Leucorrhoea Home Remedies

Leucorrhoea is referred to the vaginal infection that causes abnormal white discharge from the female genitals. It is also known as Vaginitis. It can be easily detected when there is dirty white or yellowish discharge that is slimy and foul smelling, from the genitals. When this discharge exists for a long time, it poses severe risk to the reproductive system. It is mainly seen during puberty when the hormonal changes occur in our body and the sexual organs are developing. This is a critical disease which must be treated in time, else it causes weakness and reduces fertility in female.




  • Irritation or pain in the cervical region
  • Constipation
  • Fatigue
  • Dark circles
  • Stomach ache
  • Dirty white or yellowish discharge in the undergarments
  • Fatigue



  • Unbalanced diet
  • Junk or spicy food
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Vaginal infection
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • Improper menstrual hygiene
  • Stress or trauma


Leucorrhoea Home Remedies

Leucorrhoea should not be confused with the vaginal discharge during sexual excitement. It is an unusual condition where slimy white discharge occurs so frequently that it leads to discomfort, pain and weakness. This condition should be diagnosed at an early stage and treatments should be initiated. There are sever OTC medicines and drugs to treat the disease, but the side effects accompany them too. It is good to opt holistic approach in solving this problem. There are several simple and effective home remedies that cures this condition without causing any side effects in the body.

Apple cider vinegar-homeremedies9Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) has numerous health benefits. In the long list of ailments it is used in, leucorrhea is also included. The foul odor of the vaginal discharge during this condition is due to increased acidity. It helps in restoring the natural pH of the body and reduces the acidity in the vaginal flora. Raw and unfiltered ACV should be mixed with distilled water and this should be used to wash the vaginal area twice a day. It can also be consumed by mixing one part of ACV to a glass of water.


Gooseberry-Juice-homeremedies9Indian Gooseberry

Indian gooseberry is a rich source of Vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system. The weakness caused due to leucorrhea can be treated using this wonder ingredient. It has anti-infection properties and so it is very useful to maintain vaginal health. Add a spoon of gooseberry roots powder in a cup of water and boil until it reduces to half. Add some honey and drink it every morning on empty stomach. Another recipe is to mix gooseberry powder with honey to make a thick paste. Have this twice a day for few weeks to cure the discharge completely.



Fenugreek regulates the estrogen levels in the body and maintains the pH in the vagina. It acts as a natural immune booster. Soak one spoon of fenugreek seeds in water. In the next morning, strain the mixture and add a spoon of honey to it. Drink this for few weeks regularly to get rid of the symptoms. You may also boil two spoons of fenugreek in four cups of water for 30 minutes. Strain and cool down the mixture and use it as vaginal wash 3-4 times a day.


Fig is considered to be beneficial for those with leucorrhea, according to Ayurveda. It is an effective laxative that eliminates toxins from the body and treats the vaginal discharge. Soak two or three dried figs in water and blend it next morning to drink this mixture. Bark of fig tree and banyan tree can be made to powder and stored. Two spoons of this powder should be added to two cups of water and used as vaginal wash.


Organic Cranberries homeremedies9Cranberries

Cranberries are rich in antioxidants that eliminate free radicals that cause infections and various diseases. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties that fight against vaginal infections. Cranberry is available in the form of supplements and can be taken safely after doctor’s consultation. Unsweetened cranberry juice is also helpful in curing leucorrhea when taken two or three times a day.



Bananas must be taken regularly for every type of vaginal infections. Eating one banana with glass of milk and honey for breakfast helps in curing leucorrhea. Raw banana can be made as vegetable and eaten along with meals. Mash two ripe bananas with honey and have it two to three times a day.


Dry Ginger Powder Home Remedies9Dry Ginger Powder

In case of leucorrhea, dry ginger powder works as an effective medicine. Boil two spoons of dry ginger powder in 250ml of water until it reduces to half. Drink this decoction twice a day to get relief from the vaginal discharge.



Basil has high medicinal value and is used in treating number of ailments. It is found to be very beneficial in alleviating vigilitis symptoms and provide strong immune system. Mix two spoons of basil leaves juice to one spoon of honey and have it twice a day. Half spoon of cumin powder can also be added to one spoon of basil leaves and consumed along with cow’s milk. This remedy should be followed for few months depending on the severity of the symptoms.


Alum Homeremedies9Alum

Alum has natural antiseptic properties and can be taken both internally and externally in case of leucorrhea. Two spoons of powdered alum can be taken along with water to cure excessive vaginal discharge. Vaginal douche can be prepared by dissolving alum powder in water.


Rice Starch Home Remedies9Rice Starch

Rice starch is an excellent digestive and treats all stomach related ailments. It is also very helpful in curing leucorrhea. Keep the starch aside after boiling rice. Drink the starch in small doses to cure vaginal discharge.


Other Points to Consider

  • Leucorrhea should be diagnosed properly and medically treated
  • Follow a proper workout routine
  • Avoid stress and sedentary lifestyle
  • Consume probiotics such as yogurt
  • Avoid consuming tea or coffee
  • Consume lot of fresh vegetables and fruits
  • Avoid fried snacks and junk food