Home Remedies for Bird Flu

home remedies for bird flu

Not many of you are aware of the disastrous pandemic that took 50 million lives all across the globe back in 1918. When scientists reconstructed what was believed to cause the deadly episode, they reconstructed something very similar to H5N1. The virus that took so many lives almost a century ago was something like H5N1, which managed to infect the human bodies.

If this is not scary enough, there is something even more drastic that scientists believe in. the scientists or virologist believe that another deadly pandemic is going to us mankind soon, and they see H5N1 as the main threat. Can you guess why? Of course, because it is very similar to the virus that took so many lives in past, but there is one more reason that is making it even more dangerous. H5N1 seems to be evolving to become more dangerous and threatening for mammals. Let us see what bird flu is before discussing about the treatment methods and home remedies for bird flu.

What is bird flu?

This is why bird flu or you can say H5N1 has to be taken a bit more seriously. All of us know the bird flu is caused by a virus strand named as H5N1. Bird flu affects many species of birds, including chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese. It is highly contagious but is not seen traveling from human to human. This flu is named as bird flu because generally the organism causing this condition is found in birds and pigs. Viruses are a class of microorganisms for which humans have no solution till date.

It originates from water birds, but it doesn’t make them sick at all. Yes, the water birds are very well adapted to the virus causing bird flu, but the real problem arises when the virus migrates to some other animal whose immune system is not familiar to the virus. This virus has taken the life of many birds and animals. And it becomes uncontrollable when it enters the human body through the flesh of these birds and animals.

What future holds for mankind?

home remedies for bird fluSo, you are dealing with a highly contagious virus with more than 50% of the death rate. There are many speculations about the development and mutation of the H5N1 virus. Some believe that with time it may grow into something even more deadly, while others hope that it would become less harmful. We will clarify everything in this article.

We will see how much dangerous this virus is, and what future holds for bird flu virus. Apart from this, we will also see some home remedies for bird flu because in the coming future everyone will need them. I know there will be vaccines and antiviral drugs, but do you think they will come in the market that soon? If you know the procedure of discovery of a medicine or a vaccine, and also the process of launching it in the market, you also would have much interest in home remedies for bird flu.

bird flu virus

There is one more reason behind emphasizing on the home remedies for bird flu. H5N1 is also showing resistance to drugs. Yes, the normal medicines or antiviral drugs that you rely upon will be of no use for bird flu. The virus can very well do the devastation in your body showing no fear of the drugs. So, you are only left with home remedies for bird flu. Many new vaccines and medicines are on the horizon but we live in present. Today, we have many effective home remedies that would help us fight the soon to become a pandemic disease- bird flu.

Scientists are preparing by finding new tools every day, many countries have already built a plan to deal with the devastation, and others have started stockpiling some flu drugs. According to many reports, today we are short of antiviral drugs and vaccines are also not yet in the picture.

You too should prepare yourself and others for dealing with bird flu. Your life is ultimately your own responsibility and it is high time you become familiar to bird flu, H5 and also the home remedies for bird flu. Let us start from the point the bird flu began.

From where bird flu started

Actually no one knows where it started exactly, but first, it was seen in the year 1997 when the virus killed more than 50 people.  In 1997 the virus jumped from chicken to humans and this is believed to be the beginning of the end. It was in this year when the scientists found that h5n1 virus could infect humans also. More than 50% of the 147 people infected first died due to this.  Recently in 2013, the close relative of H5 was also discovered in China. This virus strand like H5 can also infect humans and is named as H7.

viral infection

How many of you are aware of the incidence when a flock of 6,600 broiler chickens in Gonzalez County, Texas, was destroyed? It was in news for many days, and you might have also heard about the reason behind it. The action was taken after the birds were diagnosed with an extremely infectious and fatal form of bird flu, the H5N2 strain.

There are 16H subtypes and 9 N subtypes, but only H5, H7 and H10 have reportedly caused deaths in humans.  These are the most dangerous bird flu viruses and you have to keep yourself safe from these three strands anyhow. Have a loon at all the symptoms of bird flu to get an insight of bird flu.

Knowing the definition is more than sufficient if you know you are 100% safe, but here nobody on earth is safe and we are still struggling to get the holistic treatment. Thus it is important for you to be aware of each and every aspect of the disease.

Symptoms of bird flu:

A continuous cough and sore throat:  If you are infected by the virus of bird flu, it is probable that you will suffer from throat problems and cough. A cough may be light or acute depending on how strong your immunity is. Even if you take medicinal help, the cough will persist for many days.

Muscle ache: Unusual muscle ache will also be a part of your life from the day the virus enters into your body. Many people ignore this symptom thinking of it as a result of work or stress but make sure you don’t ignore this for more than a few days. If you suffer from muscle ache for too long now, please visit a doctor soon.

Fever: You may suffer from a high fever as a result of bird flu. The fever will also be accompanied by either vomiting or nausea. Nausea is when you will feel like vomiting. Apart from nausea and vomiting, diarrhea is also reported in many cases of bird flu.


Respiratory disease and pneumonia: Sometimes it is seen that due to bird flu some people suffer from acute respiratory problems and even pneumonia. These two things give you a strong hint towards bird flu, and if your doctor ignores it, you must ask him about it.

Eye infection: The eye infection you think is normal can also be caused by bird flu.

All these symptoms are quite normal and anyone can misunderstand them as usual infection, but an aware patient with an experienced doctor will grab the hints and start the diagnosis immediately. The symptoms are not that dangerous, right? This also is a part of the game. With these symptoms also bird flu ha a mortality rate of 60%.

If we look at the statistics, till 2009 there were 40,000 cases of bird flu reported in the United States.  It can affect anyone regardless of the age, gender, race or country. The rate at which it is spreading between the populations, it is high time we should know a few facts about it and also have a taste of how to handle the situation if it occurs to us( with the help of best home remedies for bird flu). Here are some of the home remedies for bird flu that are a life saver.

Home Remedies for Bird Flu


Echinacea is a medicinal herb and it has unbelievable anti-viral properties. It is known for enhancing the immune system as well as treating bird flu.  Echinacea is used for curing all types of flu and some other viral infections like cold or herpes. You must be wondering how Echinacea can help in something like bird flu. At first place, Echinacea can prevent the infection from occurring in the human body.


It purifies blood and enhances the immunity of our body to prepare it for every type of infection. It strengthens our internal system and makes us able to give it a tough fight to bird flu. It is one of the most used home remedies for bird flu. In fact, it is a part of the list of home remedies for bird flu on every web page.

You can have Echinacea in any form you like to but to have maximum benefit, have it in extract form. To prepare the extract, grab the dried root of Echinacea or you can also use the powder of the root of Echinacea. Take two cups of water, and a tablespoon of Echinacea powder to it and let it boil for 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes, you will see the volume of water reducing to almost half. Your Echinacea extract is ready, and drink it after it cools down to the appropriate temperature. You can drink the extract twice every day in order to promote your immune system to the next level everyday.

Forsythia and Honeysuckle

China has been the center for bird flu. The virus has been bothering the country the most since it has been discovered. The Chinese also did significant research in both- medicinal cure for bird flu and home remedies for bird flu. The medicinal research has yielded some symptoms suppressing antiviral drugs and in herbs, they have come out with forsythia and honeysuckle.

forsythia for bird flu

Forsythia and honeysuckle are recently added to the list of home remedies for bird flu, but these two have been frequently used in Chinese medicine. Both the herbs are known to have a very strong antiviral effect and are an excellent replacement for the drugs full of side effects. Chinese use them to combat all the symptoms of bird flu by mixing it with lemon balm.

The reason they prefer it is that all three of them are natural. Being natural is one thing, but they are pure and have absolutely no side effects on human body. you can use the Echinacea extract as a preventive measure for bird flu, and these two can be used to treat bird flu in case you already are suffering from it.

honeysuckle-weed for bird flu

Mixing these two herbs with lemon balm and making a tea to have a soothing effect to combat symptoms of flu has a good effect as all the three of them possess strong antiviral properties. Quite an effective and one of the traditional eastern natural and home remedies for bird flu.

Olive leaf extract

The olive leaf was first used for medicinal purposes by Ancient Egyptians, long back when no one knew about bird flu or H5N1. It was a symbol of heavenly power for them at that time and now is known for treating bird flu patients. The olive leafs were considered to be sacred, and the reason was surely related to the amazing healing properties it had.

olive-oil-and-olives-for-bird flu

Olive is a herb whose oil is used to deal with many health ailments, is also an excellent natural remedy for bird flu. The olive leaf actually contains many potentially bioactive compounds that are loaded with antioxidant, antihypertensive, anti-atherogenic, anti-inflammatory, hypo-cholesterolemic and hypoglycemic properties that make it a healthy healing herb and the perfect home remedy for bird flu.

Olive leaf extract is known to offer healing effects that are not at all addressed by pharmaceutical antibiotics. The liquid extracted from the leaves of olive oil can be used to treat bird flu as it has both antibacterial and anti-viral properties. This extract is a strong immune system enhancer, supporting the blood and lymphatic systems to fight bird flu.


Astragalus root is the most powerful immunity enhancer on this planet, and hence one of the best home remedies for bird flu. This again is a Chinese herb. The Chinese are pretty desperate to find a natural remedy for bird flu. Of course, it is obvious because the virus of bird flu has done maximum destruction to their people. Astragalus has been used in China for centuries now to boost immunity and strengthen the body by increasing resistance to infections like bird flu.

astragalus for bird flu

You can prepare an extract by boiling the root of astragalus in a cup of water for a few minutes and drink this daily. It supports the bone marrow by increasing the production of interferon and building disease-fighting blood cells enabling an individual to resist and fight the bird flu virus. East wins again with its natural remedies for bird flu.

Blue-green dragon

I know the name is not so suited for a cure of any disease, but it has a lot of potentials to heal your body, and more essentially, natural remedies for bird flu. Blue-green dragon is a combination of eight natural herbs made to fight with diseases like flu and also acts as an immunity booster. It is highly effective in bird flu and has been used since ages in China. Having this along with other herbs can have great benefit for fighting the symptoms of bird flu.

Oregano oil

The healthcare system is structured in such a way that natural remedies like oregano oil are now widely perceived as inferior or something that people use when they cannot afford modern medicine. But the truth is something else. Oregano oil has incredible germ-killing properties that can be compared to any antibiotic.


In ancient times it was considered as a symbol of happiness and today it is a medium of healthiness. Dried flowers and leaves are harvested at the time when the oil content in them is at its peak and then they are distilled and you get a dark yellow extract with a very strong and spicy odor- what we call oregano oil.

One more important capability of oregano oil for which it is used for bird flu treatment is its immunity enhancing properties. For those who want to prevent bird flu and do not have any disease, oregano oil provides more power to fight any kind of infection. Be it due to any reason, oregano oil can reduce inflammation both internally and externally.

Therefore it is considered as the best natural remedy for bird flu. You can consume oregano oil with milk or water. Apart from killing the invaders that somehow manages to enter human body, oregano oil is also loaded with vital nutrients like magnesium and zinc and vitamins C and E.

Green tea

One of the healthiest beverages on the planet, and surely the best home remedy for bird flu is green tea. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients, because of which it is amazingly beneficial for our boy, skin, health and immune system. Green tea not only prevents many diseases but it also improves brain function and makes you smarter.

green-tea-for-bird flu

Green tea also has the power to protect against several critical diseases like heart diseases, cancer, and infections like bird flu. Its health advantages do not end over here; it has effects on reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes by 42%, cardiovascular diseases by 31%, and also has a fair share in increasing our life span.

We can say green tea is something you should drink in order to live a long, healthy life with no bird flu. In addition to the general benefits of green tea, it is specifically best for bird flu because bird flu virus requires an enzyme called neuraminidase in order to reproduce, and green tea helps to prevent its release, thus acting as an effective natural remedy for bird flu

Take in vitamin C

Immunity boosting is a must for bird flu prevention and we have listed many methods to have a strong and sound immune system. Citrus fruits or vitamin C is also one of those home remedies for bird flu that defeats the virus indirectly. All you need to do is boost your immunity in order to avoid the viral infections like bird flu.

indian-gooseberry-for-bird flu

And to do that you need a lot of vitamin C, a proven natural remedy for bird flu. There are many tasty and tangy sources of vitamin C and all of them are natural, hence free from side effects. You can get vitamin C by having citrus fruits like orange, grapes or lemons. What can be better than having a refreshing taste and giving your body strength at the same time?

Make it a habit of eating more and more of citrus fruits. It is as important as drinking plenty of water is for your body.

Modify your diet

Wash fruits and vegetables before you eat them. Eat more and more citrus fruits, salad, onions, cucumber etc. all these are good for your overall health, but for bird flu, you have to take care of the meat you are eating. Although bird flu can bother any bird or animal, till date it is seen that the virus has been transferred to humans through chicken only.

alkaline-diet for bird flu

So, try to avoid eating chicken when you know that some of the chickens have been found to be infected recently. Or the better way is to eat chicken that is properly washed and cooked. If you eat properly cooked chicken, the probability of you suffering from bird flu decreases automatically.

A healthy diet and nutrition is a natural remedy for bird flu, not doubt about it. Your diet also is a determining factor that leads to infections, and chicken is something you should follow every precaution while eating if you want to avoid bird flu. Avoiding food that may have chances of containing the virus is the best you can do during the times of bird flu.


Turmeric is the best of all the home remedies for bird flu because it has the entire antibiotic and healing properties that are needed to defeat the virus of bird flu. Turmeric is known to have the ability to fight deadly diseases like cancer, heart problems as well as bird flu. The compound present in turmeric- curcumin, is anti-inflammatory and relieves fever while reducing some of the other fatal effects of bird flu. It is hence seen as an extremely effective natural remedy for bird flu.

turmeric-for-bird flu

Turmeric is known for ages now for its health benefits and skin benefits. If you have any external problem like a skin infection, you can apply a paste of turmeric and apply a bandage. In the case of bird flu prevention and treatment, you can drink turmeric mixed in a glass of milk two times every day. This will help your body heal faster in flu and will also build up immunity so that you will not catch the virus easily once again.

Drink more and more of water

Water has become the second most famous drink after soft drinks for Americans. By now you also must be aware of the fact that our body is composed of 60% of water. You also must have read about drinking 8 glasses of water daily. Although there are no scientific pieces of evidence about the benefits of drinking this much water

You should drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated in order to fight against infections like bird flu. Drink at least 3 liters of water every day and take fruits that have high water content. This is the simplest possible home remedy for bird flu, isn’t it?

water for bird flu

Make it a routine to carry your water bottle with you everywhere you go, and this doesn’t have much to do with bird flu, but your overall health is going to enhance by drinking more water. The only thing to be cautious about with this remedy for bird flu is to use filtered or boiled water only. Contaminated water is a source of many bacteria and viruses. Hence make sure you drink only filtered water.

With all these home remedies for bird flu, you can give the virus causing bird flu a tough fight. Our theory is preventing the bird flu is much better than attempting to cure it once it has started influencing out health. Prevention is always better than cure, and hence we have given some ways to enhance your immunity and make it impossible for the virus to affect your body.

Although these home remedies for bird flu will take care of the prevention and also the treatment of the symptoms, it is necessary that if you see any unusual symptoms in your body, and can relate the with bird flu, you must go for proper diagnosis. And if by bad luck you become a victim, it is in your hands to manage the condition and get your health back. And these natural remedies for bird flu will also help in doing so.

If you prepare yourself for H5N1, and if at all we find a cure for the virus strand, the close relatives- H7 and H9 are on their way. There are some many strands off bird flu viruses and it will take ages for developing a vaccine for each one separately. It is hence better to keep yourself fit enough to fight off all the virus strands( and that is possible with the help of home remedies for bird flu). By enhancing the immune system, the disease-fighting mechanism with home remedies for bird flu, you can take care of everything including bird flu.

Isn’t it amazing? Some of the home remedies for bird flu discussed above are a great treat to a human immune system and even if you take bird flu out of the picture, they have many other health benefits. The home remedies for bird flu discussed here are the right tool for prevention of bird flu, treatment of the symptoms of bird flu, and also the right therapy your body will desperately need post infection.