Home Remedies for Bronchitis

When some virus or other particles enter the bronchial tube, they can cause infection in there and even swelling between the nose and lung. Sometimes it is just a cold that gave a call to other symptoms leading to bronchitis, and many other times it is due to a seasonal allergy. Everything else is dynamic, but smoking is something that increases the likelihood of you suffering from bronchitis. The patient suffering from bronchitis may find it difficult to breathe; he or she might have pain in chest while trying to breathe hard due to nasal and respiratory tract congestion. Most of the times, fever and body ache also accompany all the symptoms of bronchitis.  Many people have this infection for a lifetime and most of them are chain smokers. Yes, there are some unlucky people who suffer from bronchitis every now and then. There is no medicine that can effectively help them live a peaceful life and make them breathe with ease, but there are many home remedies for bronchitis that can make their life much easier.

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Before giving all the effective home remedies for bronchitis, let us see what makes even breathing a problem. Actually, inflammation in the bronchial tubes causes all the problems. Bronchial tubes are the tubes that carry oxygen from the windpipe to lungs and if there is an obstruction in these, you would feel it problematic to breathe. This is bronchitis and it is divided into two types depending on the duration and severity.

The first type is acute bronchitis. Acute bronchitis is also known as a chest cold and in most of the cases, it is caused by viral infection. In very few cases, the cause of acute bronchitis is environmental pollution or exposure to dirt and dust. In worst cases, acute bronchitis may last up to three weeks and in average cases, it will heal up in a week. If you use home remedies for bronchitis, you can get rid of bronchitis in less than a week.


The other category is chronic bronchitis, and this may last up to three months and reoccur more than twice per year. Imagine what would happen if all the time you feel sick and congested? This condition of bronchitis is also called productive cough and is not quite easy to deal with even if you take medicinal help. Home remedies for bronchitis are best for this class of people as you need a permanent treatment, a remedy that is healthy, side effect free and easily available to you all the time.

Apart from medicines, there are great home remedies for bronchitis that are much more effective than mainstream medication, for which we usually pay a huge amount and get side effects in return. You should be aware of the fact that there are some cures beyond the costly medicines that you can practice at home and make your health better if you are a bronchitis patient. Therefore we have collected all the home remedies for bronchitis, 100% natural and effective. Have a look.

Home Remedies For Bronchitis


Turmeric has been used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for many centuries now, but these days, even the western countries are realizing the medicinal and healing capabilities of the herbal powder. This has led to more deep and profound research on the abilities of turmeric and the results have come out as Ayurveda and other sciences already knew. There is a long list of health issues that can be dealt with turmeric, and bronchitis surely is one of them. This makes turmeric the perfect start to the list of home remedies for bronchitis. Bronchitis is often symbolized by a severe cough and turmeric is something that can help you get rid of this problem. The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric pull out the excess mucus, which ultimately provides relief, and act as one of the most effective home remedies for bronchitis.

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Add turmeric to your veggies while cooking them to raise your immunity and overall health. You can also add it to your soup to give it a nice yellow color and a good flavor. People have reported maximum benefits when turmeric is take in raw for without boiling. You can take it after mixing one teaspoon of turmeric in a glass of hot milk before going to sleep to get rid of bronchitis. The same amount can be consumed even when you are not suffering from bronchitis as it will add immunity, strength and healing power to your body.

Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds possess many medicinal properties that can directly address the problem of bronchitis patients. If your condition is really severe, you may experience chest pain in bronchitis. For getting relief in chest pain, you can use sesame seeds. It is helpful in relieving chest pain and one of the really effective home remedies for bronchitis.

Sesame Seeds for bronchitis

Sesame seeds are excellent anti oxidants; they also contain vitamins, minerals and fibers. Sesame seeds are naturally rich in minerals and fibers that keep our body away from catching infections, particularly respiratory tract infections. If you cannot consume sesame seeds all alone, we have a better idea for you. It can be made into a mixture along with jaggery and carom seeds in order improve the taste and also to treat urinary infections. It is one of the best known home remedies for bronchitis. For quick healing, mix one teaspoon each of linseed, sesame seeds and honey. Add a pinch of common salt. Combine this mixture properly and consume it daily before you go to sleep.


Lemon is a very famous citrus fruit, known for raising immunity and strengthening our disease fighting capability. In general, drinking water is beneficial for your body. But in case you have bronchitis or other such infection, drink warm water instead of cold. Drinking warm water is good for health as it helps remove harmful toxins from the body as well as keeps the body hydrated, and in case you want to use water as one of the home remedies for bloating, strengthen it with lemon juice. Adding lemon to it also improves the effect of warm water. This warm lemon water combo is the best to deal with the home remedies for bronchitis. Whether it is acne scars, blemishes, bronchitis or dark circles, lemon juice finds its use everywhere.

lemon-water for bronchitis

Drink lemon juice alone if you can or after mixing with lukewarm water as first thing in the morning, making it one of the most effective home remedies for bronchitis. This will treat a sore throat due to bronchitis, and also will help you deal with other symptoms of bronchitis.

Ginger and Garlic

Ginger and garlic both are famous in the world of herbal medicines as they can very well fight off infections like bronchitis. Garlic and ginger are one of the natural home remedies for bronchitis. The small garlic clove and ginger root have loads of antiviral and antibiotic properties in it, which makes it suitable cure for bronchitis. You can eat 3- 4 garlic cloves daily in the morning or can have it after making a mixture of crushed ginger, honey, and crushed garlic.

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Ginger also is known for its immune enhancing action and anti- inflammatory properties. It is very commonly used to treat mild cold, and the same way it can also be taken by bronchitis patients. Ginger is also a very useful home remedy for bronchitis can heal up the inflamed bronchial tubes very fast due to its anti- inflammatory action. Ginger can be consumed after crushing it with 2 to 3 cloves of garlic, or it can be taken in by boiling in the cup of tea you prefer to have every evening.

Eucalyptus oil

You might have heard of the magnificent aroma of eucalyptus oil, and also have seen this name on the beauty products we use or come across daily, but only a few of you might be aware of the aromatherapy with eucalyptus oil. Eucalyptus oil can be added to the water you use for taking steam. It makes the mucus soft and makes the way for it to come out. Usually considered to be one of the most effective home remedies for bronchitis, it can also effectively relieve you from common symptoms like burning sensation and inflamed throat.

eucalyptus essential oil for bronchitis

Using eucalyptus oil as one of the home remedies for bronchitis is extremely simple and all you need is a bottle of this nice smelling essential oil. All you need to do is just add a few drops of this oil in boiling water. Then breathe in the steam of water with eucalyptus oil’s aroma mixed in it. To enhance the effect, cover your head with a towel and don’t go under a fan for a few minutes after inhaling the vapors.


There are several spices which help cure bronchitis, mustard is one of them, in fact, one of the best of them. Being a unique spice and one of the best home remedies for bronchitis, mustard is also a bit unusual to use. You can apply the therapy by applying the mustard paste on your chest. For making the paste, take 1 cup of mustard and 4 cups of flour.

Sesame Seeds for bronchitis

Make a thin paste by mixing the two ingredients in water. After applying some olive oil on chest, spread this paste evenly on a cloth and put that cloth on your chest. Let it stay there till the mixture cools down. it can be a bit clumsy, but the paste is really magical in opening up the blocked respiratory passage.

Bay leaf

The Romans and Greeks in ancient times saw bay leaf as a source of happiness, clairvoyance and artistic inspiration, and today we relate to it as a source of health. So many things have changed, but still, bay leaf is of importance to us. Bay leaf is one the most effective herbal home remedies for bronchitis. You can consume it in the form of tea, although it is different from the tea we have daily. If you are thinking of using a bay leaf as one of the home remedies for bronchitis, you will have to drink a tea made up of bay leaf, and in case you want to add it to your diet, you can do so by adding it to your favorite veggie or rice while frying.

bay leaf for bronchitis

To prepare the tea of bay leaf, boil a cup of water and add a bay leaf to the boiling water. Let it steep for a few minutes. Drink after removing the leaf from the water. You can have it two times a day to get relief in bronchitis symptoms.


Honey has a lot of medicinal properties, in fact, it is the healthiest sweetener on this planet, and of course one of the best home remedies for bronchitis. It contains antiviral as well as antibacterial properties that help the bronchitis patients by soothing the throat and building a stronger immunity. Honey is something you can take any way you like, and also a very versatile natural home remedy for bronchitis. You can have it mixed in a cup of tea, or the glass of milk you have before going to bed. You can even eat it raw, as it really tastes good. But be sure you have good quality, honey.

honey for bronchitis

There are many varieties of honey and sometimes you sometimes you are advised to have locally made honey if you respiratory tract issues are coming out of some pollen allergy. Otherwise, you must have a standard, processed and high- quality honey to get rid of bronchitis and all its symptoms. frankly speaking, it is not going to happen overnight with honey, but gradually you will feel ease in the symptoms.

Oregano oil

If in bronchitis you are suffering from soreness and acute coughing, you can use oregano oil. In ancient times it was considered as a symbol of happiness and today it is a medium of healthiness. Dried flowers and leaves are harvested at the time when the oil content in them is at its peak and then they are distilled and you get a dark yellow extract with a very strong and spicy odor- what we call oregano oil. One more important capability of oregano oil for which it is used for bronchitis treatment is its immunity enhancing properties. Oregano oil provides more power to fight any kind of infection and bronchitis is surely one of them. Be it due to any reason, oregano oil can reduce inflammation both internally and externally.

oregano oil for bronchitis

Therefore it is considered as one of the best natural remedies for bronchitis. You can consume oregano oil with milk or water. Apart from killing the invaders that somehow manages to enter the human body, oregano oil is also loaded with vital nutrients like magnesium and zinc and vitamins C and E. The simplest way to use oregano oil in bronchitis is to take pure form of oregano oil. No need to mix anything or bake something simply put a few drops of oregano oil under your tongue and all your symptoms will be gone. As simple as that, do it once daily, a very simple yet effective home remedies for bronchitis.

Salt water

Even for minor cough problem, we use salt water. It is equally beneficial for bronchitis as well and considered one of the best home remedies for bronchitis. Water treated with salt can cut through the mucous which is causing irritation in the sensitive bronchial membranes. It also gives a soothing effect to the throat which must be burning due to frequent coughing.

water gargle

Add a tablespoon of salt to 2 glasses of water and then use this water for gargling. You will definitely feel better after doing this twice or thrice in a day.

Epsom salt

Apart from having the steam of essence of eucalyptus oil, Epsom salt bath is the next thing that can be helpful and a really effective home remedies for bronchitis. Epsom salt was discovered in 1618 by a farmer in Epsom, England, whose cows avoided drinking from a pond that contained the salt. Since then, the salt has emerged out as the ultimate solution to all the skin problems, infections like bronchitis as well as pain in the body.  Epsom salt has a potential to heal all types of body pains and it is especially famous among the patients of bronchitis for the instant relief it has to offer.


Taking this bath is good for muscle relaxation, bone spur, and even respiratory problems. For bronchitis, you need to add more amount of salt to bathing water. Take approximately half kg of Epsom salt in warm bath water, and soak yourself in that water for about half an hour. For all other health issues, you can use cold water, but for bronchitis, bathing in hot water is recommended. Try to take water slightly warmer than lukewarm water to avoid burning your skin. Stay inside till the water is lukewarm after then either take a shower in hot water again or add hot water to the bath tub to maintain a specific temperature of water.


The antibacterial and antiviral properties of onion soothe inflammation and soreness of throat and also hence it is one of the most effective home remedies for bronchitis. Onion has more than a few medicinal properties. In some countries, it is served as an ingredient of salad while in others it is eaten in cooked form, but you can find onion almost everywhere. Onion slices look appealing and also taste good, but the same is not true for onion juice. Raw onion juice might be a little harsh to taste, but if taken in the morning, it can help to instantly boost up your immunity against several health problems including bronchitis.


If you regularly drink onion juice, then you don’t have to worry. Raw onion juice is one of the harsher home remedies for bronchitis, but still, it is very effective. The person suffering from bronchitis simply has to intake one teaspoon of raw onion juice on an empty stomach every morning. You can also have raw onion in a salad or use onion while cooking. Not only in bronchitis, but this will help you fight with many other diseases and your overall immunity will rise up gradually.

With these home remedies for bronchitis, maintaining a better lung health also requires a significant lifestyle change and that is saying no to smoking. Although there are many factors contributing to bronchitis and other such respiratory tract problems like environmental pollution, the real culprit is within you. If you smoke quite often, tobacco might be causing not only bronchitis but a lot more health problems for your respiratory system and mainly lungs. Quit smoking immediately and take doctors help if you need any assistance on how you can do it without fail.

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Once you have done this, you have won more than half of the battle and rest you can manage with the home remedies for bronchitis and some dietary modifications. You already have a bunch of home remedies for bronchitis and also know very well how to use them; the only aspect of the treatment of bronchitis left is diet. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet as much as you can. Home remedies for bronchitis give more emphasis on citrus fruits like Indian gooseberry and orange. A great anti- oxidant, orange juice is not only tasty but has a great role in treating bronchitis. Lemon juice, Indian gooseberry juice and orange juice all are great home remedies for bronchitis. They not only provide nutrients and vitamins but also soothe the inflamed throat. You can add crushed almonds as toppings to your juice in order to gain maximum benefit and also try adding honey to it.

All the above- discussed home remedies for bronchitis have been used for quite long by many bronchitis patients all over the world and have proved to be extremely helpful for them. You should also use these in case you are also a sufferer of this problem. These natural home remedies for bronchitis are very effective and come in really handy. Try them out and I am sure you will never turn back to medicines that are a storehouse of side effects.