Grey Hair Home Remedies

Grey hair is the worst nightmare that often reminds us of our age when we look into the mirror. Especially for women it is a real threat to see their hair turning white or grey. The most common reasons behind this hair issue can be certain hormonal conditions that steal the shine from our lovely hair, genetic factors or any hereditary factors that we inherit from our parents, stress in this fast moving world, age factor that will increase only with time, burns or over exposure to the sun or dust, unbalanced diet, chemotherapy treatment for cancer, scalp infections, quick weight loss, birth control oral contraceptives, pregnancy, any health disorders, etc.


The most common solution we see is dying our hair with the colors that do make our hair black, but only make them look black. These are very harmful for the hair, skin and can even cause cancer. It is hence advised never to use such colors on your hair. The next option that comes to our mind is certain medical treatment on which I bet you would spend dollars and will find your hair the way they were before using the treatments. The best and only alternative left is some very powerful home remedies for grey hair that not only changes the color back to black, but also will provide you hair a shiny and healthy look. Have a look at some if the natural products that you can use with your grey hair.

Home Remedies For Grey Hair

coconutoil-homeremedies9Coconut oil

This is the very first name we can trust when it is about the any skin and hair problem, be it rashes, dandruff or graying of hair. Coconut oil is an excellent home remedy for grey hair for solving almost all hair problems. It contains vitamin E which is anti- fungal and anti- bacterial in nature due to the presence of fatty acids. It stops any type of bacterial activity on the scalp that can increase the flakes in case of dandruff exponentially. You can massage your scalp with this oil before you use shampoo to get rid of grey hair. It gives best results when left on the head for about half an hour. Many shampoos contain coconut oil; you can also look for them as it is more convenient.

Gooseberry-Juice-homeremedies9Gooseberry Juice

Indian gooseberry or commonly known as amla is the most beneficial herb for hair. You can drink juice of the same daily or can even apply the powder made by drying amla and then crushing it. This powder is difficult to make at home, hence we advise you get a pack of the powder readily available in the market. Soak the powder in water for 3 hours and then apply the water after straining the powder from it. Leave the extract on head for half an hour and then wash it with lukewarm water. If you do not have time to soak, directly boil the powder in a glass of water and apply that water once it cools down.


musteredoil-homeremedies9Mustard Oil

People from ancient times used mustard oil and had almost no hair problem. They were able to maintain the color of their hair even with aging with doing absolutely nothing but simply relying on mustard oil. It is the best oil to use for black and shiny hair. Not only this, it also helps the hair to grow once again. Heat mustard oil and add a few drops of lemon juice to it. Gently massage it on your scalp and then wash your hair with shampoo. This is the best home remedy for grey hair.

Carrot-Juice-Celery-Spinach-Vegetables-homeremedies9Carrot and spinach juice

Spinach is one of the most nutritious green leafy vegetable used for treating several health problems, including some major ones like cancer. For treating the hair problems you have to drink juice of spinach instead of applying it. Whether it is about getting a glowing skin, or it is the complex task of avoiding cancer, carrot juice can do it all for you. Studies have shown clearly that carrot has the capability of avoiding lung cancer, breast cancer, heart diseases and the high level of beta carotene also slows down the aging process, not only for our skin, but also for our hair. These are one of the best home remedies for grey hair.

black-seem-seed-homeremedies9Black sesame seeds

According to traditional Chinese medicine, black sesame seeds are highly effective in getting rid of the problem of premature graying of hair. It is believed that they promote melanocyte activity to produce melanin. They are also rich in protein, iron, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, and copper. Simply eat a teaspoon of black sesame seeds daily for at least three months. Regularly applying sesame oil on your hair is also useful, and a proven home remedy for grey hair.

download (24)Henna

It is something you can count on to deal with very hair problem. A mixture of 2 spoons of henna powder, 1 spoon of fenugreek paste, 2 spoons of basil leaves paste, 3 spoons of coffee, 3 spoons of mint juice, and 1 spoon of yogurt is proved to be very effective for treating grey hair. Apply this mixture regularly to get good results. Henna can also be mixed with coconut oil to get natural dark brown hair. Henna also works well when soaked overnight and mixed with walnut pulp. This mixture not only helps in curing grey hair but also gives a shiny touch to your strands.

download (25)Almond Oil

To prevent hair loss, deal with dandruff, and maintain the blackness of your hair, almond oil is the best solution. Mix some almond oil with castor oil. Massage this mixed oil on your scalp. Almond oil can be applied directly on the scalp. It is very light and helps in strengthening hair. It promotes hair growth, being one of the best home remedies for grey hair.

download (1)Onion

Applying the juice of onion mixed with a tablespoon of honey stimulates blood circulation. Apply the paste on scalp and the sulphur present in onion will do wonders. Onion juice also helps in killing harmful bacteria and fungus from the scalp, making it a wonderful home remedy for grey hair. Instead of preparing the paste you can directly rub raw onion on scalp for 10 minutes.

images (4)Aloe vera

Aloe vera is yet another herb which is extremely beneficial for your hair, in more than one manner. If you can manage to extract the gel from aloe leaf well and good, if not then there are readymade aloe vera gels available on any health store that you can buy and use to get rid of the grey color and make your hair black once again. A magical home remedy for grey hair, isn’t it?

It is really embarrassing to see your hair turning into grey and dull those were once black and shiny. Taking proper diet along with these home remedies for grey hair assist the treatment in doing its work properly. In addition to this, you should avoid taking stress to maintain the hair count and color on your head in proportion to your age, otherwise once you start loosing them you will have to do a lot of hard work to get the valuables back.