Autoimmune Diseases Home Remedies

Almost 24 million people have autoimmune diseases in United States alone, and a whooping amount of $120 billion is spent for treatment. Do you know the amount of money spent on cancer cure, which you believe is more bothering and common is actually half of this amount. Nothing can be worse than the system which is responsible for protecting our body from diseases gets sick. Imagine what would happen to our health then. Autoimmune diseases are such diseases of immune system. The main problem with auto immune diseases is that your immune system starts attacking healthy tissues that it thinks are harmful antigens. Common autoimmune disease symptoms include a low grade fever, pain in joints and fatigue. Some of the common health issues that can be categorized as autoimmune diseases are lupus, thyroid, rheumatoid arthritis, and some yet to identify health problems.

When I was first diagnosed with a rare disease which made my immune system ineffective, my doctor just explained that he was sorry as there was no cure and my health will decline slowly leading to death. Initially it was a shock, every door seemed to be close for my health and life, but I could not settle with the truth so easily. Giving up was not my cup of tea, especially when it was at a cost of my life. I searched and searched for some solution that would make life better for me. I referred hundreds of books, literally hundreds in just a month. And then I got what my body needed the most. And that too I got from a source in which I did not believe till I got autoimmune disease. The fact that there was no cure possible in mainstream medication made me look into alternative treatment methods. And I was both surprised and regretful of wasting my money and health on expensive medicines when there are treatments for every disease in natural remedies for autoimmune diseases.

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I started believing in its efficiency the day I got my life back which I nearly had lost a few months back. I am alive due to these natural home remedies for autoimmune diseases and now prescribe everyone to try these. Only the patients of autoimmune diseases can understand the value of following home remedies for auto immune diseases. Natural remedies for autoimmune diseases are greatly favoured in this case as the pills don’t address the underlying cause or reason the person has the disease, more damage and havoc can continue in the body. These natural methods and remedies for autoimmune diseases help in curing the diseases by addressing the main cause. Following is a list of the causes of autoimmune disease and how to deal with them.


Natural Remedies For Autoimmune Disease


Fish oil

There’s been substantial evidence that suggests omega-3 fatty acids may prevent chronic inflammation and ease symptoms associated with arthritis pain. Omega-3 fatty acids are the primary ingredient found in fish oil, a rather natural home remedy for auto immune diseases. Consuming fish oil have many health benefits, especially fro rheumatoid arthritis patients it is a must have.


Use herbs and food with anti-inflammatory properties


It is not uncommon to see inflammation in various parts as a result of any autoimmune disease. To treat this ailment you should include herbs like neem leaves, honey, or olive oil to your daily diet. These herbs act as natural remedies for autoimmune diseases. Adding turmeric to your dishes and in a glass of milk also reduces the pain and inflammation.


Green tea

Originally cultivated in China and India, the tea (made from unfermented leaves) is the most widely consumed drink in the world after water and also a natural home remedy for auto immune diseases. Beyond being a tasty beverage, green tea is a centuries-old herbal remedy, which traditionally has been used as a diuretic to promote digestion and improve heart health. Green tea contains a significant amount of antioxidants called polyphenols. These powerful antioxidants possess great anti-inflammatory properties which help in dealing with various autoimmune diseases.



Calcium is critical to maintaining bone density. Many Rheumatoid Arthritis medications can contribute to bone loss, and inactivity from inflammation and pain can further deteriorate bone health. A calcium-rich diet along with a supplement can be an important part of treatment and natural home remedy for auto immune diseases. Dark green, leafy vegetables, low-fat dairy products, and calcium-fortified beverages should all be part of a daily diet for rheumatoid arthritis patients.



This is an herb used for curing cold, nausea, vomiting and other such big and small health issues. Form thousands of years it has been considered for treating health ailments, also considered to be an apt natural home remedies for auto immune diseases. You can have grated ginger, or take out its juice and drink daily. And the simplest one is to make ginger tea and drink it twice daily.


Boost the functioning of liver

Breathlessness and liver congestion are also common in autoimmune diseases and very painful. In order to get things easier for you, drink ginger tea, have soup made up of cloves and do for citrus fruits that ease the breathing process and act as natural home remedies for auto immune diseases. You can also have honey mixed in a glass of water to do the needful.


Get the leaky gut treated

This is the most serious issue and to get rid of all the symptoms, you first have to seal the intestinal tract again. It is possible by changing the food choices that may be causing them. Natural home remedies for autoimmune diseases suggests, corn, gluten, soy and casein are often said to cause the problem, you should stop eating them immediately. You should also take some herbal supplements in order to heal the damage.


Have a really well balanced diet

You should look for proper nutritional food so that there are no deficiencies that can lead to some or the other problem. Once your guts problem is resolved, you should fill in the lack of nutrients in your body due to eating limited type of food for quite long to repair the intestine. Balanced diet is the key to natural home remedies for auto immune disease.

Variety of foods

To resolve these critical and chronic issues, one must look beyond the traditional medicines and check for natural home remedies for auto immune disease treatment options available. Stay away from genetically engineered foods, highly refined sugars and overexposure to household chemicals as they can cause serious health problems. It can even lead to leaky guts due to inflammation in the intestinal tract. To avoid these complications, follow these simple natural home remedies for autoimmune diseases and make sure you religiously stick to them if you love your life and health. Address the cause behind your autoimmune disease with natural home remedies for autoimmune diseases and go for eliminating the disease first, then strengthen your body by eating right amount of nutrition and maintaining your health.