Alcoholism Home Remedies

We all are very well aware of cancer, diabetes, cardiac arrest, and other life-threatening problems and most of us are quite vigilant about the direction in which our health is moving. Also, we are quite frightened of the idea of suffering from any of these diseases, but when it comes to something like alcoholism, we prefer to neglect it. I am doubtful that you would ignore it even if I tell you that alcoholism alone makes you susceptible to these and all other life threatening problems. A heart attack is the game of a few seconds, but behind this episode, your acts like alcoholism are playing a vital role. If you can figure out this background factor and all others like this one, you can actually save you life and life of others from deadly diseases. Well, we are here to discuss the home remedies for alcoholism, and we will surely do that, but before that, if you think alcoholism is a minor addiction, have a look at the subsequent section.

addiction to alcoholDo you know how many lives alcohol claims every year? No, I am not talking about the deaths occurring due to the indirect effect of alcohol because if we start the survey with this approach, the number would stun you. For the time being, the direct reflection of the results of alcoholism can be assessed with the figure of 5000 people dying due to alcohol. This includes everything from car crashes to homicides, suicides, and alcohol poisoning and other related injuries. And in this, we have not mentioned the minor and major accidents, the health complications arising over time due to addiction to alcohol, and some other indirect effects of alcohol on human health. This is sad because diseases like cancer, AIDS, and diabetes cannot be completely controlled, but yes alcoholism can be controlled. In fact, you can stop drinking as fast as the blink of your eye with the help of home remedies for alcoholism.


According to American Medical Association reports, about 18 million people in the U.S. abuse alcohol and more than 70 million Americans have dealt with alcoholism in their family. This indeed is something we all should worry about.  Alcoholism is a condition in which you become physically as well as mentally dependent on alcohol. The entire process is gradual and you don’t even realize when the change in the level of brain chemical happens due to regular consumption of alcohol. As a result of these significant transitions inside the brain, you start craving for alcohol. To make you feel good, your brain will keep on demanding alcohol from you and to satisfy its demand you will drink more and more. This is what we call alcoholism.

The major reasons for developing alcoholism are psychological, emotional, social and cultural factors etc. All this starts with just a few casual drinks, slowly your capacity increases and so does your demand. Gradually you will start drinking in the morning itself just to face the day and will do the same at night in order to get your sleep back. Everything for you will start with alcohol and will also end up with same. And the time comes soon when you get desperate about your drinking, nothing else can replace it. Alcoholism is also associated with accidental injury, assault, property damage, unsuccessful marriage, increase in crime and increased suicidal tendency.


Alcoholism is not just an addiction, but it directly affects the patient’s brain, nerves heart, lungs and pancreas as well as all other parts of the body. Not only it is a physical trouble for your body, but it is definitely emotional dependency and social problem. Sometimes one may end up in total isolation only left with alcohol alone. In case it is left untreated, it may end up the life of a patient. Some people also experience physical withdrawal symptoms, such as nausea, sweating and shaking, when they don’t drink. Not only it destroys you physically, but it also eats up your social life. All your personal relationships and career may suffer due to this habit. Moreover, it can kill your self-confidence, your control over your own brain and body.

Home Remedies For Alcoholism

There are several claims regarding the cure of this menace. Along with professional help, lifestyle changes, dietary changes and home remedies for alcoholism can help a person combat alcoholism and enjoy a life of sobriety. But only a few of us are aware of the fact that alcoholism can be cured at home with the help of herbal remedies for alcoholism, before undergoing any type of drug treatment. With these home remedies for alcoholism, you can not only save your money but can also save your body from hazardous side effects that conventional medicines introduce.

Yoga and meditation

The most important form of natural and home remedies for alcoholism is self-control and inner peace. Yoga and meditation are the best home remedies for alcoholism, without any fees. You don’t have to pay for gym, and also don’t have to travel out of your apartment. Yoga and meditation, these two help a person to have more control over his mind and desires. Yes, you can control every desire including the urge of drinking alcohol. A mental determination is what you need to cure alcoholism the most; it is the very first and the compulsory ingredient of all the home remedies for alcoholism.

yoga-and-meditation for alcoholism

You not only attain a better control over your thoughts and desires but also get help in many other withdrawal symptoms. These two practices can be helpful when dealing with significant stress and emotional struggles. In addition, meditation helps relax your mind and soul. Whether you start doing them to get rid of alcohol or for something else, they will help you leave all the unhealthy addictions, but you will ultimately fall into addiction with these two. Thankfully they are healthy enough to fall for.

Workout daily

First of all, we need to incorporate major changes in our lifestyle, and working out daily is the very first change that alcoholism demands to leave you. This also, like yoga and meditation is kind of most effective ways for home remedies for alcoholism. The one who is suffering from this addiction has to take much more care of a few things than other normal beings. For instance, the only exercise can heal the damage caused to our body due to prolonged use of alcohol. In addition, exercise keeps the body healthy, reduces stress, improves mood, fights depression and reduces cravings. All of us are very busy in today’s fast moving world. Nobody has time to relax, breathe and think about our health but those who cannot manage to find time for exercise will have to find time for illness.

workout for alcoholismIgnorance is the main cause behind many serious health ailments in this time and once your body becomes prone to so many diseases available out there, you will have to think twice about everything. If you are addicted to alcohol, you have already given an open invitation to so many diseases in the world to attack your body by making it weak and unstable. In order to leave the addiction completely, indulge yourself in constructive workout daily. Most of the home remedies for alcoholism are free of cost and just require your time and dedication.

Bitter gourd

Those who have tasted the juice of bitter gourd are very well aware of the bitterness in its taste. It is called bitter gourd, and also bitter melon. It is a natural antidote that aids in eliminating toxins from the body. It is also one of the effective home remedies for alcoholism, because of its detoxifying nature. Addiction to alcohol actually induces so many toxins in the human body that the toxins gradually convert into some serious illness. In no time the harmful substances make a permanent place in your body and then they start playing games with your immunity and all other body parts.

bitter gourd for alcoholism

Usually, the digestive system is responsible for the removal of toxins and but again, because of alcohol you weaken it up to the extent that digestion is not enough to flush out the undesirable substances. In this case, home remedies like bitter gourd are very helpful. The juice of the leaves of bitter gourd or bitter melon is the ultimate detoxifying agent. Moreover, it helps heal liver damage due to alcohol consumption. You can drink the juice directly or after adding it to buttermilk in order to improve the taste.

Dandelion may be helpful

This herb has an excellent record of treating the side effects of an excess of drinking and considered as a good option for home remedies for alcoholism. You might have heard about the use of this amazingly beneficial herb- dandelion in immunity boosting, health enhancing and treating diseases like herpes. Dandelion is also used widely in dealing with the withdrawal symptoms caused by stopping alcohol. Home remedies for alcoholism always emphasize on using healthy and natural ways like the dandelion to get rid of the bad habit. They not only help you to stay away from the addiction, but at the same time work towards the improvement of your deteriorated health.

dandelions-for alcoholism

In addition to this, it helps rejuvenate the liver tissues as well as improves the production of bile and stimulates its flow. Don’t you think these benefits are the most needed ones for recovering from alcoholism? The dandelion capsules are readily available and if you wish to take it in the purest form, then take 1 tablespoon of dandelion root’s powder and boil it in one cup of water. You can take this drink two to three times daily for a few months and this will reduce you craving for alcohol. Drinking this extract also has some other health benefits. You can also plant a Dandelion plant in your apartment to gain the benefits of home remedies for alcoholism.

Apple and grapes

Do you know how alcohol is made? You might have idea about your favorite beverages composition, right? Alcohol has apple juice as its main component. Although apple juice is healthy, the form in which it is present in alcohol is not at all healthy. You can fool your brain and the cravings created by it by drinking something resembling alcohol. Apple juice is the best of all the home remedies for alcoholism because it is the closest replacement of the juice.

apple_and_grapesThose who are fighting to leave alcohol should eat as many apples as much they can and also have it in juice form. Apple is considered to be the most effective anti-craving home remedies for alcoholism. This plays a major role in controlling the craving for alcohol and also helps to remove the toxins from the body. Grapes are the fruits that contain alcohol in its purest form, hence eating these will also substitute some alcohol your body needs, without actually drinking the harmful fermented form of the same. Home remedies for alcoholism recommend you eat more of these two fruits, and also drink juice of both to fight with the uncontrollable cravings.

Electro- acupuncture

Acupuncture has been in the picture since 1970’s when it was seen that electro- acupuncture had capabilities to control the withdrawal symptoms of alcoholism. Since then acupuncture has been used in china, and now it has started migrating to other parts of the world as well. What acupuncture actually is? And why home remedies for alcoholism are actually prescribing to use it?  It is a form of ancient Chinese medication, which many alcoholics have found helpful for them. All forms of acupuncture work on the same basic concept. They believe that alcoholism and many other diseases are a result of imbalance in the elements of human body. The imbalance may occur due to many reasons, but the treatment can be done with acupuncture very easily.


This makes acupunctures very effective and promising home remedies for alcoholism. It is mainly known for resisting craving and preventing relapse. It is also one of the very effective herbal remedies for alcoholism. It is scientifically proven as well that acupuncture done correctly, by pressing on the right points reduces the desire of alcohol greatly. In addition to this, it also relieves you from the stress and anxiety you may suffer as a result of withdrawal.

Healthy diet

Diet has a significant role, and this is why we are begging you to leave alcohol. You must think twice before letting anything go into your stomach, and especially when it is something like alcohol, you should think thrice. Because alcohol has its impact not only on the stomach but all other body parts including brain. As pointed out earlier as well, diet is a crucial part in dealing with the post-alcoholism symptoms. For the best effects of home remedies for alcoholism, first of all, you need to get your diet straight.

nutritious dietThe right food provides your body enough energy to bear the great dose of alcohol, and later on, when you decide to leave it for once and for all, it provides your body the strength to fight the cravings and weakness. Moreover, Alcoholism reduces the appetite and ability of the body to absorb nutrients and most of the alcoholics would have many mineral and vitamin deficiencies. Hence, while regaining the health alcoholics need to take certain nutrient supplements such as vitamin C, vitamin B complex, magnesium, selenium, zinc and some amino acid combinations such as glutamine, carnitine and glutathione. Having proper food and healthy nutrition is the best home remedies for alcoholism.


Just like acupuncture, this one is also one of the Chinese traditional medicines parts. The name sounds interesting, but yes, the effectiveness also is similar to the name- unbelievably amazing. Kudzu is a Chinese herb known for treating the alcoholism, and taking the poster of the herbal medicine into consideration, home remedies for alcoholism decided to include it on the list.

kudzu in alcoholism

Kudzu not only helps in creating repulsion from alcoholism, but it is also used as a treatment for hangovers in many countries. Well, we are here for home remedies for alcoholism, and hence we should think about hangover treatment. It will affect our determination adversely, won’t it? Yes, it will. Determination indeed is important in leaving alcohol and with it, any of the home remedies for alcoholism will not be effective enough. So, better use kudzu and other home remedies for alcoholism to say good bye to alcohol, and not to treat a hangover. It contains a compound called isoflavone which makes it useful for the purpose. Home remedies for alcoholism suggest Kudzu because all you have to do is drink the extract containing at least 30-40% of kudzu and it will automatically cut down your drinking limit.

Orange juice

Orange juice is something every non- drinker loves to have any time. As far as alcoholics are concerned, I have a doubt.  Whatever you were before reading this, but after reading all the natural tips and tricks, I believe now you are determined enough to grab a glass of orange juice instead of any form of alcohol in all the parties, events and even at home. Make it a rule to go for orange juice, no matter at what time you have cravings for alcohol. This will add immunity in your body, strength in your bones, and also will be a very good treat to your taste buds.

orange juice for alocoholism

Oranges, apples and grapes will help you the most in the course of action of quitting alcohol. None of these fruits have cholesterol and most of them are also low in fat, sodium, and calories. What can be a better combination for your health? Surely, they do not resemble alcohol that has so many adverse effects on your health. But yes, replacing alcohol with fruits ad fruits juices like apple and grapes is definitely going to help you out in fighting the cravings for the same.

With these home remedies for alcoholism, the desire to drink alcohol will completely disappear. Apart from the home remedies for alcoholism, it is foremost that the person has the desire to leave this addiction. Willingness to get treated is important. You should be willing to get rid of the slow poison, only then others around you and home remedies for alcoholism would be able to help you out. Willingness is very important, but it is not the very first step towards leaving the addiction.

Even before willingness, acceptance should be there. Denying the problem is a common issue that delays proper treatment for the alcoholics. No drinker would confess that he takes alcohol above limits, and some still live with the notion that alcohol is healthy. I feel bad for all those who don’t even know that how much destruction a glass of alcohol is doing to their body and health. Hence it is important to first accept that you overdo drinking, and then remind yourself all the health hazards of alcohol every time you grab a drink. Doing this will help in creating a strong will power to cure your disease. Yes, alcoholism is a disease. In fact, it is both, a mental and physical trauma that you invite to hurt your body by your own willingness.

Once you are done with acceptance and realization, the next step is to take an action. It is from this moment, the home remedies for alcoholism will be there with you. Apart from using home remedies for alcoholism, maintain a healthy lifestyle and have a good and nutritious diet to deal with the withdrawal symptoms. Use the above-discussed home remedies for alcoholism and you will surely one day win the fight by choosing life and health over alcohol. By following the path pf acceptance, determination and home remedies for alcoholism with a better lifestyle, nothing is impossible.

There are many home remedies for alcoholism available online. But, the best natural home remedies for alcoholism is you yourself. Homeopathic remedies for alcoholism were also in vogue for some time, but dependence on medicines proved to be more addictive than treating alcoholism effectively. Home remedies for alcoholism have nothing much to do with medicines. These herbal remedies for alcoholism only deal with self-realization, self-control, proper nutrition and diet and love for oneself. The best home remedies for alcoholism is you yourself.