificial way.