Belching Home Remedies

How Does Belching Occur? Can Home Remedies For Belching Help Relieving the Problem?


Are you also among the people who have unknowingly and unintentionally become a victim of belching? If yes, it must be creating many embarrassing situations in front of you. The situation of unintentional burping and the focus of all eyes shifted towards you, really awkward. Although, sometimes it can be covered with some unusual discussion or some prank but, it becomes difficult to hide the problem when this occasional burping becomes frequent and gets converted into the extremely troublesome problem of belching. Well, this problem of frequent burping in a get-together, meeting or party can be solved if you about the root cause and the methods of its cure.

So, what exactly belching is and what are its causes and symptoms? Also known as “eructation” medically, this is the process of expelling gas or air from the stomach through the mode of mouth. The gas is mainly a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen. It is mainly a problem associated with the digestive disorders. You become a victim of burping or belching, due to the causes like:

Swallowing excess air

Whenever you tend to eat or drink too quickly, it leads to excess air swallow in your body and burping is the process of expelling that air out. The other habits or edibles like using straw for drinking anything, talking while chewing gum etc. can also lead to the problem of belching.

Underlying digestive problems

The health problems like delayed gastric emptying, also known as gastroparesis, peptic ulcer disease, gallstones and gallbladder problems in some cases mainly lead to belching, adding to your trouble. Some rare problems like stomach cancer may also cause intense belching.

Drinking Carbonated Beverages

The carbonate drinks like beer, soft drinks, energy drinks, wine etc. can also be a major cause of belching. Here, in this case, the primary gas exhaled is carbon-dioxide.

The people dealing with the problems of heartburn or acid flux can also be a victim of heavy belching. If your belching is associated with nausea, pain, blood in stools, weight loss or fever, consulting to your doctor will be a better option to go with.

The health problems like belching or burping are a result of our unhealthy and irregular lifestyle. Although, it can be prevented by doing mild changes in that only, but, if you already are a victim of it, you need some cure methods for it and this is where the home remedies for belching can help you.

I always talk about home remedies, right? There are many reasons behind it. Let me tell you why I am in favor of home remedies for belching here. I’ll just tell you a short story and not stretch the topic. Months back, my mom was also a victim of this health problem and we all were really frustrated with it. Actually the main reason was heart burn and gastric problems behind this. Sometimes, it was mild, but, in some other cases, it used to become a disaster. We visited many doctors, followed many medications whatever we were told to be the best and did every possible thing, but all in vein. In fact, the medicines were somewhere killing her inside adding to the trouble. Then, one of my dad’s friends suggested to give her a mixture of Indian Gooseberry (amla) and aloe vera. Although, it tasted really bad, we still insisted her to have a dose of it early morning on daily basis. It was the day and today, 3-4 months of regular dosage, we as well as she herself can feel the difference. We need not face the regular irritating burping and she is not forced to face the pain of heartburn and gastric problems.

There are many such examples that always make me believe the home remedies for every disease. True, you need to follow medicines and other treatment methods if the disease has reached the extreme level, but why to allow the disease to reach the last level when home remedies are here to help you and solve the problem in the very beginning phase.

If I start reminding myself of some more examples, it is not going to end for long. So, cutting the story as well as my words short, I will just begin with the list containing the names, properties and some other explanations of the most effective home remedies for belching.

Home Remedies For Belching

Belching Home Remedies #1 Ginger

ginger for belching

The health benefits of this amazing kitchen ingredient are not hidden from anyone. There are many health scopes where ginger works really efficiently. Ginger has got the distinctive odor and taste due to the volatile oils and nonvolatile phelonic compounds. Ginger is known to increase the gastric tone and motility due to the anticholinenergic and antiserotonergic actions. These actions of ginger are known to deal effectively with the gastrointestinal disorders. Along with giving a fresh morning in the form of tea, ginger can do many more favors to us. The different health problems that we get from ginger include stroke, heart disease, mal-absorption, indigestion, nausea, bacterial infections, respiratory malfunctions etc.

Ginger for Belching

Ginger has been used since millions of years for treating many health problems and belching is one of them. In fact, ginger is one of the best home remedies for belching. The carminative properties of ginger relax the gastrointestinal muscles. This prevents the problems like gas, burping etc. What you require doing is to put 1 tablespoon of thin ginger slices in a cup of hot water. Now, cover it and let it steep for 10 minutes. Strain it in a cup and drink it minimum a couple of times a day. Repeating the process for a few consecutive days will help you get rid of the trouble. Alternatively, if you can bear the taste, you can also chew small bites of ginger 2-3 times a day to resolve the issue. Ginger supplements are also available in the market, but consult your doctor before using it.

Belching Home Remedies #2  Asafoetida

Asafoetida for belching

The perennial plant gets its origin from Afghanistan and Iran and distributed throughout the Mediterranean region of Central Asia. The bad smell and bitter taste of the herb give it a name “devil’s dung”. The other common names of the same are hing, food of God’s and stinking gum. Now, many of you must have recognized the kitchen ingredient “hing”. It is popular worldwide and used frequently round the globe as a flavoring agent in different dishes and pickles. The spice is known to mitigate the cough, relieve flatulence and colic pain. The asafetida resin is the part to be used medicinally. It is known to contain the sulfur components in its volatile oil to prevent the fat-induced hyperlipidemia. Moreover, coumarin constituents present in Asafoetida are known to have anticoagulant activity. The various health problems that can be easily treated by Asafoetida are bronchitis, swine flu, asthma, upset stomach, irritable bowel syndrome, irritable colon etc.

Asafoetida for Belching

As the properties of Asafoetida are hugely dedicated towards solving the stomach related problems, they place it in the list of best home remedies for belching. This spice prevents the body from producing excessive amounts of gas and hence solves the problem of belching and its embarrassment. What you require doing is to dilute a small amount of asafoetida and fairly large amount of salt to a glass of warm water. Now, drink the concoction at the duration of every two hours. Repeating the process few times a day for a few consequent days will help you get rid of your trouble.


Belching Home Remedies #3 Peppermint

peppermint for belching

All of you are now aware of both the forms, i.e. oil and tea, of this home remedy for a lot of health problems. Although, it is already known to all, but, there are still some details regarding its constituents that people out there are still unaware of. For example, some of you might be unaware of the fact that peppermint is a hybrid mint between watermint and spearmint. Moreover, the oil in peppermint is highly rich in menthol constituents like menthone and menthyl acetate. Peppermint oil is rich in some more constituents also like limonene, pulegone, caryophyllene and pinene which are really beneficial for our overall health but yet hidden from many of you. The different health benefits of peppermint oil include cardiovascular health, lungs, oral health, neuropsychiatric effects, gastrointestinal benefits, benefits on skin and mucus membrane, reducing muscle pain etc. The antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antimicrobial, cooling properties also play a vital role in treating a number of health problems and keeping us fit and healthy. The benefits of peppermint are not yet over. After gifting so damn health benefits, it does a great favor to our body by working as an immune enhancer.

Peppermint for Belching

Using peppermint out of all the home remedies for belching, will give you the perfect answer for your problem. Here the antispasmodic property of peppermint works to relax the digestive tract, hence reducing the gas formation in the stomach. You just need to put 1 teaspoon of dried peppermint leaves in a kettle of hot water. Let it steep for next 10-15 minutes and strain the solution. Now, drink the tea prepared for 2-3 times a day. Doing this repeatedly for next few days will surely help you get rid of your problem.

Belching Home Remedies #4 Cold milk

Cold milk for belching

A glass of cold milk in summer days makes the evening really relaxed and pleasurable. Milk has already been considered as a vital element for overall health benefits. It is known as a dispersion of fat particles and casein micelles (proteins) in a water, lactose, whey proteins and minerals. The different types of vitamins and minerals include calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, vitamin A, B, D and riboflavin. Ayurveda has already considered it as a complete food due to the presence of all the vital elements for our body’s proper growth and maintenance. Different health benefits that milk provide us are healthy bones, weight loss, stress free and relaxed mind, strong muscles, reduced hunger pangs, complete sleep etc. Milk acts as a perfect post workout drink by providing the required amount of lactose and protein and replenishing the lost energy. Moreover, it is considered as the best source of calcium. So, if you want strong shining teeth, drink milk everyday. It also helps to keep the body hydrated by its water element and gives instant energy. By here, you must be thinking that I have mentioned almost every scope of milk benefits. No, the most important benefit of milk is still hidden, i.e. as an immunity booster. Milk is a perfect natural source to the boosted immunity along with the boosted energy.

Cold Milk for Belching

Well, after going through all the health benefits, you must already have understood that milk is going to solve this problem of yours too. Cold milk is known to provide relief from acidity and burning sensation due to spicy food instantly, hence providing relief from the belching problem within minutes. What you require doing is to drink a cup of cold milk whenever you feel comfortable with such problem.

Belching Home Remedies #5 Chamomile

Do you remember chamomile? We have already seen its powerful effects in many diseases and infections, right? Yes, the small wild plant with the tiny flowers can easily be found and it contains numerous properties in different forms to help us lead a disease free life that it can heal. You can use the medicinal properties of this amazing plant in various forms like tea, ointment and extract. It is not actually a new plant or remedy for us; instead it has been used since thousands and millions of years for treating a number of physical and mental health problems. The different health problems that can be treated with chamomile are abrasions, diabetes, colds and bacterial infections, muscle spasms, stomachache, hemorrhoid, cancer, sore throat, insomnia, psoriasis, anxiety, minor first-degree burns, eczema etc. Moreover, its antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, calming properties work to give other hidden health benefits.

Chamomile for belching

Chamomile for belching manages to get the place in the list of best home remedies for belching due to its soothing and calming properties. Drinking a cup of chamomile tea in the morning can help reducing the gas formation in the stomach that further leads to the reduction in chronic burping or belching. What you require doing is to take some dried chamomile flowers and put it into the boiling water in the kettle. Let the solution steep for 5-10 minutes and then remove it from flame. Strain the solution in a cup. Drink the tea prepared. Repeating this process with chamomile tea for a few days will give you the best desired solution for the problem.

Belching Home Remedies #6 Yogurt

The tasty tempting home remedy wins thousands of hearts due to its delicious taste as well as health gifting properties. Many people consider curd as yogurt which is not the reality. Although, the same presentation sometimes confuses us all but, there is a thin line difference in yogurt and curd, that especially comes from the way of preparation and the bacterial culture included to start the fermentation of both. The types of bacterial cultures used in the preparation of yogurt come from lactobacillus and Streptococcus species. These bacterial cultures provide various health benefits and promising aid against the diseases like cancer, various gastrointestinal conditions including lactose intolerance, constipation, diarrhea, colon cancer, inflammatory bowel syndrome, allergies etc. Moreover, some properties of yogurt work to take care of our skin also reducing the problems like acne, skin allergies, sunburn, tanning, early aging etc. Moreover, it acts as a relaxing agent as well as works to boost our immunity too.

Yogurt for Belching

Some probiotics present in yogurt work to calm down the burning sensation in the stomach and take care of the digestion activities of our body. Of course, good digestion reduces the risk of acidity and hence the excessive gas formation in the stomach. This leads to lessen the risk of burping or belching. You are advised to eat a bowl of yogurt after your meals so as to get instant relief from the belching issue and further embarrassment. Further this tasty edible ingredient will provide peace and relief to your mind too keeping it calm and stress free.

These home remedies for belching can undoubtedly provide you relief, either instant or after a while, but for the long term results, you need to do some extra efforts. Apart from these home remedies there are some more daily activities and eating habits where a small change can make a huge visible difference. These include:

Correct diet (Avoid gas producing foods)

The food and drink we intake always play a vital role in determining our health and beauty. There are foods that are made up of whole grains may induce gas and consequent burping problems. Further, if you are already suffering from the problem, intake of hot milk and sugar can add to it instead of solving the issue. Moreover, the artificial beverages like caffeine drinks, soft drinks, alcohol etc. work as a trigger to belching. The edibles like pickles and hot and spicy food must be avoided in order to control the problem. Garlic, onion, cabbage, radish, pepper etc. are not your friends in your fight against belching. So, it’s better to avoid them so as to keep the situation under control. The different dairy products like cheese, butter etc. must be avoided during this time, no matter how much fond of you are fond of them. The correct diet including the beneficial fruits and vegetables will work for keeping your stomach at a good shape and the diseases at a bay. Skipping meals will work as a trigger to your already going problem. So, I’ll recommend you not to skip your meal anytime. Even if you don’t feel hungry, eating a small amount of food will reduce the risk of acidity.


Our posture and lifestyle has something really vital to do with our health. Not only the correct diet, but our posture while sitting, standing or sleeping also decide how much healthy and fit we’ll live and for how long. For example, if we sit or stand slouching or bent, our shoulders, chest and head tend to weigh on our stomach, hence, leading to the eaten things come up to the esophagus. This further affects the performance of our digestive system thus gifting us various gastrointestinal disorders. Hence, it is always advised to sit and stand straight so as to beat these types of stomach related troubles. Moreover, staying in a particular posture is also helpful in the expulsion of the undesirably and unintentionally produced gas. One posture, i.e. lying in knee to chest position or in one direction until the whole gas is passed has also been considered an effective way to prevent belching.

Eating Slowly

Some people have been seen with the fast eating habits. They consider it good because this saves time, but it is actually only time saving and no other benefits lies with the concept. Instead, the habit of fast eating leads to trigger the belching problem and other stomach related troubles. According to the research, the people with such habit are more prone to the problems like acidity and belching than others. This is due to a fact that the food which is not chewed properly doesn’t get digested and becomes a major reason of gas formation that leads to acidity. Moreover, when the stomach needs to perform the activities of our teeth, i.e. food grinding, it causes stomachaches and other related problems. Talking while eating is also a cause of getting undesired air swallowed along with food further leading to the problem of belching. So, in order to get rid of the problems like belching or other stomach problems, it is advised to ea slowly and not to speak while eating.  

Packed food items

Well, this is bad news for the fast food and packaged food lovers that what they love is the reason for inducing a variety of health problems in them. These food items mainly contain lactose, fats, carbohydrates and starch. The lactose intolerance lead to the some stomach problems in the people with lactose sensitivity. The other elements like fats, carbohydrates and starch lead to many health issues directly or indirectly related to your innocent tummy. Moreover, it leads to the problems like obesity too, that work as a host for other health issues. The edibles like chew gum and candies tend to allow more air get swallowed into us whenever we intake them. This further leads to belching as it gets accumulated in the stomach. Moreover, the packaged and canned food items usually contain carbon dioxide gas so as to prevent them from spoiling. This carbon dioxide is the huge enemy of our health. This enters into our body leading to gas formation and hence invite the embarrassing problem of belching. Avoiding these types of food can help you get rid of this problem.


Yeah, I know that following some of the above mentioned eating and living habits is next to impossible for some of you because of the comfort and satisfaction they provide. Like sitting and standing straight demands efforts and you love your relaxed posture, even when you clearly know that it is not good for your health. Moreover, one can scarify one day sleep, but skipping wafers, chocolates, cold drink, coffee seems to be like a punishment for you, right? But, my dear friends, you have to do it. You’ll have to avoid getting attracted towards the tempting varieties of snacks and cold drinks because they are making their money and losing nothing and you are losing your health and gaining nothing.

See, practically belching is not a disease; instead it is just a kind of health condition. It seems weird just because of the embarrassing situation it creates in front of you. Moreover, we have many home remedies for belching that can easily assist you get rid of the same. But, what about your overall health? There are many mild or chronic diseases or infections that we invite to enter our body by ourselves. Don’t you realize the same I just said? If making small changes in our eating habits and regular schedule can make a huge difference, what are we waiting for now? If we can remain healthy or at least safe from the diseases for some more moments, I don’t think keeping the greed of taste buds aside should create much trouble. Do you think so? But, still we do what our taste buds and comfort zone commands and wait for the next disease to enter and influence our body. Aren’t we?

“I tried it but couldn’t get much time to continue….”, “I don’t have control over my taste buds….” Etc. are just excuses. We all know that we can easily achieve whatever we want to and we have earlier proved it many times in our lives. So, if you really want to see the positive changes in your health, you’ll have to make the positive and dedicated efforts in the same direction. Moreover, many of you (a month before I could count myself also in the list) feel it a burden to drink water; instead some of you might have preferred beverages over water to satisfy the thirst many times. But, do you really think it is going to help you in any way? No beverage, regardless its chilling level and taste, can replace water. Here also, in case of belching water can help you get rid of the problem. How? Whenever our mouth is dehydrated, there are more chances for it to swallow large amount of air inside, hence, leading to chronic burping or belching. You can easily avoid the problem by drinking plenty of water and keeping your mouth as well as body hydrated. Water has many more roles to play that can help you keep various diseases at a bay.

I have mentioned a brief about almost all the vital things and activities that can help you avoid belching and even other health problems. Remember, no home remedy or even the most expensive antiviral can treat you and help you out in any of your health problem if you are not dedicated enough to solve it. Yeah, all of them can surely help you temporarily, but to get the permanent results, changes in regular routine are vital.