Arteriosclerosis Home Remedies

Arteriosclerosis is a precondition that finally leads to heart and kidney diseases. The condition which initially appears to be minor sometimes turns into such a fatal disease that it ends up costing us our own life. The walls of arteries thicken in arteriosclerosis that reduces or even blocks the supply of oxygen in some parts of our body. Due to this phenomenon, the flexibility and elasticity of the blood vessels is lost. Additionally, the arteries narrow, which causes evident interference with the blood flow. It is believed to be one of the most common diseases of the blood vessels. Mostly, the arteries of the legs, aorta, heart, kidneys, and abdomen suffer from arteriosclerosis. The reason being living a unhealthy life style, not exercising, eating food rich in fat and cholesterol, or white sugar consumption. Sometimes, certain factors about which we cannot do much like hereditary factors and the process of aging also leads to this disease.

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Because it is our lifestyle and food habits which have lead us into this problem, we only can correct this with the help of some significant changes in our way of living and dietary routine. The major reason behind arteriosclerosis is bad food habits. The natural remedies for arteriosclerosis include a diet that basically contains saturated and hydrogenated fat, along with the processed and refined food, can potentially causes arteriosclerosis. This cause in actually created by us and hence we can easily reverse it by having healthy food habits that suits our body and does not have any harmful affect. This can be done at home; all we need to know is what to eat and what not to have. The secondary cause is the adoption of lethargic lifestyle. This again is our own way of living our life, and we only can change it if we want to help ourselves in overcoming the disease. Given below is a list of few natural remedies for arteriosclerosis, and tips that one should follow in order to avoid a sudden visit to the emergency section of the hospital.

Natural Remedies For Arteriosclerosis


Allicin present in garlic makes it excellent anti-inflammatory and anti- viral agent and an excellent natural remedy for arteriosclerosis. It can reduce the arterial plaque by almost 20%, and also makes sure that it does not accumulate in future. Not only this, it has the ability to increase the good cholesterol in our body. Start taking 3- 4 cloves of garlic daily to give your body all these benefits.

Lemon peel

Shred the lemon peel on the soup you drink or sprinkled over salad. Lemon peel has the unique ability to strengthen the artery system and act as the natural remedies for arteriosclerosis. Try to include lemon peel at other places wherever you can accommodate it.


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Capsicum is a common ingredient in our kitchen and a more common natural remedies for arteriosclerosis. We often eat it without knowing its benefits. This vegetable has the capacity to enhance the blood flow and lower down the cholesterol levels thereby decreasing the chances of arteriosclerosis.


The stem of pineapple plant contains pro-teolytic enzyme called bromelain. This can reduce the stickiness of platelets and clot formation, thereby making the blood easy to flow. It also decreases the inflammatory response to artery injury. Have pineapple as it is or in juice form whichever you find suitable. Pineapple is the tasty core to the natural remedies for arteriosclerosis.

Turmeric powder

Turmeric powder is a source of anti oxidants, thereby it serves to prevent damage to blood vessel walls to prevent onset of arteriosclerosis, hence a quite effective natural remedy for arteriosclerosis. In addition to this turmeric also improves blood flow in arteries, while strengthening blood vessels at the same time. Its health benefits are still not over. Having half tablespoon of turmeric powder in one glass of hot milk every day before sleeping makes you immune to all the diseases.


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Spinach is the most common green leafy vegetable. Other than its general health benefits, it has the power to prevent the arteries from thickening and makes the blood flow easy within them. Eat spinach as a part of your diet daily or drink a glass of juice extracted from it, and include this wonderful natural remedies for arteriosclerosis in your life to enjoy a healthier life.

Quit smoking

Smoking has a vital role to play in the diseases related to lungs and heart. So, if you want to keep yourself away from the consequences of arteriosclerosis, the first step is to quit smoking from today.


To manage the symptoms of arteriosclerosis and relieve yourself from acute chest pain, you can drink a cup of parsley tea. Natural remedies for arteriosclerosis suggest you to boil a spoon of parsley seeds in a cup of water and take it inside sip by sip twice everyday.

Green tea

A cup of green tea daily in the morning makes your life easy and disease free and also is a good natural remedies for arteriosclerosis. Be it your cholesterol level, or the threat of cancer, green tea has its benefits in all the domains. Take it as a compulsion to drink this if you have already had some symptom of arteriosclerosis.

Beet juice


The bright red color of this juice is as tempting as its taste. It directly acts as a solvent to the inorganic calcium deposits in the arteries and a natural remedies for arteriosclerosis. In all one glass of beet juice helps keeping the artery system clean and healthy.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C converts cholesterol and produces bile acid. This reduces the amount of cholesterol. It is hence advised to all the arteriosclerosis patients to have more and more oranges, lemons and other citrus fruits that have high content of vitamin C, as they are the best natural remedies for arteriosclerosis available in nature.

Change your diet

You need some significant changes in you diet if you in any way are doubtful about having arteriosclerosis. Have food with less fat and cholesterol. Say yes to green vegetables and colorful fruits as they are natural remedies for arteriosclerosis. Stay away from fried food and packed food.


Ginger in its own is a complete cure of arteriosclerosis and a natural remedy for arteriosclerosis. It thins down the blood and decreases the platelet aggregation. It not only decreases the blood pressure and reduces hardening of the arteries. Ginger can also reduce the level of cholesterol in our body. In this way it kills all the causes of arteriosclerosis. Have it in grated form of drink ginger tea daily to have these benefits.

Grape seed extract

This extract is believed to have anti-oxidant power that is 50 times more than that of vitamin E and a really impressive natural remedy for arteriosclerosis. Grape seeds extract improves the circulation in arteries and hence avoid arteriosclerosis, preventing clots, stroke and heart attacks.

It is high time to act if you seem to feel any symptom of arteriosclerosis. If you love your life enough, you should be conscious about your health and body. Once you start loving your health, with these natural remedies for arteriosclerosis, you can surely win the fight with this disease. Some of them act by giving instant relief to the symptoms, and others are gradual but all of them are of great use if you really want to prevent arteriosclerosis or cure it.