Leucoderma Home Remedies

Leucoderma is a condition where the skin loses its pigment and becomes white. It is also known as Vitiligo. Studies show that women are more prone to leucoderma than men. It occurs when the skin suddenly loses melanin, the pigment that determines our complexion. There are several causes of Vitiligo in human bodies as listed below,




  • Burns
  • Excessive usage of cosmetics
  • Chemical reactions
  • Excessive Stress
  • Genetic disorder
  • Chronic liver diseases
  • Digestion problems
  • Chronic gastric problem
  • Impaired hepatic functions
  • Parasites/worms in digestive system
  • Excessive intake of non-vegetarian food
  • Consuming fish and milk together


  • White patches on body
  • Premature graying of hair
  • Alopecia
  • Weakness
  • Decreased immunity


Home Remedies For Leucoderma

Home remedies for leucoderma are safe and natural methods of treating leucoderma disease. Vitiligo can be treated using natural and safe methods over time. The following are the most popular natural treatments for reversing the skin pigmentation in the case of leucoderma.


Copper Vessels Home Remedies9Copper Vessels

Fill water in a copper jug and keep it overnight. Drink this in the morning on empty stomach. This therapeutic water stimulates melanocytes which is responsible for the production of melanin. This water should be used to wash the affected areas 2-3 times a day for effective results. It is the simplest and most effective natural home remedy for leucoderma.


Psoralea Home Remedies9Psoralea

Soak psoralea seeds in water and let it undisturbed for 12 hours. Drink this in the morning. Alternatively you can soak these seeds in ginger juice for three days and dry them to make a powder. Add this powder to milk and drink it for two months. This can be applied as a paste on the discolored parts directly.


Red Clay Homeremedies9Red Clay

Red clay is highly effective in treating leucoderma symptoms. It can be combined with ginger juice and applied on the affected areas. A very simple home remedy for leucoderma.


Holy Basil Homeremedies9Holy Basil

Holy basil is found to be very effective in treating any skin related problem. Consume 3-4 raw basil leaves everyday for at least 4-6 months. It can also be made into tea by boiling the basil leaves along with the stem in a cup of water. A paste made from dried basil powder can be applied on the white patches for faster recovery of skin pigments. a simple yet effective home remedy for leucoderma.


Pomegranate Leaves Homeremedies9Pomegranate Leaves

Pomegranate leaves have compounds that boosts the melanin production in the underlying skin tissues. Take some dried pomegranate leaves and powder them finely. Add two spoons of this powder in a glass of water and consume it twice a day, regularly for few months.


banana-homeremediesSulfur and Bananas

Sulfur is an essential component for our body and skin. Bananas are rich in essential minerals like magnesium and sulfur. Mix a gram of pure sulfur with ripe bananas. This should be taken twice a day for 3-4 months for effective results in leucoderma.


neemNeem Leaves with Bakuchi and Cow’s Urine

Take equal proportions (100gram) of neem leaves, bakuchi powder and cow’s urine. Mix it well and apply on the discolored skin patches. Wash it with normal water once it is dry. Repeat this process twice a day and do it regularly until the symptoms subside. This is one of the proven remedies in Ayurveda for leucoderma.


Black Gram Homeremedies9Black Gram

Make a paste using black gram lentils with little water. Apply on the white patches twice a day. This will reduce the appearance of the discoloration and even out the skin tone in few months, if done regularly. It is a simple but very effective home remedy for leucoderma.



Radish Seeds Homeremedies9Radish Seeds

Radish seeds are very useful in treatment of leucoderma or vitiligo. Soak 40grams of radish seeds in vinegar and leave it overnight. In the morning, grind the soaked seeds into paste and apply it all over the affected areas. Allow it to dry for at least two hours until it comes off as scales. More more effectiveness, a small amount of arsenic can soaked along with the radish seeds.


Goosefoot Vegetable Homeremedies9Goosefoot Vegetable

Goosefoot vegetable is very beneficial in treating the vitiligo. It should be consumed as a vegetable regularly for few months. The leaves of goosefoot can be ground to paste and applied on the patches directly for faster and effective healing.


ginger homeremedies9Ginger

Ginger stimulates the production of melanin when used on the skin. Poultice made from ginger leaves should be applied on the white patches. This home remedy for leucoderma should be done for 4-5 months to completely reverse the skin to its original pigmentation.


Walnuts and Figs Home Remedies9Walnuts and Figs

Walnuts and figs should be consumed everyday to boost the healing the healing process in leucoderma. Walnuts purify the blood and can be consumed in moderation every day. It can also be made into paste and applied over the white patches. Figs improve blood circulation and purify the blood and so it must be consumed regularly. Dry roast some figs and make it into powder. A paste made from this powder can be applied on the skin for enhanced results.

chickmChick Peas

Chick peas have high amount boosting minerals that help in recovering the lost melanin pigments. Include this in your daily diet to treat the white patches. Alternatively, a paste made by grinding chickpeas can also be applied on the skin to see results. If used regulargy, it is one of the best home remedies for leucoderma.


Piperine Home Remedies9Piperine

Repigmentation process in the case of vitiligo takes a long time. A chemical called piperine, which is made from black pepper helps in shortening the time of reversal. Consuming black pepper in whole as well as powdered form is an effective remedy to cure leucoderma.



Things to Avoid

People with leucoderma must restrict themselves from the following food.

  • Citrusy fruits
  • Grapes
  • Junk food
  • Aerated drinks
  • Indian gooseberry
  • Fish
  • Salt
  • Other non-vegetarian food


Use these simple and natural home remedies for leucoderma to get an even skin tone. These home remedies for leucoderma are very effective and easy to use in your daily routine.