Canker Sores Home Remedies

Canker sores have bothered all of us at some point of time in life. They are as irritating and painful as they are common. These reddish spots inside our mouth ban our eating and even drinking hot beverages fro a few days. The reason behind canker sores is totally hidden till now. Starting as a red patch of oval skin, they will typically become increasingly inflamed and develop a white or yellowish spot in the middle. The pain will be at its peak at this stage. And finally they will start drying up and vanish slowly. But they can knock the doors once again any time.


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It is hence important to keep some handy cure for canker sores at home, so that you can make things easy and say good bye to these painful sores in just a couple of days instead of bearing them for weeks. We tell you not to bring the cure home, but find effective cures at home itself. Your own home is full of remedies that you can use to ease the pain and enhance the healing. All you need to know is what to choose and how to use. Here is a list of some canker sore home remedies that can be used to deal with canker sores.

Home Remedies For Canker Sores



Drinking tea may irritate your sore even more, but using it in some other manner is very helpful in treating them, making them one of the best canker sore home remedies. Instead of drinking tea, just take tea bags after dipping in boiling water for some time apply it on the canker sores. Tea is an alkaline so as tea bags, so it will neutralize acids that irritate the sore; tea also contains compounds that may help relieve pain.




Sage is a natural herb that can be used to treat canker sores. It is very effective in relieving pain and offering quick healing by killing all the bacteria and viruses. It is also helpful in reducing inflammation and soreness, making it an all natural canker sore remedy. All you have to do is prepare a mixture sage. For the mixture, take a cup of boiling water and add two tablespoon of dried sage to it. Boil it after covering with a lid for a few minutes. Allow it to cool and then rinse your mouth a few times with this solution to treat canker sores.


Baking soda

Being alkaline in nature, baking soda acts on canker sores by neutralizing the acids which makes the sores irritating and painful. Baking soda is also used to prevent the growth of bacteria and keep the sores infection free, making it an effective equivalent of the canker sore home remedies . Mix one tablespoon of baking soda in approximately half cup of water and rinse your mouth with this mixture twice daily. take lukewarm water for best results.


Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a strong disinfectant and will protect your canker sore from becoming infected, making it a strong canker sore remedy. Use hydrogen peroxide the same way you would use mouthwash, but unlike milk of magnesia you can not swallow even a sip of it, it will be harmful. You can even use it in diluted form by making a disinfectant from combination of hydrogen peroxide, water and baking soda. Mix hydrogen peroxide and water in equal amounts and then add a teaspoon of baking soda to this mixture. It will provide instant relief and will heal up the discomfort created by canker sore in just a few days.


Licorice root


Licorice root is a very common herb in the list of home remedies for various health ailments. It is easily available on health or food stores and can cure your canker sores. The tea we make using the root of licorice is an excellent home remedy for canker sore to treat and eliminate these sores. Use one tea bag per cup of boiling water and step, covered for 10 minutes, then drink.


Aloe vera

Aloe plant is generally called first aid plant as it can be used in almost every skin ailment to give instant relief. It is so because of excellent skin repairing, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that aloe vera gel has. Due to all these it is the first thing that comes to our mind when we see sores in our mouth. All you have to do is take an aloe vera leaf, tear it apart from the middle and the gel which comes out of it is what you need. Apply that gel swiftly on the skin affected by sores to see it vanishing very fast. Repeat this practice two times a day till you feel the skin is uneven. If it is not possible to get the leaf, you can go for aloe vera ointment which can be taken from any grocery store, but go for the most natural one. It will definitely stop pain and reduce redness, making it a really soothing canker sore home remedy.


Milk of magnesia

Milk of magnesia has antacid properties in it that neutralizes the acids present in the mouth. The acids may cause your canker sores to sting if present nearby your sores affected area, but yet it is a really effective canker sore remedy. Just take a sip of milk of magnesia while rinsing the canker sores. It is even beneficial to just apply the same with a cotton swab 3 times a day.


Saline water

This one is the simplest and easiest possible home remedy for canker sores. All you have to do is grab a spoon of salt from your kitchen and mix it in a glass of lukewarm water. Daily prepare this solution and rinse your mouth with it till the canker sores disappear. Higher concentrations of sodium chloride draw water from surrounding tissues by osmosis, which helps heal abscesses and open wounds such as canker sores.




Lysine, basically an amino acid, can treat canker sores by addressing the deficiencies related to these sores, making it a good canker sore home remedy. Similarly, vitamin C and zinc are other components which you may need as  canker sore home remedy. As far as lysine is concerned, you will get readymade capsules from health store and you can take them after consulting your doctor regarding dosage. But for vitamin C we have two choices, either capsules or the citrus fruits loaded with vitamin C. Citrus fruits in some cases make canker sores even worse if the patients directly eat them. It is hence advised to go for capsules only to avoid bad consequences. With zinc also it is quite simple, just go for 30mg zinc capsules every day starting from the time you see canker sore appearing.

With all these canker sore remedies will not be able to bother for too long. All these are capable of elevating pain and speeding up the healing process as well making them very potent canker sore remedies. You can choose one of the above canker sore home remedies or can even use them in combination with others.