Hyperthyroidism Home Remedies

Thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland which is believed to be the controlling center of the body’s energy and metabolism. Hyperthyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid gland becomes overactive, leading to production of excess of thyroxin hormone. The quantity of thyroxin and other thyroid hormones in the blood determines the metabolic rate. Pituitary gland located in the brain, regulates the production of these hormones by secreting a chemical called thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH). If there is any kind of imbalance in the levels of these hormones it disturbs the entire body. If they are produced in lesser amount than required, they will create deficiencies in our body. And over production will also be harmful only.

Hyperthyroidism homeremedies9

If we look deeper into the matter, autoimmune disorder known as Graves’ disease, inflammation of the thyroid gland, abnormal secretion of thyroid stimulating hormones (TSH), excessive intake of iodine, or benign lumps or nodules in the thyroid are responsible for the excess production leading to what we call hyperthyroid. Drastic weight loss, an irregular heartbeat, nervousness, excessive perspiration, changes in the menstrual cycle, swelling at the base of the neck, fatigue, muscle weakness and difficulty sleeping are some of the early signs of hyperthyroidism. If you have one or more at the same time, just get it checked to see whether the thyroid gland is creating trouble or it is something else.

Once you are diagnosed with hyperthyroid you will be given loads of medicines. These medicines will surely do the intended work but in addition to this, they will also introduce significant amount of side effects that will bother you in near future. If you want to cure hyperthyroidism and at the same time avoid those deadly side effects of medicines, just have a look at some of the highly effective home remedies for hyperthyroidism.

Home Remedies For Hyperthyroidism

Bugleweed homeremedies9Bugleweed

One fact is that the sooner you get know you have problem with your thyroid gland, the easier it will be for you to treat it. If you are vigilant enough and keep a watch on all the symptoms discussed above, just take the help of the herb bugleweed to treat hyperthyroidism. This particular herb reduces the amount of hormone that is produced by the thyroid. Prepare a herbal tea by putting approximately one-half teaspoon of bugleweed in a cup of boiling water; you can decrease the amount even more and allowing it to steep for several minutes. Strain and cool, and then enjoy this tea once daily, a simple home remedy for hyperthyroidism.

lemon bam homeremedies9Lemon balm

Melissa officinalis is its scientific name; lemon balm is also a very effective home remedy for hyperthyroidism to deal with excessive production of thyroxin. Add two tablespoons of lemon balm to one cup of boiling water. Let it steep for about five minutes and strain to drink the lemon balm tea 3 times a day. Lemon balm contains flavonoids, phenolic acids and other useful compounds that are responsible for regulating the thyroid. Its use is not only confined to hyperthyroid, but it also has the capability to prevent Graves’ disease by blocking the activity of antibodies that stimulate the thyroid gland and cause Graves’ disease.

Motherwort homeremedies9Motherwort

The herb motherwort, also known as Leonurus cardiaca, acts as a natural beta-blocker and helps control tachycardia (high heart rate) and palpitations. It has some anti-thyroid activity as well, which makes it even more beneficial for those suffering from hyperthyroid conditions. Steep one-half teaspoon of motherwort in one cup of boiling water for at least five minutes. Strain and cool. Drink this tea three times daily.

Sea vegetables homeremedies9Sea vegetables

To maintain proper health and working of thyroid gland, you should ensure that enough of iodine is supplied to your body as iodine is an important mineral for thyroid health. Eating sea vegetables helps in hyperthyroidism because these vegetables are rich in iodine. This natural iodine present in almost every sea vegetable can stabilize all the thyroid related disorders like obesity and lymph system congestion. Sea vegetables are a great source of not only iodine, but these vegetables also contain a good amount of vitamin K, B-vitamin folate, magnesium, iron and calcium. Some of the sea vegetables that you can use in the treatment of hyperthyroidism are kelp, kombu, hijiki, nori, arame, sea palm etc. They are usually available in dried form at groceries. You can use these vegetables by crushing, chopping or crumbling any mix of dry sea vegetables you like into soups and sauces, pizzas, casseroles, rice and salads.

Amla-homeremedies9Indian gooseberry

Indian gooseberry, also known as amla, can treat many health problems including hyperthyroidism. It is the healthiest herb known to control acidity, cancerous cells, and also affect the hormonal imbalance. Indian gooseberry, due to its ameliorating effects on the thyroid gland, can help to control the production of thyroid hormones. You can mix Indian gooseberry powder with honey to make a thick paste and eat it in the morning before breakfast. It is a very easy and effective home remedy for hyperthyroidism.

Broccoli homeremedies9Broccoli

Broccoli is known to provide you with some special cholesterol-lowering benefits if you will cook it by steaming. It can also be used as a treatment of hyperthyroidism. Broccoli contains substances known as isothiocyanates and goitrogens, which help restrain the thyroid from producing too much hormone. Therefore, anyone suffering from hyperthyroidism must try to eat uncooked broccoli as much as possible. It is the simplest diet and a strong home remedy for hyperthyroidism.

omega-3-fatty-acid homeremedies9Omega 3 fatty acids

If you are a non- vegetarian, then you should include fishes in your regular diet as they rich in omega 3 fatty acids and also contribute towards avoiding the growth of lumps. This is yet another way to control any hormonal disturbance and take good care of your thyroid gland’s proper functioning. These essential fatty acids are the building blocks for hormones that control immune function and cell growth, and also help improve the ability to respond to thyroid hormones. Fatty acids, like omega- 3 fatty acid have a great benefit in relevance to your breast. The best fish high in the omega-3 fatty acids are salmon, trout, and mackerel. The best source of home remedy for hyperthyroidism

All these are the natural methods of suppressing the overproduction of thyroid hormones that are creating the real trouble in your life. By using these home remedies for hyperthyroidism you can not only get rid of the hyperthyroidism, but also save many dollars while protecting your body from the unwanted side effects that medicines induce by default.