Hay Fever Home Remedies

Allergic rhinitis is another name for what we commonly call hay fever. The onset of new season often brings with it some new problems and hay fever is one of them. These health problems also rotate with the rotation of weathers throughout the year. The common symptoms of hay fever are runny nose, fatigue, regular sneezing, itchy eyes and nose, chest and nasal congestion.

The drugs commonly available in market not only unnecessarily introduce side effects into your body, but they also are a sudden burden on your pockets. It is not possible to stop the pollen flowing in the air, but it is really easy to stop the amount we spend on medicines often. Some allergies are severe and require the attention of a doctor or other health care professional, while almost all of them can be dealt at home itself. Natural remedies are the new emerging trend in the field of curing allergies. The tendency to go for home remedies arises due to expensiveness of drugs and effectiveness of natural products in this domain or infections. Have a look at some very effective home hay fever remedies to combat hay fever.


 Hay Fever Remedies


Consuming local honey, from the place you live make you resistant to certain type of allergies in your environment and hay fever is the first name in the list. Many people have reported this as a successful method of raising the capacity of our body to resist allergic reactions. It is supposed to work because the gradual intake of local pollen will help build up your immunity before the symptoms start, thereby providing relief when the season actually hits. Take one tablespoon of raw, unprocessed local honey daily before you go to sleep. The process is gradual but you do see results. A simple yet effective hay fever remedy.

fish-oil-homeremedies9Fish oil supplements

Fish oil supplements are believed to reduce the level of leukotrienes, chemicals that contribute to the allergic reaction. They are specially recommended for people with hay fever, as they contain high amount of omega 3 fatty acids. Not only while dealing with allergy we take fish oil supplements, it also has several other health benefits. One of the best hay fever remedies.

cold-water-homeremedies9Cool water

This is the most obvious thing we are told to do in order to control hay fever. But it is highly effective and easy as well, that is why it is recommended by doctors also. Take a soft wash cloth and dip it in cold water. You can choose to take water from refrigerator or normal tap water. Soak the wash cloth in water and sponge the areas like forehead, armpits, feet and hands to reduce the temperature and you can even place it on your eyes to reduce redness and itchiness. If you feel some relief, try putting the cloth for some time on your forehead. Remove it after a minute or so and again soak it in cold water. Repeat the same at least three to four times in a day and you will see your temperature coming down.

vitamic-homeremedies9Vitamin C

Citrus fruits include oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruits, in addition to tangerines and pomelos. All of us find citrus fruits juicy, zesty, refreshing and delicious but they are much more than that. All the citrus fruits are highly loaded with health advantages. Vitamin C is a known natural antihistamine and can be found in oranges, lemons and grapefruit and all the other citrus fruits. Also present are bio-flavonoids, which have powerful anti-allergy effects. The combination of vitamin C and bio-flavonoids provides a natural decongestant and antihistamine for sufferers and helps alleviate symptoms effectively. One of the tastiest hay fever remedies, go for them immediately.

Eatables containing carotenoids-homeremedies9Eatables containing carotenoids

Naturally occurring pigments in plants, carotenoids act as powerful antioxidants to help reduce inflammation in your airways and improve your immune system. A good source of carotenoids can be found in foods such as carrots, apricots, pumpkin, sweet potato and spinach.

images (3)Garlic

Throughout ancient history, the main use of garlic was for its health and medicinal properties. Garlic can combat sickness due to hay fever and deal with all the symptoms related to it. Not only this, it can boost the function of the immune system, reduces chances of allergic reactions, stroke and blood pressure. It also improves cholesterol levels and athletic performance can also be enhanced by taking garlic supplements. In all we can summarize that this small herb saves you from world’s biggest killers, thanks to its property of being one of the hay fever remedies. Moreover it is very easy to include it in your daily diet as it adds taste to your food.

Detox-TeaHerbal tea

Drinking herbal teas during a viral fever can be very beneficial as they are full of vitamins and minerals. Taking herbal teas during fever can help stimulate the body as well as keep the body hydrated. You can brew a cup of yarrow tea. This herb opens your pores and triggers the sweating that is said to move a fever toward its end.

acupuncture 140


It is a form of ancient Chinese medication, which many allergic people have found helpful for them. Experts don’t know for sure why acupuncture helps, but suspect that it curbs inflammatory immune-system substances involved in allergic reactions. But it is scientifically proven as well that acupuncture done correctly, by pressing on the right points reduces the frequency of allergic reactions.


Ginger is useful for treating many health ailments including tackling hay fever. Drinking ginger tea not only makes your evening delight, but also gives a lot of health benefits. For immunity boosting taking it in tea will be mild, hence take out the juice by crushing it and mix it with equal amount of pomegranate then drink it daily. It is literally a powerhouse of health benefits and contains compounds that show anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and analgesic properties to ease the symptoms of viral fever. Hence, people suffering from viral fever are recommended to consume ginger with some honey to help relieve the discomfort associated with viral fever. You can even choose to take dry ginger if you cannot manage to get a fresh one. You will get it in powdered form or can even make powder yourself by grinding for a few minutes in the grinder. A simple yet effective hay fever remedy.

We have combined a list of some of the most effective hay fever remedies. Use these simple yet powerful hay fever remedies to cure your hay fever quickly.