Heat Stroke Home Remedies

Heat stroke is sudden rise in our body temperature due to the killingly hot sun in deadly summer. It is not rare to experience this problem in high summer days. Commonly experienced symptoms of heat stroke are cramps in muscles, weakness, severe headache, breathing problem and increase in the heart beat rate.

The most common cause of a heat stroke is environmental temperatures that are too high due to global warming and cause your body temperature to increase. If you wear certain cloths that do not allow air to pass through or the sweat to evaporate, then also you may suffer from this problem. Not drinking appropriate amount of water in summers also is one of the leading causes of heatstroke. If not take seriously, it can become a serious matter affecting your health severely. Some of the immediate signs of shock include a sudden drop in the blood pressure, cool or clammy skin and changes in the color of the lips and nails, where they take on a bluish tint. One of the rare complications that can result due to avoidance of the problem is the loss of blood flow, which in turn could lead to severe shock.

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There are certain home remedies for heat stroke that can help in preventing the awful condition and also in dealing with all the symptoms of heat stroke.

Home Remedies For Heat Stroke

pool-591593Beat the heat with cold water

It would give a soothing effect if you immerse yourself in the bath tub filled with cold water. Cold water will take out all the heat your body has absorbed from the sun in a few minutes. Your body temperature will automatically come down once you do this. If it is not possible for you to do the remedy, just take a wet blanket and wrap yourself in that for about 10 minutes to feel energetic once again.

If you can also not manage to arrange a wet blanket, just get a glass of cold water and a cloth. Take a soft wash cloth and dip it in cold water. You can choose to take water from refrigerator or normal tap water. Soak the wash cloth in water and sponge the areas like forehead, armpits, feet and hands to reduce the temperature. If you feel some relief, try putting the cloth for some time on your forehead. Remove it after a minute or so and again soak it in cold water. Repeat the same at least three to four times in a day and you will see your temperature coming down. Simple and effective home remedy for heat stroke.

download (3)Onion juice

Onion should be your good friend, at least during summer season. Onion should be the first thing that you must reach out for while suffering from heat stroke. Simply applying onion juice behind the ears and on your chest can help bringing down your body temperature. For therapeutic purposes onion juice is more desirable, but you can roast some raw onions with cumin and honey and have it. You can also consume it in raw form as an ingredient in salad to prevent heat stroke. This home remedy for heat stroke is immediately effective.

Tamarind drink-homeremedies9Tamarind drink

Tamarind is rich in vitamins, minerals and electrolytes, and these three are the essential components to fight heat stroke and dehydration. Soak some tamarind in boiling water. Strain it and drink it with a pinch of sugar. This decoction lowers your body temperature. Tamarind juice also acts as a mild laxative and helps in treating stomach disorders. It is therefore not a bad idea to have this juice in extreme summers. A multipurpose home remedy for heat stroke.


Plums are not only deliciously refreshing in taste, but a great source of antioxidants and are known to be very hydrating. These antioxidants lend anti-inflammatory properties that help in soothing internal inflammation that may be caused due to a heat stroke. Soak some plums in water till they are soft. Mash them in the water and strain it. This drink should be consumed as a home remedy for heat stroke for a heat stroke. It is known to calm your body.

images (4)Aloe vera

Aloe vera is the herb which can be used in almost every health ailment. It is known to soothe minor cuts and burns, but it can also soothe all the symptoms of heat stroke. You can have aloe juice daily as first thing in the morning. Or if you can manage, just take the gel out of the aloe plant. The gel straight from the plant is more concentrated than commercial aloe juice so don’t use more than 2 tablespoons. But if you cannot get a fresh leaf everyday, go grab a bottle of aloe juice form any health cum food store. Mix two spoons of the juice in half cup of lukewarm water and drink it daily in the morning. It is a really effective home remedy for heat stroke.


This is the most commonly used plant for almost all health ailments. Along with all the major disease, it is one of the most effective and widely used natural remedies to help relieve the symptoms of fever. Basil leaves contain all the anti-bacterial, germicidal, anti-biotic and fungicidal properties that are capable of treating a viral fever. All you need to do is to boil around 20 fresh and clean basil leaves in one liter of water with half a spoon of clove powder. Allow the solution to boil till the water reduces to half. Drink this decoction every two hours, a really effective home remedy for heat stroke.

images (14)Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is another very inexpensive and highly effective remedy for a fever. It helps reduce a fever quickly because the acid present in it helps draw heat out of the skin. Plus, it is rich in minerals and helps replenish minerals that get eliminated from the body due to fever. Add one-half cup of vinegar to lukewarm bath water. Soak in this water for five to 10 minutes. In about 20 minutes you will notice improvement. Repeat again when the body temperature is high.

sandlewood-homeremedies9Sandalwood powder

The therapeutic and cooling properties of sandalwood can help bring down fever and inflammation. In fact, sandalwood will help cool and calm the entire body and mind. It will also help get rid of a headache, one of the common symptoms associated with heat stroke. Mix some sandalwood powder and apply it on your forehead and chest. Its cooling properties will bring down your body temperature. Alternatively, massage some sandalwood oil on your forehead. You can also use the oil to soothe irritable skin. It is the best home remedy for heat stroke.

These natural home remedies for heat stroke are the best to apply immediately. Use them to treat your heatstroke immediately. These home remedies for heat stroke are easily available and safe to use.