Home Remedies for angina

Just like you, I was also not an athlete who could easily complete marathons of many miles, but I was physically active. The ride of a few kilometers was not a big deal for me and that day also I got ready for the same. This was my routine, getting up early, doing some cycling, and coming back home followed by a round of jogging in the park. The starting itself was not as good as I could feel some unusual sensation in my chest since the time I woke up. If at all I knew it was angina attack, I could have dealt with it accordingly. While getting ready I thought of dropping the plan that day.

Then the commitment I made to myself made me get up from the bed and I tied my shoe laces motivating myself. When I was warming up, I had the trailer of angina, a sharp pain in my chest aroused out of nowhere. Again I convinced myself blaming the extra pieces of the delicious pizza I ate last night. Moving towards my cycle I was in deep thoughts of working on my diet as well. I was a regular exerciser who would miss anything but not the morning workout. Last night also I came home late at 1 am and after 5 hours of not so good sleep, I was standing right there with my bicycle.

shoe laces

But I was a taste lover, and hence can never say to good food. And by good food I mean taste wise good food. This habit of mine bothered me a lot in past as well, but today it was something else. Unaware of what was going to happen in the next couple of minutes I started what I loved the most. As I crossed a few houses, the mild pain, or I should say the sensation of pain converted into real trouble.

With increasing pain, I could see everything I ate last night and once again I related it to the discomfort caused by gas. Time to time I got signals from my body, but I ignored it like you people. It was not just me, but every one of us has the habit of ignoring small things. Next, I can’t tell you because when I opened my eyes, I was on the hospital bed. There was one nurse in my room and so many big machines. I was damn scared and I asked the nurse a dozen of questions about my health, who brought me here, and was it a heart attack?

She smiled but her smile was not enough to make me comfortable, I was worried. I was worried about what happened to me, and what was it that made me land in the hospital. Was it just gas pain or something serious? She simply said- the doctor will be here any moment and he will answer all your questions. Not satisfied with the answer, I looked at the machines surrounding me and lied back on the bed. After a few minutes, the doctor entered and the first thing I asked was- did I had a heart attack?

Chest-pain in angina

He said no, and I was relaxed looking at the machines again, but this time with some confidence. Noticing my relaxation, the doctor immediately declared that a few hours ago I had angina attack as if he was not at all happy to see me relaxed. I was surprised but more than that I cursed myself for not understanding the signals my body was giving me. I could now relate to all the times I suffered chest pain and thought of it as something else. We have a habit of ignoring things till they grow into something big issue that we cannot ignore.

The same happened to me as well and I did the same mistake that all the people of the United States daily do. I ignored it and landed directly in the hospital. It is not that I am not serious about my health; I used to do cycling, jogging, work out too and also was planning to change my diet (although it was just a plan and sacrificing taste was the last thing I wanted from life). Despite doing so many things how could I suffer from angina?

Anyone can have angina attack at any time, despite the level of physical exercise you are doing. I know people who are professional swimmers and marathon winners and had such a bad angina attack. I also know people who are lazy enough to get up from the bed in the morning and from the chair during day time. Out of these also some are angina patients using home remedies for angina.

So you can’t determine whether you will be a patient of angina in future or not, but yes, you can know angina as well as home remedies for angina better. In fact, you must be familiar with this disease because more than seven million people in the United States are suffering from angina. Yes, more than seven million people and every day new numbers are adding to the list. This indeed makes it important for all of us to know the disease, isn’t it?


You know angina is one of the most common reasons behind you landing up on the hospital bed, and who can understand it better than me? Reduction in the flow of blood to the heart is what we call angina pectoris or simply angina. The main symptom of angina is mild to acute chest pain. The pain is of such nature that you will find it difficult to characterize as angina or heart attack. This is the biggest complication, you suffer from angina but in rare cases, you will figure it out. This makes many people completely ignore the symptoms, exactly what I also did. Later I got to know what this ignorance can do, and trust me, from that day onwards I looked at angina seriously.

The doctor told me that I had had angina and if I was brought a little late, things would have turned the other way. Chest pain in severe cases can sometimes lead to heart attack or the patient may also end up paralyzing himself. For these reasons, it should not be taken lightly. There are some distinct symptoms of angina that will help you respond to the problem faster and in the right direction. Typical angina symptoms are the pain in the upper central abdomen, back, neck area, jaw or shoulders as well as nausea, fatigue, shortness of breath, sweating and dizziness.

types of angina

If you have had angina attack you might be familiar with the three categories of angina. What if I tell you that another type of angina has recently been discovered by the scientists? Let us see all the types of angina we know so far.

  • Stable Angina

This angina attack is commonly observed at times when your heart has to work harder. If you have chest pain while running, climbing up stairs or while cycling (as it happened to me), you can think of stable angina. The reason behind stable angina is the inability of the narrowed arteries to supply enough blood to the heart when it requires a high amount of oxygen. In this case, if you take rest, the symptoms will become light with time and gradually will disappear.

  • Unstable Angina

Stable angina can be treated up to a certain extent by resting for a while, and if things go well, the pain will not hit you with a higher intensity. But this one is a real trouble. It is a sign that you can anytime have a heart attack. Have a closer look at the symptoms and reasons of this one. This indeed requires emergency treatment. Unstable angina has nothing to do with physical activities and you can have this attack while sleeping as well. Almost 15% of the people attacked by unstable angina have a heart attack. No rest and even medicines can do much about this one.

  • Prizmetal angina

Also known as variant angina, prizmetal angina is the types in which the blood flow to the heart becomes low or stops completely due to spasm in a coronary artery. This one is rare compared to the other two types. These attacks usually bother you from midnight to 8 am. And just like unstable angina, this also occurs when the person is at rest.

  • Micro vascular angina

You might have been told by now that angina occurs due to blockage in the arteries. Have you heard something about microvascular angina? This type is caused by the improper functioning of the blood vessels. These blood vessels are crucial not only for the heart but also for legs and arms.

Difference between angina and heart attack

Angina is not a heart attack, and I am sure about it now. But if you thank god for angina not being a heart attack, let me tell you that it is not less than that. Imagine you are living a carefree life and one bad day angina knocked the door. You also would be happy as I was that at least it is not a heart attack. Trust me, friends, I have stopped eating my favorite fries since that day. Yes, it was not that easy but I had to do it if I wanted to live longer.

angina or heart attackThe fries are just one example and there are so many other tastes that I have said not to because I know now that I am at a higher risk of suffering from heart attack. Heart attack, the one-time killer is taking many lives every day and I surely don’t want to be the next. Angina, of course, is not a heart attack, but from that day onwards I live with the fear of having a heart attack.

It is good in its own way as it is a declaration that something is not going on well into your body. After angina, you know what can happen next if you do not bring significant changes in your lifestyle and food habits. This again depends on your perception. If you identify correctly that it is angina, and start taking good care of your heart, you are lucky. And if you choose to ignore the pain, stay carefree and light, one day your heart will demand more attention than you can give.

This was the role of angina in my life, and for you too it can be a good experience only because you will get a chance to take care of your heart attack. I found it hard to manage angina, god help those who straight away have a heart attack without any warning symbol. Those who take angina as an alarm realize the importance of a healthy heart for a ling life. And they also understand that you need to do a lot more than simply taking medicines.

Medicines will take care of the symptoms of angina only for a while, and your heart requires 24*7 attention and care, that only home remedies for angina can give. To accomplish this, you can go for some very effective, natural and side effect free home remedies for angina. These home remedies for angina are not only what you need to deal with angina, but they are also excellent for your heart. I could taste the same pizza and fries once again after relying on these home remedies for angina, and hence I love them as much as I love my life. Let us see what are the home remedies for angina and then I will tell you which one gave me the taste of sweets and fries back.

Home remedies for angina


Garlic has been known for ages for its medicinal and healing properties, and these days it is one of the best home remedies for angina. Garlic is known for its amazing properties of healing wounds, clearing infections, killing harmful microorganisms, giving more energy and power to your body, combating sickness, boosting the function of the immune system, reducing chances of stroke and blood pressure. Garlic is the most powerful and beneficial herb for mankind, and our ancestors knew it quite well.garlic for angina

this angina home remedy also improves cholesterol levels thereby reducing the chances of angina to almost nil. In all, we can summarize that this small herb saves you from world’s biggest killers. Moreover, it is very easy to include it in your daily diet as it adds taste to your food (not to mention I am a taste freak).

You can have garlic in your daily diet as angina home remedy, and trust me, it is one of the best home remedies for angina. Eat 2-3 garlic cloves daily to avoid angina and also to reduce the chances of heart attack. If you can eat it raw, well and good, and if not, add it to your veggies by cutting each clove into smaller pieces.


If you have a problem with the other home remedies for angina, you can try this one. Honey is also beneficial in angina, and out of all the home remedies for angina, it is not needed to tell you that it is the sweetest too. Honey is capable of healing the angina pain as well as protects us from several other diseases due to its immunity enhancing properties. Honey is really an effective home remedy for angina; it has all the goodness as well as taste that makes it the best choice to deal with angina.honey for angina

Honey is the sweetest of all the home remedies for angina, but you have to take extra care while choosing honey. The honey you use for treating angina should be of very high quality and unadulterated. If you can manage to get natural and unprocessed honey, no brand can replace the medicinal properties of it. And in case you cannot arrange the natural and purest form, go for the one which is approved for quality and tested for effectiveness.

Honey is my favorite of all home remedies for angina because of its sweetness, but for some, it may be the ease of use that makes it the bets. Have one tablespoon of honey mixed in warm water as the first thing in the morning to reduce weight, cholesterol and many other health benefits. This is more than sufficient, but make sure you do it regularly.


Parsley is an excellent source of Vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin C, folate and iron as well as many other beneficial compounds, and today we are discussing on it as on of the home remedies for angina. You can imagine how much beneficial it will be for our heart and overall health. The small green leaves with a unique fragrance are really a good treat for the human body as well as eyes and nose. You might have used parsley as a part of some dish, but it is hard to imagine it as a cure for angina, right?

parsley for anginaIt is a very well tested and tried the method to use parsley for treating angina. To manage the symptoms of angina and relieve yourself from acute chest pain, you can drink a cup of parsley tea. Home remedies for angina suggest you boil a spoon of parsley seeds in a cup of water and take it inside sip by sip twice every day. This is not just one way of dealing with the pain of angina, and you can do it in small bits by adding parsley to your salad plate or garnish your soup with that.


There are many home remedies for angina and almonds are the most fabulous ones. Of course, you have heard of almonds, and use them every day, but I am sure you had not used them to treat angina. Not sure about you, but none of my sweet dishes is complete without almonds. Without realizing the facts that these nuts are essential to maintaining the overall health of the body, we eat them every day.


They not only provide the energy required by our body but also help in maintaining the appropriate cholesterol levels. One of the best home remedies for angina is to eat almonds to regularize your body clock after soaking 5- 6 pieces in a glass of milk for 2 hours. Here comes the difference. We have been eating them every day but the wrong way. Soaking them in water brings drastic changes in the properties of almonds.

It is a proof that knowing just the names of home remedies for angina are not enough, and you have to be familiar with the best way to use them. Next time, soak almonds in water before eating them. One can also soak them overnight in water and then have them as the first thing in the morning. Alternatively, eat a handful of roasted almonds to avoid angina as well as other health problems.

Become a veggie lover

I know it will be hard, but you will have to do the sacrifice. I also did it, and I am glad that I have done the best for my body. If you have ever had angina problem, make sure you stay away from mutton and other such high cholesterol products. I will tell you many home remedies for angina but they will work only if you strictly sacrifice high cholesterol food. If you truly love your body and your health, nothing is difficult.

fruits-and-vegetables-for angina

Reduce the amount of dairy product you take in daily as it also has an adverse effect on your heart health. What to eat then? Go for fresh and green vegetables. These are good for your overall health and at the same time work for many diseases, specifically angina. You will find a variety of green leafy veggies and other colorful vegetables that would give you great taste while preserving your heart health.


All of us love the tangy taste of lemon and use it frequently. But have you ever analyzed it for health benefits or as one of the home remedies for angina? One lemon is a powerhouse of energy, loaded with antioxidants that prevent aging, improves digestion, brings a glow to your skin and can do many other good things. Treating angina and taking care of your heart, of course, is one of them.

lemon for angina

There are many home remedies for angina, and a piece of lemon is one of them. If you suffer from any of the well-known symptoms of angina, make sure you take in at least one lemon every day. You can drink it after mixing in a glass of water, or squeeze it on the plate of salad to improve the taste, as well as include them in your daily life to act as an effective home remedy for angina. Lemons prevents angina by not letting the cholesterol accumulate into your body.

Basil leaves

Basil leaves are commonly known as “tulsi” leaves in India. The unbelievable medicinal properties of basil leaves make them a holy plant which is worshiped in some parts of the country. You do not need to worship it in order to treat angina, but of course, have to use it like other home remedies for angina.

basil leaves for anginaBasil leaves are considered to be one of the most effective home remedies for angina and genuine cures for angina, not just a treatment for the symptoms. All you have to do is chew a few leaves of fresh basil leaves in the morning. This will improve your heart health as well as remove any weaknesses from your body. Apart from eating the basil leaves, we can also add it to the tea we drink.

If you do not get fresh leaves, then you can use the packed juice of basil leaves. Find it at the health stores near your place and you will definitely get it somewhere. Make sure you add a few spoons of concentrated basil juice to warm water and then only drink it.


Onion too has more than a few medicinal properties, which makes it an excellent home remedy for angina. In some countries, it is served as an ingredient of salad while in others it is eaten in cooked form, but you can find onion almost everywhere. Onion slices look appealing and also taste good, but the same is not true for onion juice. Raw onion juice might be a little harsh to taste, but if taken in the morning, it can help to instantly bring down your cholesterol level.

onion-for-anginaIt is also the simplest of all the home remedies for angina. If you regularly drink onion juice, then you don’t have to worry about cholesterol or angina for the rest of the day. You are in the safe zone and can also choose food according to your taste buds if you are using this remedy. Raw onion juice is one of the harsher home remedies for angina but still is very effective.

I like it because the small amount of weirdly tasting juice gives you freedom of eating whatever you want for the rest of the day.

Citrus fruits

Here comes the remedy that you would love the most. Who would say no to the tasty, refreshing ad sometimes sour n sweet oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruits? Oranges and other citrus fruits are one of the refreshing remedies for angina which demand no compromise with taste.

vitamin c for angina

All of us find citrus fruits juicy, zesty, refreshing and delicious but they are much more than that. All the citrus fruits are highly loaded with health advantages and are considered to be the best home remedies for angina too. In case you don’t know, citrus fruits are not only one of the best remedies for angina, but they are a tool to fight weight gain, preventing cancer, maintain a good eyesight, and lessen the amount of medication you need. These also help in reducing stress levels which may be a leading cause of angina.

It is not at all a bad idea if you can relieve the pressure from your mind while having the tasty juices of citrus fruits. So, try to eat more and more of citrus fruits and grab a glass of orange juice whenever you feel low.


Turmeric is one of the most preferred products used by humans for healing purposes since ancient times. It is also considered to be a really important component in the home remedies for angina. For controlling angina, you need to control a few other health imbalances that have a great role in initiating the pain.

turmeric-for-anginaAngina usually is an outcome of many other health conditions like stress and cholesterol levels. So, in order to treat angina, you have to set up your mind right, and also need to balance the cholesterol level. For all this you need a better home remedy for angina that is beneficial for the entire body and turmeric is one of them. Turmeric works on treating other health ailments as well that may in future retrigger the chest pain. This type of cure is offered only and only by turmeric. This beautiful product can do more than sufficient for your body.

If you want even more speedy recovery from chest pain, mix a half tablespoon of turmeric powder in a glass of milk and drink it daily.

Self-management of angina

Life is not going to be the same with angina as it was before you were diagnosed with it. Accept this fact before using any of the above-discussed home remedies for angina. Apart from the acceptance, you have to take care of many other things too. Out of all these things, your first priority should be your heart. You now are at very high risk of heart attack, and heart attack takes life within seconds. You will not get even a minute to think about the matter and it will be over. Yes, it is that bad, so it is better to avoid it as far as you can.

You must start thinking from the point of view of your heart right from the day of diagnosis with angina. Eat what is good for you heart health and overall health. Rely on immunity boosting foods, and stay away from cholesterol rich food. These minor steps really make a big difference. Take angina seriously, because if you do not do it by choice, you will be forced to pay attention soon. Your heart is what gives you life and now it is the time that you live for your heart.