Home Remedies for Amnesia

Amnesia refers to the either partial or complete loss of memory in an individual which is generally a long term loss. It’s also one of the most common and dangerous neuro-degenerative disease in existence. This condition can make a person forget the simplest of things like names, faces, numbers and even certain events. Memory loss is caused if the bilateral sides of the brain get damaged. This damage may be caused by a number of factors like trauma, disease, infection, drug addiction, vascular insufficiency. Although amnesia is often treated with psychotherapy, the required treatment can vary from person to person and the type of amnesia you are suffering from. Studies have shown that there are home remedies for Amnesia that you can use to curb this disorder. Today we will tell you some amazing home remedies for amnesia that will help you overcome this difficult phase of your life. But for using these home remedies for amnesia, you must have an idea of what is the reason behind amnesia and what are its various types. This is so because using home remedies for amnesia has several advantages, but depending on the type and cause, the home remedy that suits you will vary. Hence you need to know each and every aspect of the disease.


If someone close to you is suffering from this problem might have an idea about the symptoms and probable causes of the disease. But generally the only symptom people relate with in amnesia is loss of memory. In addition to memory loss, other symptoms of amnesia could be confusion, disorientation and false memories. Other symptoms will vary depending on the type of amnesia you are suffering from. So, let us see various types of amnesia.

Types Of Amnesia

It is often difficult to diagnose amnesia at an early stage because the symptoms are pretty normal. The patients of amnesia do well on tests of attention and reasoning and often understand that they have a memory disorder. But if you get to know about various types of amnesia, you will that there are some significant signs that can clearly tell you that it is amnesia. Let us see all the different types of amnesia.

Retrograde Ammesia

This is a loss of memory-access to events that occurred, or information that was learned, before an injury or the onset of a disease. RA is often temporally graded, consistent with Ribot’s Law: subjects are more likely to lose recent memories that are closer to the traumatic incident than more remote memories. The causal explanation of retrograde amnesia is under investigation; however, it is commonly associated with head injuries or traumas, Korsakoff syndrome, and individuals suffering from anterograde amnesia. There are many home remedies for Amnesia of this type and you can make things better with them. In the coming sections, you will see some great home remedies for amnesia and some of them are even more effective than any medicine


Anterograde Amnesia

This is the second type of amnesia. Anterograde amnesia is a loss of the ability to create new memories after the event that caused the amnesia, leading to a partial or complete inability to recall the recent past, while long-term memories from before the event remain intact. This is in contrast to retrograde amnesia, where memories created prior to the event are lost while new memories can still be created. Both can occur together in the same patient. To a large extent, anterograde amnesia remains a mysterious ailment because the precise mechanism of storing memories is not yet well understood, although it is known that the regions involved are certain sites in the temporal cortex, especially in the hippocampus and nearby subcortical regions. But still, there are many mechanisms which are needed to be understood completely and only then some medicine can be invented. Still, we have some home remedies for amnesia that can be great help.

Transient Global Amnesia

Transient global amnesia (TGA) is a neurological disorder whose key defining characteristic is a temporary but almost total disruption of short-term memory with a range of problems accessing older memories. A person in a state of TGA exhibits no other signs of impaired cognitive functioning but recalls only the last few moments of consciousness, as well as deeply encoded facts of the individual’s past, such as his or her own name. A person having an attack of TGA has almost no capacity to establish new memories, but generally appears otherwise mentally alert and lucid, possessing full knowledge of self-identity and identity of close family, and maintaining intact perceptual skills and a wide repertoire of complex learned behavior. The individual simply cannot recall anything that happened outside the last few minutes, while memory for more temporally distant events may or may not be largely intact. The degree of amnesia is profound, and, the interval during which the individual is unaware of his or her condition is often accompanied by anxiety. These serious conditions of Transient Amnesia too can be cured by home remedies for Transient Amnesia effectively.

Damage to the brain due to an injury or use of some drugs, psychological factors like defense mechanisms, anxiety and stress are some of the reasons behind amnesia. In most people, amnesia begins with mild headaches and inability to concentrate on the task at hand. And people often ignore it at the initial stage and take these symptoms as a result of stress and other such minor problems. It is when they repeatedly find it difficult to recall memories, or find it difficult to their work properly they suspect some problem. And while diagnosing also, all the other possibilities like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are ruled out first and a careful evaluation is needed. But once you know that you or a person close to you is suffering from amnesia, you can easily look forward to the home remedies for amnesia discussed in the coming sections.

In allopathy, the process of memory storage and recalling is needed to be understood completely and only when the scientists decode the process of memory recalling, it will be possible for them to start working on problems like amnesia. So, it is not surprising that there is no allopathic cure to all such diseases. Some people believe in ayurveda for solving neurological problems, while others live their life in a hope of getting a holistic cure for their problem. You can use home remedies for amnesia that are effective and safe for long term use. Let us first see all the home remedies for amnesia and then we will also talk in brief about the benefits of using these home remedies for amnesia.

Home Remedies For Amnesia


This delicious fruit is helpful for those who suffer from amnesia. A research from the University of Massachusetts Lowell (UML) indicates that apple juice consumption may actually increase the production in the brain of the essential neurotransmitter acetylcholine, resulting in improved memory. Apples are considered to be a very effective home remedies for Amnesia because of this only. Also, apples contain minerals and vitamins, such as potassium and phosphorus, which are said to help cure amnesia.

Apple for amnesia

Using apples as home remedies for amnesia is also very easy. Simply drink apple juice and get rid of amnesia symptoms. But, always drink fresh apple juice and not the packaged one. You can also eat an apple with some honey. A cup of milk with honey and an apple will effectively help in treating amnesia.


Walnuts are healthy snacks and you might have heard a lot about the health benefits of the same. But a recent study from the University of California, Los Angeles, suggests adults who consistently eat walnuts can improve their cognitive function, too. This nut is known to be beneficial for people suffering from memory loss. A Journal of Alzheimer’s disease in 2012 reported that eating walnuts as part of a Mediterranean diet had an impact on memory and brain function. The justification and reason given were antioxidants present in amnesia. The antioxidants present in walnuts are found to help counteract age-related cognitive decline and the same elements in several other reports have been proved to reduce the risk of neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s.

walnuts for amnesia

So, walnuts are not just home remedies for amnesia, but many other types of brain disorders can also be treated with walnut consumption. They are used widely as effective home remedies for Amnesia. Experts recommend 20 grams of walnuts on a regular basis for an effective treatment of amnesia.


All through our lives we have come across talks about how almonds can increase brain power and boost memory. Almonds are healthy for our overall health, but specifically talking about the value of almonds for our brain, almonds are the real gold. Almonds are moderately rich in lean protein and many other nutrients. This protein not only gives you a boost of energy to your body, but also helps repair brain cells thus improving cognitive functions including memory. So, let us see how to use almonds as home remedies for amnesia.


This is another nutritious nut that can help to treat amnesia and you can easily use it. Along with walnuts, it is also a strong element in home remedies for Amnesia. It makes the brain strong and helps in treating brain debility as well. Consuming a moderate quantity of almond paste with a small amount of butter is known to cure amnesia. Some people also soak a few almonds in water overnight and then eat them after peeling. This is for everyone regardless of the fact that they are suffering from amnesia or not.


This is a wonderful herb that is known to stimulate the cortex of the brain and is good for relieving mental stress. The effectiveness of the herb sage in improving the mental function of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease has been proved in several clinical studies, but now this herb is gaining reputation for its abilities to act as one of the home remedies for amnesia. The herb sage has been shown to enhance memory and mental function in healthy, young adults and from this we can see that using sage as one of the home remedies for amnesia can be very useful.

To use sage herb as one of the home remedies for amnesia, you can simply get a herbal tea containing sage leaves and drink this tea twice daily. If you can replace the normal tea or coffee you drink every morning and evening, it will not only be great for your brain, but your overall health will also see some magical changes. There are many other health benefits of drinking sage tea daily and hence it is recommended you use it as one of the home remedies for amnesia.

Brahmi Booti

We have given you a long list of home remedies for amnesia and all of them are delicious fruits that you would love to eat. But, if you want faster relief, we have something concrete for you. Brahmi booti is a herb, and there are very few chances of you being aware of it. This is a wondrous root which is extensively used in Ayurveda for many years now, but since we have allopathic medicines, we don’t pay much attention to ayurveda and its herbal ingredients. Curing amnesia is just one medicinal property of this herb and there are many other health benefits that this herb has in store for human body.

It is known as the most potent weapon of home remedies for Amnesia. Grinding 7 grams of Brahmi root with pepper and almond and then consuming it in the form of a concoction is the best way to treat amnesia. You can easily get brahmi booti online as it is very famous in Asian countries. And since it is a part of many ayurvedic medicines, you can easily trust it for safety as well as effectiveness.


Figs serve as “brain food,” because they contain vitamins and minerals important to brain functioning. Adding this fruit to your daily diet is known to be effective in treating amnesia. It is a delicious way to cure amnesia as there are not one or two but many benefits of using the fruit. First of all, figs when used as home remedies for amnesia supply potassium to human body. Every nerve in your brain needs potassium to function and without potassium, you cannot send these electrical signals, and the nerves in your brain no longer function properly. Apart from this, figs are also home remedies for amnesia because they are rich in Vitamin B-6. Vitamin B-6 is the vitamin that helps you produce neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are a family of chemicals that your brain cells release to communicate with neighboring cells. Considering all these components, figs are definitely a great help in every memory or brain related problem.

It is a nutritious fruit that has many other properties too. The fruit has a mild and sweet flavor, with tender flesh that encapsulates hundreds of crunchy seeds. You can simply use the fruits as topping in many dishes or simply add it to your salad plate. Alternatively, you can also add dried figs to seeds and nuts for a healthy homemade trail mix to enjoy the fruit on the go.


A recent research has suggested that drinking orange juice every day could help improve brain function in elderly people. Oranges are storehouse of vitamin C and you might have taken orange or orange juice recently because of its tangy taste, but it is more than just a delicacy for your taste buds. Orange is one of the best foods for your memory and hence oranges are also home remedies for amnesia. Your body can’t naturally make vitamin C, but it’s an essential nutrient for eyesight, radiant skin, healthy digestion and healthy brain cells too. Oranges are also rich in flavonoids, which are shown to improve memory and cognition. Yes, recent studies have shown that flavonoids may improve memory through the activation of signaling pathways in the hippocampus, a part of the brain that is associated with learning and memory.

So, to let the flavonoids work on your memory and to help yourself get rid of amnesia, you need to eat more and more oranges. This super fruit has loads of nutrients in it and is probably one of the very effective home remedies for Amnesia. It is a highly recommended for the treatment of amnesia by experts. So, start eating the citrus fruit today. You can also drink orange juice as that will let more flavonoids enter your body. Orange juice will do the work, but only if the juice is fresh. Do not rely on packaged items as they are loaded in sugar.


Scientists believe that grapes are not only refreshing in taste, but they protect against decline in parts of the brain hit by the disease. Several studies have been carried out to see the impact of regular intake of grapes on amnesia and Alzheimer’s disease too and all of them conclude that the patients who used grape in any form received significant improvement in their condition. This is only because of grape polyphenols. Grape polyphenols help promote antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities. Another study conducted on a few people with early memory decline also found grapes boosted attention and working memory performance. Several other researches suggest that grapes may help support brain health by reducing oxidative stress in the brain, helping maintain levels of a key brain chemical that promotes memory and promoting healthy blood flow in the brain.

So, grape is yet another fruit that is well-known for its ability to treat amnesia. Its powerful anti-oxidants and anti inflammatory properties make it one of the most powerful home remedies for amnesia. And there is no need to tell you that grapes are healthy and even if you eat them every day for the rest of year life, there won’t be any side effects. Regular intake of this fruit always provides effective results. You can also eat raisins with figs to help solve the problem of amnesia. A small-scale study by the University of California found there was significant change within six months of taking whole-grape powder twice a day. So, you can have raisins, or fresh grapes or even whole grape powder and all of them will act as home remedies for amnesia.

According to the director of the UML Center for Cellular Neurobiology and Neurodegeneration Research, Thomas shea, the when foods like apples, apple juice and other apple products are recommended along with the most popular Alzheimer’s medications is not too far. And the same can be seen in the list of home remedies for amnesia. So, you can go ahead with the use of these home remedies for amnesia and get rid of the biggest problem of your life. The home remedies for Amnesia discussed above are more than enough to give your brain a new ray of hope. All you need now is discipline and regularity in using the home remedies for amnesia. A healthy diet and regular intake of these home remedies for Amnesia are going to benefit you a lot.

And the best part is that you don’t have to be cautious of the side effects. Unlike drugs and heavy medications, these home remedies for amnesia are completely natural and hence you can use them for a really long time. In fact, all of these are loaded with a lot of health benefits and these benefits are not confined to brain, but your entire body gets a fresh life. Do you find any reason to delay the use of these extremely beneficial and magically effective home remedies for amnesia? I could not find any reason to say no to these refreshing fruits and snacks. Especially after reading about the health benefits of all of them. If you also are struggling with any type of amnesia, these home remedies for amnesia are real life savers for you and everyone else suffering from the same problem.