Anxiety Home Remedies

With shallow breathe and fast heart beat, one of five people in US suffer from some kind of anxiousness. One of the most common metal ailments is anxiety in United States, which do not remain confined to mind only but also affects our overall health. Although it is no so uncommon to become anxious, as all of us at some point of life due to stress loose control over our mind, but the thing is that it should not exceed for a longer duration. It is obvious that some bad phase will come in your life at some point of time but you should prepare yourself mentally to cope up with the stress so that in do not influence your health in anyway.

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Those who cannot handle the situations in a wise way commonly suffer from this problem. The worst thing about anxiety is that it gets worse with every passing day. Hence it is important to act before it is too late. You should become conscious as soon as you see the problem at the doorsteps itself, because once it manages to enter, trust me you will find it hard to turn its mouth in the opposite direction. While medications to treat these anxiety conditions are often an important component in the management of anxiety, there is also many natural remedies for anxiety, do-it-yourself techniques that can help calm you down, either in place of medications or as a supplement to them. Once you know something is really affecting your mind and you are unable to get out from it, start using the following home remedies for anxiety.

Home Remedies For Anxiety

 Gamma Amino Butyic Acid (GABA) supplement

GABA supplement is commonly prescribed to most of the patients suffering from depression and anxiety and considered the best natural remedy for anxiety. You can easily grab one for yourself from any medicinal store nearby.

 Include L-lysine in your diet

Brains main transmitter called neurotransmitter is made up by the amino aid L-lysine. Taking this regularly decreases the levels of stress hormones as well as reduces the symptoms of anxiety and is also a very important natural remedies for anxiety.

Take out some time and do what you love to do


It is important to find time for yourself. No matter how busy you are, it is necessary to spend time doing what you love the most. It can be your hobby, or something else that gives you happiness. Happiness is the best cure for anything and also, in this case, a very good natural remedy for anxiety, without any extra cost.

 Try chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is the most common treatment to uplift the burden of brain and relieve the patient from anxiousness and stress. Also considered a great natural remedy for anxiety, just a cup of chamomile tea twice everyday will give you better emotional health.

 Cut down caffeine

Whether it is tea, or coffee, or dark chocolates, all of then are stimulators to anxiety and stressed behavior and also a natural remedy for anxiety. All of us love there taste, but those fighting with anxiety should do it as the first thing to slowly reduce the amount of caffeine you give to your body.

 Face the condition you are afraid of

It is often better to face the fear. As the saying “the fear of dying kills you everyday”. You should face the condition that is haunting the most as it will end up all your worries and you will be calm after that. confronting your innermost fears is good for your self confidence and also a healthier and free natural remedy for anxiety.

 Breathe in nature everyday


If you lock inside the doors, your symptoms will get worse day by day. If you go out and walk in natural air under the sunlight, it will refresh both, you body as well as mind. Natural environment plays a key factor in reducing anxiety and natural remedies for anxiety. Also it is a great source of optimism.

 Modify your diet

What you eat has a great role in defining not only your physical health but also your mental state. Go for fresh and colorful fruits and vegetables, have more fiber in your diet and say no to alcohol. A healthier diet is always the best natural remedy for anxiety and many more diseases associated with mental stimulation.


Hops is a bitter, or I should say very bitter herb that is often used as a sedative, to promote sleep, often with another herb called valerian. You will also see the same as a component in beers. A huge stress reliever, hops is used as a great natural remedy for anxiety.

 Lemon balm

Lemon balm is usually sold as tea, tincture or capsule. This has been used since middle ages to reduce stress and anxiety. Drinking lemon balm tea will make you more alert and calm at the same time. Lemon balm is the best natural resource for natural remedies for anxiety, and also very effective remedy to release from stress.

 Lavender oil

Breathing in the lavender oil essence opens up your brain and is often considered to be the best natural remedy for anxiety. It will surely work better after that and you will be filled with positive thoughts. Also it will help in reduction of stress. And I am sure you will not hate the fragrance as well.

Bath in water with Epsom salt

Taking bath in hot water with some Epsom salt added to it has positive effect on anxious behavior. It will calm you down and will settle your brain and act as a natural remedy for anxiety. A hot bath is always relaxing as it raises your body temperature and regulates your mood and anxiety.

 Exercise every morning

Spend at least 20 minutes in relaxing your body and brain. Exercise your body, do some work out and have a walk if you do not like running, but make sure you do regularly find time for exercising, and also a healthier, more natural way to promote natural remedies for anxiety. That work out is not need to be exhaustive, but a mild one will also serve the purpose.

Have green tea

Green tea has many health benefits, and dealing with anxiety is one of them. Having a cup of green tea in the morning and evening reduces stress, blood pressure, and the risk of some dangerous diseases like cancer and heart attack and a really more rejuvenating natural remedies for anxiety.

Try to laugh


Those who find it hard to smile without any reason or even with some funny instance are more likely to have the situation like anxiety. Laugh out loud whenever you can find even a small reason to do so. When you have nothing at all, try reading a few jokes and laugh at them, it will greatly reduce your stress levels. A hearty laugh is the best natural remedy for anxiety, been known for ages for its healing and stress relieving properties.


Soak eight to ten almonds in water overnight and eat them in morning. They are not only beneficial for health but are also said to have a good effect on our brain and a healthy natural remedy for anxiety. And that is the center point for the initialization of anxiety, right?

Do something constructive

Whenever you have time, try to indulge yourself in some kind of tangible tasks. Do not lock yourself behind the doors and sit in front of television or laptop. Go for gardening or something you like to do. Outdoor activities reduce anxiety levels and are a really great way to indulge in natural remedies for anxiety.

With these natural remedies for anxiety, you will surely not have to visit the doctor if you react at the initial phase itself. By incorporating these major and minor changes in the lifestyle and refining your food habits you can have a really good coordination between body and brain. Do not let the symptoms of anxiety affect your daily life and adapt to the above discussed natural home remedies for anxiety as soon as possible.