Home Remedies for Burning Tongue Syndrome

Home Remedies for Burning Tongue Syndrome

Our body is a complex machine that consists of various macro and micro elements. The balance between these various elements determines the status of our health.  When the balance is perfect we feel joyous and are able to enjoy great physical and mental health. However, when the balance goes off the hook our health starts to go downhill and we feel unhealthy, pitiful & disturbed. Almost all the diseases & health issues we face are a result of this imbalance between the numerous elements residing inside our body in the form of organs, muscles, bones, bacteria etc. When people take the balance of their internal physiological system for a ride either by improper eating habits or by bad lifestyles, health issues start to happen. Then, people scramble for cover from these issues by visiting docs and taking pills. But, there is a better alternative to those pills. And that is getting popular these days and we often call it – natural remedies.

Nature has given us all these remedies with each having a number of health benefits. We just require searching for the same. We humans believe in running after pharmaceuticals to solve every mild and chronic health problem, as if, they are going to give the best solution. Everytime we go to visit a doctor, we get a prescription full of new antivirals. But, sometimes, we forget that these pharmaceuticals are also responsible for many diseases or infections we face in our daily life, because, they gift a number of side-effects with each dose. And also, you can treat only one disease with an antiviral which is not the same in case of natural remedies. Single natural remedy can treat many of your health problems, for example, aloe vera. You can use aloe vera for your skin and hair, as an immunity booster, to treat acne etc. Aloe vera is not alone working as a multi-tasker, there are many more in the list. Can you even imagine doing this even with the most expensive antiviral medicine? Never, it is not possible even in the dreams.

burning tongue home remediesAnyways, let’s not start with these complaints. We are here today to tell you about how to believe and harness the natural remedies to treat our every trouble. Yes guys, nature is capable of solving every health problem you are facing. Every home remedy in front of us is full of variety of medicinal properties ready to heal you and help you get rid of whatever you are facing.

Talking about every single health issue and its solution is not possible on this single page, so, let’s only talk about our topic, i.e. burning tongue syndrome. Every one of you must be aware of what is burning tongue. Aren’t you? Yeah, this is very easy to guess, but, do you exactly know about what are its causes and symptoms? How does it affect you? What can you do to treat it? Yes, some of you may have each and every detail regarding the same, but, for the rest, let’s have a short brief about it.

Burning tongue or Burning Tongue syndrome or burning mouth syndrome, is a problem which leads to burning sensation on the tongue and mouth. It starts from the tongue and gradually disperses to lips, the inner part of the cheeks, the gums, the pallate and to almost all areas of the mouth. This disease can easily upset you by helping you from eating your favorite dishes. It is not a term you are unfamiliar with, but, most of the times people think that they get a burning and painful sensation only after eating or drinking something hot. Here, you are wrong. I am not saying that it is not a considerable reason behind burning tongue, but, this is not the only reason behind it. There are a number of different factors leading to burning mouth syndrome. Let’s talk about some details about the causes:

burning tongue syndrome

Causes of Burning Tongue Syndrome

Dry Mouth

When there is lack if saliva in your mouth, it may feel dry. This may happen due to some disease affecting your salivary glands, some medications or abnormal hormonal changes. If it leads to chronic dryness, you may feel burning sensation or some soreness in your mouth. It is suggested to drink plenty of water to avoid dryness in mouth.

Mouth Irritation

If you are consuming a lot of acidic drinks or over- cleaning your tongue or overusing your mouthwash, all these may disrupt your mouth tissues leading to painful sensation. To avoid this, try not performing or consuming anything over extra.

Nutritional Deficiencies

Deficiency of some vitamins like Vitamin B and some minerals like iron and zinc can also lead to burning tongue syndrome. Whether you are suffering from it or not, make sure you maintain your proper diet including fresh fruits, vegetables, salads and cereals. Balanced diet can solve many other health related issues too.

Side-effects of Medication

side-effects of medicationsSome of the medicines are so hard that they cause soreness and burning sensation in the mouth. This can be considered as a side-effect of medications. Better consult your doctor if you feel something like that.

Oral Conditions

The oral conditions like oral thrush and geographic tongue may also lead to burning sensation. Your doctor may give you some medicines to reduce the pain and discomfort. Taking care of oral health is as compulsory as taking your daily meal.

Apart from these factors, there are some invisible causes also available that may lead to burning mouth syndrome. They may include hormonal imbalances, nerve damage and allergies. These causes can be taken care of by taking care of overall health and oral health. But, how does one recognize that he/she is a victim of it?

If you are suffering from the burning tongue syndrome, you may face a number of symptoms:

  • A burning or scalded sensation affecting your tongue, lips, gums, palate etc.
  • A dry mouth sensation with increased thirst
  • Taste changes to bitter or metallic

The symptoms you feel may be short or long term depending upon your overall health situation, but, there is always some solution for every problem. So, you need not worry about this condition, because, here the solution is home remedies for burning tongue syndrome.

The best part about nature is that it doesn’t have single solution for single problem. Nature is full of a number of solutions for every health issue. How? You’ll understand after going through the burning tongue home remedies. Let’s now discuss about the list of home remedies for burning tongue.

Different Home Remedies for Burning Tongue are:

Baking soda

baking soda for burning tongue syndromeBaking soda is not an ingredient you are unfamiliar with. Most of you must be using it in your kitchen. This very well-known kitchen ingredient is not just restricted to kitchen, but, is used in many more activities. The antiseptic properties of baking soda make it a perfect solution for such an annoying disease like burning tongue and place it in the list of most effective home remedies for burning tongue syndrome. We use toothpaste for teeth cleansing. But in case of burning tongue syndrome, using toothpaste is not a wise decision when baking soda is ready to heal you. What you require doing is to brush your teeth twice daily with baking soda and use it as a mouthwash by mixing a teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of water. Baking soda is known to be able to relieve the discomfort associated with the burning sensation and pain.

Take help of diet

balanced diet for burning tongueWe usually skip our diet due to many factors like tiredness, laziness, busy schedule or some other reason. Do you know that balanced diet is known to have great impact on our body? It solves many of our health related problems by taking proper care of our immune system. We always read about the benefits of taking a healthy and nutritional diet because it takes care of everything else. But, how can our proper diet keep burning tongue syndrome at a bay?

Foods which are rich in iron should be taken during the problem, as they are best effective and inexpensive home remedies for burning tongue. Eat more and more dates, bran flakes, sesame seeds, and cashew nuts, leafy vegetables, juices, foods rich in vitamins B1, B2, B12, zinc, to reduce the burning sensation. This will not only solve your present health problem, but also prevent you from the further outbreaks. And of course, healthy diet will take care of your overall health also. If you find to difficult taking care of your diet, you better prepare a weekly or monthly diet chart and follow that accordingly. This will help you become habitual to it and lead a healthy life.

Triphala – Babool decoctions

tiphala-babool for burning tongueThe elements of this remedy can’t be used raw, but, Ayurveda has given us the solution for it in the powdered form. This remedy has been prepared with the ayurvedic herb “triphala” and babool. These two are very beneficial for problems related to mouth and considered to be excellent home remedies for burning tongue. Babool is also a component of many types of toothpastes sold in market so as to fix gum bleeding, plaque and other oral health related problems. Triphala has also many other health benefits to gift us. But, if used together, they can perform fabulous in treating the burning tongue syndrome. Gargling with the solution made by mixing triphala and babool is a nice remedy for easing the burning tongue. Doing this two times daily till your symptoms disappear will provide the cooling effect to your tongue.

Tabasco sauce

tabasco sauce for burning tongueThis name may seem to be a new one to you, but, this is also an experimented remedy presented in front of you to help you get rid of your trouble. A chemical, known as capsaicin, present in the Tabasco sauce is known to deplete a pain signaling chemical in the nerve cells, thereby relieving the associated pain. A mouth rinse with water and a few drops of Tabasco sauce can relieve the pain in the tongue. Tabasco sauce is hence placed in the top 10 effective home remedies for burning tongue. You may require using this remedy for some days and the tongue problem will be gone.

Apple juice

apple juice for burning tongueWell, this is good news for all the apple lovers that their love can also help them get rid of their enemy, named burning tongue syndrome. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” – the benefit of apple juice has proved this well said statement true. This tasty apple juice is not only known to favor the taste buds; it has a lot of health benefits hidden in it for our wellbeing. Chilled apple juice can treat burning tongue by giving it a cooling effect. What you require doing to gain relief with the use of apple juice is to rinse your mouth with chilling apple juice. Apple juice is the tastiest form of home remedies for burning tongue syndrome. You’ll be suggested not to go for the synthetic options and try following the organic ones.


glycerin for burning tongueThis is an ingredient no one must be unfamiliar with. People use glycerin to achieve a number of purposes like skin whitening, skin cleansing, keeping the skin moisturized, nourishing dry skin etc. You’ll be amazed to know that this family ingredient is ready to help you get rid of your trouble again. Applying glycerin gently over the tongue can reduce the burning sensation and associated problems. You require applying it three times in a day or even more than that for some time. This is again one of the home remedies for burning tongue for which you don’t need to wander around. You can easily get it in the nearby grocery store.


Papaya for burning tongueYummy, delicious fruit is here to help you out with your problem. All the papaya lovers can feel happy because papaya can be used in treating burning tongue too. This orange colored fleshy fruit is rich in vitamin C and many medicinal properties. Papaya has numerous health benefits, and eating it can sooth your burning tongue by giving it a cooling effect. It can easily rejuvenate the burnt skin. Grabbing a bowl full of cubed papayas can give you enormous relief from your pain. In order to treat the burning sensation of your tongue and gain other health benefits, add papaya to your daily diet. Papaya is generally considered as one of the most efficient home remedies for burning tongue syndrome.

Remember, papaya is not a solution for the pregnant women. Also, if you are allergic to papaya, I’ll suggest you to avoid following this home remedy.

Black tea

black tea for burning tongueThe tea lovers never love to miss a chance to have a sip of it, no matter whatever the season is. Well, the healing of your problem is not actually possible with tea; instead it is black tea, but, it too has a good taste anyways. Tannic acid present in black tea places it into the list of extremely powerful home remedies for burning tongue syndrome. You can take some sip of black tea after cooling it or go for the other way. The second step goes with the tea bags. The extracts prepared by soaking few tea bags in a cup of water and boiling that water can be applied to the tongue which will definitely feel better after the application. Whatever procedure you desire to go for, follow it for few more days.


echinacea for burning tongueEchinacea is a well-known herb which is known to treat many chronic diseases like herpes. This medicinal herb is known to boost immune system as well as to increase the white blood cells. What is burning tongue then? For burning tongue home remedy, you can take a few drops of this herbal plant. Take them inside after dripping drop by drop on your tongue in order to make it heal faster.

Although, there are no side-effects of this herb, but, the people in any of the below cases are recommended not to go for this remedy:

  • People allergic to ragweed, marigold or similar plants
  • People with autoimmune disorders
  • People affected by HIV, TB and white blood cell disorders.
  • People who are on steroids, pregnant women and nursing mothers must consult their doctor before using this remedy.

 Aloe vera

aloe vera for burning tongueAloe vera has excellent skin repairing, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Due to all these properties, it is the first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about home remedies for burning tongue. You can easily get an aloe vera leaf nearby your home. All you have to do is to take an aloe vera leaf, tear it apart from the middle and the gel which comes out of it is what you need. Apply that gel swiftly on the tongue to see it vanishing very fast. Repeat this practice two times a day till you feel the skin of your tongue is uneven. If it is not possible to get the leaf, you can go for sealed aloe vera gel which can be taken from any grocery store, but go for the most natural one.

Drink water

water for burning tongueWe are always advised by our parents or any other elder person to drink plenty of water. One more thing advised is to drink water early morning on an empty stomach. It is the simplest possible way to treat your problem. Just drink plenty of water, and it is done. Water is the most affordable and easily available burning tongue home remedy. Not only it gives a cooling effect, but water can also absorb the heat coming out of the burn. Otherwise also it is compulsory to drink enough water to avoid health complications. One is advised to drink at least 4-5 liters of water per day. If you start drinking plenty of water today, you’ll yourself realize the difference in your health a few days.

Ice Cubes

ice cubes for burning tongueIce cubes give a lot of pleasure in summers. It’ll be quite shocking for you, but, giving a cold compress to your mouth makes the burns disappear faster and also reduces inflammation. Ice cube application is another easy burning tongue home remedy. You can take some ice cubes and wrap them in a cloth, as applying ice directly on skin will not be a good idea. Rub that cloth gently on the affected area of tongue for a few minutes, and you will surely get relief from pain and swelling. You can do the same twice in a day till you find the burning sensation completely disappearing. This home remedy for burning tongue will not only provide relief from pain, but you will feel relaxed also.

Chewing gum

chewing gum for burning tongueChewing gum is an easy way to keep the laziness and sleep at a bay. Also, it can be considered as a perfect time pass. But, did you know about this face of chewing gum? Well, you might not be aware of the fact that chewing gum gives relief in the burning sensation also that arises in the tongue, and also the coolest and fantastic way to get rid of the trouble out of all the other home remedies for burning tongue syndrome. Although it is a temporary solution, but doing the same three to four times in a day may give you a good feel. It is always better to go for a sugar free gum. No hard and fast rule to apply this remedy, just take a chewing gum open the wrapper and start chewing the chewing gum.


honey for burning tongueHow can we forget the magical wand for all the problems in the health world? This delicious, sweet and tempting home stuff has solution for every problem starting from dry skin to herpes. Honey can also be used as burning tongue home remedy. It can be applied on the tongue, as you would have done with an ointment. Let it be there for sometime, it will gradually melt and you will enjoy its taste. No side-effect, no doctor’s prescription, just honey and your problem will be solved out without much effort. Nobody will even think to deny such medicine for any health problem, right? And the best thing is that, you can continue the remedy even after getting the tongue healed. Jokes apart, this home remedy is again among the top home remedies for burning tongue due to all of its medicinal effects.


If summer is the season, who will deny grabbing a glass of iced juice. If the cause of your burning tongue problem is quite serious one, like lack of gastric acid in your abdomen, or hormonal imbalance, you can use extracts prepared by some herbal and medicinal plants. You can make juices of herbs like dandelion, worm wood, plantain, black radish, and nettle at home by boiling each one of them in a cup of water. Drinking this daily will surely address the problem correctly. It may seem quite complicated as well as tasteless remedy but is really effective in treating burning tongue syndrome. Guys, nothing and no medicine can beat herbs. Herbs are not any new invention; instead they have been used since ages to heal every mild or chronic disease.

dandelion juice for burning tongueAll the home and herbal remedies mentioned above are easily available either in your kitchen or some nearby grocery store. They are neither hard to find, nor do they cost you that much. But, the only thing is patience and desire to make some effort. Nothing can cure you if you are lacking the required desire and dedication for treating burning tongue syndrome. But, if you are dedicated enough to make some efforts, trust me guys, nothing can beat the natural home remedies in case of any treatment. Home ingredients are all naturally extracted without any chemical added to them; hence, they don’t carry any kind of side-effects.

Still, while selecting the remedy for you, you need to take care of each and every aspect like, you must not be allergic to it, you must not be a victim of some other disease where that remedy can harm you, your skin is not that much sensitive and many more. Although, medicines cannot be even compared with natural home remedies, but, still if you want to; make a comparison of every benefit and drawback of each of the natural remedies and medicines. You’ll get the answer by yourself.

No doubt, natural remedies take time in healing any disease, but, they heal from root and not like antivirals which only suppress the outbreaks and gift new diseases or allergies in return. That is the reason why the world today is turning its way towards nature. Only nature has the capability to treat us and no medicine can beat it.

Above mentioned all the home remedies for burning tongue syndrome are well examined and used and then brought to you. I’ll again like to mention the name of the most inexpensive and readily available remedy out of all the home remedies for burning tongue, i.e. water. Guys, drinking plenty of water will itself solve half of the health problems.

Other than all these home remedies burning tongue, you should avoid what makes the problem severe for your mouth. For instance hot and spicy food or drinks can make the things worse. Taking a good care of all these things will surely let you get rid of the problem soon. Guys, taste can be somewhere ignored for the sake of health, but, vice-versa can create huge troubles to your health. Remember, like every other machine, our body also needs maintenance and of course, at proper intervals.