Ascites Home Remedies

Can Home Remedies for Ascites Help Getting Rid of The Ailment ?


Along with the growth in economy, industries, hospitals, educational platforms etc. the number of health troubling diseases have also increased with time. These may be due to our changing lifestyle, eating habits, environmental pollution or side-effects of the health aiding antivirals. Whatever is the reason, the only thing at target is our health. One of these health troubles is ascites. It may either be the symptom of any chronic disease or the disease itself. But, whatever is the form, in both cases ascites is equally painful and acts as an added discomfort. So, what is ascites and to what extent it can influence our health? What causes ascites? What are the symptoms of it? If you have already been a victim of the side-effects of artificial treatment methods, one more question will be in your wish list. That is, are there any home remedies for ascites available to help you in the fight? Well, all these answers will be given shortly one by one. Let’s not stretch the words and jump directly to the answers for all the above questions.

When the pale yellow colored and clear fluid accumulates in the abdominal (peritoneal) cavity, which is located below the chest cavity, it is called ascites. Ascites is also known as dropsy or abdominal dropsy. It occurs most often in people with liver problems or cirrhosis, but certain types of cancers, peritoneum infection and trauma can also cause this condition in people. However, the main mechanism behind the occurrence of ascites is still a mystery to be solved. Well, Apart from liver issues, there are many reasons behind you getting this fluid accumulation in your stomach. Hence, the factors or causes leading to the ascites occurrence are:

Causes of Ascites

  • One of the major causes of ascites formation in the abdomen is the high blood pressure in the vessels of liver and low levels of the proteins called albumin.
  • Diseases like hepatitis-C or B infection and a person being alcoholic for a many years can be a huge reason behind ascites occurrence.
  • Abdominal cancers like cancer in ovaries, colon, uterus, pancreas and liver may also lead to the occurrence of the discomfort named ascites.
  • The other conditions leading to the ascites formation are portal vein thrombosis, congestive heart failure, pancreatitis, thickening and scarring of the sac-like covering of the heart.

Ascites symptoms

Hence, taking care of these factors may result in prevention of its occurrence. The thing that can keep you safe and away from any disease is the complete knowledge of the same. The above mentioned factors can help you remain safe from ascites, but, what if you are already on the way to become a victim of it? Well, this is the phase where the knowledge about the symptoms can help you. So, let’s go through the symptoms of ascites.

Symptoms of Ascites

  • Feeling of fullness and heaviness
  • Rapid weight gain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Indigestion and loss of appetite
  • Swelling in the legs and ankles
  • Heartburn
  • Hernia and infection

Here you got to know that the disease is directly or indirectly associated with the liver and its issues. Now, the way goes for the people who are fed up of consuming different varieties of artificial capsules, tablets and pills and now want the real cure. So, guys, the real cure is, like always, in the hands of nature only.

Here, the nature will help you in the form of home remedies for ascites which will not only work to treat your ascites, but will give an ultimate treatment to your liver and other associated problems too. Before going to the list of numerous home remedies, let me tell you some interesting facts about the natural home remedies for ascites:

These ascites home remedies are readily available either in your kitchen or garden or any nearby store. That means they save your time and travel.

Secondly, they are affordable to all. Their cost effectiveness is a major factor attracting a number of people throughout the world towards these home remedies. That means they save your money too.

This point is related to the health benefit these remedies provide. Unlike artificial treatment methods, home remedies for ascites will not only treat ascites, but also work to maintain your overall health.

strong immune system

Immune booster – This is the fact that makes home remedies my favorite. Most of the home remedies for ascites and many other diseases work as an efficient immunity booster too. And I believe I need not talk about the importance of our immune system in keeping the diseases and infections at a bay.

And the last point, they never carry any side-effect. You can even add some home remedies in your daily diet. All you need to take care is just the consumption limit and these remedies will take care of the rest.

Well, after going through all these interesting points about the home remedies for ascites, I am pretty sure that you are also desperately waiting to know about some of the names. Well, I’ll not check your patience anymore. So, let’s directly go to the list of home remedies for ascites.


Ascites Home Remedies


This easy available salad ingredient is not famous in Asian countries only; instead they are very well known in the other countries of the world too. Moreover, this is not a name of our generation. Radish had been consumed by Egyptians even before they built pyramids and Britain used it both for the culinary as well as the medicinal purposes. The satisfying taste of radish is favorite of most of the veggie lovers even today. It’s not only the name and taste, but the presence of different nutrients and properties also make it a perfect remedy for many health problems. Radish consists of vitamin-C with antioxidant property, fiber, folate, riboflavin, copper, potassium, magnesium, vitamin B6, calcium, manganese and many other health supporting nutrients. These all combiningly make radish a perfect way to help our body remain fit in each and every scope. Radish helps rebuilding the tissues and blood vessels, keeping bones and teeth strong, enhancing the immunity hence helping it to fight against the deadly diseases like heart-attack, stroke, cancer, regulating blood pressure, relieving congestion etc. The other properties of radish include antifungal, antibacterial, detoxifying and healing properties to make it an aid in the skin related issues.

radish for ascites

Radish for Ascites

Radish is one of the most effective home remedies for ascites because ascites is in one or the other way connected to the liver problems and radish, being a natural detoxifier, is considered to be good for the liver. What you can do to consume it is to grind the radish in a mixer and prepare juice out of it. Drinking that juice twice or thrice a day can help you very efficiently in getting rid of your trouble. You can also consume it raw or make its salad. Following the process whatever you start for a few continuous days will surely give relief from the condition.

Coconut water

Coconut, say is whatever form – oil, water or fruit, is always beneficial for our health and beauty. Out of all the forms, coconut water is considered to provide the largest number of health nutrients to us. This water is found only in the young, green coconut. After the coconut gets matured, the water gets replaced with the white edible substance known as “giri”. Coconut water contains the natural sugar, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, multiple vitamins, mineral and phytochemicals which are necessary for our health. The component named cytokinin present in the coconut water is known to have the anti-cancer properties. Although, it is not yet perfectly claimed, but, if it does, it is going to be of great help to the mankind. The different health related assistances that coconut water provides us including lowering blood pressure level, weight loss, lowering cholesterol and energy boosting, relaxing the muscle tension, treating fatigue and diabetes, preventing kidney stones, keeping the body hydrated, improving the athletes performance etc.

coconut water for ascites

Coconut water for Ascites

Considering coconut water among the best home remedies for ascites will not prove to be the wrong decision for you. This is because coconut water is known to purify the blood by eliminating the toxins from it. In case of ascites, coconut water helps reducing the fluid and toxins accumulated in the body due to ascites. Drinking a glass of coconut water on daily basis can help you get rid of the ascites symptoms.

Bitter Guard

Usually people avoid eating this vegetable due to the bitter taste of it. It is the most common thing in all of us that we prefer eating the food that satisfy our taste buds and generally do compromise with our health for the sake of it. But, here you’ll get to know that the food you avoid eating is actually among the healthiest foods on earth. Bitter guard or “Momordica charantia” or “karela”, is actually not a vegetable, but a fruit. It consists of many antioxidant, antimicrobial properties and different variety of vitamins, zinc, copper, iron, phosphorus, calcium, potassium and fiber. All these elements are really necessary for our over health, skin and hair. The bitter guard helps us in various ways like treating respiratory disorders like asthma, cold and cough, detoxifying liver, treating acne, diabetes and constipation, heart diseases, kidney and bladder diseases, preventing cancer, weight loss, boosting energy, purifying blood, acting as an anti-aging agent, treating the skin infections, dandruff, split ends and the list is not over yet. Hence, you can see yourself how much beneficial is bitter guard for your health and skin.

bitter guard for ascites

Bitter Guard for Ascites

Again this manages to come in the list of best home remedies for ascites due to the healing effects it shows to the health problem. As it works for detoxifying the liver as well as purifying blood, it minimizes the amount of fluid and inflammation in the abdominal cavity present due to ascites. You just require preparing a glass of bitter guard juice and consume it twice a day. Repeating the process for a few next days will give you the positive results. I believe You can compromise over your tongue and the taste buds for the sake of treating ascites with this effective home remedy.

Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seed is a kitchen ingredient used to add flavor to many dishes of the Asian cuisine. But the reason of we people using it is not limited to kitchen only. It has many more things to give us. This is the home remedy popular among us not for one or two, but a number of health benefits. The health benefits of the fenugreek seed have made it a permanent home ingredient in most of the households now-a-days. A small tablespoon of fenugreek seeds can insert a number of health supporting nutrients to you. These nutrients include carbohydrates, calories, small amount of fats, fiber, iron, manganese, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin B6 etc. All these nutrients make it a perfect home remedy for many of the health, skin and hair problems like digestive and cholesterol problems, mouth ulcers, boils, bronchitis, tuberculosis, chronic cough, cancer, kidney problems, lack of milk flow while breastfeeding, eating disorders, pain and swelling, gouts, leg ulcers, dandruff, eczema etc. I have already mentioned many of the problems that can be solved by consuming fenugreek seeds.

fenugreek seeds for ascites

Fenugreek Seeds for Ascites

Fenugreek seeds for ascites is also a good option one can go for. This is considered as one of the best home remedies for ascites. It is its properties that aid fenugreek seeds cure the fundamental issues of the stomach and relieving the symptoms of ascites. Although, it may not taste good, but, it is definitely going to help you out with your problem. What you require doing is to soak some fenugreek seeds in some water overnight and blend them gently along with the water in the morning. After doing that, strain the mixture and drink the solution thoroughly. Doing this a couple of times a day for a few consecutive days can help you get rid of the trouble. You can also add this ingredient to you regular diet.


Like always, this kitchen ingredient is again ready to solve your problems. You must already be familiar of the health and beauty benefits garlic gift us. As we all know that it is a very famous kitchen ingredient used to add flavor and taste to different dishes, we already are familiar of the same. If talking about the medicinal properties of the same, this is also not our discovery; instead our forefathers had already done this for us. Our ancestors, thousands and millions years ago, used to use this ingredient to treat many health problems. All the benefits that garlic provides are due to the presence of allicin, that shows the potent medicinal properties including antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-parasitic, antiseptic, antioxidant and astringent properties. The health problems that can be solved by consuming garlic include mild sickness, high blood pressure, cholesterol level and associated heart problems, aging problems, weak bones, toxins in the blood etc. The antioxidant property of garlic helps preventing the Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Above all, the performance of garlic as an immunity booster is also mind blowing.

garlic for ascites

Garlic for Ascites

All these properties and elements of garlic even help managing the name in the top home remedies for ascites also. The unique medicinal properties and efficiency of detoxifying the blood and liver makes it a perfect home remedy for ascites. You need to grind some garlic and squeeze out approx. 1 tablespoon of juice from it. Add this juice to a glass of water. Consume the remedy twice a day for approx. 10-12 days. Even if you don’t like garlic, adding a small amount of garlic in your daily diet will be beneficial only.

Spreading Hogweed

Spreading hogweed or punarnava, is an ayurvedic herb that is used for many medicinal purposes. Although, it is used for cooking too, but this field is not that famous like its use as a herb. Punarnava is known to contain slightly pungent alkaloid named punanarvine and potassium nitrate. Moreover, chloride, nitrate, phlorate and chlorate are also a part of its chemical structure. It has considered as one of the major herbs of Ayurveda. We already know that Ayurveda in one of the oldest and trustworthy medical field in the whole world. Getting treated with Ayurveda may not be favourable for your taste buds or schedule, but if it comes to the health, none can beat its treatment result. The medicinal properties of spreading hogweed or punarnava help taking care of many health issues in a real effective manner. This herb, unlike the other herbs, is dry and sweet in taste which can satisfy the taste buds too. It can help taking care of the heart health and induces perspiration. Moreover, it is a perfect remedy to work for the digestive disorders and keeping the kidney in well maintained shape. Liquid extract of punarnava is given to the patients dealing with swelling of kidney. It helps purifying the blood by removing the toxins. The other problems like eye problems, asthma, constipation, jaundice, urinary calculi, swelling and pain can also be treated by this amazing herb.

spreading hogweed for ascites

Spreading Hogweed for Ascites

Punarnava is a potent diuretic and is essential in treating ascites caused by cirrhosis. Due to its amazing healing effects, it can effectively work for ascites as well as for the other health issues. What you require doing is to take 10-60 gram hogweed powder with a glass of hot water. You can also drink 20-30 gm juice of fresh root in small sips throughout the day. Doing the same for a few consecutive days can give the desired results.


The green colored outer skin and red colored inner part with lots of water in the fruit makes it one of the most favorite fruits of many people during the summer days. But is it only the water and the taste that attract a number of children and adults towards this amazing fruit? No, that’s not the only reason. One major reason is the health and skin benefits that watermelon provides us. Watermelon is known to contain high amount of vitamins and minerals with low amount of calories. The availability of large amount of vitamin C  and amino acids help our body function properly, but the list of healthy nutrients is not over yet. One more element is available in watermelon that makes it unique and it is lycopene. Watermelon is the natural source producing largest amount of lycopene. Lycopene is the phytonutrient that reacts with the human body and triggers the healthy reactions. Due to all these elements and properties, watermelon is capable of fighting against the health problems like cancer, obesity, asthma, indigestion, dehydration, inflammation, muscle soreness, kidney disorders, heat stroke etc.

watermelon for ascites

Watermelon for Ascites

After all these benefits, watermelon can be a great help in dealing with ascites too. It helps maintaining the balance of fluids in the abdominal area as well as detoxify the liver so as to treat the symptoms of ascites. Moreover, consuming a glass of watermelon juice daily on regular basis can work amazingly to maintain your overall health. All these properties make watermelon one of the top home remedies for ascites. Obviously, it is a natural remedy which never works only for the health problem for which you consume them; instead the natural remedies work for all the hidden problems that come into their healing zone.


If somebody likes the summer season, one of the most important hidden reasons behind this must be mangoes. Of course, we wait desperately for the whole year to grab some cubes of sliced mangoes. All the mango lovers will feel glad to hear that their favorite fruit is not just to satisfy their taste buds, but they can gift them the health benefits also. The antioxidant named as zeaxanthin present in mangoes help maintaining eye health by filtering out the blue light rays. The beta-carotene is also an essential nutrient that gets converted into vitamin A in order to prevent our body from the various diseases. Vitamin A is known to work protectively against the prostate cancer. Moreover, mango is said to have almost 20 vitamins and minerals overall. These include protein, small amount of fat, carbohydrate, vitamin C, folate, vitamin K, potassium, copper, calcium and iron. There are several other properties nutrients that all in all work to prevent the body from different health problems like asthma, age-related macular degeneration, cancer, bone health, diabetes, high cholesterol, indigestion, heart disease, skin and hair problems etc. This king of fruits can do a lot for both your taste buds and health.

Mango for ascites

Mangoes for Ascites

Considering mango as one of the best home remedies for ascites will not be a wrong decision taken by you. Mango can very effectively help in treating the problem. In some cases, ascites is caused due to the spreading of cancer in the abdominal lining. Zeaxanthin available in the mangoes is responsible for reducing the cancer cells as well as treating the inflammation caused by cancer. Treating ascites with such a delicious remedy will not be a troublesome or bitter experience for you. What you can do is to drink a glass of mango juice daily for a few days until you get the problem solved. Moreover, adding mangoes to your diet will also be a great help to your health.


This well-known vegetable, or you can also say fruit, is consisted of a long, slender pale green and red stalks accompanied by large, green leaves. It had earlier been started in Siberia, but now it’s popular throughout the Europe and North America. This can be eaten raw or cooked, whatever way you want to. Rhubarb is known to be rich in a variety of nutrients like vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin A, folate, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, manganese, potassium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium etc. There are numerous health benefits this simple ad ordinary looking veggie can give us. It can work well to provide weight loss and prevent cardiovascular diseases, indigestion, Alzheimer’s disease, bone health, cancer etc. Moreover, this is helpful in providing proper blood circulation and maintaining well-nourished skin and hair. One can consume rhubarb to solve the problems of his eyesight and other visibility problems also. Hence, it also covers almost all the scopes related to our health and beauty.

rhubarb for ascites

Rhubarb for Ascites

If you talk about rhuharb and ascites treatment, I can assure that is a perfect combination to go with. Indian Rhuharb strengthens the liver and is useful in cirrhosis. This works effectively in increasing the urine production and reducing inflammation, hence, easing the ascites condition. No much effort is required. Just pour 150ml of boiling over the powdered rhuharb root and strain after 5 minutes. Drink the prepared tea before the bedtime. Performing the same daily for next 2-3 weeks will solve the problem to a considerable extent.

These amazing home remedies can work efficiently for you. The remedies will effectively treat your ascites as well as take care of your overall health. Mentioned above are some of the most effective home remedies for ascites that can heal your problem in a way no other treatment method can do for you. Ascites or any other health problem, whatever you can speak about is not ever desired, but directly or indirectly invited by us only. What natural remedies do is to treat the disease from roots and not just hide the symptoms like the antibiotic treatment method.

Of course, if you start solving any problem from roots with the help of natural home remedies, it’ll surely take some time. But, once done, there are chances that the disease will not influence you again so early even after leaving taking the dosage. But, it is not the remedies alone that can work so efficiently for you. The other factors required along with these home remedies for ascites are your dedication and some precautions. Consistency plays a vital role in getting anything solved, whether it is any health problem or some other improvement.

Moreover, there are many precautions that have to be taken care of while treating ascites. The first and foremost among all is to avoid taking the anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen, motrin etc. These medications reduce the blood flow to the kidneys, hence, limiting the salt and water excretion. Secondly, the fast and junk foods will add to the problem being rich in high fat, calories and other harmful elements. It’s better avoiding eating these food items during ascites. However, one should always avoid over-consuming these types of food items as they can always gift you a number of health problems for free.

fast food intake

The third factor is associated with sodium intake. One should avoid high intake of sodium while facing ascites. The reason is that, high sodium intake diminishes the effect of remedies that you take to treat ascites. One must avoid the food highly rich in starch. The starchy food items like rice, grains and potatoes add to the trouble instead of being a helping hand in treating the disease. If you are an alcoholic person, this habit of yours can work as a fatal for you. So, it is recommended to avoid consuming alcohol in case of being a victim of ascites. Last but not the least; avoid sleeping in the day time or just after having your meal. It can drastically affect your digestive process.

Along with all these remedies and precautions, what more you can do is to perform abdomen massage. Moreover, performing regular exercise can help you in a great way. Doing regular exercise is however beneficial for your overall health too. It’ll help the home remedies for ascites enhance your immunity and hence let it work to keep the diseases all the diseases at a bay. Hence, you can see yourself how effective are these home remedies for ascites are for your recent problem as well as your overall health. Have you ever seen or even thought of any other treatment method work upto this extent. I bet, none except the home remedies are there. What will you say?