Home Remedies for Brain Hemorrhage

Are Home Remedies a perfect solution for brain hemorrhage?

We all know that rupture of an artery causes discharge of blood in the brain, leading to the chronic condition called brain hemorrhage.

But do you know 10- 15 % of the all the patients suffering from brain hemorrhage die before reaching the hospital. You should consider yourself lucky if you make it to the hospital during the brain hemorrhage attack. Life is never going to be the same but if you manage to fight for the very first week of the attack, you will be out of those 60% patients who get a chance of reliving their life. Rest 40% can’t look at life again, they are defeated by the second brain hemorrhage attack or bleeding in the brain, or some other complications post surgery.

brain hemorrhage

You almost die out of the unbearable pain during the attack, and if at all you survive that phase, the next week in the hospital will be like living in hell with so many needles around you. Some even regret of being alive during that hospital stay because surgery is not the end of your pain and sufferings, but it is just the beginning of many other critical problems. For almost one week you will fight to death every day and after one week, the recovery challenges will start taking over.

If at all your senses do not defy you completely, you will have to spend considerable time away from home, lying on the bed of the hospital and taking uncountable pills. This will be your life for the next 4- 6 weeks. Graduating from bed to wheelchair will be a lifetime achievement and if you think the day you start walking on your own will be the last day of helplessness for you, I am sorry you are wrong.

What is brain hemorrhage?

Do you know almost 50% people who fight daily for life in hospital for more than one month die in the next six months of the surgery? This is the most heartbreaking truth- brain hemorrhage. The attack usually lasts for about half an hour, and these 30 minutes will be the worst of you life and also may be the last if you do not reach the hospital on time.

According to many brain hemorrhage patients, they thought of dying of pain during the attack. Some managed to call for help, while many others were taken to hospital in an unconscious state. Only a few remember their condition in hospital. All that they could now recall is a pain, pain and ultimate pain.

This accumulated blood causes swelling, and the swelling increase pressure on your brain cells leading to obstruction in the flow of blood to other cells, and eventually killing them. This is why you are told to call for help immediately. The more you delay hospitalization, the lesser are your chances of surviving the attack.

This indeed is a horrible stroke, isn’t it? Those who have seen it with their relatives, friends or family might relate to every bit of each word I said. Those who did not have this kind of experience; I just wish they never ever see their loved one being killed every moment helplessly.

It is difficult for the brain hemorrhage patient; there is no doubt about it, but those who cannot do anything to reduce his or her sufferings but just watch them craving for death only can tell you what is brain hemorrhage and how much important it is for all of us to take preventive measures against it.

brain tumor

To take preventative measures, at first place we should be sure of the causes of brain hemorrhage. Treating a disease after it happens is one thing and preventing it from happening is totally another. Prevention is the best, but the most difficult as well in general. But with a brain hemorrhage, prevention is surely the best and also the easiest. With the excellent home remedies for brain hemorrhoids, we have a set of methods that will help you in both- prevention of brain hemorrhage as well as treatment. Let us have a look at the causes of brain hemorrhage before we tell you the most amazing home remedies for brain hemorrhage.

Causes of brain hemorrhage

The majority of causes of brain hemorrhage are not common, and many of you might also have not heard of those. It is as important as knowing the background of your opponent before starting the fight. The better you know him, the higher are your chances of winning the game. So, for diseases like brain hemorrhage, you have to trust only authenticated sources.

These days the freedom of expression combined with the platform provided by the internet is misleading many of the patients like you. Everywhere you will see myths associated with the brain hemorrhage and no one is going to tell you what exactly is causing the problem. Here is the list of all the possible causes that might be responsible for the suffering you or your relative might have gone through.

  • High blood pressure

High blood pressure is the only common cause which you deal with in your day to day life. Due to our own lifestyle choices and changing culture, we have invited a disease called high blood pressure. High blood pressure can invite many small and big health problems, but brain hemorrhage is the worst and the rarest. High blood pressure that is treated on time is not that harmful, but is it is not treated on time; you might have to undergo the treatment for brain hemorrhage instead.head trauma n brain hemorrhage

  • Head trauma

Brain hemorrhage after the age of 50 may be caused by high blood pressure or many other reasons, but if you hear of your friend who is in late 20’s and is hospitalized for brain hemorrhage attack, some brain injury might be causing it. It is common in road accident cases. Even minor injury on the head is said to be dangerous because there are possibilities of a brain hemorrhage.

  • Blood vessel abnormalities

Scientifically we call them as arteriovenous malformations, and in general terms, these abnormalities are the weaknesses in the blood vessels inside the brain and those near the brain. You may live with this abnormality for the entire lifetime without knowing that you were born with a malformation. Diagnosis is only done when brain hemorrhage or any other symptom of this abnormality appears in your body.

  • Brain tumors

Brain tumors can cause strokes and bleed in the brain, what we refer to as brain hemorrhage. In cases when an injury of high blood pressure is not the cause of brain hemorrhage attack, the doctor next looks for the possibility of a brain tumor only. In many patients, it is seen that brain tumor was the real cause of bleeding followed by hemorrhage.liver disease

  • Liver diseases

Liver disease may not cause brain hemorrhage directly, but in the case of an attack, it may lead to increased bleeding in the brain.

  • Aneurysm

Hemorrhagic attacks account for about 13% of the total stroke cases and in brain hemorrhage, aneurysm is the most common cause. If you detect an aneurysm well on time, it is fine, but in case you are not able to detect it or leave t untreated, the problem will continue to evolve until it bursts out in the form of brain hemorrhage stroke one bad day.

  • Bleeding disorders

There are many bleeding disorders that may lead to unusual and sudden bleeding in the brain as well as any other part of your body. Hemophilia and sickle cell anemia are the two commonly seen disorders which contribute to the brain hemorrhage attacks.blood in brain hemorrhage

Aging, diabetes, hypertension, smoking and sometimes genetics are the cause behind the disease. With so many causes, and especially the common ones like a head injury or high blood pressure, brain hemorrhage becomes even more frightening. It is thus important to look after yourself. From the causes, we can derive one very useful conclusion, and that is about not ignoring minor symptoms. If we ignore high blood pressure, do not take proper treatment, and also do not make efforts to prevent the condition, you never know when it will get converted into a brain hemorrhage.

The key hence is not to ignore minor diseases and also not to take symptoms lightly, especially when they are related to your brain. By the way, do you know what are the exact symptoms by looking at which you get to know that it is an emergency? We know a headache and neck pain are the two signs, but these also are a very common problem. You will see many people who often complain of a headache or neck pain, but do they necessarily suffer from brain hemorrhage? Of course, not, some distinctive features that will help you distinguish the normal symptoms from the symptoms of brain hemorrhage are given below.

Symptoms of brain hemorrhage.

  • Headache

    You will feel that something is radically wrong with your head and it will not be a normal headache. The pain will be unbearable and yet you might not be able to call for help. Unlike other headaches, if a headache has something to do with the brain hemorrhage, it will be sudden and very strong. A usual headache will grow up gradually, and no matter what, it will not be as painful as a headache due to brain hemorrhage.tension headache

  • Vomiting

    You would feel like throwing up for the first few minutes and by the time you recover from it, continuous vomiting will not let you breathe in peace. I have a friend who had a headache, the severe one. He asked only for two things from his partner- one was obviously ambulance, and the other one was a bowl because he felt like vomiting so badly. If a headache is accompanied by vomiting, this clearly is an indication that it can be brain hemorrhage.

  • One-sided weakness

    One side of your head, either left or right, would become numb to pain or weak. Not only the head but the entire body parts will feel weakness in one side of the body. This is unusual and you can easily detect it, but the pain in the head is so strong that you won’t be able to think of weaknesses in the rest of the body.

  • Decreased levels of consciousness

    You will face problems with your body coordination. Standing will be like a tough fight, and speaking out what you are exactly feeling will be even more difficult. You will feel that your body is not following the brain’s instructions.unconscious man

  • Excruciating pain and stiffness in the neck

    Pain also is one of the most common symptoms and you can suffer from neck pain due to various other less critical reasons like cervical and stress. But the neck pain is related to brain hemorrhage will be the unbearable one. You would feel like your head and neck is kept in the pressure cooker and you won’t be able to move it. Neck pain can be on both the sides or only on one side of the neck.

  • Fever

    High fever is also seen in the patients with brain hemorrhage. Sometimes the body temperature rises right after the attack and the other times’ fever will be seen after some time.

With the awareness about the symptoms of brain hemorrhage, you will have high chances of reaching the hospital on time. Once you reach the hospital, you will surely have to undergo CT Scan. Your brain will be scanned for detecting the bleeding, the amount of damage done in your brain and if there were some other issues or not.

In emergency cases, a surgery is required, but depending on the location of bleeding, the amount of bleeding and some other factors, the doctor ay prescribe you some medications. These costly medicines will try to relieve you from the pain and swelling but will leave many side effects in your body.

Because it is a matter of brain and you know the outcomes of ignorance, you need a foolproof plan. Leaving even a single stone unturned for treatment may land you in trouble. Medicines, of course, will be needed, but home remedies for brain hemorrhage are also an option. This is a sensitive matter and if by luck you have got a second chance, you have got to utilize it to the fullest. Have look at the most beneficial and healthy home remedies for brain hemorrhage patients.

Given below is the list of all the home remedies that we can use to treat our clotting issues of blood leading to brain hemorrhage. Now, let us consider some natural brain hemorrhage treatments.

Home Remedies for Brain Hemorrhage


Turmeric is regarded as a ‘golden herb’ in Ayurveda due to its various pharmacological properties such anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-microbial, anti-cancer, Immuno- modulator etc. Turmeric is the easiest way to cure brain hemorrhage and very effective with brain hemorrhage treatments. In fact, it is the healthiest spice on earth which is not only one of the home remedies for brain hemorrhage, but it is also a health and immunity enhancer.

turmeric for brain hemorrhage

For treating brain hemorrhage, it works by reducing the chances of clot formation, one of the leading causes of brain hemorrhage. Turmeric finds its uses in almost every medicinal field, be it minor skin ailment or a major issue like brain hemorrhage. It is one of the most preferred products used by humans for healing purposes since ancient times and dominates the home remedies for brain hemorrhage and various other diseases even today.

If you want to avoid brain hemorrhage completely then despite the not so pleasant taste, mix a half tablespoon of turmeric powder in a glass of milk and drink it daily. This practices will help brain hemorrhage patients heal faster and for those who do not have brain hemorrhage, will act as preventive measures.

Gentle Massage

Apart from home remedies for brain hemorrhage that necessarily involve the use of herbs and natural products, some simple methods sometimes are also effective. One of those methods is a gentle massage. What can be better than a soothing massage that relaxes your brain and is a natural brain hemorrhage treatment?

massage-for-brain hemorrhage

Massaging your head with good quality natural oil is good for your head, brain as well as hair. We use this trick to increase the blood supply and activate paralyzed limbs quite often. In the case of brain hemorrhage also there are very high chances of the patients being paralyzed. It is hence better to massage the head regularly to ensure continued supply of blood to every part of your body.

It will reduce the likelihood of developing a weakness experienced in the limbs post a brain hemorrhage stroke. You can either get a massage from a professional or you can even ask someone to do it at home. As far as choosing the right oil for massage is concerned, you can take coconut oil lavender or olive oil.

 Gingko Biloba

Some herbs are as effective as medicines and gingko Biloba is one of them. Gingko Biloba is a well-known herb in Chinese medication, and nowadays its name is everywhere in the world due to its amazing properties.  It helps to prevent blood clots and increase blood flow to your brain, and hence is an effective home remedies for brain hemorrhage. According to me, it is the most powerful of all the home remedies for brain hemorrhage.

ginkgo-biloba-for brain hemorrhage

Not only prevention of clot formation is done by this herb very well, but it also decreases the formation of some compounds inside our body which are harmful to our health. So, it is a win- win situation for you. Use gingko Biloba as a treatment for brain hemorrhage and get good health for free.  


Acupressure is all about pressing gently certain points of our body. Acupressure is ancient Chinese traditional way of brain hemorrhage treatment. It improves blood circulation and opens up the clogged arteries. A patient who underwent a stroke recently may feel week and acupressure will give strength to the limbs. You can make use of this home remedies for brain hemorrhage as a quick way to recovery.

Green Tea

You might have heard of the health benefits of green tea, but at that time you might not have been aware of brain hemorrhage that well. Many Americans are today addicted to green tea, not because of the taste but the changes it brings in their bodies and health.  The antioxidants and nutrients present in green tea not only prevents diseases but also improves brain function, reduces chances of brain hemorrhage and make you smarter, and is a very effective home remedies for brain hemorrhage.

green tea for brain hemorrhage

A small cup of green tea has the power to protect you against various types of cancer and other chronic diseases like brain hemorrhage. This makes it one of the best home remedies for brain hemorrhage. The health benefits of green tea do not end with the reduced risk of chronic and life-threatening diseases, but it has effects on reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes by 42%, cardiovascular diseases by 31%, and also has a fair share in increasing our life span.

Green tea extracts can help prevent blood clots which are very dangerous and can cause hemorrhagic strokes. So, have a cup of green tea daily in order to avoid the complex brain stroke.


Have you heard of carrot? Of course, everyone has seen and eaten carrot many times, but have you ever heard of carrot as one of the home remedies for a brain hemorrhage? I am sure most of you haven’t ever imagined that it can treat brain hemorrhage. Whether it is about getting a glowing skin, or it is the complex task of brain hemorrhage treatment, this crunchy super food can do it all for you.

carrots for brain hemorrhage

Studies have shown clearly that carrot has the capability of avoiding brain hemorrhage, lung cancer, breast cancer, heart diseases and the high level of beta carotene also slows down the aging process. So, now you know that treating brain hemorrhage is as simple as eating a carrot. Jokes apart, make carrot juice your daily beverage and do not restrict it to a glass of juice only. Eat more and more of raw fresh carrots every day to make your brain function well.


The green and richest of all the home remedies for brain hemorrhage is spinach. You might not like the taste of spinach, but you will not be able to stop yourself from describing its health benefits. Spinach is a very common green leafy vegetable that we usually don’t like to eat.

Spinach for brain hemorrhage

We know everything about spinach, and now you are also aware of the fact that spinach is one of the simplest home remedies for brain hemorrhage. So now I don’t think anyone of you would like to miss this product. Once you start using it, you will definitely start liking its taste as well. Spinach is a rich source of beta-carotenes and other antioxidants that are useful in brain hemorrhage treatment. Eat spinach as a vegetable, or salad. You can have its juice daily if you can compromise with the taste.


This herb is capable of natural dilation of blood, thus no clots will be formed. This herb also assists your body in the regulation of blood pressure and is very beneficial for the health of your circulatory system. Considered a natural brain hemorrhage treatment, you can make use of this home remedies for brain hemorrhage as a quick way to recovery. It involves the use of gentle pressure on specific points of the body.


garlic for brain hemorrhage

Throughout ancient history, the main use of garlic was for its health and medicinal properties. Garlic can combat sickness, boost the function of the immune system, reduces chances of brain stroke, even regulates blood pressure and is a great brain hemorrhage treatment. Garlic contains special compounds that act as anticoagulants, thus preventing blood clots. Its blood thinning properties help to control blood pressure and are very beneficial in the prevention of brain hemorrhages. It also improves cholesterol levels and athletic performance can also be enhanced by taking garlic supplements. In all, we can summarize that this small herb saves you from world’s biggest killers. Moreover, it is very easy to include it in your daily diet as it adds taste to your food.

Epsom Salt Baths

Soaking yourself in water mixed with a teaspoon of Epsom salt gives your body as well as brain a relaxing treat. It also is one of the home remedies for brain hemorrhage. It is beneficial for both skin and mind. You need not do it daily, once or twice a week is more than enough. The patient feels much better and recovers faster with regular Epsom salt baths, a guaranteed brain hemorrhage treatment.

Fish oils

Blood clotting and fish oil are inseparable. Out of all the herbal home remedies for brain hemorrhage, fish oil is for the non-vegetarians. Those who eat it know the role of fish oil for their hair and health, but only a few of them are aware of its use in brain hemorrhage treatment.

fish-oil-for-brain hemorrhageFish oil improves circulation of blood by making it thinner and thereby prevents clotting. If you are a vegetarian, you can go for the other remedies discussed, but if you can eat non-veg foods, you should also make a place for fish oils. Krill oil is a kind of fish oil which is although highly expensive, but extremely good for the brain. Taking this daily for at least two weeks can address the brain hemorrhage treatment very well.


ginger for brain hemorrhageYou might have heard about ginger for a cough, sore throat and some other minor ailments. But by now you use ginger as it is also one of the home remedies for brain hemorrhage. Ginger has wonderful health benefits including natural brain hemorrhage treatment. Ginger helps the patients at high risk of brain hemorrhage by decreasing the cholesterol levels and enhancing the blood circulation. Something as simple as ginger tea can also be helpful for those who have had brain attack before. You should drink two tablespoons of ginger juice every day if your symptoms are a bit severe.

Apart from home remedies for brain hemorrhage, you have to do other efforts from your side too. As we said leaving a loopholes like giving the stroke one more chance that your body cannot surely afford to bear, we have to have something more than the home remedies for brain hemorrhage as well. On such effort is yoga.

Yoga gives you more control on your brain, it is the best thing to practice in order to reduce stress and prevent brain hemorrhage. It is not one of the home remedies for brain hemorrhage, but a suggestion that everyone must follow in order to have a healthy life.  If you are more vulnerable to brain stroke than others, you should give time to yoga daily. Early morning is the best time, and open air is the best place fro this exercise. Do some deep breathing, laugh out loud at least once in a day. All these are some simple but very effective tricks to deal with brain hemorrhage treatment and stroke.

It would not be that much difficult with these home remedies for brain hemorrhage, to cope up with the issues that are caused by the stroke.

You are only a few of those who have had brain hemorrhage and did not have to undergo surgery.  Now it is up to you. If you use reliable, trustworthy, healthy and side effect free treatment method for treating brain hemorrhage, your future will be even brighter. In case you are happy with medicines that not only are harmful but are also half effective, you will live in a suspense every day.